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The week begins with March Madness.



The week begins with March Madness.
The week begins with March Madness.

The week begins with March Madness.


It’s not like everyone is going to the office in the first place.

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced a shift in the March Madness schedule, giving basketball fans a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to watch eight games on a Monday.

The second-round games begin with a lunchtime (or coffee break) matchup between Oregon and Iowa and end with a game between USC and Kansas that should be completed after midnight in the eastern time zone.

This year, the NCAA compressed the tournament schedule significantly, fitting 67 games into 19 days instead of the regular 21, as it took all 68 teams to Indiana in an effort to create a secure atmosphere in which to play all of the games.

Coaches and players have become immune to the start and stops and games at odd times that have marked this pandemic-tinged season.

Iowa coach Fran McCaffery said, “It makes no difference.” “We have a game against Oregon on Monday.”

The new schedule does not include any afternoon games on Thursday, when the chaos usually ramps up.

The Thursday-Friday extravaganza — 32 games spread through four networks in about 36 hours — prompted some serious thought in the IT world, leading to the invention of the now-famous “Boss button,” among other things. While watching the game online, you clicked on the button.

Worker A, for example, is engrossed in a potential upset between Lehigh and Duke. From around the corner, he or she hears the boss. Simple solution: Click the mouse to display a fictitious spreadsheet on the screen.

There’s nothing to see.

However, as we all know, so many meetings around the water cooler — or, in this case, the computer display — have come at a cost over time.

As soon as the brackets are released in March, a slew of studies detailing the missed productivity at work as a result of all those workers watching all those games are released.

According to one survey published in 2019, up to 1.5 million people watched games online from their desks, while others called in sick or took a long lunch. According to the report, employees could lose up to $1.7 billion in missed work time over the tournament’s 16 business days.

Another research, this time from (third-seeded) Kansas, found that fewer and fewer people were attempting to conceal it.

Jordan Bass, one of the study’s contributors, said, “They freely acknowledged they work less during the tournament.” ”It isn’t surprising, but we thought it was awesome that they came out and said they were less productive and scheduled their days accordingly.”

When the ball is tipped Monday, far less people will have to go through the motions of pretending to be busy for all the wrong reasons.

According to a Pew survey conducted last year, only one out of every five employees who could work from home did so prior to the pandemic. That number has risen to 71 percent since the pandemic.

On Monday, there will be an opportunity to make the best of a poor situation. Anyone here use Venmo for all those office pools?

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Top 4 Players In The MLB Who Could Benefit From A Trade Right Now



With the 2021 MLB trade deadline still a few weeks away, getting the ball rolling about players that could seriously benefit from a team change before the second half of the season gets underway sounds like a perfect idea. Online sports betting platforms already have prediction lists and MLB odds, signaling where some of the top available players might end up on the trade market days. While there are players who will always be looking like the most coveted gem in all of the mountain, like Max Scherzer or Kris Bryant, who will most definitely not move from their teams in the near future, there are still other great players wanting a change.

Here are our picks for the top four players who could definitely benefit from changing teams before the trade deadline.

Trevor Story, Colorado Rockies

What happens when you have one of the best players in a position where every team is usually looking for upgrades, like shortstop and a team who is in a clear transition and rebuild mode looking to get as many future assets as possible? You get the tale of Trevor Story and the Colorado Rockies. Trevor Story is putting on a great year when it comes to his offensive skills and has always proven to be a very valuable asset when it comes to the defensive side of the game. The issue here is that Story is on his way to becoming a free agent this offseason, leaving the Rockies without any real chances of gaining anything from him, other than a goodbye letter at best.

With Nolan Arenado being the first of Colorado’s main players to leave the team in Colorado’s effort to rebuild, followed by Jeff Bridich, it should come to no surprise for baseball fans around if by the time the trade deadline is over, Story has found another team to play in, hopefully a contending team that can benefit from his talents. Moving to the American League might be a more than welcoming change with teams like the Yankees, Athletics and Rays all wanting Story to join them for the second half of the season.

Starling Marte, Miami Marlins

After being acquired last season by Miami last season in an effort to be more competitive, it is becoming more and more obvious that Starling Marte´s time with the Marlins is getting closer and closer to an end. Marte, when healthy, can offer teams a great veteran option at center field, a position usually known for its shortage of real-deal caliber talent.

Miami could greatly benefit by trading Marte to a team in dire need of a center fielder, like the New York Yankees for example in exchange for more positional assets for the future. While he could also stay with the Marlins moving forward, this move would be a costly one on the Marlins side and one where both parts might end up leaving the party unhappy. So why go through that if better scenarios are available?

