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Benefits of Having a Bachelor’s Degree In 2021



Benefits of Having a Bachelor's Degree In 2021
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In today’s fast-paced world, getting a bachelor’s degree to stand out from the rest seems old-fashioned to many students. The advent of skilled-oriented short courses and the extensive marketing by private institutes have undermined the value of four years of a bachelor’s degree for students of the modern era. But the reality remains in contrast to what is being marketed on screens, as organizations still prefer a graduate, specifically on the positions that require responsibility and commitment.

For most students, job security and a good lifestyle are the ultimate goals they want to achieve through certified education. However, to accomplish this, they must have time management skills, teamwork, self-motivation, leadership qualities, and more that can only develop during their university life.

Moreover, a bachelor’s degree is not only about performing lengthy coursework and presentations. A bachelor’s degree is a wholesome training set that polishes the students’ vital interpersonal skills, which they would need on countless occasions throughout their lifetime.

This article presents some of the most crucial aspects of getting a bachelor’s degree in today’s highly competitive world.

  1. Increased Access to Job Opportunities

A bachelor’s degree increases your chances of getting higher, especially among those without it. The job opportunities for bachelor’s degree holders are almost 60 percent higher than non-graduates do. Most companies consider people with post-secondary education as more professionally sound in academics.

If you’re wondering how long does it take to get a bachelor’s degree, the simple answer is three to four years. After this period, a graduate degree qualifies an individual for more flexible opportunities in the industry. Moreover, the bachelor’s degree holders are a priority on new job positions. Still, they are also preferred on roles that value experience with education. According to a BLS survey, more than 55 percent of the jobs posted online require a minimum bachelor’s degree to apply for it. Furthermore, for 80 percent of people using the internet, online platforms are the only source of searching for job vacancies. It means that if they do not match the criteria in the first phase, the chances of their application rejected are very high.

  1. Preparation for a Specialized Career

Industries across the world are evolving at a pace like never before. Due to the widespread interference of technology in every sector, organizational roles now demand candidates to have multi-dimensional education.

A bachelor’s degree will not only assist you in diverse areas of your work. Still, it will also give you the command over subject-specific skills. No matter what route you take for your graduate degree, each one will prepare you on various subjects and qualities during the timeline. For example, a health degree, which is designed primarily to cover your profession’s clinical aspects, will also train you on the subjects of management and leadership. Thus, it increases the prospects to advance more rapidly in your career.

  1. Increased Marketability

A bachelor’s degree increases the prospects of your demand a great deal. It serves as a solid foundation for your professional career. You can build forward your set of skills by gaining other professional certificates.

During the years a student spends while earning a bachelor’s degree, you will gain skills to give you a competitive advantage. Employers worldwide highly value skills such as exceptional communication, resource management, critical analysis, and others.

Coursework that is part of your bachelor’s degree program prepares you vigorously on interpersonal traits and organizational skills that make you a preferred candidate for employers.

  1. Increased Earning Potential

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the higher the level of education an individual has, the higher his chances are to get employed and earn decently. Moreover, if we look at the difference between graduate and non-graduate individuals’ salaries, we notice a striking gap. People who do not have a diploma can earn $500 per week on average, while those who have earned a high school diploma earn up to $700 per week.

Moreover, let’s move forward towards those having an associate degree. Their average salary ranges between $800 and $900 per week. On the other hand, a bachelor’s degree increases your pay scale substantially to up to $1,100 per week, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Let’s compare the same stats on an annual basis. We see a shocking difference between the salaries of diploma holders, associate degree holders, and those with a bachelor’s degree. People with a bachelor’s degree earn approximately $18,000 more than associate degree holders and up to $25,000 above those with a high school diploma.

  1. Economic Stability

Looking at employment statistics in the last decade, we find that almost 95 percent of professional industries’ jobs have gone to university graduates. On the contrary, the jobs demanding a minimum high school diploma have not grown significantly compared to those requiring bachelor’s degree holders. It means that a bachelor’s degree gives you a much better employment opportunity than a diploma or an associate degree. In the year 2019, the unemployment rate of bachelor’s graduates was less than 6 percent, while over 12 percent of high school diploma holders remained unemployed.


Whether you are looking to advance in your professional life or want to create more opportunities to excel in education, you would need at least a bachelor’s degree. It will ensure you a secure future in today’s highly competitive market and provide you ample room to explore the industry.

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