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Syria, dubbed the “Republic of Queues,” is still a hungry country ten years later.



Outside gas stations in Syrian cities, queues stretch for miles, with an average wait of five hours to fill a tank. People push and shove in bakeries during long, crowded lines to collect their daily quota of two bread packs per family.

Beggars approach motorists and passers-by on the streets of Damascus, begging for food or money. Medicines, infant milk, and diapers are also in short supply.

President Bashar Assad may still be in power, propped up by Russia and Iran, as Syria marks the tenth anniversary of the start of its uprising-turned-civil war on Monday. However, millions of people are being pulled further into poverty, and the majority of families are struggling to make ends meet.

Some have questioned whether Assad will withstand the sharp economic deterioration and frustration in areas under his influence as he prepares to run for a fourth seven-year presidential term in the spring. Poverty levels are now higher than they have been at any time during the 10-year war.

One woman in Damascus said, “Life here is a portrait of daily humiliation and pain.” Her husband was laid off from his job at an electronics store last month, and the family is now living off of scant savings that are quickly depleting. The woman clarified that she had taken up part-time teaching to augment her salary. She, like others, spoke on the condition that her name be kept secret for fear of arrest.

She said life had become unbearably difficult for her with two children and an elderly father to care for, and she was filled with fear for the future. She could smuggle in her father’s drugs from Lebanon until recently, but Lebanon is currently experiencing its own meltdown and shortages.

“When I go to the souk, I have to think about priorities and buy only the bare essentials for cooking. “I try not to look at other things that my kids might enjoy,” she said.

Syria has undergone unfathomable devastation as a result of a decade of war. More than half of the country’s pre-war population of 23 million people have been displaced, whether within or outside the country’s borders, in the world’s largest refugee crisis since World War II. The infrastructure is in shambles.

Assad was able to protect Syrians in government-controlled territories from unfathomable economic hardship for the majority of the fighting. The state kept gasoline, medicine, and other supplies flowing, and the currency afloat, even if just barely.

With Russia and Iran’s support, he has gained a decisive advantage in the war, his hold on areas under his control is unquestionable, and the uprising has been largely crushed.

However, the economy has collapsed with alarming pace. It was struck by a double whammy: fresh, far-reaching US sanctions levied last year, as well as the financial crisis in Lebanon, Syria’s key gateway to the rest of the world. On top of the strains of war, government corruption, other Western sanctions in place for years, and the coronavirus pandemic, that proved too much.

According to the United Nations, more than 80% of Syrians are now poor, and 60% are at risk of starvation. The currency has plummeted, with the black market rate now at 4,000 Syrian pounds to the dollar, down from 700 a year ago and 47 at the start of the war in 2011.

“When you bring all of these things together, it’s no wonder that food poverty and hunger are on the rise,” said Arif Hussein, chief economist at the United Nations World Food Program. “Not only in terms of breadth, implying a large number of people, but also in terms of width, implying that people are closer to hunger today than they have ever been.”

Residents who talked to The Associated Press in government-controlled areas paint a bleak picture. Several times a day, prices increase. Power, gas canisters, tea, sugar, rice, and bread are among the subsidized and rationed products that families now rely on electronic “smart cards” to obtain. They queue in long lines to get them, sometimes pulling, shoving, and fighting in the process.

Some people park their cars overnight at gas stations to secure a spot in line and return early the next morning to fill their tanks. To save money on gas, residents carpool or walk whenever possible.


“It is the ‘Republic of Queues,’” said Ibrahim Hamidi, a Syrian journalist based in London who works for the Saudi-owned newspaper Asharq Al-Awsat and covers Syrian affairs.

Assad’s rule is not challenged, despite growing discontent, since people are preoccupied with their own survival, he claims. “They don’t have time to consider political problems. Since they are constantly busy, they have little time to think about change, the constitution, or reforms.”

Food prices have risen by 230 percent in the last year, and many Syrians claim they are too busy looking for basic necessities that are no longer affordable. For months, many families go without meat and fruits. People sometimes buy a single piece of produce at vegetable markets because they cannot afford more. A state employee’s monthly wage is currently $15-$20, down from about $170 a year earlier.

Many people in major cities organize their days around the energy schedule, since power is turned off for four hours for every two hours it is on, often even longer. In Syria, unlike Lebanon, where neighborhood generators have become institutionalized, only the wealthy can afford them.

