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Why is everyone talking about Roblox?



Why is everyone talking about Roblox?
Why is everyone talking about Roblox?

Why is everyone talking about Roblox?



Here’s a fun fact: in 2020, more than half of American children under the age of 16 will have played Roblox, but many people will still be unfamiliar with the game.

Roblox fever, on the other hand, has swept the globe. The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, and CNN have all written about this thing called Roblox recently. In March, Google searches for Roblox stock spiked, prompting celebrities like Reese Witherspoon to make jokes about it. However, you might be unaware of why Roblox has become so famous in 2021.

So, I’m here to fill you in on everything.

What exactly is Roblox?

Roblox is a gaming site and storefront that allows users to play games online. Roblox isn’t a game; it’s a forum where users can play games generated by other people. In this way, it resembles the PC platform Steam rather than any online children’s game.

All of the games on Roblox are created by its users, which sets it apart from everything else in the games industry, including a storefront like Steam. Playing games isn’t the only way to have fun on Roblox; you can also make games. These games are not made by Roblox Corporation, but rather by Roblox users. According to the official website, over 20 million games have been released on the store.

Why is Roblox causing such a stir right now?

And everyone can make a lot of money on the site, even children. By monetizing their games, some developers can earn up to $1 million in a single year. Despite the fact that Roblox and all of its games are free to play, many kids purchase and spend Robux, a virtual currency used in Roblox games, on cosmetic products. A portion of these transactions is held by Roblox developers in the form of Robux. If a developer has amassed enough Robux, they can convert them to real money using a software called the Developer Exchange (also known as DevEx).

Individual designers aren’t the only ones benefiting. The Roblox Corporation is a remarkably valuable organization. Roblox Corporation went public on Wednesday, which means that its shares are now available for purchase. Its stock ($RBLX) had a fantastic first day, beginning at a $45 reference price and ending at $69.50. According to The Wall Street Journal, the firm currently has a market capitalization of about $45 billion. Epic Games, the developer of the ever-popular Fortnite and Unreal Engine tech, was priced at $17.3 billion in late 2020, to give you an idea of how big that is. (Epic Games remains a privately held corporation.) Many people have been fascinated by Roblox’s commercial performance, as well as the fact that the Roblox economy is almost entirely run by young people who can make a lot of money.

How well-known are Roblox games?

In some instances, extremely common. Adopt Me!, a pet simulation game in which kids buy and care for animals, reached 1.6 million concurrent players in April 2020, according to the game’s creators, and has been viewed over 20.4 billion times. (The creator has not made the number of unique logins available to the public.) Brookhaven, another title, has the most concurrent users at the time of release, with over 420,000 people playing it.

What company creates Roblox games?

Roblox allows everyone to create games. The platform allows young people to develop their own game concepts. It accomplishes this by offering a collection of game development resources that almost everyone, even children, can learn to use. Roblox also makes it simple to transform your development into an online multiplayer game, so if a game takes off, these developers will be able to scale.

The games are written in Lua, a scripting language that is simpler to learn than most other programming languages. Developer forums are provided by the company, where developers can troubleshoot and learn new skills. Developers don’t have to think about logistics like setting up servers with Roblox; they just make the game, and players can play it online multiplayer. It is up to each developer how involved they want to be in game production.

What does a typical Roblox game entail?

The most direct response is that there is no such thing as a “ordinary Roblox game.” Roblox is a website that allows users to create whatever they want. From single-player platformers to first-person shooters, there’s something for everyone. However, the most popular games are simulators in which players can role-play various scenarios such as going to school or visiting a pizza parlor.

Is Roblox a free game?

The website, as well as the games on it, are available for free download. In-game purchases of cosmetic items, skins, and other upgrades are possible in Roblox games. In Adopt Me!, for example, players can adopt and care for pets, and a child can purchase an egg that will hatch a pet. Since each game is different, in-game transactions can differ.

What does Roblox’s future hold?

Roblox’s imaginative and whimsical environments have long been separated from the rest of the gaming industry. Since its inception in 2006, the company has been limited to the niche audience of “children’s games,” and has gone largely unnoticed. Over time, the company has grown and supported the young developers who use the Roblox platform to distribute their games. The company developed a website that functions as a parallel games industry as a result of this. Roblox has its own collection of games, developers, and conventions.

Many creators on the platform are now confident due to the company’s current valuation. Now that the larger business has gone public, some developers are already talking about purchasing their own stock. Alex Hicks, cofounder of Red Manta, a Roblox studio, told Polygon that the public offering is exciting because it is “definitely bringing more exposure to studios.” “A lot of kids already know what Roblox is,” he added, “but the older audience is only scratching the surface.” Roblox has been rising in popularity for a while, and its developers are expected to gain further attention in the future.


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From Content To Commerce: Why TikTok Has Become The New Digital High Street



High Times for Tik Tok
(Source: Statista)

It’s time to forget the days of the ‘YouTube Crew’ and the Love Island Instagram Influencers, a new kid has hit the block and they are transforming digital marketing as we know it. From content to E-commerce, TikTok has revolutionised the social media landscape and it’s time to talk about why.

From its large Gen Z audience to the international celebrities it has carried up to fame, TikTok has become the platform that everyone is talking about. So it’s no surprise that large fashion and beauty brands have stepped up their game and have begun the journey towards the future of the digital high street.

(Source: Statista)

With recent studies proving that TikTok downloads have only increased during the global pandemic, taking over social media giants such as Facebook and Instagram, it’s no wonder that business leaders have seen an opportunity to grow their brand digitally. 

As Covid-19 causes more high street brands to fall through the net, read on to find out how the future of E-Commerce could be ever changed post-pandemic and why TikTok is leading the revolution.

What Is TikTok?

For those of you who have been living under a social media sized rock, TikTok is the new app that the younger generation are going crazy for. As a visual content platform, the site with over 1.1 billion users worldwide allows users to post short snappy videos of pretty much anything they like. From 15-second dances to quick comedy skits, the content creativeness is endless as our population becomes more and more tech-savvy. 

Mimicking the original staples of social media platforms such as Vine and YouTube, TikTok allows its users to like and comment on a video, follow their favourite creators and even follow links to other suggested websites associated with all the TikTok trends.

