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What is Yoga Alliance Certification and Who Needs It?



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Yoga is practiced by people of all ages. Some may practice this sacred art for getting fit while some may get immersed in the practice of yoga for making it their career. For those who want to build their career in YOGA, Yoga Alliance Certification comes into the picture.

Having Yoga Alliance Certification makes you ready to teach yoga in any part of the world. Before we go ahead, first, let’s make you familiar with what is Yoga Alliance.

What is Yoga Alliance?

Millions of people from various parts of the world practice yoga on daily basis and the number is increasing day-by-day recognizing the benefits of yoga. With that stupefying growth, it becomes necessary to set some standards for those who want to make their career in yoga.

Located in the United States, Yoga Alliance is basically a non-profit organization that records the registry of yoga schools and teachers worldwide. Schools or teachers registered with Yoga Alliance are known as authorized yoga schools and teachers, which means Yoga Alliance makes their presence trustworthy.

What is Yoga Alliance Certification?

The yoga schools or teachers registered with the Yoga Alliance, USA get Yoga Alliance Certification to prove their worth to students coming to them for learning yoga. One can blindly faith in the credibility of a school or teacher that/who is certified by Yoga Alliance.

Who Needs Yoga Alliance Certification?

No matter whether you want to make your career in yoga by starting your own yoga center or want to serve an existing organization with your services, having some type of certification is a must to get an edge over the competition. Exactly the same applies to those who want to make their career in yoga. If you are planning to become a yoga teacher or looking for starting your own yoga school, Yoga Alliance certification can bring you excellent benefits. With the proof of having accreditation from Yoga Alliance, you can easily expand your wings in the field and start your own yoga school. Let’s now give you an understanding of various benefits that a Yoga Alliance Certification can bring to you.

Benefits of Yoga Alliance Certification

  • You become part of a large directory of yoga instructors worldwide. This listing can be seen by anyone and helps you get in touch with various individuals for collaboration.
  • When you get certification from Yoga Alliance, you get hold of a specific badge showing your credibility that is a part of a well-recognized organization spreading yoga knowledge.
  • Yoga Alliance certification gives you a chance to meet like-minded people from various regions and parts of the world and share your thoughts and opinions with them on the same domain, which is the passion for yoga.
  • Grab a chance to know more and more about yoga by attending free online workshops conducted by Yoga Alliance. By becoming a member of the organization, you get the opportunity to know more about yoga by attending free webinars, workshops, and other educational presentations.
  • Enjoy membership perks. Yes, you read it right! An individual with having Alliance certification can have special access to discounts on various things like essential oils, education, legal counseling, liability insurance, and much more.

The benefits of getting the Yoga Alliance Certification listed above are just the tip of the iceberg. There is a lot more a student or school can fetch by registering with the organization. However, it all depends on individuals or schools that how they plan to go far with their yoga certification. Here’s to hope you will now understand all about Yoga Alliance Certification.

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