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Top 8 Trends Shaping the Future of Beauty Industry

With the increasing growth in the technological world, beauty brands have begun applying their findings to the beauty industry. The beauty sector’s determination to keep their system at an advanced level possible by exploring everything from the latest gadgets to ML, AI, or any other. The beauty ind


With the increasing growth in the technological world, beauty brands have begun applying their findings to the beauty industry. The beauty sector’s determination to keep their system at an advanced level possible by exploring everything from the latest gadgets to ML, AI, or any other.

The beauty industry creates great buzz In an industry and helps them to stay updated with top competition. The most critical part of using the approach is that they work to fulfil consumers’ demand which has started pressing more. Many trends affecting the beauty sector explore the whole article to know how the beauty sector has been affected by different beauty trends.

Beauty & cosmetic brands are using everything from augmented reality (AR) and artificial intelligence to keep their customers engaged in a competitive market. Innovations work as marketing hype for almost all the sectors, including the beauty sector.

“Women have beauty concerns for 30 to 40 years, technology has created a more demanding customer,” explained Guive Balooch. He further added that “they want personalized and precise products, and we have responded to them.”

The personal care and cosmetics sector may be massive; the industry is on an upward trajectory with growth opportunities in different product categories starting from makeup to skincare. The Euromonitor International report shows that the global personal care and beauty sector has experienced the highest growth in 2015. Although some areas of the world like Western Europe experienced flat value gains, other market regions such as Asia and Latin America expanded quickly. Checklist of trends that are affecting the beauty and skincare industry.

1. Personalization and AI

Mr Balooch says that “around 50 women complain that they can’t find the perfect shade of foundation for their skin, face, etc. Women with darker tones are crying for effective choice.” He further says that “putting thousands of shades on sleeves of the shop would be “impractical”.

Market research shows that the demand for personalized beauty care and cosmetics is increasing fast. Nearly 50% of consumers like the idea that a cosmetics and beauty product is personalized, while every third person considers that such products give better results.

2. Modern Gadgets

Beauty gadgets have been deemed to upgrade the skincare games by creating a professional experience that you enjoy, especially when it comes to your convenience. ML and AI-based devices are crafted from a more superficial cleansing or exfoliation to detecting specific requirements that suggest routines best suited for your skin!

Beauty lovers prefer light therapy options like masks and radiofrequency lights that target various skin concerns. They also prefer to purchase a hair removal laser for home to enjoy the faster results for their skin in no time. Right and regular use of modern gadgets helps people get younger and beautiful looking skin in a short duration. Many brands use modern technology such as machine learning, deep learning, and artificial intelligence when it comes to crafting and testing the device.

3. 3D or E-Makeup

E-makeup or 3D makeup has gained tremendous popularity these days. It is inspired by AR social media filters; you can download the app to play around with unique and exciting makeup looks. People use filters for years, but it enables them to provide one eye at a particular time, whereas you get multiple options to explore and choose from, especially when you go for E-makeup.

3D digital creations have become a famous influencer within the beauty industry. An artist known as Parisian Ines Marzat is renowned for her 3D designs, the artist creates a series of filters. You can easily download her work which is just eccentric and easy to recreate. The 3D app inspires beauty lovers and creators to create different looks for those who love to dramatize their looks.

4. Biotech Beauty

Biotechnology is a great beauty meets trend. High demand for sustainability among the new generation doesn’t allow leniency regarding effectiveness. It’s the primary reason beauty brands among other industries are paying attention to collaborating with biotech companies.

The beauty sector has utilized biotech to involve foolproof research to make their products fulfil customers’ standards. It helps them to reduce the effect which was required for sourcing raw material. Besides sustainability and improving product value, biotech is cost-effective technology assisting the brands in selling high-quality products in exchange for fewer bucks.

5. Virtual Makeup

Digital advancement and image recognition have enabled new methods of testing beauty and cosmetics products before purchasing. Most of us are aware of Youtube’s AR filters, which allow us to try on numerous lipstick and eyeshadow, which would be limited to attempting to apply the actual product to your face.

Virtual makeup is quite similar to E-makeup; the primary difference is their purpose. Virtual makeup means trying existing products that you can purchase; you can use virtual apps to apply makeup on your face and see how it affects your skin tone.

6. Smart Skincare Tools

These days, people are using smart skin care tools such as “smart mirror” and many more to get excellent results for their skin. Smart Mirror allows people to get a rate about their skin that is also completely hassle-free. They need to take a photo of their face and scan it for red spots, wrinkles, brightness levels, etc. The smart mirror then rates their look based on “Good” to “Poor” and sends product recommendations and personalized tips as well.

7. Printed Makeup

We have never thought that robots will put makeup on us. But it has become possible just because of modern technology such as artificial intelligence and ML. Some beauty gadgets available in the market which have been crafted using machine learning technology scans the skin and precisely applies a tiny amount of makeup as per your skin needs.

Printed makeup is one such technology that helps you to hide burst blood vessels, age spots, blemishes, and other ageing signs ensuring to make the skin more beautiful and young in no time.

8. Natural and Synthetic Ingredients

These days most people are becoming more engulfed in today’s world, which has resulted in increasing the popularity of synthetic and natural ingredients. However, natural and synthetic ingredients are considered better and healthier choices for years. Most experts understand that ingredients are essential for making safe and effective personal care and cosmetics products.

About 24 to 30% of the cosmetics and personal care ingredients market consists of natural ingredients, whereas around 70 to 75% is synthetic market share. Most consumers these days are confused about natural and synthetic ingredients these days; hence it becomes essential for them to clear the difference between both and make a smart choice for their skincare.

Ending Note

Beauty brands turn to modern technology these days; they use augmented reality, deep learning, machine learning, and much more technology to keep their customers engaged. Some innovations with machine learning technology worked the best for the beauty sector. Around 76% of the virtual audience are Gen Z, who are familiar with modern technology and ready to accept current beauty trends that enhance their beauty and look.

2021 will definitely be a banner year for the beauty sector as most beauty corporations are stepping for making their tech acquisition or industry-wide push toward beauty experience and products. Technology will continue to transform in 2021 and beyond. Hence opting for and implementing modern technology can prove beneficial and smart for almost all sectors, including the beauty industry.