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Unlock PDF File: 7 Secure Steps Using PDFBear



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Passworded PDF files can be a headache for some, especially if they want to finish editing the file quickly and yet forget the password to open it. What makes it more frustrating is getting access to open the document but can’t proceed with the editing stage.

Looking for a tool that can unlock the PDF file is the best thing to solve this problem. There are many online tools available to remove the password with only a couple of clicks. One of the popular web-based tools to unlock a pdf file is the PDFBear. This tool ensures that opening the PDF file will be quicker than making a coffee cup.

So, just keep reading as you’re about to find how to unlock your PDF file with these seven secure steps using PDFBear.

1. Search for reliable application or web-based tools

When you are stressed about how to unlock PDF file one of the most convenient ways to open it again is to look for online sites or apps which can unlock the file. If you’re going to do some research, you’ll find how the wealth of online sites offers you help.

There are many reasons it is needed to eliminate password security from PDF files. For instance, if you have failed to remember the password or files become inaccessible for doing any modifications. In any case, not all sites available today are secure and free. You should check for a reliable place to use that can vouch for your security, specifically the PDFBear.

PDFBear has never disappointed its millions of users worldwide. It offers the most extreme security in safeguarding your PDF files from any potential hacker. Plus, it removes your password from Cloud, implying that you are genuinely secured.

2. Always check the security of the tool

After you’ve picked a reliable site, you should skim through or study the terms and conditions or the security that the web-based tools offer. It is likewise an excellent step to check and read reviews from previous users.

Reported cases of documents being hacked are reported nowadays. Many hackers are waiting to access your file, so be careful with what you access and upload online. PDFBear has consistently been the trusted online PDF unlocker because it provides security on your password and doesn’t store passwords on the Cloud.

3. Click “Choose Files”

If you have just picked PDFBear, its instructions are as simple as 1-2-3! The first thing you need to do is to tap on the “Choose Files” option. From here, it will directly bring you to your folders. You can now select the right PDF file you need to be unlocked here.

PDFBear guarantees that unlocking your PDF can be protected and convenient to use as well! Besides uploading the file, you can use the Drag and Drop on the upload box.

In case that you are in a rush, the PDFBear has an upload box feature to which you should drag your documents from another window. Keep the window where your file is placed ready.

4. Enter the password

Since you have selected your files that need to be unlocked, a dialogue box will show up. You will type in your password from this exchange box. When you’re done typing in your password, ensure that you have placed in the correct characters for your PDF, unlocking an easy-quick and straightforward process.

PDFBear comes with a password removal feature that will safeguard you from malware or other viruses. PDFBear is a user-friendly and secure environment tool that guarantees your passwords are for you to see.

5. Click Unlock PDF

Once you’re done typing your password, you need to unlock your PDF. Opening PDF documents permits you to at long last view the PDF files without typing in the password.

While locking PDF documents offers the most extreme security, it can sometimes be annoying, mainly when you are in a rush. Fortunately, with PDFBear, unlocking your PDF would not take that much time.

6. Just wait and trust that the site will decrypt your file

You will do nothing but wait for the site to decrypt your locked PDF file. It is now where your trusted site deals with your PDF document.

There are several files that are so tricky and complicated to unlock. However, most documents can be opened by reliable sites like the PDFBear. Ensure that you have the right password not to experience different issues. Decrypting PDF documents, for the most part, requires around a couple of seconds to finally be unlocked, contingent upon the size of the file.

7. Download your file

Since your PDF file is already decrypted and all set, in only a single tick on the “Download” options, and you are good to go!

You can always check your Downloads file for your opened PDF document. Downloading your file in PDFBear will only need a few seconds; if not, it may be a minute or two, it depends on the size of the file and your strong Internet connection.


Putting a password on a PDF file is a must-do for others. They might don’t want to share some vital information with anyone. The only downside about it is if ever you forget what exactly the password you used to lock the file.

By using PDFBear, it can easily unlock any PDF file. All you have to do is upload, wait for a few seconds to open, and download your file. Just visit the website to see how user-friendly this tool is and how quickly the results are handed to you.

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