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Want to buy a corset? Read this explanation and make sure you buy from Jurllyshe!



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The corset can be used at different times depending on the requirements, tastes, and needs. The corsets can be used for issues related to back health and posture and spine correction treatments. They are used to highlight your attributes, it is proven that the use of a sexy corset increases the confidence you feel about your body. 

The corset is also used for extreme waist training. With this methodology, it is possible to modify the figure and have waists less than 50 cm. You can also use them as outerwear reducing a few inches from your waist and perfectly shaping your body. You can also use them for special events such as costumes, cosplay, or daily use with a theme such as medieval, Victorian, vintage, Gothic, among others. They can also be combined with stacked leggings, enhancing a sexy look.

The corset and health

Attention! Can wearing a corset be harmful to health?

The corset should not be used by pregnant women. It is not advisable to wear a very tight corset for more than 11 hours a day. When you use it for an orthopedic treatment recommended by a specialist, the corset will give you health benefits also if it is used as a postpartum girdle, it can be used to exercise and lose weight.

If what you want is to highlight your figure, reducing a few inches from your waist you would not have health problems due to the use of the corset. When you use it for a special date such as a marriage or sporadically, it will not bring you health problems.

If you want to practice waist training it is advisable to do it under the constant supervision of your trusted doctor, performing this practice in an extreme way can bring health problems. 

Which corset are you looking for?

There are many types of corset, for this reason you may not know which type of corset best suits your needs. We have classified the corsets according to their design and use, among these we can find: Overbust (On the bust), Underbust (Under the bust), Medical (orthopedic), for training (waist trainer), for cosplay, and for daily use.

You can also find your corset under other needs such as: by color, for special occasions (For brides, Christmas, parties), by theme (Gothic, Medieval, Victorian, Vintage).

Which Corset is better?

There is no answer to this question, it all depends on the use and needs you have, we’ll explain a little the different types of corset, so you can choose the one that best suits your figure, need, personality, and budget.

Overbust (Over the bust)

The Overbust Corset goes from the bust, enhancing it and goes to the hip, it can be used as an outer garment, it does not require the use of a bra. Some of the overbust corsets look like two piece sets.

Underbust (Under the bust)

The Underbust Corset starts below the bust and covers up to the hips, it can be used as an outer garment using a garment underneath, it is used with a bra.


The Belt Corset covers the abdominal part, it can be used as an outer garment using a garment underneath, it is used with a bra.

Orthopedic and Post Pregnancy Corset

The Orthopedic Corset helps us to shape or rectify the back, it serves as a treatment for scoliosis, kyphosis, posture correction. They keep our lumbar area and spine in the correct position. The Post Pregnancy Corset helps us maintain our figure, its use and benefits are similar to those of using a girdle.

Jurllyshe provides your dream corsets!

Are you now ready to buy? Make sure you only buy from reputable stores. If you buy online, you will have more choices and the best place to buy from is Jurllyshe! Whatever type of corset you need, you can get one from Jurllyshe. Visit the online shop and get the corset of your dreams at a very affordable price. Jurllyshe is an online store that provides a variety of clothes that will make you look more attractive.

Thank you for reading and I hope this article can be useful.  

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