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If the Senate’s filibuster is lifted, McConnell threatens a “scorched earth” policy.



If the Senate's filibuster is lifted, McConnell threatens a "scorched earth" policy.
If the Senate's filibuster is lifted, McConnell threatens a "scorched earth" policy.

If the Senate’s filibuster is lifted, McConnell threatens a “scorched earth” policy.


Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell predicted a “scorched earth” scenario if Democrats use their current majority to end the Senate filibuster in the hopes of ramming legislation endorsing President Joe Biden’s agenda through the chamber.

McConnell unleashed a grim prediction of a Senate that would all but cease to work, meaning that Republicans would grind business to a halt by refusing to give consent for routine operations such as session start times, reading of lengthy legislative texts, and quorum call votes.

In a Senate address, McConnell said, “Let me say this very plainly for all 99 of my colleagues: Nobody serving in this chamber can even begin — can even begin to imagine — what a truly scorched earth Senate will look like.”

The partisan gridlock of the Trump and Obama administrations will seem to be “child’s play” in contrast to what’s to come, according to McConnell.

The Republican leader’s harsh words came as the Biden administration was celebrating the passage of the $1.9 trillion American Rescue Bill, the huge COVID-19 relief package that passed Congress without a single Republican vote. As the GOP focuses on potential wars, Republicans have admitted privately that they are trying to divert attention away from the bill, which appears to be common among Americans benefiting from $1,400 cash payments, vaccine distribution, and other assistance.

With the Senate split 50-50, the majority of Biden’s priorities will face a more daunting path in Congress. While the Democratic-controlled House can quickly pass a long list of potentially successful bills — such as expanding voting rights, extending background checks for weapons purchases, and other reforms — the Senate’s rules are more complicated. To end a filibuster, most legislation needs 60 votes.

Senate Democratic Leader Chuck Schumer dismissed McConnell’s comments as a “diversion,” saying he wants to cooperate with Republicans on the pending legislation, but that all filibuster reform options are on the table.

“I don’t think you have to remove the filibuster; you have to do it the way it was when I first got to the Senate back in the old days,” Biden told ABC News’ George Stephanopoulos on Tuesday. You had to get up and take charge of the room, and you had to keep talking.”

Senate Democrats are privately discussing changing the filibuster’s decades-old rules, which allow a single senator to obstruct a bill by objecting. Senators would take the floor in previous eras, speaking for hours about their objections, as depicted in the Hollywood film “Mr. Smith Goes to Washington.” In the mid-twentieth century, they have used it to stall civil rights legislation.

Supporters of the mechanism claim that it safeguards the interests of the opposition party, while critics argue that it is being used to stifle common legislation.

Sen. Dick Durbin, D-Ill., said Tuesday that “the filibuster is now making a mockery of American democracy” nearly 65 years after South Carolina Senator Strom Thurmond’s record-setting 24-hour-plus filibuster over the 1957 Civil Rights Act.

It takes 51 votes to amend Senate rules and remove the filibuster, and Democrats do not seem to have the votes to do so, even with Vice President Kamala Harris acting as a tiebreaker. At least two Democratic senators, West Virginia’s Joe Manchin and Arizona’s Kyrsten Sinema, have expressed opposition, but there may be more.

In the coming weeks, the Senate will be put to the test. As senators begin to consider the bills passed by the House, Democrats will bring the Republican ability to engage in the democratic process to the test by amending the bills in the hopes of passing them.

Democrats are likely to lean in more aggressively to try and amend the rules if Republicans simply filibuster the bills.

Some Democrats want filibustering senators to be forced to hold the floor, as Jimmy Stewart did in the movie “Mr. Smith Goes to Washington.” Senators will now actually signal their filibuster, dubbed “Mr. Smith Phones it In” by Durbin.

Durbin said, “We must change the rules.”

McConnell warned Democrats not to move any further, exposing the retaliatory steps he might take.

“To switch the lights on before noon, to start with a garden-variety floor address, to dispense with the reading of a lengthy legislative document, to schedule committee business, to transfer even non-controversial candidates at something other than a snail’s pace,” he explained.

