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Best Kids Party Places in Fort Lauderdale Florida



Top Tips to Select the Best Day Care Nursery for Your Kids

When it comes to children’s parties, no other place in the state of Florida gives children the kind of fun they could have as Fort Lauderdale. With numerous parties and special events happening daily, Fort Lauderdale is a popular destination for children and parents alike. From theme parks to museums and even great restaurants, Fort Lauderdale boasts some of the best entertainment and dining choices for young parties. Check out this company for a kids party .From high-profile clubs to family-friendly restaurants, Fort Lauderdale has something for everyone. Below are some of the best kid’s party places in fort Lauderdale Broward county Florida to help your child have a memorable time.

Greatest Kids Party Places

Club Lime. If you want to give your guests the time of their lives, you have to consider hosting an event at this trendy nightclub in Fort Lauderdale. The Club Lime presents a broad assortment of musical selections as well as party games that will keep your children entertained for ages. With tons of free parking, great cocktails, and lots of party rooms, you will make sure to have a terrific time with your friends.

Mango Swing. If you’re looking for a fun way to present music to your kids, then you have to try Mango Swing. The club mixes music with swing and hip-hop to keep children of all ages dancing and having a fantastic time. This is also a great place to teach your children how to play songs whenever they are into them.

The Roxy. If you’re searching for among the best kids party places in fort Lauderdale Broward county Florida, then look no further than the legendary Roxy. This dance club offers guest DJs that will make your children’s dance the night away. Not only that, but there are tons of karaoke and open mic night events happening each week where you can showcase your dancing skills for the camera.

The Rocket Bar. While we don’t recommend this one as one of the best kids’ party places, it’s definitely on the list. With two bars, laser light shows, a fog machine, and a fire pit, the kids are sure to have a memorable time while they’re here. With lots of rides, food, and karaoke throughout the day, the kids are sure to stay awake.

The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Need we say more? This is the best place if your kids are into classic rock or country music. Featuring lots of entertainment such as jammy cow, teddy bear, and much more. You’ll never hear children complain about missing a show. They’ll love the fireworks, drinks, and karaoke at night, and you will have a blast catching up with friends and family.

Nickelodeon’s Adventure Park. This theme park in Fort Lauderdale provides a good deal of rides and games for the little ones. With plenty of rides designed for toddlers and smaller children, you can’t help but fall in love with it. The park also includes a wide assortment of displays throughout the year, so even if your kid isn’t old enough to go on the roller coasters, they will still have lots to do. There’s also a cool place for children to watch Spongebob Squarepants at night. If music is your thing, you will be happy to know that Nickelodeon also makes its music videos.

Finding the best kids’ party places can be fun once you get out there. Should you stick with the tried and true ideas mentioned above, you won’t have anything to worry about. Of course, you’ll want to pay attention to safety issues and find out if any places are pet-friendly before you invite friends and family over. 

Themed houses may also make great kids’ party places, so long as your child does not end up on one, that’s a lot of adult guests. Instead, ask the kids what their favorite Disney characters are. Maybe they’d rather have Spongebob Squarepants instead of Mickey Mouse, or they may prefer Star Wars. You can dress them up in costumes from these movies or buy matching costumes. Be sure to take lots of pictures, because this could be a fantastic way to remember the day!

Many kids love to shop. It appears that many parents just don’t know where to start when it comes to shopping for their children. While you probably wouldn’t think there’s a shortage of retail shops, there are undoubtedly many smaller stores that are excellent for holding a kid’s party. You may locate anything from books and clothes to toys and decorations. So long as the store has plenty of parking, you can feel secure that they’ll have a place for the kids to play.

If you’re arranging a backyard picnic or the kids are older, you may want to consider the outdoor venue choices. These are great because you can enjoy the park or the beach without worrying about the weather. Of course, there are always indoor venues for any occasion, but sometimes we only want to be outdoors and have fun. This is the reason it’s still advisable to have a look at the best kids’ party places out there, whether you’ve got a wide array of alternatives or stick to one. You’ll be pleased you did

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Does Teen Loneliness Lead to Internet Addiction?



Does Teen Loneliness Lead to Internet Addiction
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By Arastou Aminzadeh, M.D., Founder, BNI Treatment Centers

One of the most distressing effects of the pandemic has been its affect on teen mental health. Young people spent a significant amount of time cooped up at home, forced to give up most of their social activities due to lockdowns. This resulted in increased teen loneliness.

