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The road show starts with Vice President Harris and Jill Biden promoting the aid initiative.



The road show starts with Vice President Harris and Jill Biden promoting the aid initiative.
The road show starts with Vice President Harris and Jill Biden promoting the aid initiative.

The road show starts with Vice President Harris and Jill Biden promoting the aid initiative.


President Joe Biden’s top messengers, including his vice president and wife, led a cross-country campaign Monday to demonstrate the benefits of his massive COVID relief initiative, from a vaccination site in the desert West to a grade school on the Eastern seaboard.

This week, Biden, Vice President Kamala Harris, and their spouses began an extensive tour to support the $1.9 trillion initiative as a way to combat the pandemic while also boosting the economy.

The White House called the trip the “Help is Here” tour after Harris visited a COVID-19 vaccine site and a culinary academy in Las Vegas, while first lady Jill Biden toured a New Jersey elementary school. Biden is scheduled to leave on Tuesday.

At the culinary academy, Harris said, “We want to prevent a situation where people are unsure of what they’re entitled to.” “It’s not about selling it; it’s about educating people about their rights. Consider it something of a public awareness campaign.”

The White House is wasting no time in pushing the relief package, which Biden signed into law last week, in the hopes of gaining traction for the rest of his agenda and avoiding the mistakes made in 2009 when it came to improving the recovery effort. And veterans of President Barack Obama’s administration concede that they did not do enough to support his massive economic stimulus program at the time.

For a day, Biden remained in Washington, announcing that “hope is here in true and tangible ways.” He claims that the increased government spending would fund attempts to help the country recover from the pandemic’s twin crises of health and economics.

At the White House, Biden said, “Shots in guns and money in pockets.” “That is critical. The American Rescue Plan is already accomplishing its goal of making a difference in people’s lives. “We’ve only just begun.”

Biden stated that his administration would achieve two significant milestones in the next ten days: the distribution of 100 million stimulus payments and the administration of 100 million vaccine doses since taking office. To mark the anniversaries, Biden and his top advisers are embarking on the most ambitious travel schedule of his young presidency, visiting a number of possible election battleground states this week.

Republicans were turned off by the sales pitch.

Mitch McConnell, the Senate Republican leader, dismissed Biden’s dose target as “not some audacious aim,” but rather the speed he inherited. He also called Biden’s remarks about Americans working toward the ability to meet in small groups by July 4th “bizarre.”

Despite polls showing widespread public support, the Biden proposal failed to gain Republican support in Congress. Republicans argued that the bill was too costly, particularly considering how far vaccines have advanced against the virus, and that it included too many provisions that were not specifically relevant to the pandemic.

Biden will fly to Pennsylvania on Tuesday and then join Harris in Georgia on Friday, after kicking off the sales campaign with high-profile speeches. Others on his team are in Nevada, Colorado, New Mexico, and New Hampshire, all of which are vital electoral states. Harris’ first official trip in office took place on Monday, which included an unscheduled stop at a vegan taco stand and a coffee stand at the Culinary Academy Las Vegas.

“We want to take some time to communicate directly with the American people to make sure they understand the advantages of the package and how it can help them get through this tough period,” White House press secretary Jen Psaki said.

Each day’s theme has been laid out by the White House, with an emphasis on small businesses, colleges, home evictions, and direct checks to the majority of Americans. Jill Biden was accompanied by New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy on a tour of Samuel Smith Elementary School in Burlington on Monday, where she highlighted the school’s reopening efforts.

Her tour, however, showed the difficulties ahead: in one classroom she visited, only two students were present for in-person instruction, while the other 17 were virtual. The first lady sat down at a desk to greet the distant students.

“I really love being back in a school: Educators, parents, and students, the whole school has rallied to get kids back in the classroom,” she said. “However, despite the best intentions, students are unable to participate, and they are unable to attend every day, which means that their parents are either forced to take time off work or find childcare options. And without support, this school, like schools around the country, would not be able to completely reopen.”

On Monday, the president also revealed that Gene Sperling, a former Democratic economic policy specialist, would be in charge of overseeing the massive stimulus program, a position that Biden had played in the 2009 economic rescue package. Biden claimed that the goal is to “keep on top of every dollar invested.”

“I learned how crucial it is to have someone who can handle all the moving parts with performance, speed, honesty, and transparency from my experience enforcing the Recovery Act,” the president said.