This is where the E-Commerce giants step in. With such a large audience and the ability to post all kinds of content, brands are taking advantage of TikTok’s rise to fame in the same way they dominate both Instagram and YouTube. From in-built ads that allow users to follow a link straight to their products, to brand deals with opinion-leading TikTok influencers, many brand leaders have realised that their success is now digitally driven, rather than sitting on the high street.

The Death Of The High Street

As we continue to try and forget 2020, it’s likely that the death of the physical high street has been caused by the ever-growing complications of Covid-19. While taking away most of the globe’s freedom and forcing many to retreat back to their households, our health and wellbeing isn’t the only thing suffering as a result of the pandemic. 

As we adjust to new living and working schedules, a reduction in commuters and a rise in working from home has only further reduced the need for the high street. Since the start of the pandemic, online retailers such as Amazon have seen a 51% rise in sales in 2020 alone, with this number only set to increase post-pandemic.

In contrast to this, once large consumer giants such as Arcadia, who owned the popular brand, Topshop have fallen into administration. Joining other high street retailers moving solely online. As E-commerce giants such as ASOS buy our street giants out, the days of window shopping are quickly approaching an end.

Instead, a brand new future of digital advertising is rising up, with TikTok leading the way.

The Rise Of The Influencer 

From the days of YouTube favourites, Zoella and Danisnotonfire to the new age of TikTok superstars, Charli D’Amelio and Addison Rae, the rise of the influencer is definitely nothing new. With the Gen Z and Millennial population beginning to become the prime demographic for high street giants, it’s no surprise that brand leaders are using the ‘influencer’ to their advantage.

Recent studies have shown that nearly half of social media users from 18 to 34 have participated in social commerce on platforms like Instagram, TikTok and Snapchat in the last year. This has been highly driven by the influence of social media celebrities who continue to influence an already impressionable nation. 

With #AD and #Spon dominating the videos of our favourite TikTokers and Instagram Influencers, large brands use their widely celebrated platforms to influence the opinion of their audience. Whether it’s a new accessory or a new celebrity style, we’ve all seen this marketing technique in full force.

So how is this revolutionising the high street? As social media stars continue to define the future of the definition of a ‘celebrity’, large brands know that their opinion on a product has some serious weight in it. Better still, unlike older forms of TV advertising, consumers can not only hear about the new product but click a link below to shop it straight away, revolutionising the convenience of online shopping. In fact,  according to new research from Mediakix, 80% of marketers find have stated that influencer promotion is a highly effective marketing strategy.

Smart Marketing 

Creative Technology officer at WPP’s Mindshare, Jack Smyth claims that TikTok’s approachable nature allows brands to blend in amongst creative content streams, for the ultimate smart marketing. 

“Culturally, TikTok is well placed for live-streamed commerce to capture the dissolving distinction between content and commerce because it doesn’t feel as polished as other platforms” he added in a recent interview with Social Media week, suggesting that TikTok could rise up against other advertising platforms such as Instagram.

What’s more, the announcement of TikTok’s new partnership with Shopify, a start-up online retailer for small businesses, is only set to encourage the birth of a true digital high street. As Shopify tracks TikTok’s trends and insights, it is helping businesses embrace new selling strategies and make unique connections with users in order to target their advertisements.

In a recent interview, Director of Shopify, Shimona Mehta described the partnership as the beginning of the future of online shopping and a new way to target demographics: “Brands are having to compete like never before to get the attention of buyers. The goal is for businesses to make it easier for buyers to discover their brands. With this new TikTok partnership,  Shopify merchants in the UK can connect with new customers in a way that can help them build their brand, drive sales and create engaged communities”.

Looking To The Future

The future of the high street seems highly likely to become completely digitalised, with many younger consumers viewing physical shops as a secondary addition to their favourite brand’s online platform. As TikTok continues to rise up amongst Gen Z trendsetters, this is just the beginning of a social media-orientated shopping experience that is here to stay.

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Guideline to Understand Main Functions of EMS Software provided



EMS Software
EMS Software

Let’s take a look at the features that staff monitoring software usually includes.

All monitoring programs are equipped with staff attendance clocks. This feature allows management to determine when employees sign in and sign out.

Another important tool is website tracking, which allows management to understand the websites and social media pages that staff has visited during office hours.

A key tracking tool is a special tool that can record the number of keystrokes per hour. In this way, it calculates the average number of employees. This feature ensures that staff stays in front of the system during office hours.

There is also a screenshot application in the productivity monitoring software. These apps randomly take screenshots of workers to determine what is being done on a particular system.

Some solutions also allow employees to access private conversations, especially when they are not paying attention to official or work calls.

The above characteristics clearly show a big difference between manual monitoring and the use of technology to record all employee activities. In both cases, best free ems software monitoring is possible, but the problem is that managers cannot always track their employees. By using productivity monitoring software, companies can observe their employees at any time. They can then create a picture report with all the details of the employees to check their performance.

With the best free EMS software, productivity will not remain the same

The reality is that even active workers cannot always be productive. Generally speaking, workers spend approximately 6 hours in production activities out of 8 working hours. Another important point is that productivity can be measured by completing tasks. We say this because some workers seem to be busy but do nothing, or even less. We know that many of our workers sit a whole shift in front of their system. However, their productivity is only average. On the other hand, some employees are smart, they are very busy in the office corridors, but their performance is still better than others.

The above discussion confirms that manual or digital monitoring is the solution. Therefore, when it comes to software that monitors employees and supervisors, employee morale is also affected. To maintain regular monitoring and don’t use pressure tactics. In this way, morale will remain high, and you will achieve results that meet your expectations.

Are the reports generated by the staff monitoring software accurate?

It has been found that the reports generated by many staff monitoring solutions are not completely accurate. Experts believe that this is because staff monitoring software is often not properly integrated with other tools.

The above discussion confirms that manual or digital monitoring is the solution. So when it comes to software that monitors employees and supervisors, morale is also needed. To maintain normal supervision and don’t use pressure tactics. In this way, morale will remain high, and you will achieve results that meet your expectations.

Are the reports generated by the best free ems software accurate?

It has been found that the reports generated by many staff monitoring solutions are not completely accurate. Experts believe that this is because staff monitoring software is often not properly integrated with other tools.

An example of this is the use of social media on a certain system. The situation becomes more complicated when we try to monitor the unproductive use of social media by marketers in the system. This is because marketers and social media experts stay online on social media, engage with potential customers, and promote the brand there. These productivity monitoring tools are also difficult to investigate on Zoom phones. This is because some employees use it to read certain articles recommended by management to improve their skills.