Joey Gallo, Texas Rangers

If you’re offered the chance to sign a former all-star with clear slugging power and who can truly do wonders in your outfield both at center and right field, wouldn’t you jump at the chance? This is exactly what a player like the Rangers’ Joey Gallo can offer any team wanting to trade for him. His batting skills have gone through an odd first half of the season this year but he is a proven slugger that can offer some elite power hitting to any team looking exactly for that.

It has been rumored that the San Diego Padres, one of the hottest teams in baseball, have been riding high on the “get Gallo” rumors. Given that the Padres are and will most likely continue to be one of the main contending teams in the National League for a spot in the World Series, bringing a guy like Joey Gallo in will only help making those claims even stronger.

Eduardo Escobar, Arizona Diamondbacks

If there’s a team where trading out players in order to get future assets is more than welcome it’s the Arizona Diamondbacks, especially with how bad they’re playing this year. Escobar’s true worth as a utility infielder is noticeable by everyone. His hitting and slugging percentages are experiencing a sort of rebuild in value, making him a hot candidate for teams looking for a solid option at 2nd base.

Escobar knows what it’s like to hit over 30 home runs in a season, and offer up above .500 numbers in the slugging percentage departments. A team like the Chicago White Sox seems like the perfect option right now for Escobar to move to, especially if he wants to experience what it’s like to be in a top contender.

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When it comes to taking a trip to a casino, such as bestaucasinosites, the first thing on most people’s minds is “what games am I going to play?”  If you’re a relatively inexperienced gambler (like most) the tendency is to avoid the more complex casino activities and focus on the cheaper, more simplistic varieties of games.   Perhaps the 3 most classic examples of accessible casino games (which also happen to be extremely popular) are Bingo, Keno, and the Slots.   Arguably, the true appeal of these activities lies in the fact that they are more or less based purely on luck.  In other words, you have to make decisions when playing a game as simple as Blackjack, sticking to something like Bingo, Keno, or the Slots doesn’t require you to make any choices at all, aside from what machine to sit down at, perhaps.

Bingo is a classic lottery game that developed out of an Italian game from the 1500’s called “Il Giuoco del Lotto d’Italia”.   Players basically draw a card with numbers printed on it and fill in the squares which match the corresponding figures which are called out by whoever is running the game.  The first player to get 5 in a row, wins, and must yell out “Bingo!”  So, why is Bingo a great casual game, you ask?  Simply put, Bingo can be both exciting as well as intense, especially if you’re in a room full of people who are all vying for “the big win”.  At the same time, it’s highly affordable and extremely easy to understand from a conceptual point-of-view.  Pretty much anyone can jump straight into a game of Bingo and if they’re lucky, they might even emerge as the big winner.

Similar to Bingo is the game of Keno, which is slightly more complex.  Yes, Keno is still a lottery game, but what makes it even more intriguing is that wagers are placed, ikt is often found in online casinos in the United States.  According to most historical accounts, Keno was developed in China during the 1800’s, as a means of funding governmental projects.  After players are given a card that’s numbered 1 – 80, they are to pick 20 numbers and then place their money wager.  Following this, all the cards are collected and registered; then, a caller will randomly draw 20 numbers and announce them.  Obviously, if more of your selected numbers are called you win increasingly larger sums.  Keno is a great casual game because it affords some of the excitement of Bingo, but without the need to remain constantly vigilant (and marking numbers).

Last but certainly not least, we have the Slots, which are arguably the most iconic type of casual game associated with casinos.  The first slot machines were invented in the 1800’s by an American named Charles Frey and were entirely mechanical in their design(s).  Over time, of course, most slot machines have become digitized; for example, now most all of them operate via some type of software.   It’s been said that around 70% of the money brought in by casinos around the world comes directly from slot machines, that’s how incredibly popular they are.  To play you only need to insert a coin or token and pull the lever (or perhaps push a button), your winnings (or losses) will be displayed on screen and you can repeat the process.  The slots are great because they don’t require any type of decision making process and are quite cheap.  Furthermore, by playing the slots you often have a chance of winning a big jackpot which might be in the millions of dollars.

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The main image that comes into people



The main image that comes into people

The main image that comes into people’s minds when thinking about slot machines is usually the three reel, one pay-line slot that has seemingly been around forever. However, one of the newest additions to the slot world, called the Feature Slot, is starting to surpass the popularity of the classic three-reel.