At a time in their development that social interactions play a key role in helping adolescents acquire healthy social skills, teens were left few options this last year. Most would default to the Internet to find peers to chat with on social media platforms and forums, or to kill time with online activities. In fact, the majority of a teenager’s social life has occurred online for a year now.

Teen loneliness was already a common problem prior to the COVID-19 pandemic. Research from Italy and Iran had previously studied the connection between loneliness among young people and subsequent internet addiction. Both studies demonstrated a positive correlation between these two factors.

Now, a new study out of Finland further cements this relationship between teen loneliness and compulsive internet use. The new variable in this recent study is the pandemic and how it has exacerbated teen loneliness, and therefore, internet addiction. The fallout from the excessive time online is an increased sense of loneliness because it replaced real life social interactions.

About Teen Loneliness During COVID-19

Ask any teen if they sometimes experience loneliness and they are likely to nod their head in the affirmative. All young people sometimes feel left out or lonely. However, teens who suffered from more pronounced feelings of loneliness may have been struggling with depression or another mood disorder, social anxiety, or a personality disorder. Some loneliness is normal, but intense chronic loneliness is typically associated with a mental health challenge.

During the pandemic, however, loneliness became its own epidemic that affected everyone of all ages. Teens, though, were hardest hit by the effects of the social distancing policies because of the significant role socializing plays in their daily life. Where adults had plenty of other distractions, teens were left with a gaping void in their life.

Study Shows Increase in Internet Addiction Among Lonely Teens

According to the Finnish study that was published in February 2021 in the Child Development journal, compulsive internet use has increased at a statistically significant rate. Dysfunctional internet behavior would include online gaming addiction, copious amounts of time on social media sites, and consumption of online pornography.

Further, the study found a direct connection between compulsive online behaviors and depression. This went both ways. A teen that was depressed may have spent more time online, as a distraction or salve, while teens that spent copious amounts of time online were more prone to develop depression. In either scenario, depression was the link.

In addition to the mood disorder, adolescents that engaged in excessive online activity had poorer academic performance. This is attributed to the amount of time that is consumed by online activities, which cuts into the time available to study.

The study determined that it wasn’t only due to a lack of social time with their friends this last year that has resulted in compulsive online behavior. The authors found that teens whose parents were not around, or who were inattentive, were also likely to turn to the Internet to fill their sense of loneliness.

COVID-19 and Teen Mental Health

There is no denying the serious impact the pandemic and lockdowns have had on our young people. Major milestones have been skipped over, social events radically altered or cancelled, schools closed, and, of course, the loss of live, in-person social interaction.

Teens need structure, predictable daily routines, and a sense of safety. During the past year these basic needs are not being met. Many kids have lost loved ones to the virus, or seen their parents become unemployed. All of this is very difficult for a teen to process and manage, as their limbic system is not fully developed at this age. Brain functions like impulse control, emotion regulation, and decision-making will be under construction until age 25.

As a mental health practitioner, I can confirm that our teens are struggling at higher rates than usual. Anxiety and depression are definitely on the rise in this cohort. When the dust settles we will have to face the statistics head on and provide additional services for struggling adolescents.

Other Causes of Teen Loneliness

At first glance, it may seem that teen loneliness is simply caused by a lack of friends. Maybe the teen struggles socially and has trouble establishing or maintaining sound friendships. But in reality, there are many other factors that can contribute to feelings of loneliness. Consider these 5 things that can cause loneliness:

  1. Moving. Possibly the family has recently relocated. Even if the new home is not that far from their former home, the unfamiliar surroundings can triggers feelings of loneliness. This even more so if the move is quite a distance away from their old friends and school.
  2. Social anxiety disorder. Some teens have a heightened or irrational fear of being judged by their peers. Because of the fear of being publicly criticized or mocked, the teen chooses to isolate, leading to loneliness.
  3. Feeling excluded. Teens are very sensitive. Most teens have the “fear of missing out,” or FOMO, which means they crave the feeling of belonging and being included in social gatherings. When they are passed over repeatedly it can lead to feelings of loneliness and even depression.
  4. Social media. While the word “social” in social media may sound like it is all about connecting with others, in fact social media can enhance feelings of loneliness in teens. This is due to the unnatural, shallow, and sometimes toxic “relationships” made on social media platforms.
  5. Being bullied. Cyber-bullying is extremely damaging to a teen’s self-esteem. When they happen to be the target of a bully who uses social media to embarrass or shame them, they will feel marginalized and isolated.