Therefore, some companies claim that they have not benefited from it because they have been using certain software to monitor the activities of their employees. This situation worries service providers, who have already introduced features that can specifically solve this type of problem. However, these solutions are still very expensive. Only large organizations and companies can afford this kind of software that can more closely monitor computer activity.

Monitoring computer activities help you save time

The last problem related to productivity monitoring is that the manager spends time monitoring the activities of his team during office hours. At this point, we want to mention that it’s not just employees who spend their time on non-productive activities. Experts found that managers also wasted time tracking employee activities and checking reports.


The basic operation of the best free ems software is to monitor employee activities and restrict non-productive websites. It also restricts users from installing foreign software on company systems.

The employee activity monitoring software also keeps records in the database and sends an email to the administrator or manager for notification. If the rule is violated on the user side, an alert will be displayed on the tenant system.

Tenants create different projects with their static budgets. Invoices can be created with static input, and the user must provide the PO number and invoice amount to monitor computer activities. Before creating an invoice. This EMS system restricts and tracks the use of employee monitoring software and restricts and tracks the use of hardware.

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How Long Does Depression Last After Quitting Heroin



How Long Does Depression Last After Quitting Heroin
Image licensed by adobe stock

By Geoffrey Booth, M.D., Medical Director, LifeSync Malibu

When you make the courageous decision to quit heroin and turn your life round you might have pretty high expectations. You probably look forward to feeling healthy and whole again, and can’t wait to be a productive member of society.

So when depression clings to you, even after you have completed withdrawal and rehab, it can be disheartening. Worse than that, it can lead to a relapse. Depression is not just a common co-occurring condition among active heroin users, but it is also a prevalent aspect of post-acute withdrawal syndrome, or PAWS.

PAWS refers to the cluster of mild but persistent withdrawal symptoms that sometimes hang on for months in early recovery, and depression is extremely common. It can be frustrating to feel stuck in the gloom of depression when you had such high hopes after gutting out withdrawal. Setting realistic expectations in recovery, as your brain chemistry adjusts and stabilizes, can help you ride out the depressive symptoms and get to the other side.

Depression and Heroin

Heroin is a powerful drug made from morphine, a potent analgesic. When you use heroin, the drug is converted to morphine in the brain, which produces the well known desirable effects. Users experience a deep state of relaxation and rush of euphoria that the brain immediately registers as a pleasurable event. But because heroin is highly addictive, it isn’t long before the drug traps you into a cycle of using just to avoid feeling sick once it wears off.

Because heroin binds to the opioid receptors in the brain, it begins to slowly alter the way the brain functions. With the drug providing the dopamine surge, the brain becomes dependent on it and stops producing natural dopamine.

In addition to the chemical changes in the brain, people addicted to heroin are likely to experience many adverse psychosocial events, which can lead to depression. People often struggle with employment, relationships, legal problems, health problems, and homelessness. All of these factors increase the risk for suicide among heroin users. According to the publication, Addiction, a heroin users is 14 times more likely to die by suicide than their peers.

Causes of Depression After Heroin Withdrawal

There are various reasons for experiencing depression after completing treatment:

  • Depression may have been present prior to getting treatment. If there was co-occurring depression present with the heroin addiction, the only way to achieve lasting sobriety is through a dual diagnosis treatment program. This is a specialty that provides simultaneous treatment for both disorders in an integrated plan. If the depression was not addressed during treatment, then there is a higher probability it will linger in recovery.
  • Feeling disappointed in recovery. After years of living in an altered state due to substance abuse, sobriety may not seem all that great initially. In the early months of recovery feelings of depression can set in when expectations are not immediately met. Also, the consequences of the addiction may now be fully realized in sobriety, which can cause feelings of sadness, guilt, or shame.
  • Post-acute withdrawal symptoms (PAWS). Depression is a PAWS symptom that may stubbornly persist for months following treatment. Because of the significant impact of heroin on the brain it is not surprising that there might be some long-lasting psychological effects. Even after completing detox and treatment, the PAWS can persist.

Regardless of how or when the clinical depression surfaced, treating depression after rehab is critical. Depression in recovery can pose serious risks to not only the recovery itself, but also may cause impairment in functioning, adverse effects in relationships, reduced productivity at work, and increased risk of suicide.

Post-Acute Withdrawal Syndrome (PAWS)

Depending on how long the heroin addiction was present, it can take time for the brain to begin to normalize following treatment. During this period of transition, it is very common to feel a lack of joy or happiness. Lingering depression is one of the most common effects of PAWS, a cluster of symptoms that may take months to resolve.

Depression symptoms include:

  • Feelings of sadness, hopelessness, and despair
  • Fatigue
  • Changes in eating habits
  • Slowed or agitated movements
  • Sleep disruptions
  • Loss of interest in things you used to enjoy
  • Difficulty making decisions or concentrating
  • Irrational feelings of shame or guilt
  • Thoughts of suicide

Persistent depression poses a threat to recovery because the symptoms can become so unbearable that the individual may seek relief by returning to heroin use. This is why the longer you can remain in a treatment program the better. An extended treatment program, such as six months, allows the brain and body to stabilize within a supportive environment, reducing the risk for relapse.

Treatment for Depression After Quitting Heroin

The worst thing someone in recovery can do is to ignore the symptoms of depression. Treating depression in recovery involves ongoing psychotherapy, holistic methods, and possibly medication.

Therapy: Emotional and psychological support is key in heroin recovery. Therapy, both individual and group sessions, provide a safe environment where you can work through the feelings associated with depression.

Holistic: Depression symptoms can be relieved to some extent through natural means. These include getting regular exercise, sticking to a healthy diet, and getting adequate sleep. In addition, learning how to relax, through yoga, mindfulness, or massage, can also improve mood.

Medication: Medication for depression may be necessary. Antidepressants take about 4-6 weeks before the effects begin to be seen, but these drugs can possibly relieve the symptoms.

In the early months of heroin recovery it is important to heal the body and the mind. As difficult as it is to suffer through a bout of depression, be patient and always remember, this too shall pass.