The feature slot is a variation of the original single-line slot machines, but several more options. The basic rules of the game are really the same. You make your bet, click the spin button and watch the reels turn to get a winning or losing combination. The results of the spinning reels, whether on a single-line slot or a multi-line slot, is where the possibilities are much greater.

Feature Slots are an important part of the online casino gambling world because they offer players new angles and avenues on which to win for a relatively small bet. Some of the features of these slots games include things like multipliers, free spins and wilds. New games, such as Book of Dead, take full advantage of the latest features.

Multipliers basically multiply the amount of the original win multiply by a certain exponent. There is a specific symbol in each game that has been determined to be the multiplier symbol, and if that symbol shows up on an activated pay-line with a winning combination of symbols, the overall win is multiplied accordingly.

Introduced by Australian slot machines, similar versions can be found at online casino francais, free spins are one of the most fun and popular types of features. If a winning symbol combination appears on the pay-lines in conjunction with a free spin symbol, the player gets a certain amount of free spins without having to put any money at risk.

The wilds are just like wilds in a video poker game. They can substitute for any other symbol on the pay-line to make or complete a winning symbol combination.

All of the features talked about above will be listed on each slot games pay table. Pay close attention to the pay table to find out what symbols correspond to each feature, for this will vary from game to game and casino to casino. There are some feature slot games that offer different features than multipliers, free spins and wilds, but these are the most prevalent and the most popular out there.

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If you like the idea of gambling, but you’re a little concerned about getting carried away, you’ve come to the right place. While playing casino games can be fun and profitable for some people, those with an addictive personality can experience issues. With that in mind, we’re going to present you with some essential advice that should help to ensure you never go over your budget, you can try it out at the best au online casinos. At the end of the day, gambling should be considered a hobby or pastime that adds some extra excitement to your life. Unless you have amazing Poker skills, you shouldn’t aim to create your income in that manner.

Setting your budget

Before you head out to your local casino or find the best online casino to play at, it’s vital that you set a budget. You never want to risk more cash than you can afford to lose. Even if you think a winning streak is just around the corner, you must stop spending the moment your original budget is exhausted. When all’s said and done, the last thing you want is for your family to struggle financially because you’ve spent too long playing Roulette.

Selecting your games

It’s always a good idea to select a couple of games and stick with them during each session. You could select the new Lucky 88 pokie from Aristocrat or something more traditional like table Poker, you’ll get better results if you limit the amount of games you play. That will also help you to improve your skills and become a better player.

Not drinking alcohol

Casino bosses know that alcohol can affect your judgment, and so they will try to offer you drinks whenever your glass is empty. Don’t make the mistake of getting drunk. If you do that, the chances of you emptying your bank account will increase. You need to keep a clear head to ensure you make the best decisions.

Gambling infrequently

While you might like to log into your favorite site and place some bets during the week, it is not a good idea to gamble every day. People who do that tend to get hooked very quickly. At most, you should be visiting the casino once each week. That way, you will still have plenty of time to spend with your family.

Seeking help

If you feel like you are becoming addicted to gambling, there are many options open to you. First of all, you can ask the casino staff to refuse entry. You can also email any websites you might use and ask them to cancel your accounts. Those of you who still have trouble might like to contact your doctor to find out about local support groups. That said, most people do not become hooked, and so there is every chance you will be fine.

You now know how to gamble safely and avoid any major issues. So, you should feel free to head out for a healthy tipple at some point during the next couple of weeks. You might even come home with thousands in profit. Wouldn’t that be nice?

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When you are looking at becoming a pro at live casino games




When you are looking at becoming a pro at live casino games, you need to know what you are doing on order to have a measure of success. If you fail to know the basics, then you will generally find yourself in a bad way and you will not win nearly as much as you had hoped you would. It is a common thing that many players that have no to little exposure to live casino games will think that they can win if they just go and start playing. One thing that needs to be understood is live games and those in an online version are two different worlds.

Know the Game you are Playing

Too often a person will think that they can just start playing and they will catch onto the rules of the game and how to play as they go along. This is great if you are looking to lose a lot of money in a short amount of time. Don’t go with games that you are not used to and stick with the ones that you know how they work. This will help you to not lose due to a learning curve. Be sure to play at real money casinos that offers many games.

Stay Focused

Losing focus is one of the biggest issues that many players have when they first begin the process of playing a live casino game. They get involved in being social that they do not pay attention to what is going on and as a result will miss out on opportunities that they could use to win a game or two. Don’t get so caught up on the social side that you forget to not focus on the actual gameplay.

