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Israel has postponed a vaccination campaign for Palestinian jobs.



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Israel has postponed a vaccination campaign for Palestinian jobs.


Israel postponed vaccination plans for Palestinians employed within the country and in its West Bank settlements until further notice on Friday.

The postponement was due to “administrative delays,” according to COGAT, the Israeli military body in charge of managing day-to-day affairs with the Palestinian Authority. A new start date for the campaign will be decided later.

The vaccination campaign was set to start on Sunday at West Bank border crossings and Israeli industrial zones.

Even as Israel succeeded in launching one of the world’s fastest vaccine rollouts, such inoculations may have assuaged criticism of Israel for not sharing large quantities of its vaccine stockpiles with Palestinians living under Israeli rule in the West Bank and Gaza Strip.

Israel had also planned to exchange surplus vaccines with far-flung allies in Africa, Europe, and Latin America, but the decision was stalled due to legal concerns. On Thursday, Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu announced that Israel, Denmark, and Austria will join forces in the battle against COVID-19 by investing in research and vaccine distribution.

Israel employs 100,000 Palestinian laborers from the West Bank. The Palestinian Authority had only enough vaccine for 6,000 people, leaving the overwhelming majority of the estimated 7 million Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza Strip unvaccinated.

Last week, the West Bank was subjected to new restrictions in order to stem the outbreak of infections.

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