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Michigan defeats LSU 86-78 in a Big Ten comeback.



Michigan defeats LSU 86-78 in a Big Ten comeback.
Michigan defeats LSU 86-78 in a Big Ten comeback.

Michigan defeats LSU 86-78 in a Big Ten comeback.


Someone, everyone, from the Big Ten needed to start playing like they belonged there.

The conference is already a part of March Madness thanks to Michigan.

The top-seeded Wolverines, who were longer, broader, and deeper than LSU, gradually wore down the Tigers. In a nail-biting 86-78 win, they got 21 points each from Eli Brooks and Chaundee Brown Jr., giving the conference some hope in the NCAA Tournament.

Maryland had lost to Alabama by the time coach Juwan Howard and his team returned to the hotel after their second-round game, leaving the Wolverines as the only remaining Big Ten team from the nine that had traveled to Indianapolis.

Even if they can’t change what’s happened to the rest of the league, Michigan’s Big Ten experience came in handy in this game, as the Wolverines (22-4) trailed by nine points early and had to fight to stay in the game.

“To be frank, that is the Big Ten test,” Brooks said. “Every night, we are put to the test.”

The Wolverines used the biggest surge of the game — a 14-1 run halfway through the second half — to break away and save face for a conference that had otherwise tanked these four days in Indianapolis.

The Wolverines advanced to the Sweet 16 for the fourth consecutive season, where they will face No. 4 Florida State next weekend. They’ll be the only hope for a conference that has already lost everyone from the top seed (Illinois), to the second-seeded Ohio State, to the 11th-seeded Michigan State, a perennial force that was eliminated in the play-in round.

Brooks explained, “I mean, it’s March Madness for a cause.” “Everyone is going to give you their best shot. I always believe that the Big Ten is a fantastic meeting. We’ve recently suffered some setbacks.”

After the Wolverines took a one-point lead into halftime, this game saw huge momentum swings: LSU went on an 8-0 run early, Michigan went on a 10-0 run, and the Tigers went on another 5-0 run.

Michigan, on the other hand, did what traditional Big Ten teams are expected to do during the 14-1 run that got things going. Even without injured guard Isaiah Livers, they were able to use height and shooting to wear down a smaller, less-deep opponent.

Points off the bench were the most telling stat of the night: Michigan 26, LSU 2.

LSU coach Will Wade said, “They’re a tremendous, tremendous team.” “Coach Howard and his staff, their offensive execution, the way they moved, the way they defended, they’re a great squad. They’re going to be incredibly difficult to beat.”

Brown, a 6-foot-5 guard, caused the most long-term harm, making six free throws and a 3-pointer during the decisive stretch that gave Michigan a 72-64 lead with 5:55 remaining.

Then LSU’s defense was shut down by 7-1 freshman Hunter Dickenson (12 points, 11 rebounds) and 6-9 projected first-round NBA pick Franz Wagner (15 and seven).

Cameron Thomas of LSU went from illuminating Michigan to barely getting a shot off. He scored 30 points, but only after taking 23 shots and going 3 for 10 in the second half.

One of the misses was based on a Dickenson rejection, and Javonte Smart suffered the same fate moments later. Wagner’s 27 points held LSU in the game late in the second half, but he changed his shot underneath at the end.

On the other hand, the Tigers (19-10) shot 39 percent from the field and didn’t have many responses. Michigan made 10 of 25 3-pointers and shot 53%.

Even though the Tigers lost, the majority of this game must have had bracket watchers around the country scratching their heads.

Nobody with eyes and a cable sports bundle would have guessed Loyola Chicago, which defeated Illinois by a score of 13 on Sunday, was a No. 8 seed. LSU had obviously better talent than the eighth-seeded team.

But Michigan looked like a legitimate No. 1, especially after Howard began slamming the table, removing his mask, and asking for a defensive effort that was sorely lacking, particularly in the first few minutes. Thomas scored 12 points in the first eight minutes, none of which came from within the 15-foot line.

Things changed until the Wolverines began protecting the perimeter. They began to resemble a Big Ten team once more. And the Big Ten’s prospects seemed to be much brighter than they had been just a few hours before.

“Today’s slogan was ‘Empty the tank, Empty the tank.’ And our guys took care of it,” Howard said. “Unfortunately, the teams that did not advance had earned the right to be here and participate in this competition. But we only consider what we can influence.”


