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U.S. has 500,000 deaths from viruses, equivalent to the toll of 3 wars.



The U.S. has 500,000 deaths from viruses, equivalent to the toll of 3 wars.



A unprecedented figure that all but equals the number of Americans killed in World War II, Korea and Vietnam combined, the COVID-19 death toll in the U.S. topped 500,000 Monday.

At the White House, President Joe Biden arranged a sunset moment of silence and a candle-lighting ceremony and ordered American flags to be lowered for the next five days at federal buildings.

Biden said, “We must resist becoming numb to sorrow.” “We have to resist seeing every single life as a statistic or a blur.”

As reported by Johns Hopkins University, the half-million milestone comes as states redouble efforts to bring the coronavirus vaccine into their arms after the winter weather closed clinics last week, delayed vaccine deliveries, and caused tens of thousands of people to miss their vaccines.

A closely watched model from the University of Washington predicts more than 589,000 deaths by June 1, considering the rollout of vaccines since mid-December.

The U.S. toll is by far the world’s highest recorded, accounting for 20 percent of the world’s nearly 2.5 million coronavirus deaths, although the actual figures are believed to be considerably higher, partly because many cases, particularly early in the epidemic, were missed.

In early February 2020, the first recorded deaths from the virus were in the U.S. The first 100,000 deaths took four months to hit. It took just over a month to go from 300,000 to 400,000 and another month to ascend from 400,000 to 500,000. The toll reached 200,000 in September and 300,000 in December.

In World War II, the U.S. reported an estimated 405,000 casualties, 58,000 in the Vietnam War and 36,000 in the Korean War.

In the past couple of weeks, average daily deaths and cases have plunged. Virus deaths have declined to an average of less than 1,900 per day from more than 4,000 recorded on some days in January.

Experts, however, warn that dangerous variants might cause the trend to reverse itself. And some researchers claim that not enough Americans have been inoculated yet to make a major difference to the vaccine.

Instead, the drop-off in deaths and cases has been due to the passing of the holidays; the cold and gloomy midwinter days when many people stay home; and greater adherence to the laws of masking and social distance.

Dr. Ryan Stanton, a Lexington, Kentucky, emergency room physician who has treated dozens of patients with COVID-19, said he never thought U.S. deaths would be so high.

I was one of the early ones who felt it could be something that might reach us for a few months… Before we got into the fall, I certainly figured we would be done with it. And I certainly didn’t see it going into 2021,’ said Stanton.

Kristy Sourk, an intensive care nurse at the Hutchinson Regional Medical Center in Hutchinson, Kansas, said she was motivated by the decreasing caseload and improvement in the vaccination of individuals, but “I know we are so far from over.”

“People are still dying, and families are still isolated from their loved ones who can’t be with them, so it’s still pretty heart-wrenching,” she said.

Power outages due to snow, ice and weather closed several vaccination sites and held up shipments across a wide portion of the country, including in the Deep South.

As a result, according to data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the seven-day rolling average of first administered doses fell by 20 percent between Feb. 14 and Feb. 21.

The White House reported that about a third of the approximately 6 million doses of vaccine delayed by bad weather were shipped over the weekend, with the remainder scheduled to be delivered a few days earlier than originally expected by mid-week. On Monday, White House coronavirus response coordinator Andy Slavitt attributed the strengthened timetable to a “all-out, round-the-clock” initiative over the weekend that included workers working night shifts to pack vaccines at one vaccine distributor.

In Louisiana, state health officials said several doses were shipped over the weekend from last week’s shipments and were expected to continue arriving through Wednesday. Last week’s supplies arrived Monday, New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio said. And in Nashville, Tennessee, after days of treacherous weather, health officials were able to vaccinate more than 2,300 senior citizens and educators over the weekend.

Mary Pettersch, an 80-year-old retiree from Overland Park, Kansas, who is spending the winter in Palmhurst, Texas, with her 83-year-old husband, anticipated that the second dose they were expected to receive on Tuesday would be postponed due to the harsh weather last week.

Monday, she made some calls to health authorities, but they were not answered. Even, she didn’t think too much.

“Oh, I’d like to get it, but I’m going to get it back home if I can’t get it here,” she said, adding that in April she’s returning to Kansas. “At 80, you’re no longer frustrated,” she said.