About the Author

Geoffrey A. Booth, M.D. is the Medical Director of LifeSync Malibu, an exclusive rehabilitation program located in the heart of Malibu. Dr. Booth has treated thousands of addicts over the years and now has dedicated most of his clinical time to providing medical care and detoxification to clients who suffer from substance abuse. He is committed to helping them establish the foundations for long-term sobriety. While not working, Dr. Booth has a rich personal life filled with activities surrounded by friends and family.

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Does Teen Loneliness Lead to Internet Addiction?



Does Teen Loneliness Lead to Internet Addiction
Image licensed by adobe stock

By Arastou Aminzadeh, M.D., Founder, BNI Treatment Centers

One of the most distressing effects of the pandemic has been its affect on teen mental health. Young people spent a significant amount of time cooped up at home, forced to give up most of their social activities due to lockdowns. This resulted in increased teen loneliness.

At a time in their development that social interactions play a key role in helping adolescents acquire healthy social skills, teens were left few options this last year. Most would default to the Internet to find peers to chat with on social media platforms and forums, or to kill time with online activities. In fact, the majority of a teenager’s social life has occurred online for a year now.

Teen loneliness was already a common problem prior to the COVID-19 pandemic. Research from Italy and Iran had previously studied the connection between loneliness among young people and subsequent internet addiction. Both studies demonstrated a positive correlation between these two factors.

Now, a new study out of Finland further cements this relationship between teen loneliness and compulsive internet use. The new variable in this recent study is the pandemic and how it has exacerbated teen loneliness, and therefore, internet addiction. The fallout from the excessive time online is an increased sense of loneliness because it replaced real life social interactions.

About Teen Loneliness During COVID-19

Ask any teen if they sometimes experience loneliness and they are likely to nod their head in the affirmative. All young people sometimes feel left out or lonely. However, teens who suffered from more pronounced feelings of loneliness may have been struggling with depression or another mood disorder, social anxiety, or a personality disorder. Some loneliness is normal, but intense chronic loneliness is typically associated with a mental health challenge.

During the pandemic, however, loneliness became its own epidemic that affected everyone of all ages. Teens, though, were hardest hit by the effects of the social distancing policies because of the significant role socializing plays in their daily life. Where adults had plenty of other distractions, teens were left with a gaping void in their life.

Study Shows Increase in Internet Addiction Among Lonely Teens

According to the Finnish study that was published in February 2021 in the Child Development journal, compulsive internet use has increased at a statistically significant rate. Dysfunctional internet behavior would include online gaming addiction, copious amounts of time on social media sites, and consumption of online pornography.

Further, the study found a direct connection between compulsive online behaviors and depression. This went both ways. A teen that was depressed may have spent more time online, as a distraction or salve, while teens that spent copious amounts of time online were more prone to develop depression. In either scenario, depression was the link.

In addition to the mood disorder, adolescents that engaged in excessive online activity had poorer academic performance. This is attributed to the amount of time that is consumed by online activities, which cuts into the time available to study.

The study determined that it wasn’t only due to a lack of social time with their friends this last year that has resulted in compulsive online behavior. The authors found that teens whose parents were not around, or who were inattentive, were also likely to turn to the Internet to fill their sense of loneliness.

COVID-19 and Teen Mental Health

There is no denying the serious impact the pandemic and lockdowns have had on our young people. Major milestones have been skipped over, social events radically altered or cancelled, schools closed, and, of course, the loss of live, in-person social interaction.

Teens need structure, predictable daily routines, and a sense of safety. During the past year these basic needs are not being met. Many kids have lost loved ones to the virus, or seen their parents become unemployed. All of this is very difficult for a teen to process and manage, as their limbic system is not fully developed at this age. Brain functions like impulse control, emotion regulation, and decision-making will be under construction until age 25.

As a mental health practitioner, I can confirm that our teens are struggling at higher rates than usual. Anxiety and depression are definitely on the rise in this cohort. When the dust settles we will have to face the statistics head on and provide additional services for struggling adolescents.

Other Causes of Teen Loneliness

At first glance, it may seem that teen loneliness is simply caused by a lack of friends. Maybe the teen struggles socially and has trouble establishing or maintaining sound friendships. But in reality, there are many other factors that can contribute to feelings of loneliness. Consider these 5 things that can cause loneliness:

  1. Moving. Possibly the family has recently relocated. Even if the new home is not that far from their former home, the unfamiliar surroundings can triggers feelings of loneliness. This even more so if the move is quite a distance away from their old friends and school.
  2. Social anxiety disorder. Some teens have a heightened or irrational fear of being judged by their peers. Because of the fear of being publicly criticized or mocked, the teen chooses to isolate, leading to loneliness.
  3. Feeling excluded. Teens are very sensitive. Most teens have the “fear of missing out,” or FOMO, which means they crave the feeling of belonging and being included in social gatherings. When they are passed over repeatedly it can lead to feelings of loneliness and even depression.
  4. Social media. While the word “social” in social media may sound like it is all about connecting with others, in fact social media can enhance feelings of loneliness in teens. This is due to the unnatural, shallow, and sometimes toxic “relationships” made on social media platforms.
  5. Being bullied. Cyber-bullying is extremely damaging to a teen’s self-esteem. When they happen to be the target of a bully who uses social media to embarrass or shame them, they will feel marginalized and isolated.

At this time in history it is essential for parents to be fully present for their children, and tuned into their mood states. If the teen is exhibiting signs of depression due to loneliness, and seem to self-medicate by engaging in compulsive internet use, it would be a good time to have the teen evaluated. Parents truly hold the key.

About the Author

Dr. Arastou Aminzadeh is a triple board certified physician in psychiatry, child and adolescent psychiatry, and addiction medicine, and is the co-founder of BNI Treatment Centers in Agoura Hills, California.  Dr. Aminzadeh is a fellow of the American Society of Addiction Medicine and also a fellow of the American Psychiatric Association.  A well respected leader in the field, he also holds an adjunct faculty position at the University of Southern California, Keck School of Medicine, where he completed his residency and fellowship.

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How to Stop Intrusive Thoughts



how to stop intrusive thoughts
Image licensed by Adobe Stock

By Steven Booth, Co-Founder, Elevation Behavioral Health

We have all experienced unwanted involuntary thoughts that upset us. These are not like ordinary thoughts that flow through the mind during the day. Instead, intrusive thoughts are highly distressing. When intrusive thoughts plague us it can result in the symptoms of anxiety.