At this time in history it is essential for parents to be fully present for their children, and tuned into their mood states. If the teen is exhibiting signs of depression due to loneliness, and seem to self-medicate by engaging in compulsive internet use, it would be a good time to have the teen evaluated. Parents truly hold the key.

About the Author

Dr. Arastou Aminzadeh is a triple board certified physician in psychiatry, child and adolescent psychiatry, and addiction medicine, and is the co-founder of BNI Treatment Centers in Agoura Hills, California.  Dr. Aminzadeh is a fellow of the American Society of Addiction Medicine and also a fellow of the American Psychiatric Association.  A well respected leader in the field, he also holds an adjunct faculty position at the University of Southern California, Keck School of Medicine, where he completed his residency and fellowship.

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New Baby on the Way? Here are 5 Essential Budgeting Tips



New Baby on the Way Here are 5 Essential Budgeting Tips

Starting a family is a wonderful milestone for families to reach — it often gives new perspectives to areas of your life that you may not have given much thought to. Being responsible for a newborn presents a unique set of benefits and challenges in almost every facet of your life.

Navigating your family’s finances doesn’t have to be as daunting as you’d think, especially when you’re making calculated decisions and utilizing the cost-cutting resources at your disposal. Here are a few basic things to consider to keep you on track.

Buy Only What You Need

You’ll find a lot of baby brands and mommy blogs that will try to convince you that you need the newest accessory or the latest gadget, often marketed as a product designed to make your life more efficient. In reality, you only need the essentials for your newborn.

Don’t stock up on diapers until the baby is born — instead, purchase a box or two and then continue to shop as your newborn grows. This will prevent you from overstocking if the baby grows out of the newborn sizes quickly. As your child grows, you can purchase additional items as needed, rather than risk overspending on items you may never use.

Shopping Second Hand

Newborns can grow out of their clothes at lightning speeds. Purchasing brand new clothing will rack up hundreds of dollars that could be put to better use — such as a healthcare savings fund or even towards their education.

Nearly every item you’ll need for your child can be found at a secondhand store, whether you’re stocking up on apparel or you’re looking to trim the costs on a stroller or change table. If you’ve scoured the racks, take to social media and reach out to your local parenting groups or consignment brands.

Try a Family Budgeting App

A newborn is going to take up most of your free time, leaving you with few opportunities to sit down and map out a detailed budget. Nowadays, budgeting apps are not uncommon, especially for families on-the-go. There are a number of apps designed for families with sync capabilities so you can access your plans on any of your devices.

Utilizing a budgeting app can help you refocus and prioritize your debt — especially if you’ve relied on short-term payday loans as a temporary solution. This would allow you to pay off any high-interest, short-term debts first and give you more time to handle any low-interest, long-term debt you’ve acquired.

Create an Emergency Fund

This is a rule of thumb for any budgeters, but it takes on a special meaning for new parents. Having a child is undoubtedly going to come with unexpected expenses. The typical savings bubble is three to six months of expenses, ensuring you’re prepared for any financial hurdles related to your child, or any setbacks in your income due to parental leave.

It may feel daunting to think long-term when there are a number of present financial decisions to make, but it’s crucial for your family to set yourself up for financial success so you can make the most of your time with your new bundle of joy.

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Why Your Kids Need Special Hair Products




The high street is packed with a variety of brand names and specific natural ingredients when it comes to hair products. There is almost a unique hair product to suit each individual’s needs. 

Whether it’s taming and controlling frizzy locks, trying to define those round curls, or maintaining the healthy shine of hair, there is a hair product for everything. 

The same goes for kids’ hair products, there is now a huge range of brands which are specially designed for youngsters to suit their specific hair needs, textures, and healthy growth of hair strands.  

Kids hair grows differently than adult hair 

It may not look it, but children’s hair grows very differently compared to adult hair. An adult’s scalp produces around six times more oil on a daily basis compared to a child’s scalp which produces significantly less. 

Kids’ hair and skin can be very sensitive to a number of factors such as synthetic perfumes, colors, and preservatives. These are all usually found in adults’ hair care products alongside elements such as aggressive surfactants and heavy-film forming conditioners. These are all components that can cause harm to a child’s sensitive and fragile skin. 

Children don’t produce enough sebum, which is an oily, waxy substance produced by the body’s sebaceous glands which moisturises, coats and protects the skin, until they are teenagers. This is why adult hair care products are unsuitable for children as the structure of their hair and skin cells differ greatly. 

