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Why was the Super Mario “cum pipe” trending on Twitter?



Why was the Super Mario "cum pipe" trending on Twitter?
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Why was the Super Mario "cum pipe" trending on Twitter?

Why was the Super Mario “cum pipe” trending on Twitter?


If you logged into Twitter on Monday, you may have been perplexed to see the expression “the cum pipe” trending in the sidebar. Do you have any idea what the term arrangement means? I found it out and can describe it to you, so that’s good news.

It all started this morning, when a meme page calling Everything Out of Context tweeted a joke meme of Peach, Luigi, and Mario standing in front of three warp pipes, each with its own color scheme: gold, white, and rainbow. “The time has come for you to choose the gay pipe, the piss pipe, or the cum pipe,” reads the text on the picture. The Super Mario 3D World meme is mostly just a static picture, but the original has a video with a Luigi-like voice asking you those fateful terms.

Although that account did not produce the original meme, which has been circulating the internet for a while, it did get it in front of a lot of people in March. The user who created the post, Puyi, told Polygon that he came across the 3D World meme and thought it would be “interesting” to encourage it by allowing people to “pick one of the three choices.” That is, you were paying to read the words “cum pipe.”

It’s worth noting that the cum pipe tweet wasn’t a simple survey. Instead, selecting an option will automatically generate a tweet announcing your decision. Picking the yellow pipe, for example, will result in a tweet that reads “I choose #ThePissPipe” — but you’d still have to submit it. Monday’s promoted tweet resulted in over 6,300 tweets with the hashtag #TheCumPipe, indicating that the clear warp pipe was the most popular of the three choices.

This pattern may remind you of a previous, similarly spontaneous trend: the carp picture. A college student used the same Twitter function in December to have a picture of a carp take over the internet for a short, bright moment. This is the same thing, except it’s a lot less safe. (Today’s trending topic on Twitter, #TheCumPipe, did not go down well with Twitter users.)

When the meme became well-known, the voting motivated people to compete with one another. However, as more people competed for the best pipe, the meme became more common among the general public.

“After today, my interest in marketing is bigger, but I can’t say for sure if I want to go that way,” Puyi said when asked if he would ever consider a career in marketing.

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