Sometimes intrusive thoughts are associated with obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD). In fact, for someone with OCD, the intrusive thoughts are what drive the compulsive behaviors. The thoughts are so upsetting that the individual with OCD will attempt to diminish the potency of the disturbing thoughts. This can turn into a pattern of obsessive thoughts followed by compulsive actions. Learning how to overcome OCD-related intrusive thoughts becomes an integral goal in managing this mental health disorder.

Whether the intrusive thoughts are related to anxiety or OCD, either way they are very frustrating and disrupting to your daily life. Learning techniques to stop intrusive thoughts can help bring these under control and improve functioning.

What Causes Intrusive Thoughts?

It is not yet fully understood why people have undesired thoughts that invade their consciousness. Often, these random thoughts that intrude on our otherwise peaceful day will keep tapping away demanding our attention. Other times, the thoughts, though disturbing, are fleeting and leave us as quickly as they arrived.

There are a few potential causes for the onslaught of intrusive thoughts. These include:

  • PTSD. Someone who has prolonged symptoms of stress after experiencing a trauma will be plagued by intrusive thoughts. The thoughts are usually related to the event itself, such as undesired memories.
  • OCD. OCD usually has intrusive obsessive thoughts that drive the compulsive actions. The thoughts are so upsetting that the person will engage in ritualistic compulsive behaviors as a way of mitigating the stress the thoughts cause.
  • Medical issues. Intrusive thoughts can be a symptom of a health condition, such as Parkinson’s disease, dementia, or a brain injury.

Are Intrusive Thoughts the Same as Ruminations?

Intrusive thoughts may seem to be the same as ruminating thoughts, but the two actually bear distinct differences. Where an intrusive thought is usually random and fleeting, ruminations the ongoing mulling over of the upsetting thoughts. Instead of noticing the intrusive thought and then choosing to ignore it or dismiss it, ruminating involves embracing the thought and chewing on them for long periods of time. Rumination is a type of coping mechanism to help process a disturbing event by reviewing the event over and over in your mind.

OCD and Intrusive Thoughts

The most common source of intrusive thoughts occurs among those who struggle with OCD. The intrusive thought is often related to a core value, such as religious beliefs or ethical issues, and involves a disturbing scenario that goes against what the person believes in. These thoughts might involve things of a sexual nature, thoughts of harming a loved one, or blasphemous thoughts that are in opposition to their core faith beliefs.

Because these intrusive thoughts are so destabilizing, the person with OCD will begin to fear the thoughts, which only makes the thoughts more pervasive. They begin to adapt compulsive behaviors to help diffuse the stress that the obsessive intrusive thoughts cause them.

Types of Intrusive Thoughts

There are different types of OCD-related thought intrusions. These include:

  • Sexual intrusive thoughts. Disturbing thoughts that involve taboo sexual imagery, inappropriate sexual thoughts, or violent sexual acts.
  • Religious intrusive thoughts. Obsessing about possibly sinning against God, scrupulosity, doubting faith beliefs, or blasphemous thoughts.
  • Harming intrusive thoughts. Undesired thoughts of harming a loved one, such as a spouse, a parent, a child, or self.
  • Responsibility intrusive thoughts. Irrational acceptance of the blame for certain acts committed that was not the fault of the person.
  • Existential intrusive thoughts. Anxious thoughts that question the reason for existence, the purpose of life, or the reality of self.

Each of these types of intrusive thoughts will drive a corresponding compulsive action.

Exposure and Response Prevention

One of the targeted treatment methods for helping someone with OCD-related intrusive thoughts is an intervention called exposure and response prevention, or ERP. ERP is a type of cognitive behavioral therapy that helps the person face the disturbing thoughts head, but in small stages. Slowly they are encouraged to disengage from the compulsive actions that would typically follow the intrusive thought. 

By stating their thoughts out loud with an ERP therapist, the power of the thoughts is greatly diminished. As Dr. Debra Kissen, a Clinical Fellow at the Anxiety Depression Association of America states, “The same intrusive thoughts that feel so real, all powerful and self-defining when swirling around in your head will disintegrate when said out loud.” The thoughts have far more power when they are held captive inside your mind, but when shared with someone they lose their impact.

In ERP the intrusive thought is exposed, and then the decision to not engage in the compulsive behaviors is the response prevention. The person makes a decision to no longer give in to the compulsions. During the first few weeks of ERP the therapist will guide the person through the steps of exposure and non-response. Eventually, the individuals will be equipped to conduct ERP themselves.

How to Stop Intrusive Thoughts

There are some effective techniques for managing intrusive thoughts when they appear. Consider these tips:

  1. Do not fear the thoughts. While natural to want to avoid or ignore the thought, that can make it a reaction based in fear. Instead, try to accept the thought, realize that it is an obsessive irrational thought, and remind yourself that it will soon pass.
  2. Practice self-care. Intrusive thoughts are related to anxiety or OCD, so learning methods to help promote relaxation can be helpful when the thoughts occur. Practice mindfulness and deep breathing to calm yourself down when the thoughts occur.
  3. Seek help from a therapist. A therapist can work with you through the ERP therapy and other therapies, like CBT, which can help you make changes in how you respond to the thought triggers. They can also refer you to a psychiatrist who can prescribe antidepressants or anti-anxiety medications.

Don’t let random intrusive thoughts impact your quality of life. There are ways to manage these thought obsessions, which will improve all areas of daily functioning.

About the Author

Steven Booth is the CEO and Founder of Elevation Behavioral Health in Agoura Hills, CA. Steven earned his B.A. from the University of California, Santa Barbara in Economics. Before helping to co-found Elevation Behavioral Health, Steven worked in both private and public accounting. Like many others, Steven has seen firsthand the destruction that addiction can inflict on family and friends. He has also witnessed the extraordinary changes that can be made when addicts receive the necessary treatment. His passion is providing outstanding mental health care through his facility, and improving the quality of life of clients.

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Top 10 Fashion Trends to Try in 2021




Part of the fun of fashion is experimenting with different styles and the latest trends! Some trends are bold and eye-catching, while others are more subtle. Here are some exciting trends that are worth giving a try.

  1. Layered Necklaces

There’s something that’s effortlessly appealing about a stunning layered necklace. Mixing and matching gold, silver, and other metals with different lengths, stones, and accents can give you a look that seems like it required lots of styling but is simple to throw on and add some extra flair to any outfit.


