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11 Genius Cooking Hacks



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11 Genius Cooking Hacks


1. The insanely delicious pasta sauce, hailed as the best in the world, is just 3 ingredients in a single tub.

You watch recipe videos that are always prepped with ingredients. Prepping before cooking and washing after cooking requires time in the real world. And there are no assurances that the food often tastes good. The raw reality at a sublime level is not always debated.

Once in a while, a radical recipe comes along that is so simple and delicious, with the illumination of your fortune you are dumbstruck. Pasta recipe in Marcella Hazan’s first book, The Classic Italian Cook Book, is one of them.

You’re going to need one 28-ounce can of whole, peeled tomatoes; one half-peeled, half-peeled medium onion; and five whole tablespoons of butter. And salt in order to taste.

Put everything together in a single pot and set it to simmer on the stove for 45 minutes, uncovered, over medium heat. Give the occasional stir to it. Toss out the onion halves at the end of 45 minutes and pour the sauce over your favourite pasta. You are done!

Mates, against our innermost fears, this radically simple recipe operates.

Salt to taste, the best part! For each of his own, without frills, tailored to perfection.

2. Rice reheating with ice cubes. It functions like magic.

Eating rice as a staple food for a good chunk of the world. I grew up in one part of that world- deep parts of south India. My grandpa was a farmer and he cultivated plenty of rice on the water-soaked banks of the delta of the Cauvery River.

And there is one problem with rice. In particular, with growing children at home, you can’t cook just the right quantities. Leftovers are a requirement. Microwaves help us, for the majority of us. It’s the icing on top of ice cubes.

Before you reheat it in the microwave, put an ice cube on top of the rice. The ice will not melt (!); instead, the rice will actually steam, making it once again perfectly fluffy and delicious.

3. Pineapple leaf is ripe enough to cut if it comes off easily. No second guesses.

Timing the cut, not too early, not too late, is the most annoying part over the years. So, the tip of the pineapple leaf is an insight into the fruitiness inside the fruit. Ever since, he has loved it.

4. Magic words that altered the way I used knives (rolling and curling)

Cutting hand: Chop in a rolling motion with the rear part of the blade, not the tip.

Other Hand: You can’t cut them if you can’t see the tips of your fingers. So curl your fingers.


This video is a must-watch for knife skills.



5. “The best heat advice: “If it’s done in the pan, it’s overdone on the plate.

This basic advice stands out as a gem when most of us worry about getting the correct ingredients and correct proportions.

6. The truth about water for pasta: it should taste as salty as the sea.

The thing separating good food from great food is seasoning food properly. It depends on a fine line when it comes to salt.

Do you want it to be delicious with your pasta? Well, then, sort of a lot, to be totally honest.

7. Clean as you go: adding some water and dish soap and blending it is the quickest and most effective way to clean the blender.

As you go more easily than clean afterwords, I find clean. This tip for ease is worth the weight in gold.

8. Clean as you go: microwave up high with a bowl of water, vinegar and toothpick for 5 minutes.

2 is a number that’s good.

2 cups of water, 2 tablespoons of vinegar with one toothpick (or 2?) to help keep the water from boiling over the bowl’s edges.

In the microwave for 5 minutes. And to let the steam continue working, leave it shut for another 2 minutes. With a sponge, the dirt and food will come right off. Easy, peasy.
From 9 and 10. Tools, instruments, tools: Immersion blender and pressure cooker save you time and utility bill chopping respectively.


Hey, happy living,

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