With gas bottles in short supply during the winter, many people turned to toxic old wood heaters for heat, with children rummaging through garbage for something to burn.

The parallel crises in Lebanon and Syria have exacerbated each other’s impact. Whereas in the past, Lebanese would fly to Damascus to buy cheaper, higher-quality medicine, textiles, and other products, today, Lebanon’s subsidized goods, such as fuel and medicine, are smuggled to Syria, exacerbating the country’s economic crisis.

Rates of food, oil, cooking gas, and diesel only cover 10% of people’s needs, according to a Syrian media activist who goes by the nickname Omar Hariri. He claims that standing in line for hours has become “a way of life.”

He said, “I have a relative who got his turn for gasoline in January after two months of cold, and he was forced to buy from the black market at a much higher price.”


The collapse of Lebanon’s financial system, US sanctions, and the pandemic, according to Syrian economist Samir Seifan, are all “factors that exploded at the same time.” He claims that since the regime no longer has any sources of revenue, it is printing money and fueling inflation.

Even Assad’s most devoted supporters have expressed frustration. One legislator recently asked why Iran and Russia were not assisting by sending oil and wheat.

The government has retaliated, arresting at least nine people in the last six weeks, including a famous state television anchor, for critical social media messages.

“The regime is attempting to restore the walls of terror, to remind people that they cannot criticize us even though they are loyalists,” Hamidi said.

Assad accuses the United States of being behind the sanctions, which he describes as economic warfare aimed at starving the Syrian people. Shifting regional trends are bolstering his optimism; some Gulf Arab countries that previously backed the Syrian opposition are now openly opposing the sanctions.

“The (Syrian) regime has not made a single concession in ten years of war. “The general consensus is that things can only get worse,” Hamidi said.

“There is no hope, no horizon.”

Emma Catherine grew up on the beautiful Southern California coast. She loves surfing, writing, and hanging out with her adorable dog, Henry. Her debut YA Contemporary, Love Letters, comes July 2017.

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Tommee Tippee: A Trusted Brand for Baby Feeding Essentials



set silicone nipple bottle glass designed feeding baby milk dairy products fruit juices bottles 112702859

Tommee Tippee, a name synonymous with baby care and feeding, has earned the trust of parents around the world. Since its inception, this brand has dedicated itself to providing top-quality baby feeding essentials, and in this article, we will delve into what makes Tommee Tippee a trusted choice for parents worldwide.

Welcoming a new member into your family is a momentous occasion, and ensuring that your little one receives the best care and nourishment is of paramount importance. Tommee Tippee, a leading brand in the world of baby care, has been a reliable companion to parents for decades.

Tommee Tippee: A Brief Overview

Founded in 1965, Tommee Tippee has consistently set high standards in creating innovative baby products. Their mission revolves around making parents’ lives easier while ensuring the utmost comfort and safety for infants.

History of Tommee Tippee

With a rich history spanning over half a century, Tommee Tippee has become a household name. The company’s journey is marked by constant innovation, and its products have evolved to meet the changing needs of parents and babies.

Product Range

Tommee Tippee offers a diverse range of baby feeding essentials, from baby bottles and pacifiers to breast pumps and sterilizers. Their products are designed to simplify the challenges that come with raising an infant.

Why Parents Trust Tommee Tippee

The trust parents place in Tommee Tippee is well-founded. This brand has consistently delivered high-quality, safe, and reliable products that cater to the needs of both babies and parents.

Innovative Design and Technology

Tommee Tippee’s commitment to innovation is evident in their product designs. The brand is known for introducing features like anti-colic valves, ergonomic bottle shapes, and easy-to-use breast pumps, making life easier for parents.

Safety and Quality Standards

Tommee Tippee adheres to the most stringent safety and quality standards. Their products are free from harmful chemicals like BPA, ensuring that babies receive the purest nourishment.

Tommee Tippee’s Commitment to Sustainability

In a world where environmental consciousness is essential, Tommee Tippee is taking steps to reduce its carbon footprint. They are committed to creating sustainable and eco-friendly baby products.

Awards and Recognition

Tommee Tippee has received numerous awards and accolades for its exceptional products. These accolades serve as a testament to the brand’s dedication to excellence.