Bet Small and Start Slow

Another rookie mistake is the fact that many players will start out trying to become a millionaire in a short amount of time. Take jackpotjill australian casino as an example, It is best that you start out with small bets and work your way up from there. You will not feel as successful, but when you get to the actual looking at your winnings, you will see that you won more than you lost. Also, don’t overplay yourself. Let things go at a natural pace and when you feel tired, walk away and play another time.

Know when to stop

Sometimes a player will just not know when they need to stop and walk away. If they are winning, then they think that their winning streak will go on forever. The thing is that all good things have to come to an end and that means your winning streak as well. When they are losing, they think the next hand will be when they turn it all around. If you have begun to win and are ahead of where you were when you started, then get up and walk away. It will be hard to do, but it will be the best bit of advice that you will ever get. If you follow these simple tips, then your success will be far greater than you had thought it would be.  it’s all a matter of knowing what to do and when to do it.


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8 Reasons Online Casino Gaming Is The Perfect Hobby For 2021




Online casino gaming’s popularity is on the rise. Since the first online casino businesses began to appear in the 90s, they’ve experienced steady growth, and while they haven’t quite overtaken their physical counterparts completely, the writing is certainly on the wall. As you might expect, online casino gaming’s popularity surged massively last year, likely owing to many people finding themselves housebound and in need of a new hobby to help take their minds off current events.

In many places around the world, the pandemic shows signs of receding, but in others, it’s accelerating, making the global situation uncertain. With that in mind, we think that online casino gaming will continue to be an excellent hobby to pursue for the rest of 2021. Whether you’re looking at an online South African casino, a UK-based operation, or a US gambling platform, you can’t go wrong with casino gaming. Here are 8 reasons why online casino gaming is the perfect hobby for 2021.

1. It’s always available

Currently, in many places around the world, it’s possible to visit friends and family, as well as to go shopping. Physical casinos are also open in many places, but this could change on a whim, as the pandemic is unpredictable. Online casino gaming, however, is unfettered by these restrictions and can continue even in the harshest lockdown conditions. No matter when you want to fire up your favourite casino games, you’ll always be able to do so if you’re playing online.

2. It’s convenient

When you want to travel to a casino, you’ll likely either have to drive or take public transport, both of which incur costs or risks you may be unwilling to accept. However, when you play a casino online, you don’t need to worry about that. You can play roulette, blackjack, and other favourites without leaving the comfort of your living room. Simply reach for your tablet, your laptop, or any other internet-enabled device, and you can be rolling dice with the pros in seconds.

3. The choice is huge

Physical casinos are, by definition, constrained by what they’re able to fit in the premises. You may not find more obscure or lesser-known casino games at physical casinos, simply because they want to cater to as broad an audience as possible. This is another downside that simply doesn’t exist at online casinos. If you want to check out some of the more esoteric casino offerings, you’ll almost certainly be able to find them online if you spend a little time looking, see Betcrazy for suggestions.

4. Security is excellent

In recent years, online casinos have stepped up their security protocols in response to unfair perceptions that they’re unscrupulous or shady. This means that on the most prominent and reputable online casino platforms, your money and your credentials are as safe as they can possibly be. When you win big at a physical casino, there’s always the risk of being accosted when leaving the premises, but this risk is nonexistent when you’re playing online.

5. You can play wherever you are

Some countries around the world have somewhat restrictive gambling laws. Usually, these laws mean that operators are forbidden from starting casino businesses in those territories, but they don’t prohibit citizens from engaging in gambling activity. This is where online casinos shine, because if you want to play a casino game and there aren’t any options in your native country, you can simply seek out an overseas platform and play there instead.

6. There are lots of withdrawal options

Very often, physical casinos will only let you withdraw your winnings in local currency. This doesn’t happen with online casinos. If you want your winnings paid to a PayPal account, for example, most online casinos will be happy to accommodate this wish. Some platforms are even starting to deal in cryptocurrency, so if you’re at the forefront of that particular technological innovation, you’re well-served by the online casino industry.

7. The social element is strong

Most online casino platforms have social tools that allow you to chat with other players. This means that if you want to enjoy a casino game alongside your friends, you can, and if you want to use casino gaming as a means to meet new people, this is possible as well. You’ll often find that online casino gaming is a decidedly more social experience than its physical counterpart. If you’re playing poker, for example, you don’t need to watch for opponent tells, so the game is altogether much friendlier than it might otherwise be.

8. Stopping is easier

While online casinos do, of course, want to retain your business, you always have control over whether or not you stop. Leaving a physical casino might be harder if you want to stop gambling because the staff can sometimes be insistent that you stay and keep handing over your cash. On an online platform, however, you simply need to close your browser window and you’re done. Of course, it’s not always as simple as that, but in principle, it’s much easier to stop when you’re simply casino gaming through a browser window.

