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Social Media Listening for Non-Profits: A How-To Guide

If you are a member of a non-profit organization or if you are going to establish one for a social cause, then you must have heard about social media listening. What social media listening is? How can it impact non-profit organizations? And how much beneficial it is for the marketing of your non-pro

Social Media Listening
Social Media Listening

If you are a member of a non-profit organization or if you are going to establish one for a social cause, then you must have heard about social media listening. What social media listening is? How can it impact non-profit organizations? And how much beneficial it is for the marketing of your non-profit organization. Don’t hesitate when we use marketing. We know that social organizations or non-profit organizations stay away from the term “marketing”.

But many non-profit organizations are out there for those who changed their vision for marketing. They know that it is important for them to market their non-profit organization to get in touch with more people interested in the same social cause. That is why social media listening is becoming one of the key elements of the marketing strategy adopted by non-profit organizations. So after discussion with various SEO resellers, here we will talk about social media listening for non-profit organizations and how you can utilize this amazing tool for the growth of your organization.

What Is Social Media Listening And Its Importance?

Social media listening is something similar to online marketing. However here in non-profit organizations, you will be using social media analytics tools to find out relevant keywords, people, topics, discussions, etc. for your organization. From there you will start spreading your message, social media campaigns, events, donations, etc.

So using social media listening you will be getting more engagement, more people and obviously more donations for your non-profit organization. That is why social media listening is very important for all kinds of social organizations. Following are some major purposes of social media listening for non-profits.

#1. Build Community

The first important thing about social media listening is that it helps you to build a community for your non-profits. We all know that non-profit organizations are established to help people buy a helping community. If you have a strong and helping community established for you, then it will be easy in future for you to get more donations and participation.

#2. More Donations

Donations are required for any non-profits organization. No matter if you have started an organization individually. But to conduct all the campaigns and to fulfil all the requirements you will need members and donations. With more donations, you will be helping more people or changing society on the next level.

So this requirement can only be fulfilled with social media listening. Gone are the days, when non-profits were not asking for donations. But these days all the organizations are directly asking for the donations through social media platforms.

#3. Participants In Events

Many nonprofit organizations are organizing events these days. Purpose of these events can be different for all the organizations. But the common thing that you will see is that participants are always playing a major role. You need more participants in your events to get more donations. So social media listening is the best way to encourage more people to participate in your events.

#4. More Awareness

If people don’t know about your nonprofit organization then it will become difficult for you to get more participation and donations. All of the non-profit organizations have a story behind their establishment. You must deliver the story by social media and other platforms. Social media listening will make it easy for you to create awareness of your non-profit organization among people.

How To Start Social Media Listening?

Now you may want to know how to start working on social media listening for your nonprofit organization. Then it will be very easy for you if you have the proper plan and strategy. Don’t worry if you don’t have any plan or strategy prepared for you. Because here we will let you know everything about it. We will tell you how you can prepare a strategy for social media listening.

#1. Find Concerned People

The first step for your social media listening is to find the right people for you. Who is the right audience for you? No, the needy people or help seekers are not the right audience. You need to find people who can join your community or non-profit organization. So you have to find the right people.

#2. Use Proper Social Analytics Tools

But how to find the right people on social media? There are various social analytics tools used by marketers in social media listening. So if you use proper social analytics tools, then you will get a channel prepared for you to get the right people in front of you. So the main thing is to find out the most useful tool for social analytics.

#3. Find Top Discussions

You have to find top discussions related to your social cause. Your non-profit organization must have a social vision or goal. So you have to find top discussions about the same topics. You can browse social media sites, social forums or discussion websites to find relevant discussions with your organization. Many people discuss their problems, social issues on social media and other platforms on the internet.

#4. Connect With Influencers

Now you will find some social advocates, influencers or influential groups. You have to connect your non-profit organization with such influencers. Always keep in mind that you are connecting with them through social media. But they should be active in offline mode also. Because non-profit organizations are working in offline models more than online.

#5. Use Call To Action

When you are connecting with influencers, social advocates or donators you must have a call to action for them. Because you need them to take action. You can get donations via a call to action, you can encourage them to donate their items online, you can encourage them to participate in an event, etc. So many activities are there for social or non-profit organizations. And proper call to action or CTA will help you achieve the results.

Social media listening is one of the best tools used by non-profits these days. If you are not utilizing the power of this tool, then you are missing something big on social sites. You can grow your social organization and get more donations to help more people or resolve more social issues. So if you really want to achieve more results then it is a must for you to use social media listening.