Image – Unsplash

For a dramatic look, wear your long, layered necklace with a low, v-neck top or dress. For a more everyday or work-appropriate ensemble, wear a simple layered necklace with a blouse or dress.

  1. Cutout Booties

Booties have become a classic staple in any woman’s wardrobe — they’re perfect to wear with dresses, skirts, rompers, rolled up jeans, and leggings. They’re a universal must-have!


Image – Unsplash

Not only are most bootie super comfortable with their low heels and supportive style, but they’re also easy to wear and look great with just about any outfit. They’re constantly being revamped to be more trendy. Adding some unexpected and stylish cutouts to your essential booties is a fabulous way to step up your style and step out looking great! Cutout bootie styles are also perfect for the warmer months and transition your looks beautifully from traditional boots to summer sandals.

  1. Graphic Tees with a Vintage Twist

You don’t have to visit a thrift store to find a retro-looking graphic tee to rock as a casual, trendy look. Graphic tees are back in style in a big way, and giving them a vintage twist with a bit of faded appeal, retro references, and throwback styling is a great way to get in on this fun trend.

Whether you’re daydreaming about rocking your love of Guns N’ Roses or looking for a tee that delivers comfort, style, and a bit of nostalgia, this trend is a fun way to embrace a fashion and add some personality into your wardrobe.

  1. Embellished with Embroidery

This fabulous trend can be found on many super stylish and accessible articles of clothing and accessories that are simple to add to your everyday looks.

tamara menzi eya7vX50lb0 unsplash

Image: Unsplash

Embroidery is a surprisingly versatile and easy-to-wear trend, ranging from subtle accents on basic silhouettes to bold prints on accessories, dresses and more!

  1. Printed Playsuits

Giving the ever-popular romper some extra sass and personality is easy with printed patterns that have become more prevalent. Try upgrading your favorite romper, playsuit, or jumpsuit silhouette with a head-turning pattern.

Rompers are a fabulous wardrobe staple, pairing the ease of a complete look in one garment and effortless style. Adding an exciting print to a romper makes the piece even more versatile and easy to dress up or down, depending on where you’re headed.

  1. Modern Cateye Sunglasses

Giving the classic cat-eye glasses new life in a whimsical and oversized style is a fabulous trend that you can easily give a try. Adding modern details like mirrored frames, larger size, and cool frames in a variety of colors make this trend wearable and fun.

For a sweeter look, try some baby pink accents on your frames, or go more edgy with matte black and stunning mirrored lenses.

  1. Statement Belts

Bold jewelry has been on-trend for some time, and now, adding a statement accessory to an outfit in an unexpected way is simple with a chic belt on-hand.

mateus campos felipe TSMn85u9hA unsplash

Image – Unsplash

Opt for a belt with a unique buckle, gold or silver designs, studs or other beautiful details that work just as well with a pair of classic jeans as a flowy dress.

  1. Free-Flowing Pants

When you want a day free of the restrictions of skinny jeans, opting for a pair of free-flowing pants can improve your whole attitude and make you feel free. Choose a loose-fitting pair that flatters your figure and style with a more fitted top for a chic and comfortable look.

This style has become super trendy because of how well it pairs with crop tops, giving a modern, yet slightly vintage appeal to your apparel.

  1. Denim, Redone

Give that classic denim jacket a total upgrade with modern elements that can give an outfit that perfect finishing touch.

Denim Jacket

Image – Unsplash

The oversized denim look is on-trend, making this style easy to rock and pair with a boyfriend-inspired look or simply a chic piece of outerwear to throw on for a chilly evening, festival accessory, or just a statement piece for your favorite ensemble.

  1. Matching Sets

It takes confidence to rock a two-piece outfit that’s matchy-matchy, so why not challenge yourself to step outside of your fashion comfort zone with one of these chic looks?

Start simple with a muted color and build up to wearing exciting matching prints, patterns, and exciting colors.

No matter your style, there’s a new trend that’s perfect for you to try out. So go ahead – switch up your look and try something new!

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Why was the Super Mario “cum pipe” trending on Twitter?



Why was the Super Mario "cum pipe" trending on Twitter?
Why was the Super Mario "cum pipe" trending on Twitter?

Why was the Super Mario “cum pipe” trending on Twitter?


If you logged into Twitter on Monday, you may have been perplexed to see the expression “the cum pipe” trending in the sidebar. Do you have any idea what the term arrangement means? I found it out and can describe it to you, so that’s good news.

It all started this morning, when a meme page calling Everything Out of Context tweeted a joke meme of Peach, Luigi, and Mario standing in front of three warp pipes, each with its own color scheme: gold, white, and rainbow. “The time has come for you to choose the gay pipe, the piss pipe, or the cum pipe,” reads the text on the picture. The Super Mario 3D World meme is mostly just a static picture, but the original has a video with a Luigi-like voice asking you those fateful terms.

Although that account did not produce the original meme, which has been circulating the internet for a while, it did get it in front of a lot of people in March. The user who created the post, Puyi, told Polygon that he came across the 3D World meme and thought it would be “interesting” to encourage it by allowing people to “pick one of the three choices.” That is, you were paying to read the words “cum pipe.”

It’s worth noting that the cum pipe tweet wasn’t a simple survey. Instead, selecting an option will automatically generate a tweet announcing your decision. Picking the yellow pipe, for example, will result in a tweet that reads “I choose #ThePissPipe” — but you’d still have to submit it. Monday’s promoted tweet resulted in over 6,300 tweets with the hashtag #TheCumPipe, indicating that the clear warp pipe was the most popular of the three choices.

This pattern may remind you of a previous, similarly spontaneous trend: the carp picture. A college student used the same Twitter function in December to have a picture of a carp take over the internet for a short, bright moment. This is the same thing, except it’s a lot less safe. (Today’s trending topic on Twitter, #TheCumPipe, did not go down well with Twitter users.)

When the meme became well-known, the voting motivated people to compete with one another. However, as more people competed for the best pipe, the meme became more common among the general public.

“After today, my interest in marketing is bigger, but I can’t say for sure if I want to go that way,” Puyi said when asked if he would ever consider a career in marketing.

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Latest Features Should Have in a Car while Purchasing a New One



Latest Features Should Have in a Car while Purchasing a New One

The new vehicle purchasers are given a bewildering exhibit of jargon and abbreviations describing alternatives, bundled highlights, and seller introduced accomplices to look over. There is the extraordinary impulse to get them all, yet the expenses rapidly add up.

