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Types Of Nursing Specialty: 6 Fast-Growing Nursing Domains

Nursing is a diverse field with variable growth rates. Like all other medical branches, nursing is a domain that revolves around specialization. To ensure consistent advancement and development of a career, nurses need to specialize in a specific department. This world is full of innovative techniqu

Types Of Nursing Specialty 6 Fast-Growing Nursing Domains

Nursing is a diverse field with variable growth rates. Like all other medical branches, nursing is a domain that revolves around specialization. To ensure consistent advancement and development of a career, nurses need to specialize in a specific department. This world is full of innovative techniques and the latest agendas to achieve more progress and breakthrough. The older practices and procedures are becoming outdated and obsolete because of the latest treatments and medication administration methods. One can learn these contemporary approaches by entering into the field of specialization.

Medical knowledge is so vast that there is undoubtedly no end to its supply. Nurses are fortunate to explore this field in various ways. There are many options and choices for nurses nowadays to make their preference to zoom in. We will discuss some specialization propositions that are fast-growing domains as well in this article.

Specialize In Obstetrics And Gynecology

Obstetrics deals with pregnancy, and gynecology deals with the female reproductive system. Nurses specializing in OB-GYN have brighter prospects as they are always high in demand. They gain more popularity and attention from the patients because of their excellence of work and self-confidence. Besides, they are fully capable of attending to the patients independently without guidance or supervision, especially in rural areas where there is a lack of trained doctors. They have various healthcare centers to perform the job that guarantees them job security and reliability. There are rapid growth and evolution in this area because of patients’ perpetual and continuous flow and a variety of complex cases. It is a fantastic field to specialize in and explore.

Specialize In Nursing Informatics

Nowadays, with the advancing age, newfound and developing areas are changing the shape of society. Everything is becoming linked with technology in one way or the other. Nursing informatics deals with the art of managing information and communication in the field of nursing. It is a triad of nursing science, information science, and computer science. One learns to boost efficiency, cut down costs, and enhance patient care quality by applying all these science branches. Making records and documentation is the main focus of nursing informatics. The aim is to facilitate patients, nurses, and other health care providers by organizing data integration and information. It is imperative to formulate notes on a chart to develop a strong communication network among health care providers. An accurate and speedy charting process allows better reception of patients’ records. Hence health care workers can make superior decisions regarding patients’ health.

Become An Oncology Nurse

If you want to develop a good relationship with patients and their families, this field is your mate! Oncology is a zone that deals with cancer patients that are receiving chemotherapy or radiotherapy. Undeniably, it gets nerve-wracking sometimes, but this field has its privileges. Nurses who intend to work in this field must have a chemo-bio certification before administering chemotherapies and bio-therapies. Nurses must be highly professional and skilled because of drug administration’s complexity. It is a sensitive matter that can even cause death. You can enjoy the sense of comforting others by helping them, empathizing with your patients, building long-lasting relationships with them, admiring life, and acknowledging the little blessings. Many chemo and biotherapies have moved to outpatient centers, so if you want to take advantage of a relaxed work schedule, you should specialize in this field. Another great benefit of this field is that you can become a travel nurse.

Mental Health Nursing

Mental health is a rising issue nowadays. There is a massive demand for mental health or psychiatric nurses. People suffer from many mental health conditions such as depression, drug or alcohol addiction, psychiatric disorders, psychoses, personality disorders, etc. People can be treated both at hospitals or community centers, so the nurses are present in both settings. They can perform their duties as part of a team with psychologists, social workers, health care assistants, etc. There are some reasons for an acute demand for mental health nurses.

It includes the rapid increase of mental health illnesses over the past few years. It decreases the social stigma related to mental health disorders. Unlike in the past when people were scared to go for mental health checkups, now people have a more positive outlook towards this need. Indeed, it is a significant improvement in society. So several new opportunities welcome nurses to specialize in this field.

Family Nurse Practitioner

A family nurse practitioner is a registered nurse with specialized education and clinical training in family practice. They have adequate training to work both with children and adults. Their main goal is to achieve health and wellness among families over a long period. They can either work under the observation of a doctor or independently. The core responsibilities of a family nurse practitioner circulate the whole population. They have various roles like monitoring health and vitality, treating minor illnesses and injuries of people of all age groups. They work in both community and private clinics. They are supposed to compile patients’ record forms and keep track of their health histories; they carefully probe and study every case. It helps them to develop a friendly relationship with their patients and the families. They have a comfortable connection with their patients filled with trust and understanding.  Due to the broad scope of this area, it is always a necessity.

Pediatric Nursing

One of the favorite fields in specialization is pediatric nursing. It deals with caring for patients from birth till the stage of adolescence. Pediatric nurses must have excellent and comprehensive knowledge regarding children’s growth and development to identify the diseases and treat them accordingly. There is a massive difference in the ways nurses treat adults and children. Nurses need to develop a strong relationship with children by adopting various techniques such as playing games, indulging in their favorite activities, consoling them, handling them gently. They make a long-lasting impression on their patients that can shape their personalities in the future. So, pediatric nurses have to be extra conscious and vigilant when dealing with children. They mainly perform examinations, assessments, track records, administer medicines, educate patients to treat illnesses, etc.


This article includes the emerging fields you can choose to specialize in to become a successful and prosperous nurse. Next time when the thought of specializing pops up in your mind, be confident to make a choice right away!