Changes to the filibuster have been in the works for a decade, part of an escalating procedural arms race that has coincided with the rise of partisanship in the United States.

To address Republican obstruction of President Barack Obama’s executive branch and judicial nominees, Democrats repealed the filibustering law.

Republicans and McConnell then accelerated the process by abolishing the filibuster for Supreme Court justices, enabling President Donald Trump’s three high court nominations to be confirmed without delay.


What Happened to Ashley Judd



What Happened to Ashley Judd

Ashley Judd is an American actress and political activist. She is the daughter of late country singer Naomi Judd.

She had a terrible accident in February 2021 when she was hiking with her partner in search of endangered species of Bonobos in the early rainforests of the Republic of Congo. While hiking, she fell and got her leg fractured in 4 places. Later she was rescued and underwent surgery. It was 55 hours long rescue mission, and she could barely keep up with the pain. She claimed that her right leg didn’t have a pulse and was hemorrhaging.

Who is She?

Ashley Judd is an American actress well known to give her contribution as an actress in the movies like- Ruby in Paradise(1993), A Time to Kill(1996), Kiss the Girls(1997), Olympus has fallen(2013), Divergent(2014), The Divergent Series: Insurgent(2015), The Divergent Series: Allegiant(2016). She is also a political activist. In 2008, Judd supported Barack Obama’s presidential campaign. She is also a social worker. Judd has been working on gender equality and women’s and girls’ sexual and reproductive health and rights.

What happened in Congo?

The mishappening occurred while she was on a trip to an area known as Kokolopori in the Democratic Republic of Congo. She claimed they had established a “research camp” in the rainforest to look for bonobos. She fell over a tree log that she didn’t see and broke her leg. It took five hours for Papa Jean to find her, and he assisted and rescued her. She also stated that she was concerned that the bleeding inside her could’ve resulted in death or loss of her leg.

She went through a six-hour-long surgery and was in a hospital for nine days in South Africa. Later she was moved to Tennessee. The non-profit that Judd has collaborated with, Bonobo Conservation Initiative, the organization with which Judd has partnered Bonobo Conservation Initiative, released its tribute to her following the incident, saying that she was transferred to an institution within South Africa for treatment.

Ashley Judd pens essay about first Mother's Day without Naomi

Her recovery…

She had recovered now. Ashley Judd gives updates to her fans from time to time by posting videos and photos on social media. In April, Judd uploaded a picture of her with a guidebook for hiking toward the Patagonian Andes and said she would walk the Patagonian Andes and then return to the Congolese rainforest, despite a long recuperation journey to come. On August 1st, Judd shared the latest video clip of her unaided walking across the Swiss Alps and wearing a knee brace.

She loves her new leg.

Ashley Judd had stated that her leg would never be the same, and she loves her new leg, and they are buddies for sure. From this incident, the authorities can state that Judd is indeed a brave person. During that 55-hour rescue mission, she was in pain, and she held tight to her thoughts and fought it all.

She also went to the Democratic Republic of Congo again, saying that the injury was in the past.

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The US Food and Drug Administration Shares the Blame in the Baby Formula Shortage



Empty shelves at a Target in Orando.

Empty shelves at a Target in Orando.

While most Americans only recently learned about the baby formula shortage, the crisis has been building for months. 

Numerous factors have contributed to shortfalls in the amount of formula on store shelves, but one of the most important was the slow movement of the Food and Drug Administration reacting to reports of tainted formula in October  once it received notice from a whistleblower back in October of 2021 describing issues with food safety practices at the Sturgis, Mich. facility owned by Abbott Nutrition, maker of Similac, said Tinglong Dai, a professor of operations management at Johns Hopkins University.

It was only after an infant died and two others became seriously ill with Cronobacter, a deadly bacteria, that the FDA started an investigation in January of 2022 into food safety practices at the facility in Sturgis, Mich.
And it was not until Feb. 17 that the FDA warned consumers about certain powdered infant formula products from the Sturgis plant and Abbott closed the facility while initiating a recall. 

“Why did the FDA take several months to respond?” Dai said. “The problem is the culture at the agency. It does not respond to situations fast enough. The system is broken.”