Direct payments of $1,400 for most single taxpayers, or $2,800 for married couples filing jointly, plus $1,400 per dependent — a total of $5,600 for a married couple with two children — are among the plan’s highlights. People with higher salaries have their subsidies phased out.

Federal unemployment insurance will be extended until Sept. 6 at a weekly rate of $300. Among other provisions, there is $350 billion for federal, local, and tribal governments, $130 billion for K-12 colleges, and about $50 billion to improve COVID-19 testing.

Restaurants and bars who have been forced to close or curtail service will apply for a multibillion-dollar grant, and the package also includes tens of billions of dollars to assist individuals who have fallen behind on rent or mortgage payments.

Doug Emhoff, Harris’ husband, accompanied his wife on the Western journey, stopping by a food relief agency in Las Vegas on Monday and engaging in a listening session with the organization’s partners. Cabinet secretaries will also be on the trip, in addition to the president, vice president, and their spouses. Hundreds of mayors and governors, including Republicans, have agreed to offer interviews to discuss the plan’s implications for their respective communities.

On Monday, Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg visited a UPS distribution center in Landover, Maryland, which also delivers vaccines to the Washington region.


What Happened to Lil Keed



What Happened to Lil Keed

Raqhid Jevon Render, born on March 16, 1998, famously known as Lil keed, was an American rapper and songwriter. He was signed to Young Thug’s record label YSL Records and 300 Entertainment. On their last album, Trapped on Cleveland 3 in 2020, he collaborated with Kylie Jenner’s boyfriend Travis Scott, Young Thug and Chris Brown. His brother confirmed that he died on Saturday at 24, and he has left behind her daughter Naychur.

Lil Keed was known for his songs “nameless”,” snake”,” proud of me”, and “Balenciaga”.

His Early Life And Career

Render grew up in Forest Park and later moved to Atlanta on Cleveland Ave. Before getting launched into the music industry, he worked at Subway and McDonald’s. On December 12, 2018, Lil Keed released another mixtape, Keed Talk to them, which featured the leading single “Nameless”, as well as other popular songs such as “Balenciaga”, featuring 21 Savage, “Red Hot” featuring Trippie Redd, and others. Keed Talk to them also featured Lil Durk, Lil Yachty and Brandy.

His debut album of 2019, “long live Mexico”, peaked at number 26 on Billboard 200.


Earlier in May 2022, the authority claimed that YSl Records and Young Thug were involved in drug dealing and murders and robberies. YSL was portrayed as a criminal street gang. But they were convicted for the same. And on social media, Lil Keed said that “YSL is a family, YSL is a label, YSL is a way of life, YSL is a lifestyle, and YSL is not a gang.” This statement of Keed showed that he is denting the false accusations that ha been put up on the record.

Lil Keed, YSL Rapper, Dies at 24 | Pitchfork

His Last Moments

The cause of the death of Lil Keed is yet to be determined. His brother Lil Gotit confirmed that he had taken Keed to the hospital, and as soon as he looked into his eyes, he knew that his brother was gone. He also said that it was good with his brother. His brother is good, he good, and now it will be difficult for him to cope with this. Losing a brother at such a young is genuinely horrifying.

He has left behind a three-year-old daughter, Naychur, and his girlfriend, Quana Bandz, is expecting another child too.

The Reaction Of Hip Hop Community

Artists from the hip hop community mourn for him and post their condolences on social media. Lil Gotit, Travis Baker, Rick Ross, Murda Beatz, TY Dolla Sign, Quana Bandz, Lil Wop, and Kap G are some people who showed their love for him on social media like Instagram and Twitter.

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What Happened to Ashley Judd



What Happened to Ashley Judd

Ashley Judd is an American actress and political activist. She is the daughter of late country singer Naomi Judd.

She had a terrible accident in February 2021 when she was hiking with her partner in search of endangered species of Bonobos in the early rainforests of the Republic of Congo. While hiking, she fell and got her leg fractured in 4 places. Later she was rescued and underwent surgery. It was 55 hours long rescue mission, and she could barely keep up with the pain. She claimed that her right leg didn’t have a pulse and was hemorrhaging.

Who is She?

