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6 Things a Wholesaler Should Do to Attract New Customers in 2021



6 Things a Wholesaler Should Do to Attract New Customers in 2021
6 Things a Wholesaler Should Do to Attract New Customers in 2021
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With so many changes in 2020, the wholesale business is experiencing new techniques in all sectors. Unlike the past years, market researchers are expecting 2021 to be a challenging year for businesses.

They believe that it may be tricky to find new customers. But don’t worry. We did some market research and came up with a few tips to attract new customers in 2021.

· Ensure Your Digital Presence

The trend of online shopping has risen exponentially since the pandemic. The year 2020 has made it necessary for all businesses to build a digital presence.

For wholesalers, their online store is their web identity. It plays a huge part in winning the trust of clients.

The website should be simple and user-friendly to attract a wide range of viewers. From order to payment, the whole transaction should be done in one click to ensure a seamless shopping experience. By observing the latest website patterns, you can create an awesome website to attract your customers.

Many wholesale businesses think that they do not need any website to with their customers but if your customers are using digital platforms to get more customers, then why aren’t you?

An online wholesale platform will help increase your revenue. By registering your wholesale business in an efficient Wholesale Marketplace, you can use their traffic to produce sales. Many wholesale markets announced that they are going to launch advanced features in 2021. Take this chance to attract more clients.

· Take Advantage of Festivals

Festivals can easily attract potential customers, particularly if you establish a proactive festival marketing campaign.

In 2020, people skipped a number of festivals because of the pandemic. This affected the social life of everyone. Business experts now expect consumers to spend relatively more on shopping at upcoming events and festivals in 2021.

Start working on marketing plans and strategies from the beginning of 2021 to seize this opportunity. By doing so, you will be able to attract new customers.

You can send emails and call your potential customers at least once a month to introduce your business.

According to a recent survey, 56% of wholesale business executives said they would never touch the lead again if they declined. They think it’s a waste of time and money. This is a wrong concept. If a retailer does not need your products now, it doesn’t mean they won’t want to try them in the future. A wise entrepreneur finds the business opportunity even from a no.

· Offer Sample Products

Sample products are used to promote the sale of products. They’re usually found in retail stores. To keep it simple; your goods can only be sold if people can first test their quality.

· Pair Up with Overseas Businesses

The world has now become a digital village. Take your business online and attract foreign customers. Many firms launched new projects in 2021. Use this opportunity to pair your wholesale business with a foreign chain.

· Participate and Organize Business Meetings

Your active participation in business meetings will help you get new customers. You can discover alternative ways to target your audience by recognizing emerging business patterns. These business meetings are becoming famous both offline and online with a promising future in 2021.

· Offer Drop-Shipping

Retailers deliver the orders directly from the wholesalers. They now find it convenient to drop-ship rather than spend time and money on stock management. It saves time and avoids issues with delivery.

As a Wholesale Business, you can attract lots of retail companies by providing drop shipping facilities. Use this approach as a marketing tool to improve your sales.


The wholesale market is a demanding but lucrative business. You can attract multiple customers and grow your business with careful planning.

What do you think of the tips we have listed to get new customers’ attention? If you have a plan to share, we’d love to hear from you.

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