These are our reasons why we think online casino gaming will be the perfect hobby for the rest of 2021 (and even into 2022 and beyond!). What do you think? Are you thinking of taking up online casino gaming? What’s your favourite casino game?

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Michigan defeats LSU 86-78 in a Big Ten comeback.



Michigan defeats LSU 86-78 in a Big Ten comeback.
Michigan defeats LSU 86-78 in a Big Ten comeback.

Michigan defeats LSU 86-78 in a Big Ten comeback.


Someone, everyone, from the Big Ten needed to start playing like they belonged there.

The conference is already a part of March Madness thanks to Michigan.

The top-seeded Wolverines, who were longer, broader, and deeper than LSU, gradually wore down the Tigers. In a nail-biting 86-78 win, they got 21 points each from Eli Brooks and Chaundee Brown Jr., giving the conference some hope in the NCAA Tournament.

Maryland had lost to Alabama by the time coach Juwan Howard and his team returned to the hotel after their second-round game, leaving the Wolverines as the only remaining Big Ten team from the nine that had traveled to Indianapolis.

Even if they can’t change what’s happened to the rest of the league, Michigan’s Big Ten experience came in handy in this game, as the Wolverines (22-4) trailed by nine points early and had to fight to stay in the game.

“To be frank, that is the Big Ten test,” Brooks said. “Every night, we are put to the test.”

The Wolverines used the biggest surge of the game — a 14-1 run halfway through the second half — to break away and save face for a conference that had otherwise tanked these four days in Indianapolis.

The Wolverines advanced to the Sweet 16 for the fourth consecutive season, where they will face No. 4 Florida State next weekend. They’ll be the only hope for a conference that has already lost everyone from the top seed (Illinois), to the second-seeded Ohio State, to the 11th-seeded Michigan State, a perennial force that was eliminated in the play-in round.

Brooks explained, “I mean, it’s March Madness for a cause.” “Everyone is going to give you their best shot. I always believe that the Big Ten is a fantastic meeting. We’ve recently suffered some setbacks.”

After the Wolverines took a one-point lead into halftime, this game saw huge momentum swings: LSU went on an 8-0 run early, Michigan went on a 10-0 run, and the Tigers went on another 5-0 run.

Michigan, on the other hand, did what traditional Big Ten teams are expected to do during the 14-1 run that got things going. Even without injured guard Isaiah Livers, they were able to use height and shooting to wear down a smaller, less-deep opponent.

Points off the bench were the most telling stat of the night: Michigan 26, LSU 2.

LSU coach Will Wade said, “They’re a tremendous, tremendous team.” “Coach Howard and his staff, their offensive execution, the way they moved, the way they defended, they’re a great squad. They’re going to be incredibly difficult to beat.”

Brown, a 6-foot-5 guard, caused the most long-term harm, making six free throws and a 3-pointer during the decisive stretch that gave Michigan a 72-64 lead with 5:55 remaining.

Then LSU’s defense was shut down by 7-1 freshman Hunter Dickenson (12 points, 11 rebounds) and 6-9 projected first-round NBA pick Franz Wagner (15 and seven).

Cameron Thomas of LSU went from illuminating Michigan to barely getting a shot off. He scored 30 points, but only after taking 23 shots and going 3 for 10 in the second half.

One of the misses was based on a Dickenson rejection, and Javonte Smart suffered the same fate moments later. Wagner’s 27 points held LSU in the game late in the second half, but he changed his shot underneath at the end.

On the other hand, the Tigers (19-10) shot 39 percent from the field and didn’t have many responses. Michigan made 10 of 25 3-pointers and shot 53%.

Even though the Tigers lost, the majority of this game must have had bracket watchers around the country scratching their heads.

Nobody with eyes and a cable sports bundle would have guessed Loyola Chicago, which defeated Illinois by a score of 13 on Sunday, was a No. 8 seed. LSU had obviously better talent than the eighth-seeded team.

But Michigan looked like a legitimate No. 1, especially after Howard began slamming the table, removing his mask, and asking for a defensive effort that was sorely lacking, particularly in the first few minutes. Thomas scored 12 points in the first eight minutes, none of which came from within the 15-foot line.

Things changed until the Wolverines began protecting the perimeter. They began to resemble a Big Ten team once more. And the Big Ten’s prospects seemed to be much brighter than they had been just a few hours before.

“Today’s slogan was ‘Empty the tank, Empty the tank.’ And our guys took care of it,” Howard said. “Unfortunately, the teams that did not advance had earned the right to be here and participate in this competition. But we only consider what we can influence.”


