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Is Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM An Ideal Choice for Financial Organizations?

Dynamics 365 is an application released by Microsoft which handles the need for CRM and ERP. Dynamics 365 CRM focuses on customer relationships. Holding a set of advantages over other CRM providers, Microsoft Dynamics CRM is advancing at a very good pace. It provides various tools and built-in appli

Dynamics 365 is an application released by Microsoft which handles the need for CRM and ERP. Dynamics 365 CRM focuses on customer relationships. Holding a set of advantages over other CRM providers, Microsoft Dynamics CRM is advancing at a very good pace. It provides various tools and built-in applications to accommodate all the requirements for bottom-line growth. A lot of financial sectors like Insurance brokers, auction lending providers, investment banking, mortgage brokerage, mutual fund providers, and credit unions can make the best use of Dynamics 365.

Why Is Dynamics 365 A Great Choice For Financial Organizations?

Microsoft focused on providing a comfortable platform for all kinds of business and client-related requirements through Dynamics 365. It provides a lot of features using which finance and the business sector can be extremely benefited, including,

  1. Dynamics 365 provides a power of choice, where the user gets to decide, where to use Microsoft Dynamics CRM. The user can avail either on cloud or on-premises, but obviously, the first recommendation would be on the cloud. This helps the user in accessing the software from anywhere at any time.
  2. Dynamics 365 integrates with other Microsoft products, which reduces the complexity of management and moving data across various applications. Also, many people are already comfortable with various Microsoft applications which when integrated with Dynamics 365, eases the process of handling and managing tasks efficiently.
  3. The sales team and customer service will also be benefited as they get access to required customer data, which will help the team resolve customer issues, understand them and systematically handle them.
  4. Dynamics 365 provides XRM which will enable us to manage anything and helps running all the aspects of the business through CRM and ERP.
  5. As Microsoft is investing a huge amount of money in developing Dynamics 365, it will be constantly updated hence it gets better and better over time.

Who will be benefited using Dynamics 365 CRM?

Small and new businesses and startups:

Small businesses that have minimum funds can be extremely beneficial when using CRM. Dynamics CRM automates a lot of processes hence taking the burden off of new startups and business owners.

Businesses that want to scale up:

As we know Dynamics eases the whole process of management by getting integrated with various applications and sharing vital information easily across different branches, it saves a lot of effort and time. Hence we can say it is the best option to switch to Dynamics CRM.

Marketing Using Dynamics 365:

  • Apart from management, Microsoft Dynamics 365 also helps in various tasks like fostering leads.
  • We can do this by running a multichannel campaign about the organization which includes, email marketing, organizing competitions, and putting up related content on the web. Here, planning and tracking tools will be integrated by Dynamics CRM.
  • Dynamics 365 Connector for LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms will help us get connected to LinkedIn and target audience.
  • Real-time data analysis will let us understand the ever-changing market and help us to modify and grow accordingly.
  • We will also be able to prioritize and analyze the data utilizing various lead scoring patterns and custom dashboards.
  • We can obtain the help of the Microsoft cloud platform and reduce expenses while upgrading the software, implementing new technology, or while automating the business.

Improvised Customer Service: Dynamics 365 provides various multichannel service options which let the organizations connect and efficiently help the customers.

The availability of data across various applications that is achieved by integration, will help in better understanding of the customers and keep a track of their history with the organization in hand while resolving their issues.

The mobile application of Dynamics CRM:

Dynamics CRM also lets users access key information and create CRM data remotely using the mobile application that is provided by Dynamics 365. Although currently it only displays vital information and restricts users to perform only a few important sets of tasks. There is a certainty that this will be more flexible in the upcoming time.

Security provided:

Microsoft Dynamics CRM company provides a security model to handle and be responsible for data integrity and privacy.

Also, when it comes to handling data, huge sets of data can be exported from Microsoft excel. The data that is imported from Excel can be summarized and grouped with the help of Report Wizard.

Documents from Microsoft Word can also be merged into Dynamics 365 using mail merge, Hereby, we can get an idea of how simple it is to obtain data from various applications and organize it using Dynamics 365.

Companies like the State of Maryland, Golden states Food, Woodforest National bank uses Microsoft Dynamics 365. A lot of them being financial organizations and all the benefits that can be obtainable, we can say that Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM is certainly an ideal choice for financial organizations.


Microsoft CRM is a great choice for financial organizations rendering many advantages and solutions for such industry. It enables a complete perspective of the client data that provides simple identifications of top-level customers. It also assists in leveling up clients’ loyalty and retention by customized customer services. Hence, CRM appears to be the best solution that enables accelerating operational efficiencies and to use of core competencies.


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