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Stop the Way You Are Exercising.Its all Wrong!

If you wish to know why your exercise attempts are less effective than you hoped, you may want to consider the following: Exercise is not your friend. For years, we have been raised to believe that the right kind of exercise will make us healthier, stronger, and happier. In reality, the opposite is

If you wish to know why your exercise attempts are less effective than you hoped, you may want to consider the following: Exercise is not your friend. For years, we have been raised to believe that the right kind of exercise will make us healthier, stronger, and happier. In reality, the opposite is true. Exercise has become synonymous with good health. We have been led to believe that it is integral to our fitness and well-being. The truth is, the quality of your health has absolutely nothing to do with the quantity of your exercise. If you have been suffering from health problems and have been diligently exercising for years with no relief in sight, it is likely that you have misunderstood the relationship between exercise and health.

So how do you get it right?

In this article, you will learn what the right way is. Hopefully, it will give you a boost in productivity and put an end to frustration.

If you have been reading my articles, you would have already figured out that there is a different way to do just about everything.

Now, I bring to you a better way to do your daily workout.

Say goodbye to achy joints, stiff muscles and lots of sweating! The old way of exercising may have its benefits, but there is a much better way that will give you the body you want in less time than you thought possible

Go To The Doctor

The first thing you need to do is go to the doctor and get a medical check-up. They will know what type of exercise program is best for you. If you have not been to the doctor in some time, you may be at risk for other conditions that require medical attention and may know of other health issues, such as high blood pressure that requires medication.

Find What Works For Your Body Type

Next, make a list of activities you enjoy and find out what type of equipment or apparel you need and any other cost associated with those activities. Running costs money, but if you like running, it is the best exercise to lose weight without spending anything.

Before you start exercising,you need to eat right. Don’t be one of those people

who thinks they need to eat less in order to lose weight.You need to eat more, especially in the case of weight training and muscle building. In case you didn’t know, the body needs nutrients and proteins to be able to build muscles, not depriving it of these nutrients will result in muscle wasting. It will also result in your body turning into a fat burning machine and not a muscle building one.

You need to first be healthy to lose weight.

Consider the latest research out of the Harvard School of Public Health which found that body fat – not simply body weight – was the most accurate predictor of whether someone was actually healthy or not.In fact, if you’re overweight and have a healthy body fat percentage, you are still more likely to die sooner than somebody who is slightly overweight with elevated body fat.


Give your body the appropriate amount of rest so that you can have the right amount of energy for your workouts the following day. Always remember that the exercises you are doing are in order to promote well-being, not defeat an opponent or receive the title of a champion.

Consider your workout as a way for you to promote healthiness not as some kind of scorecard. Try to be happy even if you are exercising without any other reason except for promoting your healthiness

Get the toxic toxins out

If you’re at the gym consistently, on a fitness program and even following all the health advice available but not achieving the results you want, your body could be holding onto toxins that are stopping you from losing weight. The modern environment is both polluted and toxic. Even though your body tries to eliminate these toxins as efficiently as possible, chemical additives and residues in food, water and the air that you breathe play a big role. This can result in something called “toxic overload” or “body burden”, where there are more toxins in your body than can be eliminated by your natural detoxification processes. Healthy bodies are designed to eliminate toxins naturally through the skin, intestines and kidneys. However, when toxic overload occurs, this system is overloaded and unable to do its job efficiently anymore. The body then starts accumulating these toxins, which can cause a host of different health-related issues.

Exercise Smarter not Harder!

WE DON’T NEED TO EXERCISE MORE.We need to exercise the right way

Exercising the wrong way is an addiction and one of the worst kinds of addiction – an addiction that doesn’t even feel like an addiction. It doesn’t have any withdrawal symptoms. It can be done up to 24 hours a day, even while we sleep. Worse yet, all our friends are doing it!

But, when did “running” become a verb? When did you start running from your problems?

When you exercise the wrong way, you are creating a lot of stress in your body.

urther, you are exercising the wrong way: the way you are doing it now is not correct!

Why? Because your body has reached a plateau where it has stopped responding to any diet or exercise program.

The Key To Successful Weight Loss ?

Supplements . Notice how we say supplements and not drugs? This is because we  have researched a lot and tested several of these products only to find out that most of them are just another diet pill.

It is therefore important for you to understand that weight loss comes from breaking down the fats in your body and not by burning your muscles and this can only be done by:

1] Taking supplements that include nutrients that your body needs to start working normally again.

2] Eat less sugars and carbohydrates.

3] Exercise moderately by first checking out this famous ebook “ Stop Exercising! The Way You Are Doing It Now”by Igor Klibanov.Mr Klibanov has listed  many ways in which you can exercise smarter, not harder.So why not check out the ebook ?After all, it’s free!

Final words

Exercise is good for everyone. If you don’t exercise, you will become a couch potato and eventually get sick and die. This has been proven by science so it cannot be denied. Exercise will improve your health and keep you alive longer but when you are doing it in the wrong way it can even be dangerous.


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