The Importance of Baby Feeding Essentials

Baby feeding essentials play a crucial role in the early stages of an infant’s life. Choosing the right products is essential for the child’s well-being and the parents’ convenience.

Choosing the Right Products

Selecting the appropriate baby feeding essentials can be overwhelming. Tommee Tippee’s wide range of products allows parents to make choices tailored to their baby’s unique needs.

Where to Purchase Tommee Tippee Products

Tommee Tippee products are readily available in stores and online. Their accessibility ensures that parents can find the necessary items with ease.

Real-Life Testimonials

Let’s hear from some real-life parents who have experienced the benefits of Tommee Tippee products firsthand. Their stories reflect the trust and satisfaction the brand has instilled in parents.


In conclusion, Tommee Tippee’s legacy of trust, innovation, safety, and quality makes it the go-to brand for baby feeding essentials. When it comes to providing the best for your little one, Tommee Tippee is a name you can rely on.

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What you Need to Consider Before Choosing a Dance School?



Do you want to take your love for dancing to another level? Then it is time that you find the right dance school that can help you polish your skills and help you emerge as a great dancer.

For people, dancing is a form of art and for some; it is a way to relieve stress. Whatever the case, if you want to enhance your skills and learn new techniques the proper way, the instructor you choose will play a crucial role.

People have lots of choices when it comes to choosing a dance school. However, with more options, the more overwhelming it gets when selecting a dance school. The Best Dance School in Kolkata will provide your child with all the amenities to develop his/her skill.
With that said, here are some pointers to keep in mind when choosing a dance school to pursue the hobby further.

Let’s get started.

#1 The quality of dance education

In the modern-day and age, the majority of the dance schools in Kolkata aren’t just limited to teaching and practicing just a single dance form. The best schools offer classes for a variety of dance forms and types including Bollywood Dance, Creative Dance Forms like Rabindra Nritya, and Indian Classical Dance Forms like Kathak and Bharatanatyam. Since the forms are diverse, it is important to determine whether the dance school you are opting for is capable of teaching you the dance form you want with perfection.

Dance education requires the skill of highly trained, motivated, and qualified choreographers and educators to teach and get the most out of the students. That means it requires a well-developed, age-appropriate curriculum. The majority of the dance classes rely on the skills of the choreographers and dance teachers to create guidelines, structure, choreography, and curriculum for individual classes of different types.

Thus, it is important that the dance school you choose for you or your child must incorporate experienced and quality educators. The role of experienced educators becomes highly important if there’s a specific dance form that you want to learn or master with perfection.

#2 Choose a dance school based on your goals

This is the most important aspect to consider when choosing a dance school in Kolkata. Why do you want to learn dancing? Is it to take part in dance competitions? Or want to upgrade or polish on skills that you are already aware of? Most dance schools prepare students for competitions where they enter into local, regional, and national dancing events. If you want to take part in dancing events, you would need a dance school with instructors who are dedicated to training you for the competition. On the other hand, if you just want to pursue dancing as a hobby and want to learn as many forms as you want, you can look for a dance studio, which deals in this aspect.
Some dance schools provide opportunities for young dancers to take part in top-notch training that prepares the students for a professional career in performing arts. Such schools are renowned for training critically acclaimed dancers who are now spreading the dance form in various parts of the country.

#3 The size of the class also matters

If you were training for the competition, you would want an environment where you could spend more time with the instructor. However, if the class you are in have plenty of other students as well, it will be difficult for the instructor to focus on you. So the size of the class also matters. Before you enrol for a dance class, ensure that the strength of the class is under the minimum so that you can
practice in a better environment.

On the other hand, if you are just learning how to dance, or as part of your exercise regime, the strength of the class doesn’t matter. In such type of classes, the instructors focus more on making every student move rather than correcting them. The goal of such classes is to make students sweat while having fun.

So, you need to be clear which class you will be taking.

#4 Can I watch the dance class

For parents, who are concerned about their children’s daily progress, some dance studios allow them to sit in on each and every class. This is especially for children who are just toddlers or still too small for the platform. Parents can keep an eye on their children and make sure that they are adapting the change that has been implemented in their lifestyle. Well, it doesn’t require parents to be in each and every class of their child. They are relieved once their child starts getting used to the environment and make a few friends. But still, if you are concerned about this aspect, you need to search for a dance school that allows parents to be there, at least for a couple of weeks.