This week, certain hospitals, clinics, community sites and pharmacies that are in the vaccine network in Louisiana will receive double dosage allocations, just as Gov. John Bel Edwards begins providing shots for some preexisting conditions to teachers, daycare staff, pregnant women and individuals aged 55 to 64.

After being forced to miss arranging tens of thousands of appointments last week, New York City officials planned to catch up on vaccinations, the mayor said Monday.

“That basically means we’ve lost a full week of our vaccination efforts,” said DeBlasio.

According to the CDC, more than 44 million Americans have received at least one dose of either the Pfizer or Moderna vaccine, and around 1.6 million have received either the first or second dose every day over the past seven days.

If health regulators approve a single-shot COVID-19 vaccine developed by drugmaker Johnson & Johnson, the nation’s supply could greatly increase.

The company said that if it gets the green light, it would be able to provide 20 million U.S. doses by the end of March and will have the potential to provide the U.S. with 100 million vaccine doses by the end of June.

That supply will help government officials meet the target of providing ample injections later this year to vaccinate most adult Americans. On a global scale, this year the organisation is planning to generate 1 billion doses.

Ahead of a congressional hearing on Tuesday looking at the country’s vaccine supply, J&J revealed the statistics in written testimony. Last week, White House officials warned that initial stocks of J&J’s vaccine would be limited.

The safety and efficacy of the shot is still being evaluated by U.S. health authorities, and a decision to approve its emergency use is expected later this week.

In the U.S., the J&J vaccine will be the first that only involves a single shot. Two doses spaced several weeks apart require the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines.


Clay Holmes is the Yankees best reliever right now



Clay Holmes is the Yankees best reliever right now

CHICAGO — With a two-run lead to protect heading into the ninth inning on Sunday, Aaron Boone wanted Clay Holmes on the mound. The Yankees’ right-handed reliever has pushed himself into the manager’s circle of trust very quickly. The 29-year-old could very easily be closing games as this season goes on.

“He’s throwing a bowling ball out there,” one American League scout said. “I will admit it, my (scouting report) on him from the Pirates did not see this happening. They’ve eliminated his four-seam fastball and that sinker is just a heavy bowling ball.”

Since being acquired by the Yankees from the Pirates, Holmes has unlocked something that has made him one the most effective relievers the Yankees have these days. By eliminating the four-seam fastball, Holmes can focus on the sinker, slider and occasionally a curveball.

That has given him an outrageous ground ball percentage of 81.8% and a just over 2% fly ball rate.

Holmes has the lowest walk rate (3.1) of his career and the second-highest strikeout rate (26.6) of his career.

This comes on the heels of Aroldis Chapman struggling when the Yankees are already looking to use different relievers in the ninth inning.

On Saturday night, Chapman gave up the walk-off single, after walking a batter, in the Yankees only loss in this four game series. While his velocity is still among the top in baseball, Chapman’s average fastball velocity is down almost two miles per hour.

His command has been an issue the last few years. In 11.1 innings pitched this season, he has already walked nine batters. He’s among the bottom 3% in walks per nine innings in the majors right now. His hard-hit % is the highest since 2015, when Statcast began recording it.

The Yankees sat down with Chapman, 34, this spring and talked to him about being used in different, high-leverage positions. That meant they would need other relievers to step up and close at times.

“(Jonathan Loaisiga) can be in there. We’ve seen (Chad Green) in there,” Boone said. “It kind of depends where we’re at, what team we’re facing, where we are in their order and what they have on the bench. But today if we’re coming back around to the top of their order with those good right-hand hitters, and it was that spot I was gonna go with Clay.”

Right now, he’s their best option.

Loaisiga is pitching to a 5.93 ERA with eight walks and nine earned runs over 13.2 innings pitched. He’s given up three home runs. Green has been better with a 3.38 ERA in 13.1 innings pitched over 12 appearances. He has also struggled a bit with the walks, issuing five.


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Panthers-Lightning Eastern Conference semifinal schedule has potentially six games played on same day as Heat-Celtics | Schedule



Panthers-Lightning Eastern Conference semifinal schedule has potentially six games played on same day as Heat-Celtics | Schedule

The NHL released its Eastern Conference semifinals schedule for the Florida Panthers-Tampa Bay Lightning series early Monday morning, and the league placed six of the potential seven games on the same days as Heat-Celtics games in the NBA’s Eastern Conference finals.