Livers is out with a stress fracture in his foot, and when Howard was asked about his condition for next weekend, he was blunt: “It’s over indefinitely.”


The Wolverines have the second-longest active streak with four Sweet 16 appearances, behind Gonzaga’s six.

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Has the mid-major revolt started with today’s big NCAA upset?



Has the mid-major revolt started with today's big NCAA upset?
Has the mid-major revolt started with today's big NCAA upset?

Has the mid-major revolt started with today’s big NCAA upset?


In every other college basketball season, four upsets in the NCAA Tournament’s eight second-round games would be a warning that something major is about to happen.

Was that the start of the long-rumored mid-major revolution? Have enough talented athletes and smart coaches moved to programs outside of the Big Six to tip the power balance?

It’s difficult to tell. Since this season is unlike any other.

Just two of the teams that won on Sunday were mid-majors: eighth-seeded Loyola of Chicago, which dominated No. 1 seed Illinois from the start and won 71-58; and 15th-seeded Oral Roberts, which beat Florida 81-78 thanks to a late surge. No. 12 Oregon State defeated fourth-seeded Oklahoma State 80-70, and No. 11 Syracuse smothered third-seeded West Virginia just enough to win 75-72.

But it felt like the day of the little boys. ORU coach Paul Mills modified his numbers-don’t-mean-anything postgame speech from the upset over Ohio State after being just the second No. 15 seed to reach the Sweet 16.

“We are not capitulating to anybody here,” Mills said bravely, referring to his Golden Eagles’ upcoming matchup with No. 3 Arkansas.

Meanwhile, four more of the 16 teams in action on Monday, including overall top seed Gonzaga and two more, Creighton and Ohio, who are facing each other, can be classified as mid-majors. If Abilene Christian manages to pull the rug out from under UCLA, there will be a total of five mid-majors in the Sweet 16. That would be a significant achievement.

However, it’s also likely that something more subtle is going on.

Teams had to navigate a stop-and-start regular season due to the pandemic, then slapdash conference tournaments before being seeded by an NCAA selection committee that, without the normal analogies, may have been playing “Eenie meenie miney mo.”

Mid-majors are used to being an afterthought. They don’t have the budget to iron out all of the rough patches in regular seasons, and since they’re still farther down the recruitment line, their players stay because only a handful are good enough to go pro early. They are almost always underdogs when they leave the conference.

During normal seasons, those drawbacks are a stumbling block. This time, qualities like resilience and cohesion are transforming moral victories into real victories.

Loyola center Cameron Krutwig, who had 19 points and 12 rebounds in the victory over Illinois, said, “Nobody was really doing something out of body or out of mind.”

Krutwig resembles a grown-up Dick Butkus, but he runs like Justin Timberlake and isn’t easily shaken. He added matter-of-factly, “We all stuck to the game plan.”

Despite this, all of the regular Big Six conference suspects are present, with a few flexing their muscles.

No. 1 seed Baylor defeated Wisconsin 76-63, while No. 5 Villanova thrashed North Texas 84-61. Both No. 2 Houston and No. 3 Arkansas came within a whisker of defeating Rutgers and Texas Tech, but ultimately prevailed.

Syracuse was given an 11 seed, presumably because the selection committee overlooked that a.) the Orange 2-3 zone defense is still uncommon enough in the game to perplex teams that haven’t seen one all season; and b.) Syracuse almost always makes the Sweet 16 when it enters the tournament with a double-digit seeding.

While the Orange’s passing of No. 3 West Virginia to get there was only slightly shocking, the twist of fate this time is that Buddy Boeheim, the son of Hall of Fame coach Jim Boeheim, is driving the bus.

After halftime, he scored 22 of his 25 points, including all but one of his six 3-pointers, and three late free throws helped put the game away. Then he revealed what father told son during what looked like a heartfelt moment just after the buzzer sounded.

Buddy chuckled as he said, “Yeah, you missed the last free throw.”

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Inequity in women’s and men’s tournaments is a serious concern.



Inequity in women's and men's tournaments is a serious concern.
Inequity in women's and men's tournaments is a serious concern.

Inequity in women’s and men’s tournaments is a serious concern.


The teams had barely arrived in Texas when social media posts erupted with concerns about inequity between the women’s and men’s tournaments, pointing out that the women’s weight training facilities in San Antonio were severely lacking in comparison to the men’s in Indianapolis. The women’s tournament features 64 teams, while the men’s tournament features 68.