Ashley Judd is an American actress well known to give her contribution as an actress in the movies like- Ruby in Paradise(1993), A Time to Kill(1996), Kiss the Girls(1997), Olympus has fallen(2013), Divergent(2014), The Divergent Series: Insurgent(2015), The Divergent Series: Allegiant(2016). She is also a political activist. In 2008, Judd supported Barack Obama’s presidential campaign. She is also a social worker. Judd has been working on gender equality and women’s and girls’ sexual and reproductive health and rights.

What happened in Congo?

The mishappening occurred while she was on a trip to an area known as Kokolopori in the Democratic Republic of Congo. She claimed they had established a “research camp” in the rainforest to look for bonobos. She fell over a tree log that she didn’t see and broke her leg. It took five hours for Papa Jean to find her, and he assisted and rescued her. She also stated that she was concerned that the bleeding inside her could’ve resulted in death or loss of her leg.

She went through a six-hour-long surgery and was in a hospital for nine days in South Africa. Later she was moved to Tennessee. The non-profit that Judd has collaborated with, Bonobo Conservation Initiative, the organization with which Judd has partnered Bonobo Conservation Initiative, released its tribute to her following the incident, saying that she was transferred to an institution within South Africa for treatment.

Ashley Judd pens essay about first Mother's Day without Naomi

Her recovery…

She had recovered now. Ashley Judd gives updates to her fans from time to time by posting videos and photos on social media. In April, Judd uploaded a picture of her with a guidebook for hiking toward the Patagonian Andes and said she would walk the Patagonian Andes and then return to the Congolese rainforest, despite a long recuperation journey to come. On August 1st, Judd shared the latest video clip of her unaided walking across the Swiss Alps and wearing a knee brace.

She loves her new leg.

Ashley Judd had stated that her leg would never be the same, and she loves her new leg, and they are buddies for sure. From this incident, the authorities can state that Judd is indeed a brave person. During that 55-hour rescue mission, she was in pain, and she held tight to her thoughts and fought it all.

She also went to the Democratic Republic of Congo again, saying that the injury was in the past.

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The US Food and Drug Administration Shares the Blame in the Baby Formula Shortage



Empty shelves at a Target in Orando.

Empty shelves at a Target in Orando.

While most Americans only recently learned about the baby formula shortage, the crisis has been building for months. 

Numerous factors have contributed to shortfalls in the amount of formula on store shelves, but one of the most important was the slow movement of the Food and Drug Administration reacting to reports of tainted formula in October  once it received notice from a whistleblower back in October of 2021 describing issues with food safety practices at the Sturgis, Mich. facility owned by Abbott Nutrition, maker of Similac, said Tinglong Dai, a professor of operations management at Johns Hopkins University.

It was only after an infant died and two others became seriously ill with Cronobacter, a deadly bacteria, that the FDA started an investigation in January of 2022 into food safety practices at the facility in Sturgis, Mich.
And it was not until Feb. 17 that the FDA warned consumers about certain powdered infant formula products from the Sturgis plant and Abbott closed the facility while initiating a recall. 

“Why did the FDA take several months to respond?” Dai said. “The problem is the culture at the agency. It does not respond to situations fast enough. The system is broken.”

The FDA did not respond to requests for comment.  On May 16, the FDA and Abbott announced plans that could lead the company to re-open the plant.

Someone at the agency should have had the foresight to recognize that an Abbott plant closure might spark a shortage, Dai said. There are just four major baby formula manufacturers and Abbott is the biggest, with nearly half the market share.

Restrictions on importing formula helped create the shortage

Making matters worse, because of trade and FDA restrictions, parents desperate to find formula for their babies cannot import it from Europe or Australia, Dai said. That is finally changing as the FDA announced May 16 it is lifting barriers to importing formula from Europe.

The shortage has also been a result of  panic buying and hoarding.

Back in early 2020, during the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic, “a lot of people were going to the grocery store and buying a lot of basic items, including baby formula,” said Zhi-Long Chen, a supply chain expert and professor of operations management at the University of Maryland.. 

“So at that time there was a lot of demand,” Chen said. “As the virus situation improved, that led to lower demand. The baby formula manufacturers saw there was much lower demand and they cut production.”

Normally the demand for baby formula is very stable, Chen said. And because manufacturers were responding to a short term “demand distortion,” rather than looking at what might happen long term, there’s a shortfall now. Fixing the problem will take time because companies ordered smaller amounts of the ingredients necessary to the formula and now they can’t easily scale up, Chen said. 

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