The FDA did not respond to requests for comment.  On May 16, the FDA and Abbott announced plans that could lead the company to re-open the plant.

Someone at the agency should have had the foresight to recognize that an Abbott plant closure might spark a shortage, Dai said. There are just four major baby formula manufacturers and Abbott is the biggest, with nearly half the market share.

Restrictions on importing formula helped create the shortage

Making matters worse, because of trade and FDA restrictions, parents desperate to find formula for their babies cannot import it from Europe or Australia, Dai said. That is finally changing as the FDA announced May 16 it is lifting barriers to importing formula from Europe.

The shortage has also been a result of  panic buying and hoarding.

Back in early 2020, during the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic, “a lot of people were going to the grocery store and buying a lot of basic items, including baby formula,” said Zhi-Long Chen, a supply chain expert and professor of operations management at the University of Maryland.. 

“So at that time there was a lot of demand,” Chen said. “As the virus situation improved, that led to lower demand. The baby formula manufacturers saw there was much lower demand and they cut production.”

Normally the demand for baby formula is very stable, Chen said. And because manufacturers were responding to a short term “demand distortion,” rather than looking at what might happen long term, there’s a shortfall now. Fixing the problem will take time because companies ordered smaller amounts of the ingredients necessary to the formula and now they can’t easily scale up, Chen said. 

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How Many Episodes Are There in Bling Empire Season 2



How Many Episodes Are There in Bling Empire Season 2

Hola readers! Were you also waiting for bling empire’s season 2? Guess what. The wait is over now. Netflix has finally announced to air the Bling empire season 2. The first season was a massive hit and got all the positive reviews they needed. Bling Empire is a perfect show if you want to watch something light yet entertaining.

Are you looking for something to binge-watch right now? Then, Bling Empire Season 2 is a perfect fit for you. It has already been broadcasted on May 12, 2022, on Netflix. There are 8 episodes of 40-minute length each.

What Is Bling Empire? 

If you enjoy watching reality drama shows, then Bling Empire will surely be a guilty pleasure for you. Bling empire is a T.V. reality show. The show has a close resemblance to crazy rich Asians and Keeping up with the Kardashians. It’s a show where you take a peek into the life of rich Asian-Americans based in L.A. From entrepreneurs to D.J.s to actresses and models, you got to watch all their life in detail. It’s like they are living what you are dreaming of.

What To Expect From The Show?

Indeed, to have that kind of riches, you have to pay some price too, and for them, the price was the biggest fear of all the celebs- “controversies”. You got to see everything about those deep-pocketed people. From their lavishing rich life- the parties they attend, the cars they drive, the hotels they stay at, the little dark secrets they hold, their infertile issues, and all the gossip you need to know. Of course, they haven’t got this success overnight. They have put in a lot of hard work and dedication to achieve their place today.

Netflix's Bling Empire Season 2: here's what you can look forward to

Who Are Those Fat-Cats? (Cast Of Bling Empire)

Here are all the cast members of the show. Kevin Taejin Kreider is a Male model from South Korea. Kane Lim is a Real estate developer and investor from Singapore. Christine Chiu is a Philanthropist. Gabriel Chiu is a Plastic surgeon and husband of Christine Chiu. Kelly Mi Li is a producer born in China who has also dated actor Andrew Gray. Anna Shay is a socialite whose fortune comes from selling her father’s Pacific Architects and Engineers company. Cherie Chan is a Denim heiress and former singer. Jessey Lee has a Family business in furniture. Kim Lee is D.J. and a former model. Andrew Gray is Kelly’s boyfriend from season 1. Andrew is a model and actor best known for playing the Red Ranger in the Power Rangers. Jaime Xie is a Fashion blogger and daughter of Ken Xie. Guy Tang is Hairdresser and singer-songwriter. You will also be seeing Mimi Morris and Dorothy Wang in season 2.

Final Predicament

It is certainly difficult to believe that the show is not scripted. But Bling Empire is based on reality and not excited for TRPs. The show is worth watching. It’s the perfect show you to binge-watch at night.

You can surely expect a lot of drama, entertainment, emotional ride, and much more from Season 2.

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