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Top 3 the Best Kundali Making Software in India

India possesses an ancient but rich history of astrology and astrologers. Jyothisha, also known as Vedic Astrology, is considered one of the oldest systems of astrology in the world. It helps us understand the effects of the astrological bodies, and the subtle powers of the universe on man’s journey


India possesses an ancient but rich history of astrology and astrologers. Jyothisha, also known as Vedic Astrology, is considered one of the oldest systems of astrology in the world. It helps us understand the effects of the astrological bodies, and the subtle powers of the universe on man’s journey, to discover his true self. To tune in and meet the demands in astrology from the modern world, with manual calculations, will make us burn the midnight oil forever. Hence, an innovation called astrology software came as a blessing designed to help people from all backgrounds, all over the world, know the wonders of our ancient and rich tradition through bare minimum computer skills.

A Kundli, also known as the birth chart or horoscope, is an astrological chart drawn based on the position of planets at the time of your birth. It represents the celestial influence in your life. Future events, that will, or are likely to happen in the time to come, are predicted. Accurate birth date, time, and place are essential factors in drawing out the proper birth chart. In India, any Kundli software download generates an online Kundli by employing an algorithm designed according to all the facts used in the manual Kundli. Due to this, the scope of errors becomes lower than that done manually. You will get the same results whether you use an online horoscope generation or see an astrologer. Great efforts are taken to blend the powerful knowledge of ancient Vedic Astrology with the latest technology to help prepare and guide you for your life events.

The top 3 Kundli software in India who aim to do their best:


Astroyogi started as a content creator for leading internet and telecom giants, before moving onto Value Added Services domain. Apart from Indian astrology, Astroyogi also delves into numerology, tarot reading, palmistry, love compatibility, spirituality and lots more.


-finds the perfect gemstone for you

-tracks transits and positions for different planets

-Vaastu consultations for new house, office

-instructions and items such as rudraksha needed for worship

-specialized consultations from an astrologer of your choice, on Fengshui, career, money, etc.

-talk to as many astrologers as you want, daily

-Astro predictions over the phone

-packages for callers to buy talk time and enable live talk

-lifetime validity of the balance


Starting from humble beginnings in 1984, as a small partnership firm in Cochin, today Astro-Vision is one of the pioneers in the field of astrology software development in India. With more than one million followers worldwide, positivity is an attribute that they cannot stress enough on. One of the fastest and most precise software available in the market, it is made available in eight regional languages. Striving to develop quality solutions, it is a name easily recognized and held in high esteem in the world of astrology software services.

Highlights of the software would be:

Free online Kundli – free online Kundlis are generated with predictions and remedies.

Multi-lingual – it is available in nine different languages.

Panchanga Predictions – basic predictions are provided based on Panchanga features.

Paryanthar Dasa – Paryanthar Dasas are explained within each apahara

Shodashavarga Charts – sixteen divisional charts are included.

Sayana and Nirayana Longitudes – longitude calculations, the star, the star lord, etc. are included.

Planetary analysis – planetary strength and planetary disposition are included

Vargottama and Varga Bheda – the various tables and values are included.

Jaimini System – calculations based on Jaimini aspects, karka planets, karakamsa lagna, etc.

Different Ayanamsas – the option to set your preferred ayanamsa is available.

Database of global cities – inbuilt database of cities worldwide with their latitude, longitude and time zone values is available.


Sprouting from the parent company Astro-Vision, the site is all about providing the astrologers and the aspiring astrology candidates with astrology solutions through products that make their services more fruitful and beneficial to the people they serve. Indianastrologysoftware provide Kundli software for free and premium version.  In yesteryears, the intense calculations that go into the complexities of making a horoscope would have consumed an enormous amount of time. These calculations had a high probability of being prone to errors. With the latest IT technologies, these difficulties have been smoothened out in the astrology products provided on this site to spare the astrology professionals and students from the dreary and exhausting under work. Their software products have a strong reach base in 170 countries.

Highlights of the software provided:

New business opportunity or an additional income to existing businesses.

Accurate calculations and predictions

Easy to interface

Quick income generation

Customized horoscope reports: single-page report, report with charts and calculations, report with detailed predictions, etc.

Reports in multiple languages – English, Hindi, Tamil, Malayalam, Telugu and Kannada

Choice of chart formats – North Indian, South Indian, Bengali, Kerala and Sri Lankan charts.

Reports can be given as printouts or soft copies that can be sent to customer email id or saved on a CD.

Good after-sales report


Launched in the year 2003 by Bejan Daruwalla, they are a pioneer in astrological services. It started with the vision to streamline a scattered and direction-less astrology market, from the time e-commerce space was in its infancy. It is a leading astrology content and service portal across the world, with an impressive portfolio of existing and upcoming products, services and brands. Ganesha speaks believes in proactive action rather than throwing yourself to fate.

Benefits of the software:

Personalized analysis – a personalized Kundli, that speaks about your strengths and weaknesses, is created. This helps you work on your weaknesses and become your better self.

Solutions and remedies – simple, easy to follow, and zero cost-effective remedies like simple donations, fasting, and mantras are implemented to help reduce the impact of malefic planets. At the same time, it helps harness the power of the beneficial planets.

Future ready – insights are given so that users can be ready for eventualities and plan accordingly.

Smarter decisions – encouraged to make wise decisions to excel in all aspects of life.

Accurate – utmost accuracy is assured by combining astrological expertise and technology.