Kids’ products are specially made

It’s a very common misconception that all hair products are made the same. It feels good and soft on your hair, so it must be the case when it comes to your kid’s hair, right? Wrong! The texture and development of kids’ hair varies greatly from adult hair, as well as the texture and sensitivity of their skin. 

When it comes to buying hair products for kids, it’s important to shop for products that are specifically designed for children, which contain the appropriate ingredients and are free from harmful chemicals that may cause them harm.  

Kids’ hair brands are made from gentler ingredients and don’t contain elements such as sulfates, parabens and silicones. 

Choose the best product for your kid’s hair 

Even though there are several kids’ hair brands available on the market these days, it is important to choose the best one to suit your child’s particular hair care needs. 

There are kids’ hair care brands that specialise in afro hair for example, which contain elements and ingredients not found in the more generic, all purpose hair care products. 

It’s important to take care of your kids’ hair and provide it with it’s specifically unique needs from a young age, so that it remains strong and shiny whilst growing in the most healthy way possible. 

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Babies are the cutest little angels that people have walking, talking, and living around them. They can often turn you into outrageous dinosaurs with their funny little mischiefs or can make you bloom with love with their adorable acts. It makes the blessing in the form of a child a euphoric experience for parents. But what you should not forget is that babies are fragile and weak, and require your care to grow strong and healthy.

Babies are not as sturdy as adults. They have weaker immune systems and needs help from external sources to make them withstand standard living conditions. A great example to get that would be of vaccinations injected into the baby at birth to make antibodies resist germs and infections. Similarly, multiple products are available, which people use for better health care of the baby. They include items such as lotions, baby creams, baby powders, baby shampoos, and nappies, which make the baby healthier and look even more graceful. People often use them readily on their baby, but they might neglect the contents of that product.

Some baby products are not as carefully manufactured and might irritate your baby. Likewise, some manufacturers use chemicals that are not so friendly to the baby. That is why you need to choose the products that you are using carefully. An excellent suggestion might be to consider using organic baby products that are free from chemicals and can work wonders for your baby. And since they are natural organic products, you don’t have to worry about giving your baby any harmful chemicals. Besides these, you can make your baby happier and healthier by using other comfort products that might relieve you of some work as well.

Here are some tips on choosing the best baby products that might make your life easier and make your baby even cheerful.


Shampoo and body wash are necessary to bath your baby. The only problem is that shampoos often have toxic ingredients that are bad for the baby’s scalp. Research about what you are buying and go with organic options that have the best safety rating. The baby hair and body wash are a great choice and want to buy these online.


The message is an activity that strengthens the relationship between a parent and a baby. It also helps the baby relax and gets your baby stronger bones. Try to consider a variety of essential oils, depending on the season. Coconut and sesame oils are excellent for summers, while mustard, olive, and almond oils are perfect for the winter season. If you are looking for a middle ground between these, you can go with the option of a Jojoba oil mixture to calm your baby.


Nappies and wipes are a must if you wish to avoid irritating your baby. Use gentle and soothing natural cotton nappies that makes your baby feel comfortable and relaxed at all times, and are super absorbent. Similarly, get multi-purpose wipes that are soft and smooth enough for baby’s bum and delicate skin.


Unlike adults, the skin of babies is frail and delicate, so you need to apply moisturizing agents regularly to keep it fresh, soft, and free from rashes. Use organic nappy and face creams to give your baby a calming experience, and feel high spirited at all times. After all, feeling fresh contributes to the health of your baby. Some people even suggest body moisturizers besides creams to achieve this.


A great deal of a healthy and energetic baby depends on taking it out on strolls. Make sure that your baby’s sensitive skin has an organic layer of sunscreen to protect it from the UVA/UVB rays. You can even get one that is water-resistant and prevents moisture loss from your baby’s beautiful skin. That way, you can let your baby enjoy and play under the sun without being excessively worried.


Don’t forget to read the ingredients used to make that product if it’s for your baby. Pick naturally organic products for the extensive and absolute protection of your baby. Only you get to decide what’s best for your baby, so make sure that you give it some thought.

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How Playing Chess Can Benefit Your Kids Socially and Mentally?




Chess is famous worldwide, attracting millions of people to the game. The sport is good for spending time and learning great life-lessons. It brings joy and thrill to the players and spectators involved. A long-term player experiences the advantages in different positive ways. Young kids who start engaging in the game early enough have a higher chance of becoming successful in the real world because it helps them make vital decisions at the right time. It is essential to search for the best chess coaching for kids.

