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Oracle Managed IT Services By Vendita

Managed IT services involve the process of a business handing over its IT operations to another party (service provider) and have them handle everything. This third-party service provider is also known as a Managed Services Provider (MSP). Among other things, they lower costs, optimize productivity

Oracle Managed IT Services By Vendita

Managed IT services involve the process of a business handing over its IT operations to another party (service provider) and have them handle everything. This third-party service provider is also known as a Managed Services Provider (MSP). Among other things, they lower costs, optimize productivity and offer peace of mind. Managed IT services are increasingly becoming the go-to way for companies to take care of IT operations as they get to enjoy top quality IT management at relatively affordable prices. In some cases, it might well be better than employing an entire IT department to handle matters related to It within the business.

One of the major roles of managed IT services includes security and compliance. With data becoming increasingly valuable, there is a growing need to ensure its security, and Managed Services Providers can help with that. Other than that, they help with compliance, which is also critical in the company’s operations. Through compliance, companies get to avoid potential legal action, which more often than not, ends up with the company facing huge fines and sometimes even losing clients, which then results in the company declining.

Vendita does manage IT services specifically in relation to Oracle compliance. Being an official Oracle partner, even to the extent of being recognized as the Oracle Partner of the Year in two consecutive years, no other company is better placed to help with matters concerning Oracle compliance and license management.

What Is Oracle License Compliance?

If your company is an Oracle customer, which most are, then you are bound to operate on the terms set up by Oracle. They are the only ones who can grant the rights to use their software through software license agreements or sublicense agreements. If a company uses any of their software without authority or licensing, then they risk being sued for breach of contract and/or a violation of intellectual property rights laws.

As much as unintentional or unauthorized use of Oracle software licenses and upgrades can take care of short-term issues, one risks legal action and expensive fines that may set back the company. It is, therefore, the responsibility of the Oracle customer to ensure that everything they do in regards to usage and distribution of their products is well within the license agreement, or else they would be breaking the law. As mentioned earlier, Vendita is a credible Oracle partner and can be trusted with the job of ensuring that all your operations are within t compliance.

How Oracle License Compliance Works

If Oracle identifies a license violation on your company’s side, it will provide written notification of the violation to you (the non-compliant organization) and will generally allow thirty days for obtaining the appropriate licenses or otherwise correcting the violation. Oracle LMS and the commercial team will assist the customer or partner in obtaining the appropriate licenses for the desired use of the Oracle software programs.

The lack of license compliance can be corrected in the following ways.

  1. Purchase of sufficient licenses and associated support to cover the compliance shortfall. There will also be an assessment of backdated support for the period of unlicensed usage.
  2. If the customer decides to remove the Oracle software or reconfigures their hardware environment, they will have to purchase a term license and associated support to cover the period of unlicensed usage.

If the company cannot come to a resolution, the matter will be escalated to the appropriate authority through Oracle’s Legal department. Some of the solutions provided by Oracle include

  • Charging full list price for additional software licenses required to correct the license violation.
  • Charging technical support fees for the period of unlicensed use of the software.
  • Suspension of technical support service and software updates, where applicable.
  • Termination of the license agreement and associated licenses.
  • Cancellation of OPN status and sublicense rights.

How Vendita Helps with Oracle Audits

Knowing everything about how Oracle license compliance works and the potential penalties applied to those who don’t comply, whether intentionally or unintentionally, ignorance is not an option. It is important that you get a Managed Service Provider to aid with the Oracle compliance and ensure that everything is up to books.

One company that can help with this is Vendita. They have proprietary software, MAS (Master Automated Solution), that streamlines database processes, improves monitoring, and adds automation capabilities as well as compliance tools to help organizations save time and money, close knowledge gaps, empower staff and increase overall productivity across the board. This software enables you to scan your environment and accurately detect any Oracle license issues before Oracle reps contact you to perform an audit. Which, if it hasn’t happened, will happen at some point. Basically, their team will help you to quickly, accurately, and affordably self-audit your business before the official audit by Oracle.

Why Vendita?

Vendita is best suited for this job because of a variety of things. For starters, they are official Oracle partners. This means they use Oracle license scripts to scan your entire database environment, detect issues, and display information on all of your Oracle licenses. It is the closest thing to what Oracle uses for their audits.

Secondly, the Master Automated Solutions tool is widely trusted and can be counted on to produce accurate and trustworthy audit results that will be accepted by the Oracle License Management Services (LMS) group.

Lastly, the team is rich in inexperience. With personnel that has been in the industry for decades, you are assured that they have an in-depth understanding of Oracle policies, contract terms, and licensing agreements. In addition to that, they can be counted on to work on your behalf to negotiate client-friendly pricing, contract conditions, and terms.

In summary, Oracle compliance is a critical matter, and it is the responsibility of companies to ensure that they are always up to terms with the requirements of Oracle License Management Services Group. Vendita offers a great way to do this through their proprietary software (MAS) as well as a team of experienced software gurus that will work to ensure that you are in safe hands and have nothing to worry about.