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Box Ecig Range – Enhance Your Vaping Experience with the Latest Tech



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Those who have been lucky to compare different vaping devices can attest that none can be compared with a box ecig. Commonly known as box mods, they are the most advanced e-cigarettes on the market today.

As the name suggests, they are box-shaped vaping devices with advanced features such as an LCD touch screen to input the vaping programs, temperature control, and other smart options. The box ecig range has incredible devices that will change your vaping experience. So, it is time to upgrade from ordinary e-cigs, e-hookahs, and other vaping devices.

Choosing the Best Box Ecig

Do you want to choose the best box ecig on the market today? If so, we have the right guide for you. Before we give you the top brands, here are a few things to consider.

  •       Design and colors – Undoubtedly, the box ecig range contains incredible designs that will give you a hard time choosing one. They come in different designs and colors to suit the needs of different users. Many of them are designed by top designers from around the world and are made of expensive materials such as gold, diamonds, hardwood, and gemstones. They will accessorize your fashion in an amazing way. 
  •       Features – Reputable vape accessory sellers such as ePuffer stock box ecig ranges with a wide variety of features. Modern vape mods are nothing less than smart devices. They can remember your preferences, adjust to suit certain situations, and do a lot more. Consider one with a smart chip to enjoy numerous vaping options.
  •       Tank size – A box ecig will have a larger tank as compared with other e-cig devices. Their tanks vary in size and you need to buy one that suits your needs. If you need to vape for a longer time in a single use, buy a larger tank, but if you want to have a short vaping time, go for smaller tanks.

Trending Box Ecig Devices

  •       Geek Vape Aegis X – This is a smart vaping device in your pocket that will definitely enhance your experience. It is made of high-quality shockproof materials and has a beautiful design. What’s more is that it has a large LCD screen to make and see your settings.
  •       Varporesso Target Mini 2 – If you are looking for a relatively small and portable box ecig with an OLED screen, look no further as this device is your perfect choice. The battery is powerful enough to last you long enough to enjoy your vaping experience. With numerous setting options, you can easily customize your preferences.
  •       Jac Vapour S22 – Jac is a common brand in the e-cig world, and this specific box ecig is one of their best. It is best in portability and battery life. Lastly, it has setting options to suit the different needs of every vaper.


Box ecig devices are known to enhance the vaping experience of every user. If you have not used one before, it is time to make the smart upgrade. Choose your first device well using the above insights and you will not regret it.

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