Mental Benefits of Playing Chess

It Exercises the Brain

If you want your kids to have a complete brain workout, try chess. The performance of the brain increases in both hemispheres. It enhances the ability to perform more logic-related calculations through the right side of the brain. The left side is responsible for creativity. For example, logic in chess is necessary when a player on the offensive wants to capture the king. The best chess coaching for kids will ultimately help them to apply themselves better in daily life situations that require decision-making.

Chess Increases Learning Skills

During a study session, some people find it difficult to read, concentrate, or listen. The condition is known as attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. Medical experts vouch for such patients to play chess at least twice per week for not less than six months. The goal is to improve on focusing on one task and completing it before starting another.

Chess Players Might Have a Higher IQ than Non-Players

Researchers believe that there is a connection between playing chess and the level of IQ. They conclude that many children who get introduced to chess become more intelligent during the first four months of engaging in the sport.

Chess Improves the Brain’s Memory

It is crucial to possess the ability to remember rules and moves during a game of chess. The players require a high memory capacity to calculate and compare the best way of playing against different rivals. Memorizing steps and developing new tactics is a sign of good memory.

The Enhancement of Both Analyzing and Decision-Making Skills

Some people cannot solve issues accordingly. Being able to derive the most suitable solution is essential in daily life. The game of chess is vital because it might instill the skills of decision making and problem-solving in people who begin playing and interacting with other players. You will notice that within a short duration, the new students of the game become more responsible and behave in a disciplined manner.

Playing Chess Helps Reduce the Chances of Suffering From Mental Illnesses

The brain slows down with age, but playing chess can help make it remain active and prevent the growth of Alzheimer’s disease. Chess might be a cure for dysfunctional areas of the brain.

Stress and Anxiety Management

A player might be in a stressful condition, but the ability to concentrate and focus on the game helps in managing anxiety. The best chess players have excellent anger management skills.

Faith and Persistence Improves

When playing chess, you need to wait for the opponent to make a wrong move. Every move is vital. Hence, players believe in themselves more and yearn to become the winner.

Chess Builds Patience

A single tactic might require more than one round of play to execute flawlessly. There is no need to rush when making moves because it might lead to a considerable mistake, benefiting the opponent who was waiting patiently for that moment of chaos in the game. So in the process, it helps build patience in kids.

Enhances Self-Belief

Kids facing self-esteem issues and low self-confidence may benefit significantly from engaging in playing chess. The game teaches them to put some effort into every task to achieve success. It works in real life since most chess players end up meeting their goals.

Social Benefits of Playing Chess

Helps People From Different Places Meet Together

Professional chess players interact with rivals who have different personalities and professions. As a result, the mind expands, and you learn new tactics from both the young and old players. It improves your kids’ social intelligence significantly.

New Long-lasting Friendships are Born

The kids who engage in chess clubs might share similar interests and ambitions. As time passes, they become close since many players spend time in the game room. It is the right environment for making new friends as kids.

The Advantages of Exposing Children to Playing Chess

  • Their brains grow in terms of IQ, concentration, reading, and listening abilities
  • Children who begin playing at an early age may use the sport to earn a living when they become adults
  • It helps children adopt new habits and leave bad behaviors
  • It is easy to instill persistence, patience, and decision-making skills in children when they are still young
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Ten things you should do for your child at an early age



child children girl happy

Children are a great blessing. They are such a sensitive creature that needs a wholesome amount of care and proper affection so that they may raise being healthy and creative people in society. There are a couple of things that children need at their early age, and these things are considered to be the most fundamental aspects that will lay them to become the best person in the society are various early learning centres for the children where they can get their first primary education and care. This education is not academic, but it mainly comprises of all those activities that will help the child perform better in its future life. Many experts have said that the first three years of a child are very crucial for their brain development. Here we are going to demonstrate to you some of the essential things that you should do being a parent for your child at an early age. 

Create a healthy interaction 

Science has proved that during the first three years, communication plays a vital role in the development of a healthy brain. It is a natural thing that a child always tries to seek attention from his parents in different ways and behaviours. The child cries and gets their attention, and in similar ways, the child does a couple of more things. Being a parent, you must create as much interaction with your child as you can. This is because the more interaction you made, the healthier your child will become both mentally and physically.

Monitor the needs of your child 

 As a parent, it is your responsibility to check out the needs of the people that the child wants. You must try to speak and have a slight conversation with your child in a mild and soft pattern in such a way that your child will feel good. Don’t fight and speak loudly in front of your child because this kind of interaction will affect your child in a terrible sense. 