Ali Kershner, Stanford’s women’s basketball sports performance coach, shared a picture of a single stack of weights next to a training table with sanitized yoga mats on Twitter, contrasting it with photos of large facilities for men with towers of free weights, dumbbells, and squat racks.

Kershner tweeted, “These women want and deserve the same opportunities.” “In a year marked by a struggle for equality, this is an opportunity to have a dialogue and improve.”

Several of the best female basketball players believe it’s more than just a bad weight room.

UConn freshman All-American Paige Bueckers said on an AP Twitter chat Thursday night, “We are all happy to be here and it took a lot of time for them to bring this all together.” “It’s more of a philosophical problem. It isn’t just an issue in the weight room. The concern is with the inequity of the weight rooms. Another tweet about the swag bag has emerged. It’s not just about the gym. It’s the disparities and the better treatment that men receive.”

Aliyah Boston of South Carolina agreed with Bueckers on the inequities.

She said, “The men have all in that weight room, and we have yoga mats.” “How are we going to go about doing that? I’m glad we got some body wash, but they got an entire store.”

Several top former college and current WNBA players quickly tweeted support for the women and criticism of the NCAA, and the current players received a lot of attention.

A’ja Wilson, who led South Carolina to the 2017 national championship and now plays for the WNBA’s Las Vegas Aces, tweeted, “That NCAA bubble weight room situation is beyond disrespectful.”

Lynn Holzman, the NCAA’s Senior Vice President of Women’s Basketball, stated that the governing body would work to improve the equipment available at the women’s tournament as soon as possible. Due to a lack of available space in San Antonio, the initial setup was limited, with plans to expand once the tournament field shrank in the later rounds.

“We recognize that some of the amenities that teams would normally have access to were not available inside the controlled environment. This is partly due to a lack of space, and the original plan was to expand the workout area once more space became available later in the tournament,” Holzman explained. “However, we want to be responsive to the needs of our participating teams, so we’re working hard to improve existing resources at practice courts, including weight training equipment.”


So far, the NCAA has administered nearly 2,700 tests, with only one positive result, which is a positive sign for the women’s basketball tournament.

On a conference call with the media on Thursday morning, NCAA Senior Vice President of Women’s Basketball Lynn Holzman revealed the numbers, but did not say who tested positive.

“According to the report I received this morning, close to 2,700 tests were conducted over the past two days, involving members of the travel parties, bus drivers, and staff, with only one confirmed positive test,” she said. “It’s a compliment to everyone who contributed to our championship. So, given the sheer number of people involved in this, I’m pleased with where we’ve gotten to today.”

Holzman also said that all 64 teams announced Monday in the bracket have arrived safely in Texas so none of the replacement teams will be needed.

“We continue to emphasis the need for us to make sure we’re conducting our championship in a safe manner,” she said.

Everyone will continue to be tested daily.


Former President Barack Obama picked Baylor to win the national championship this year beating Stanford in the championship game.

Obama had N.C. State and Maryland in the Final Four with the two No. 1 seeds. That would mean that the Terrapins, who Obama had picked against a few years ago in his bracket when his niece was playing for Princeton and they were tournament opponents, would knock off Dawn Staley’s South Carolina team in the regional final.

On Twitter, Staley poked fun at Obama.

“(at)BarackObama” (at)BarackObama (at)BarackOb I’m telling you, (at)MichelleObama……clear it’s you didn’t consult her. We will forgive, but we will not forget. But you’re still our guy.”

To advance in the first round, Obama mostly chose the higher-seeded teams. He did predict that No. 6 Oregon would be eliminated by 11th-seeded South Dakota.


The WNBA has set April 15 as the date for this season’s draft.

To make themselves available for the draft, every eligible player must opt-in by renouncing their remaining intercollegiate eligibility.

If a player wishes to opt-in, he or she must email the league by April 1st. If a player is competing in the Final Four, she has up to 48 hours after the conclusion of her last game to notify the league of her intention to enter the draft.

Players who have reached the end of their college eligibility have previously been automatically entered into the draft. This became more of a problem this season, as the NCAA granted all of the players an additional year of eligibility due to the coronavirus pandemic.

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Here’s How to Know if an Online Casino Is Legit




The online gambling industry is booming and there are new casinos popping up just about every other week, all claiming to be the best in the industry. Those who want to play at online casinos will find plenty of them if they do a simple Google search.

However, finding online casinos is easy but ascertaining their legitimacy is difficult. Guest author Klara Czerwinska shares more info on how to find out if an online casino is legit or not. To find out more about Klara Czerwinska, click here.