Consumer Reports always gets questions from vehicle shoppers approaching what they ought to be searching for in the present models. They often have some vague ideas about what is accessible, yet they are not satisfactory on what is worth the additional cost.

To help these new-vehicle shoppers who have not looked at the market in some time, our specialists have amassed a list of key features they ought to consider getting, including convenience and safety things. Similarly, as necessary: We have hailed the things that can be skipped.

Security-related things are positioned arranged by significance by our specialists. Different features are listed sequentially.

  1. Safety

Because of radar and PC controls, vehicles are getting smarter and more secure than at any other time. While features differ between makers, search for blind-spot detectors, collision cautioning with automatic braking, and programmed cruise control, which will change your vehicle’s speed to coordinate traffic, says Tom McParland, a vehicle purchasing expert and author for the auto news site While these innovative features add to the cost, they can decrease the danger of accidents.

  1. Electronic Stability Control

This would keep the vehicle from turning wild and sliding sideways when you make a turn fast, or you unexpectedly need to turn, which happens regularly on streets.

  1. Automatic Emergency Braking

The system applies the brakes all alone to prevent a crash when it detects a vehicle in its manner or diminishes the power of an impact that cannot be dodged. Systems that incorporate person on foot recognition are absolute generally beneficial.

  1. USB ports

A port makes it simple to keep your mobile powered up and connected with sound systems. Regardless of whether it is for charging your mobile or tuning in to music, numerous individuals consider this option an absolute necessity have convenience.

  1. The Engine

Since you realize that your vehicle is protected, you need to check the two other significant things that people groups are keen on: how quick can this vehicle go, and what is the fuel efficiency? The engine dictates both these viewpoints. There are two fundamental things to check here: the machine’s general dislodging in liters and the number of cylinders in the engine. For example, a little vehicle would ordinarily have a 1.6-liter four-cylinder engine, which is incredible for fuel-efficiency yet probably will not give you quick speeding up, particularly on a grade. Then again, if you have a great engine, like a 6.2 liter, eight-cylinders one, you can whizz past every other person yet wind up hacking up significantly more for fuel since effectiveness here would endure. Preferably, pick something appropriate for the driving you to do – if you are stuck in city traffic, the quick speeding up will not be any utilization.

  1. Automatic High Beams

This system automatically turns the high beams when there is no approaching traffic or vehicles ahead and switches back to low beams when traffic shows up to forestall, blinding different drivers. This advances a more prominent utilization of high beams, which makes driving more secure.

  1. Self-Parking Technology

Generally restricted to luxury cars, this option especially bids those living in a city or neighborhood where parallel parking is a lifestyle. “It may be justified, despite any trouble from a time and security point of view, especially on the off chance that you’re not as confident about your parking abilities.”

  1. Transmission

Things being what they are, how would you like your gears to work? If searching for automatic transmission, where once you put the stick-on drive, the vehicle does practically everything for you? Or, on the other side, would you say you are a customary stick shift lover? Did you realize that a portion of the more up to date models accompany “semi-automatic” transmission, where the clutch is computerized, and you need to move the gear stick? While the choice of information will indeed not influence the vehicle’s performance, it would impact the expense and, obviously, the great component. So, pick wisely.

  1. Android Auto and Apple CarPlay

These bring familiar smartphone interfaces and some significant yet restricted features and convenience to the vehicle’s infotainment system. They urge drivers to put their smartphones down and instead collaborate with the vehicle’s implicit screen, giving them more consideration to driving.

  1. 360-Degree Surround-View Camera Systems

These cameras are situated around the vehicle beneath the side mirrors and the rearview camera. The systems give drivers a bird’s-eye perspective on the car as though from above; help them check for youngsters and articles objects the vehicle, especially when backing up; and make parking simpler.

  1. Teen Monitoring

If your children or grandchildren are driving, you might need to look at alternatives that can screen and restrict driver behavior. While systems differ, most permit you to shield radios from impacting and set a maximum speed cap.

  1. Fast USB Charging

The standard USB port in the car works at 0.5 amps, which charges a mobile gradually. If an application is being utilized, the mobile may lose charge in any event when connected. Numerous new vehicles currently have a 1.5-, 2.0-, or 2.4-amp rating, and the more up to date USB Type-C ports support up to 3 amps of charging, making phone charging quicker, regardless of how the mobile is being utilized.

  1. Keyless Entry

Considerably more than a remote controller, this system detects a vital key in your handbag or pocket and naturally opens the entryways. “When you’re showing up at your vehicle with your arms loaded with full of groceries, it truly proves to be useful,” says Jim Milan of Auto Accessories Garage.

  1. Heated Seats and Steering Wheel

These available into direct contact with a driver or traveler, so in chilly climates, they warm inhabitants quicker than the climate system can warm the vehicle’s interior.

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Ways In Which Accountant NYC Can Improve Your Business.



tax accountant nyc blog feature image
tax accountant nyc blog feature image

A good Accountant is your key to strengthen your financial game. You will require the services of a good accountant to look after various financial procedures. If you are running a business in a city like New York your need is way greater for a good accountant. The good accountant NYC has to offer for your business is the one that knows your business well.

There are various ways in which a good accountant can help to sort the financial game of your business. If you think that you can handle all that pressure on your own then you are wrong. You need the assistance of a good accountant.

There are various ways in which an accountant can help your business and we are going to tell you all about that in this article. You have to prioritize your financial aptitudes before you read below down to this list. 

Ways in which an Accountant help your business

An accountant is a person that holds all the weight of your account complexity on their shoulders. So, it is better that you find the best Tax accountant NYC has to offer. This individual will help you with many things.

He/she will help you organize your business structure

This is a great thing to start with this list. It is very important that you know the organizational structure of your business. An accountant will tell you which approach will be better to expand your business. 

Do you want to follow the limited liability approach for the growth of your business or you want to become a Subchapter-S corporation? Both of these structures have their own pros and cons. Your accountant will choose the one that benefits your business the most and eliminate other options. 

Know what budgeting your business needs

If you have the Best tax accountant NYC has to offer then they will know your business as better as you do. You will require the assistance of someone that can make a yearly budget of your business as the most desirable way. 

This is a key step to make a proper growth base for the upcoming year. A good accountant will review the previous year’s result and then put together the budget of the new year for your company. This budget will be more credible, efficient and show sound improvement when compared to the previous one. 