Solace your child physically

Your child not only demands interaction with you, but he also requires a complete and comfy physical affection that will make him feel nice and good for his brain and healthy development. There are a couple of things with which you can physically solace your child.  As a mother, you should hold your child every single time during feeding. 

Playing with your child 

Play with your child often when your child needs some attention. Playing with the child at an early age will help them make a physically active and healthy child in the future. You can also cuddle with your babies in such a pattern that your child will feel better. There are also some other techniques and styles through which you can provide physical affection to your children. 

Offer a stable relationship 

Your child, during his 1st three years of his life, needs proper and gentle care all the time. So it is necessary to make a healthy bond with your child. You should provide comfort to your child all the time, especially during the time of stress and distress. For instance, if you take your child to the hospital where your baby cant feels well you should solace him by making him into your lap and speaking softly in their ears so that they will feel better after this.  You should allow your children to find out the new mysteries of life, but you should also provide some restrictions in such a pattern that your baby won’t harm himself by doing anything wrong. 

Make a conversation with your children 

Usually, it sounds weird that how such small children can talk. But it is indispensable to speak with them in their language. It is interesting to note that children have their language, and if we interact with them in their style, it will give much boost in their personality and help them grow much better. 

Keep your home safe 

This is a very crucial fact that your home should be neat and clean because your child might roll up and down on the floor. You should try to make your home neat and clean. Try to avoid all the contagious stuff and contain harmful contaminants. All these things must be kept undertaken because you must check all that stuff up in your home. After all, it might be hazardous for your cute baby. 

Giving the proper diet and hygienic food 

Food is the most crucial aspect of them all that we have discussed above. This is because food can help bring your child to grow physically. Don’t try to feed your baby with such stuff that is unhygienic and may cause maladies. You should consult the right paediatrician for the proper food of your children. Don’t give such food that contains a high amount of fats because it may result in adverse consequences. 

Provide a good childcare 

Providing your children good childcare is also necessary for the proper nourishment of your children. You should admit your children to such childcare centres in which your children will get appropriate care, and he will get entirely comfortable. There are a couple of points that you need to consider before letting your child in any baby care centre. 

  • Your child must get a wholesome feed and food full of rich nutrients. 
  • The people at the centre are fully supportive of the parents.
  • Child caretakers must be highly interactive with the children so that the child may feel at home. 
  • Caretakers must be physically affected by the children as well. 

Promote reading with your children 

Reading is an excellent habit. This habit must be adopted by parents in front of their children as well. Science has proven that reading in front of babies encourages learning development and better performance in their future lives as well. You should read children’s storybooks so that your child nay get amuse. It is very necessary to read these books in a very amusing manner so that your child gets engaged in such reading and may learn a lot of things from this. 

Final Thoughts 

As we have discussed a couple of things about baby care and all those stuff that your child needs in the very first years of their life. These things must be adopted if someone wants to raise their child ina outstanding fashion. Engaging with your children playing with them and interacting with them is the key aspect of growing up you child’s mental capabilities. Providing them with proper hygiene is also very essential. All these things not only help your baby grow better but also affect their minds in a very positive way. These children will inevitably become more interactive, positive and great human beings in their lives.

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3 Tips for Introducing a Puppy to Small Children



Small Children

Puppies make the most adorable gifts to kids. However, special care and a lot of planning should be taken before introducing new puppies to children, especially to the younger ones. Otherwise, you run the risk of turning this should-have-been unforgettable meeting into a serious disaster.

If you are serious about giving puppies as gifts, here are 3 tips for introducing a puppy to small children.

Talk to the kids first about expectations and proper handling.

This obviously ruins the surprise aspect of the whole thing but this might just be the most important step in ensuring the safety of both the puppy and your children on their first meeting. Discussing expectations with the kids helps them avoid accidents with the puppy and prevent possible misunderstanding. Teach them how to gently touch and approach the animal even before they meet. Explain to them which actions are allowed and which actions should be avoided.

Socialize your puppy.

Don’t let your puppy’s meeting with your children be his first time to meet people. If possible, let your puppy be exposed to as many people as possible. It doesn’t matter whether it’s with children or adults. Just let your puppy get comfortable around humans. After that, you can try dressing your puppy up with some dog clothes in order to make your puppy look less intimidating and more approachable.