The one variation is the Heat play their Game 3 on Saturday, while the Panthers play their Game 3 on Sunday afternoon. Also, because of the previously scheduled Kane Brown 7 p.m. Saturday concert at Amalie Arena, the NHL has scheduled Panthers-Lightning Games 3 and 4 as a back-to-back set on Sunday and Monday.

Game 1: Tuesday — Tampa Bay at Florida, 7 p.m., TNT

Game 2: Thursday — Tampa Bay at Florida, 7 p.m., TNT

Game 3: Sunday — Florida at Tampa Bay, 1:30 p.m., TNT

Game 4: Monday, May 23 — Florida at Tampa Bay, 7 p.m., TNT

Game 5: Wednesday, May 25 — Tampa Bay at Florida, TBD, TBD*

Game 6: Friday, May 27 — Florida at Tampa Bay, TBD, TBD*

Game 7: Sunday, May 29 — Tampa Bay at Florida, TBD, TBD*

* if necessary


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30 Lesser Known Facts About BTS’ Jin AKA Kim Seok-Jin That Every Army Should Know About



BTS members at Forbes event

The swoon-worthy Boyband, Bangtan Sonyeondan AKA BTS has been stealing hearts across the world. The super talented and charming BTS members are Jungkook, RM, Suga, J-Hope, Jimin, V, and Jin. BTS has broken several records set by iconic celebrities within a short span of eight years.

Photo Credit: forbes

Kim Seok-Jin of BTS is popular by his stage name Jin. Since 2013 he has been an active member of the South Korean boy band BTS. Jin’s age is 29 years old (30 years old in Korean age). Kim Seokjin’s date of birth is December 4, 1992. He was born in South Korea.

Kim Seokjin BTS
Photo Credit: talentrecap

Jin is known for introducing himself as Worldwide Handsome followed by a flying kiss in a fun way. He is loved by ARMY members not only for his looks but also for his vocals (his falsetto and emotional range as a singer), his fun and charming personality. Fans must be aware of the primary fact that Jin was scouted by Big Hit Entertainment while he was getting off the bus and that is how he got into the world of BTS.

Here are some lesser-known facts about Jin that many people don’t know about, so read along to check them out:

1. Jin is an avid animal lover and a proud owner of exotic pets.

He had an adorable and cute Maltese mix dog named Jjangu, who lived with him and his family for 12 long years. He also had two sugar gliders, Eomuk and Odeng. Unfortunately, the dog and the sugar gliders passed away. As of now, he has a sugar glider named Gukmul.

Jin's exotic pets
Photo Credit: pinimg

2. He was interested in Journalism when he was younger

Before stealing hearts, Jin wanted to be a journalist to help the socially disadvantaged people to be heard during the first year of high school. He changed his mind later and got interested in acting after watching Kim Nam-Kil in Queen Seondeok.

Seokjin pictures in glasses
Photo Credit: asianetnews

3. He has a Congenital Disorder

The singer has a congenital disorder that reduces collagen production in the body leading to molecular structure damage.

kim seok jin fingers
Photo Credit: narvii

4. Jin has a strong sense of smell

According to Biaswrekker, Jin carries a set of personal chopsticks in his bag because he does not like the smell of wooden chopsticks.

5. He is obsessed with sunglasses

Jin goes completely overboard when it comes to sunglasses. He was even spotted sporting more than one at a time. BTS members are known for their fashion statements and stylish looks worldwide.

jin's sunglass collection
Photo Credit: pinimg

6. Jin is very Athletic

Jin is very grateful for his athletic gifts, he is proficient in Tennis, Golf, and Snowboarding. He also managed to do well in wakeboarding on his first try in a TV show.

7. Jin’s Laugh

He is known for making clichéd dad jokes and his weird laughter. BTS army refers to that as the Windshield wiper laughter.

jin's laughter bts
Photo Credit: zoomnews

8. Kim Seok-Jin has a Strong Jaw

Jin sometimes finds it harder to open his mouth because of his strong jaw. He chews his food well and often takes big bites of food.

Jin eating burger
Photo Credit: ytimg

9. Drunk Jin Gets Clingy

Many BTS fans do not know that Jin gets super clingy when he is drunk. According to Koreaboo, Jin once stated that he is cute and clingy with the other members when he is sober but his ‘aegyo’ kicks in and he gets aggressively clingy when he is drunk.