Proper Reporting of your accounts

If you are unable to track your work it is very difficult to examine results. Just like that, you need proper reporting of your accounts. A good Accountant in NYC will provide you with the most accurate business statements on a regular basis. 

This reporting will include all major expenses and financing of your business-like.

  • Financial statement
  • Income statement
  • Balance sheet
  • Cash flow

These statements will help you learn about the whole financial roadmap of daily activities. 

Planning of upcoming Taxes for company

This is one of the most important jobs that an accountant can do for you. You know that in NYC taxes are a big part of your business. So, you cannot simply ignore them. A good accountant will help you understand what is your business fare share in taxes.

They will also stop you from paying unnecessary taxes as well. They will provide you with the legal strategies through which you guys can save handsome money in taxes. All that money that you save from your taxes can be used to grow your business.

So, these are some of the ways in which a good Accountant can help your business. A good accountant is the biggest asset of a company. 

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Diet and fitness

11 Ways To Eat Healthily After The Holiday Season And Be Healthier This 2021



Healthy diet

It’s January 2021! And you know what that means — it’s time for our annual New Year’s Resolutions. After two consecutive weeks of holiday celebrations filled with leisurely eating and drinking, we bet losing weight and eating healthier is part of your new year’s agenda. 

For sure, you didn’t have vegetable salads and fruit smoothies for your Christmas and New Year dinner. Instead, you probably had carb-filled pasta dishes, greasy pizzas, battered and deep-fried seafood, savory, sodium-packed BBQs and steaks, sugary cakes, and crates of alcoholic beverages and soda. Aside from the fear of looking at the weighing scale, you might also have the fear of having these not-so-healthy meals and drinks take a toll on your health. 

If you’re looking for tips to start the year right with better eating habits, this article has got you covered. Listed here are 10 ways to eat healthier after the holidays. 

1. Make your meals colorful with fruits and vegetables

This is a no-brainer: it’s vital to incorporate fruits and veggies into your diet. These are packed with nutrients, like fiber, antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals you need to boost energy levels, boost your immune system, and fight diseases. 

Fill half of your plate with fruits and vegetables at every meal. Eat them for snacks. You may also find ways to put them into your recipes. 

2. Swap red meat for seafood 

Want to boost your protein intake but want to keep everything light? The fruits of the sea got you covered. Fish and shellfish are high in protein but low in calories, total fat, and saturated fat. They’re also rich in vitamins and minerals, like vitamins A, D, and B-complex, zinc, selenium, iron, and iodine. Lastly, they’re high in omega-3 fatty acids, that help reduces the risk of heart disease.

If you can’t find fresh seafood in your local supermarket or the choices are limited, you can browse an online seafood shop for a wider variety of seafood options. They’re guaranteed fresh and high-quality, plus they’ll be conveniently delivered to your doorstep. 

3. Choose whole-grain

Cutting on your carbs? Instead of starving yourself, why not try whole-grain options in place of refined bread and rice? Whole foods include whole-wheat bread, oatmeal, brown rice, whole grain corn, and graham flour. 

Whole grain meals fill you up while limiting your calorie count. They’re rich in fiber, B vitamins, and minerals like zinc, iron, manganese, and magnesium. 

4. Chow down slowly

Did you know that fast eaters are up to 115% more likely to be obese than slow eaters? Studies suggest that the pace at which you eat influences the amount of your food intake as well as how likely you are to gain weight. 

Do yourself a favor and stop rushing. You can eat healthier and even appreciate your food better if you eat your meals slowly. 

5. Eat smaller portions more often

Don’t wait till you’re hungry before eating something. Instead, try eating small portions more often, like eating three main meals a day with snacks in between. You’ll be more likely to make bad eating decisions when you wait too long to eat. 

6. Limit fast-food and processed food 

If there’s something good brought by the lockdown, it’s that people were more likely to prepare their food at home than eat out. Continue that trait this year. Resist greasy, sugar, and sodium-packed fast food meals and cook your own meals from grocery-bought ingredients. Limit processed food too, like instant noodles, hot dogs, frozen pizzas, deli meats, cookies, canned goods, chips, soda and fruit juices, and more, which contains loads of salt, sugar, fat, and preservatives. 

7. Switch to healthier cooking methods 

Even the healthiest seafood loses its benefits when breaded, deep-fried, or drenched in butter. Opt for cooking methods that won’t require you to put in lots of oil, sugar, and salt to make your meals taste better. 

Instead of frying, try baking, steaming, grilling, roasting, and boiling. Instead of adding too much salt and MSG to enhance your meal’s flavor, try adding herbs and spices. If you’re tempted to use oil, opt for healthier oils like olive oil, nut butter, and low-fat butter. 

8. Invest in cooking appliances that produce healthier meals

If you’re looking for a sign to check out that air fryer that’s been sitting in your online shopping cart for months, this is it. 

Any cooking equipment that helps you trim down your oil intake and encourage you to eat more fruits and vegetables are worth the investment. Opt for non-stick pans that won’t require the use of oil, air fryers, ovens, food processors, blenders, and steamers. 

9. Go lean and clean

If you can’t ditch thy love for chicken, pork, beef, and other land-based meat, you may opt for a leaner cut. These include skinless, white-meat poultry like breast, breast tenderloin, and wings, loin and round beef, pork loin, low-fat dairy products, and egg whites. Try plant-based protein too, like lentils, beans, and peas. 

10. Try clean, plant-based diets at least once a week

If you can’t stick to a full vegetarian or vegan diet 24/7, you can start by having a once-a-week plant-based menu. Perhaps Meatless Monday sounds fine? Meals, from breakfast to dinner, shouldn’t have any meat ingredient. You can try meatless meatballs and burgers from mixed veggies (lentils, peas, and beans, potatoes, mushrooms, and herbs), salads, soups, and stews. 

11. Drink lots of water

You know the drill: drink 8-10 glasses of water a day. You should also make water your drink of choice. Avoid sugary drinks like processed juices and sodas, alcoholic drinks, and caffeinated drinks, which contain loads of sugar and no nutritional value. 

Author Bio: Mina Natividad is a passionate daytime writer for Manettas Seafood Market, an online and interactive seafood delivery service which provides customers a true, first-class fish market experience without leaving home. Since she’s a seafood lover herself, she’s got a lot to say about food, well-being, and lifestyle.

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