Leash up

Although a lot of dog owners are not so fond of keeping their dogs on a leash anymore, leashing up still provides a quick method for getting your puppy under control. Especially since pups tend to be impulsive and too playful, it’s normal for them to easily get carried away with rough play. In fact, because of the lack of training, some puppies even bite back when they get hurt. You don’t want your kids to be bitten, do you?

Remember, these tips are only meant to lessen the chances of conflicts between your puppy and your loved ones. After your puppies get adjusted to living with children, they become more docile and more manageable than before.

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Spiderman: Into The Spider Verse ready to smash its estimated profits, aims to score big



Spiderman: Into The Spider Verse ready to smash its estimated profits, aims to score big

Marvel is out with the seventh installment of the most loved Spiderman film series. But this time, it is the animated version. The film is based on the episodes of the television series of The Ultimate Spiderman.

On the film, there is a dimension where Miles Morales is the web shooter and not Peter Parker. He is still learning how to be the real superhero when he meets Peter Parker, who is from another dimension. He teaches him to be the real hero. In the time being some other Spidermen from various other dimensions come together into Morales’ dimension to defeat a common enemy. If they fail, they would not be able to return to their own world.

Spiderman: Into The Spider Verse ready to smash its estimated profits, aims to score big

Spiderman: Into The Spider Verse ready to smash its estimated profits, aims to score big

SPIDER-MAN INTO THE SPIDER-VERSE is swiftly becoming one of the best-loved Spider-Man movies yet. Within a little time of its release, the flick has been off to a great start. For a film, the review given by the critics matters a lot. And, it has a current approval rating of 97 percent on Rotten Tomatoes. It also has an A+ Cinema Score and a five-star PostTrak score.

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Coming to the income, the film is made on an approximate budget of $ 90 Million, before promotional and advertising costs. But, the film pocketed around $ 3.9 Million in its Thursday Night Preview alone! One night got the creators $ 3.9 million!

Spiderman: Into The Spider Verse ready to smash its estimated profits, aims to score big

Spiderman: Into The Spider Verse ready to smash its estimated profits, aims to score big

Among the animated films, it got the highest opening weekend. Within the opening weekend, Spider-Verse had an income of $ 35.4 million at the domestic box office only. Coming to the global market, it grossed $ 21 Million overseas in the opening weekend in about 44 film markets, taking the total income to $ 56.4 Million, which is running against its budget of $ 90 million. Its most successful overseas market was South Korea, where it earned $3.3 million, and the UK followed at $2.9 million.#

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In the clash between Mortal Engines and Spider-Verse, Marvel gained the upper hand. Mortal Engines stands at the fifth rank in the worldwide grosser list, with a disappointing $ 7.5 Million opening weekend, and now its global income has reached the figure of $ 42.2 Million, which looks far away from it’s making a budget of approx. $ 100 Million.

Spiderman: Into The Spider Verse ready to smash its estimated profits, aims to score big

Spiderman: Into The Spider Verse ready to smash its estimated profits, aims to score big

Overall, Marvel’s animated presentation of the web-slinger has been a great success. While the film awaits its release in China, matinees have started in America and India, and both these countries will be putting a huge impact on the box office records. So, it won’t be wrong to say that the film will overcome its estimated profit soon.


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Short video Chinese social apps are new weapons for Paedophiles!



social media video apps

NEW DELHI: Social media apps, especially short video making apps like TikTok, Vigo Video, Kwai, and Clip are hugely popular in India among the youngsters and the rest of the age group also. But the downside or specifically speaking the dark side of these apps is being ignored by most of the users in the county.

Chinese video apps like Kwai and TikTok have become big hunting grounds for paedophiles. On these apps, the users and mostly small-age and young girls post 15-second clips of themselves. The videos may be of them doing lip-syncing to a vulgar song lyrics or dancing in an inappropriate manner. But the comments on their videos are mostly from men, praising the girls for showing their bodies. They even ask them in the comments to show more skin.

The comments are all vulgar, from nearly every man who comments on the video.

Nitish Chandan, Project manager at Cyber Peace Foundation (a non-profit organization in New Delhi that deals with child porn cases) said, “Short video apps are the new ground to groom underage girls”.

Last year, this organization found an increase in the cases of child sexual abuse, harassment, bullying, and blackmail and in all these cases the perpetrators found the victims via these social media apps only.

He also mentioned that porn is a deep-rooted problem in India and the content on an app like Kwai is just the tip of the iceberg. He said that according to the stats, the Asian kids are the most in demand for child pornography.

Chandan’s foundation had received 148 cases of child harassment originating from the social apps, and many cases have also gone unreported.