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Coronavirus: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and Public health



CDC experts say that China’s lack of data on the Wuhan coronavirus limits international efforts to quench the outbreak.

Although the consultants commended Chinese researchers in just a few weeks ‘ time to map the genome of the virus, there was clearly a lack of epidemiological evidence as to who is infected by the virus and how the virus spreads.

“It is Epi 101,” said Dr. William Schaffner, medical director of the National Infectious Diseases Foundation and a long-standing CDC consultant. The Wuhan virus spreads as China locks up cities and scraps New Year’s celebrations. The Wuhan virus spreads as China locks cities and scraps cities and festivities the virus spreads, as China locked cities and scraps new year’s celebrations.

On 31 December the first cases were reported to the World Health Organization, with 44 cases in China by 3 January. Currently, not even three weeks later, over 600 cases have occurred, and the epidemic has spread to Thailand, South Korea, Japan, Singapore, Saudi Arabia and the USA, where there is only one case.

As no vaccine is available against this new virus, the advice of the CDC indicated that public health measures such as early capture cases and quarantine rules are important. Yet they agree it is difficult to know who can be quarantined, and how long without understanding how infected people are, how long they are able to spread the virus to others.
“This knowledge is extremely important. It shows you how to treat an outbreak and what you should look for and who to think about,” said Dr. Paul Offit, a specialist in pediatric infectious diseases at the University of Pennsylvania’s Perelman School of Medicine and a longtime CDC advisor.

Disease detectives searching for more details on Wuhan Coronavirus’s’ super spreading tools ‘ Disease detectives search for more information regarding Wuhan coronavel virus’s’ super spreader’ At a press conference on Wednesday in Beijing, Li Bin, the Chinese Vice Minister of National Health, said his country is’ engaged’ in the public and international disclosure of information

On Thursday, Chinese authorities provided new epidemiological information to top officials from the World Health Organization, which reported a growing number of cases, suspected cases, the affected Provinces and the proportion of fatalities. They have reported cases of the fourth generation in Wuhan— which means that a person infected can give the virus to a third person who can give it to a fourth person. According to a WHO media release, they reported second-generation cases outside Wuhan, and also clusters outside Hubei province.

But the advisors of the CDC said that wasn’t almost enough. They said that there are still very specific pieces of information missing on the spread of the Wuhan coronavirus.

Of these: how many of the 600 cases were contracted by the virus from the handling of animals on the farm where that virus emerged and how many were contracted by people on the street?

Were they family members of people who are sick on the street or colleagues sitting beside each other at work, among those who never went to the market? Or perhaps they don’t know anyone who is sick, and where they caught it isn’t clear?

Looking at the chain of infection, do people spread the disease before they have symptoms or are they recovering?
Wuhan: The main coronaviral outbreak Wuhan: Answers to these concerns will help authorities assess the length of time they should isolate diseased patients and who must be quarantined to determine if symptoms grow. Wuhan:

Inside the Chinese city at the core of coronavirus outbreak Wuhan:

Patricia Stinchfield, Vice President of the National Foundation for Infectious Diseases and CDC Advisor said “You have to consider how this is spreading. Stinchfield, a pediatric infectious healthcare nurse, and senior infection control specialist at Minnesota Children’s Hospital, and Schaffner, an infectious disease doctor at Vanderbilt University Medical Center, are both linkers to the CDC’s advertisement center, who has moderate or severe disease. How many people are hospitalised?

Between 1998 to 2003, Offit was a voting member of this group and has been working on CDC working groups since then.

How about Coronavirus do you need to know?

02:29 A CDC spokesman declined to comment on the story.

A WHO official has said he acknowledges the frustration of a lack of epidemiological knowledge, but it is likely that some CDC workers know the answers and have not yet transmitted them to the public or advisors.

At the start of the outbreak, Dr. David Heymann, Chair of the WHO Infectious Risk Strategic and Technical Advisory Group, said that sometimes different groups know different pieces of information.

“The CDC may have access to WHO-free information, and vice versa,” he said.
Generally speaking, the more detail public health officials learn, the better.

“The more you learn, the more you can identify and control what the problem is,” he said.

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