10. Jin has a Blinking Habit

Jin has dry eyes and he blinks excessively due to it and due to his contact lenses. He also blinks when he is nervous. According to Koreaboo, in a staring contest, Jin can abstain from blinking for 5 long minutes.

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11. Jin is the Second Tallest Member of the Band

Jin is 5.8ft tall (179 cm), which makes him the second tallest member among the seven members after RM who is 5.9ft tall (181 cm).

BTS jin height
Photo Credit: pinimg

12. He got his first offer from an Entertainment Company in middle school

You heard it right! Jin got his first offer from SM Entertainment when he was in middle school but he rejected it even after clearing the audition because he thought it was a scam. Later he got scouted by Big Hit Entertainment when he was in college and the rest is history.

13. When it comes to his facial features he has the golden ratio

An anonymous plastic surgeon analyzed 269 male faces in 2018 and concluded that in terms of facial features, the singer exemplifies the ‘golden ratio’ of 1:1.618. The particular ratio between his ears, hairline, and chin is the perfect ratio, proving his nickname is ‘worldwide handsome’.

jin's perfect face ratio
Photo Credit: heraldm

14. Jin has Hypermobile Fingers

Jin has hypermobile fingers which give his hands a unique flair. He likes the way they are, but according to Biaswrecker he once stated that would he not mind trading his hands for Jimin‘s cute hands. He also has freakishly agile toes.

15. Jin’s Eating Habit

Fans must know that Jin loves to eat and cook. He is known for making cute noises when he eats fast food.

16. BTS Group Chat Name by Jin

Seok-Jin has once named the group chat that he shared with the other BTS members as “Seokjin and the 6 babies”. The chat was shared on BTS’ official Twitter account.

17. He missed an attempt in college

Jin actually missed his chance to sign up for the classes when he wanted to attend college Konkuk University to study acting and arts. So he ended up taking Politics 101 instead.

18. He can play multiple musical instruments

Seokjin can play piano, we have seen him perform the song ‘Epiphany’ onstage where he sings while playing the piano. But a lot of people do not know that he can also play the pipe organ, he was also learning guitar and he said in an interview that mastering that was his goal for the year.

BTS Jin Epiphany Performance
Photo Credit: pinimg

19. He was not a good dancer when he started

Back in his rookie days, his dancing was not very good. The audience found his dance steps awkward. He did not have a solo dance performance and was never put in the center position till 2016. During the performance of ‘Wings’, he amazed the audience with his improvement.

20. He was ranked the best-sculpted face by a doll company.

A Czech doll company, CzDollic conducted a poll for ‘best-sculpted face’ in 2018. The singer bagged the first position after beating thousands of competitors from 58 countries. The singer got about 1 million votes among the total number of 1.5 million votes.

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21. Most Handsome Idol

According to Arirang TV, Jin was selected as the most handsome idol by the fellow KPOP Idols.

22. Jin’s Favourite Color

Jin’s favorite color is pink, he often flaunts pink hair and wears pink.

Jin in pink tee and cap
Photo Credit: soompi

23. Jin’s own show on V live

Seokjin is the first to launch his own show, “Eat Jin Live,” on V Live’s BTS channel among the other BTS members.

24. Jin is the cook in the group

Jin is often seen cooking for his bandmates, he enjoys cooking. He also shares cooking in his blog.

Seokjin cooking
Photo Credit: googleusercontent

25. Jin is a Picky Eater

Jin likes chocolate-flavored items but does not eat chocolates. On the other hand, he eats strawberries but does not like strawberry-flavored food items.

26. Secret behind Jin’s flying kiss

Fans say that it started back in 2016 when their song ‘Fire’ came out because there was a move where he blows a kiss.

Worldwide handsome Kiss
Photo Credit: narvii

27. Jin’s future child

After watching “The History of the Three Kingdoms,” Jin wants to call his future child “Yu-sun,” after Liu Bei’s son Liu Shan.

28. His distant goal is to be a farmer

When he was in middle school, he experienced farm life on his uncle’s strawberry farm and he got interested in farming.

Bts member jin in strawberry farm
Photo Credit: narvii

29. Jin has Monolids

Seokjin does not have any crease in his eyelids, so he has monolids.

30. Seokjin lived for a short time in Australia

When he was in middle school, he lived in Australia for a short time. He opened up about this for the first time, in a 2019 Season’s Greetings video, where he said that he felt ashamed of his poor English.

Borahae BTS ARMY! We Purple You Jin!

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