He also told that the paedophiles exploit a child’s addiction to gaming apps or challenges on social media. The trend of paedophiles sending videos to kids and asking them to imitate an adult, and send them back, is growing very quickly.

There have been cases of girls masturbating and sending their videos to a friend they just met on a social app! “Most of them don’t know what they are doing. They think they are completing a challenge and are going to win a contest”, Chandan said.

Millions of followers are there on these short video apps and their number is only increasing each month, very rapidly, after the access of data since the time it became cheaper. Where Kwai, (a Chinese app) claims to have around 10-15 million users in India, other apps like TikTok (built by Chinese giant ByteDance) has approximately 16 million Indian users. And then comes Clip (India-based app having China’s Shunwei Capital as an investor) also had around 3 million downloads in December 2017.

On these apps, the videos featuring girls as young as two or three, and teenagers also, show them being scantily dressed, with boys along with them dancing in an inappropriate way. They lip-sync, flirt with the audience, and pose in a vulgar manner. But one thing that has not been cleared is whether or not the accounts of these kinds of videos are owned by youngsters.

The social media video apps are designed to make the users hooked to them via a simple-to-navigate interface. And because they depend heavily on user-generated content, they run contests and campaigns to encourage local content. Viral content on the Kwai app is generated through campaigns like ‘Act like Amitabh Bachchan’, ‘Create a dance video using #BalleBalle’, or ‘Mime with your favorite Bollywood dialogue’. The prize money for these contests ranges from Rs.30,000 to Rs.1 lakh.

Ganta Murali, who’s the head of Kwai India, says that the app’s platform uses both the automatic and manual review systems for monitoring the content. The company holds training sessions to teach users to create videos. And those accounts which create popular videos receive monetary rewards. Some Indian users have earned up to $400 (nearly Rs.28,000) a month, Murali says.

He also said that most of the content featuring children comes from fake accounts, by which he means aggregators of such content or managed by parents or relatives of the children. On his behalf, he said, “There is a continuous audit to monitor content on our platform. If there is adult or inappropriate content featuring kids, it will be taken down”. But the content moderation team is based in Beijing, so it’s unlikely that this team (India-based) will be able to detect inappropriate content from an Indian child.

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Facebook slammed for auctioning teen as child bride in a viral post



Facebook slammed for auctioning teen as child bride in a viral post

FavebookSAN FRANCISCO: Social Network giant Facebook has been slammed by human rights activists, for auctioning a teen as a child bride, in a post that went viral recently. Facebook failed to remove the post in which a South Sudanese man auctioned her 17-year-old daughter as a child bride, to the highest bidder.

In the auction, around five men, including the region’s deputy general, participated for bidding of the minor girl. The bid was won by a man who already had eight other wives. He paid the girl’s father two luxury cars, 500 cows, two bikes, a boat, mobile phones and $10,000 in cash.

The AfricanFeminism tweeted on late on Wednesday that a 16-year-old South Sudanese girl was sold off for marriage to the highest bidder on Facebook in November and a businessman from #SouthSudan outbid four others, which also included a senior Sudanese government official.

The post that went viral on Facebook read, “the biggest test of child abuse, trafficking and auctioning of a human being”, said Philips Anyang Ngong, a human rights lawyer. He also tried to stop the girl’s sale which couldn’t happen.

He said that those who were involved in this should be held responsible, including Facebook also. Plan International South Sudan, a Human rights organization, has condemned the use of the social media site for the girl’s auction. It compared it to modern-day slavery.

The organization’s director for South Sudan, George Otim, said, “This barbaric use of technology is reminiscent of latter-day slave markets”.

He also said that it’s beyond belief that a girl could be sold for marriage on the world’s biggest social networking site in this day.

A report of Human Rights Watch in 2015 noted that 40% of the girls in sub-Saharan Africa marry before they turn 18. Also, that 15 of the 20 nations with the highest rates of child marriage are in Africa.

Around 77% of the girls in Nigeria also get married before they are 18, while in Central African Republic and Chad, it’s about 60%.

This is not the first incident of trouble for Facebook though. Earlier this month, Facebook was also accused of encouraging grooming by offering teenage girls to middle-aged men as ‘friend suggestions’.

On the social networking site, teenage girls, who are about 13-year-old, and who join Facebook, are provided up to 300 suggestions regarding who they can add as their friends. Some of those suggestions include middle-aged men, being topless in their profile pictures.

Facebook, in its defence, has said that it has safeguards built into recommendation system.

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