You need to be an expert at identifying legit online gambling sites. Or you need to trust a third-party site that claims to be an expert at uncovering online casino scams and guiding players to legit online casinos.

This is because there are a number of rogue casinos that also offer online casino games to players with loads of attractive bonuses and special promotions. A lot of players end up signing up with these rogue casinos because of this but end up paying the price later when they face issues with withdrawing their winnings or worse find out that the games are fixed.

It is not always easy to spot these unlicensed or illegal online casinos because they do their best to mirror licensed gaming sites. Here are a few tips to help you identify legit online gambling sites.

Check for Licensing

The best online casinos never hide their licensing details from customers. Scroll down to the footer of an online casino site to find out their licensing details. Double check if the license is still valid by finding out if the website of the licensing authority lists the online casino. This is because many online casinos don’t bother to renew their licenses, and playing at such casinos is dangerous.

Can’t find the licensing information on the casino website? The online casino may still be legit if it is willing to share the details with you. Contact the online casino through phone, live chat, or email to find out. Avoid the online casino if it is not willing to provide the information you are looking for.

The online casino market in Poland is blossoming with every passing month as casino operators launch new casinos to cater to the growing interest amongst Polish players. However, there are also rogue casinos popping up. If you are looking for a reliable online casino in Poland that has good bonuses, try kasyno bez depozytu.

Are the Games Fair?

Several rogue casinos offer pirated software and online casino games on their platforms. Researching the online casino’s software partners is, therefore, of great importance. You can trust an online casino that has partnered with multiple well-known and reputed software providers such as NetEnt, Microgaming, Playtech, Real Time Gaming, Betsoft Gaming, and others.

The above-mentioned software providers have valid online gaming licenses and subject their games to multiple fairness tests before releasing them into the industry. Online casinos also partner with independent auditors such as Technical Systems Testing (TST), eCOGRA, iTech Labs, and others to test their game payout percentages regularly. You can view the fairness certificates that these auditors issue on the casino website.

So that’s another sign of legit online casinos. They are honest and transparent about their payout percentages.

Fast Payouts

Your online casino is legit only if it processes your payouts fast.

Usually, online casinos keep your payout request pending for two to three days. During the pending period, legit online casinos verify your account details. They expect you to cooperate with the verification procedure by providing copies of your identification documents. A customer care representative may also call you during this time.

Online casinos review and approve your payout request after the pending period, and this may take another day or two. The speed of the transaction after this depends on several factors including your preferred payout method, bank, country of residence, and others. Withdrawals through electronic wallets are usually instant while bank wire transfer payouts may take up to seven days.

An online casino is undoubtedly a rogue if it withholds your winnings without any valid reason and takes several weeks or even months to approve your payout request.

Do They Support Responsible Gambling?

Some of the most reputed gambling regulators are located in the United Kingdom, Malta, Gibraltar and Isle of Man. They have strict gambling regulations that require their licensees to support responsible gambling. Legit online gambling sites, therefore, dedicate a separate section of their websites to responsible gambling.

Their responsible gambling policies encompass issues such as minor protection and prevention of compulsive gambling. They may include questionnaires that help players determine if they are prone to problem gambling.

Online casinos that support responsible gambling offer player protection tools such as setting limits, cooling-off periods, self-exclusion, reality checks, and others to help you gamble responsibly. They guide you to non-profit support organizations if you experience any sort of gambling harm.

Security and Privacy

This is probably one of the most challenging areas for the average player to identify and verify. A lot of these illegal online casinos do not have robust security and safety protocols in place to protect and safeguard their player’s personal and financial information. There are a few rogue casinos that tend to use player’s financial information illegally or worse sell this information over to third parties. Always take a few minutes to check the privacy policy and security policy. Some of these rogue casinos do not bother to have a privacy policy or list any of their security measures in their terms and conditions. If this is the case, consider it as a red flag.

If they do have a security and privacy policy, look out for spelling errors and poor grammar as this is another red flag. Sometimes you will find another casino’s name mentioned in this section which tells you that the text has been copied from another casino – which is another red flag.

Conclusion: Research Your Online Casino Well

Are online casinos legit? Most online casinos are legit but not all. You have to research your online casino very well before signing up. Read the casino terms & conditions and clarify doubts, if any, with the customer support. Discuss the online casino with fellow players on social networks and gambling forums and register only when you are sure about its legitimacy.

Always keep an eye out for some of the red flags that we have listed below. Finally, even if you think everything is good with the online casino on the surface but your gut instinct tells you that something is wrong, go with your gut instinct and find another online casino for it is better to be safe than sorry!

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