Livers is out with a stress fracture in his foot, and when Howard was asked about his condition for next weekend, he was blunt: “It’s over indefinitely.”


The Wolverines have the second-longest active streak with four Sweet 16 appearances, behind Gonzaga’s six.

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3 Health Benefits of Playing Baseball



David Ortiz Playing Baseball

If you’re lucky enough to be outdoors year-round, the game of baseball is a great way to stay healthy both physically and mentally throughout the year. Between the cardio and the camaraderie amongst friends and teammates, it’s no wonder both kids and adults enjoy playing the game of baseball. Even if you live in a cold climate and can take advantage of the warm weather to play for part of the year, you should take advantage and join a league. Let’s go over some other benefits of the game that will improve your health and your lifestyle.

Physical Strength

If you’re looking to tone up and looking for a fun way to do it instead of visiting the boring gym, this is a fun way to do it. Between pitching, batting, squatting, and running your body will go through some serious conditioning and strength. Flexibility is another benefit that comes with these movements, especially swinging a bat. If you want to put this theory to the test, record the amount of weight you can lift before you start playing. Revisit the weight room after and see how much more you’re able to bench or lift.

Mental Health

Because baseball is a team sport, you’ll spend most of your time socializing with your teammates. You’ll make new friends and even get together outside of the game. Sports, in general, are known to improve your mood. Anything that requires physical activity sends signals to your brain that release chemicals known as endorphins that make you feel happy and relaxed. The game of baseball can also help you release stress. Because you’re interacting with others while being physical, your mind is being way too distracted to make any room for negative thoughts that tend to bring you down.

Another positive of playing baseball is that it gives you a boost of confidence. Sports, in general, require you to have some type of control to master your skills, which gives you a sense of accomplishment and self-esteem. Don’t be surprised if you start to notice that you’re excelling in a lot more outside of the game.

Cardiovascular Health

Because the game of baseball is so physical and requires a lot of cardio-type movement, it will help promote better cardiovascular health. Running alone is great for your heart and lungs so take every opportunity you can to try and catch that hit no matter if it may seem like an obvious home run. If you’re the one that’s batting, don’t be afraid to spring to the bases and get that blood pumping and flowing. It’s an adrenaline rush once they call out “Safe!”


Of course, as with any sport, there are possibilities of getting hurt so make sure you wear the right protective gear. Such as sunscreen to protect your skin outdoors at all times, protective cups, gloves, and be sure to use other accessories for baseball players that will help keep you comfortable and also prevent an injury.

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How Do You Play Jammin Jars 2?



Jammin Jars 2 is the most recent version of the insanely famous Jammin Jars slot game developed by Push Gaming. The slot game has been eagerly waited for and anticipated by slot gamers from the world over. It is a slot game based on a fruit theme and an on-screen D who plays music that makes the jars dance. The game has 8 reels and 8 rows. The winning rule remains simple. All you need to do is land 5 or more of the same symbol type in one given cluster. The multipliers of the game make the chances of winning pretty big on this game.

The rules and basics of the game

You can win this slot game by landing 5 or more same symbol types in a cluster, as mentioned before. The minimum bet is 0.10, and the maximum bet is 100. The RTP of this slot game is also high, and it is 96.40%. The slot machine is highly volatile, and as a result, it may take some time before wins start getting created. Although the same reason also ensures that once wins are created, they generally tend to be high. The thing that makes this slot game stand apart is the tremendous amount of maximum win multiplier. Unbelievably, the slot machine has a max multiplier of 50000X on the bet. The multiplier is quite a significant rise from its prequel, the Jammin Jars that had a multiplier of 20000X. The gameplay and feel remain similar to its predecessor, but new additions like the Giga jar DJ and a new dance floor make it exciting. The latest features of this game are Wild Jar Symbol, Instant Prize Symbol, Collectable Gold Vinyl, Fruit Blast, Free Games, and Giga Jar.

How it looks and feels, what else to know

The game has a unique interface, and it features a group of Jammin’ Jars and GigaJar DJ boogies on the dance floor. The background is also thoughtfully designed and pleasing to the eyes with neon-lit items like palm trees, fruits, music signs, and more. The winning strategy is already mentioned before. Once a cluster forms, the winning symbols disappear, and new fruits take their place. The game is also available for mobiles as the developer Push Gaming has made it available for multiple platforms and devices. The music is truly captivating in this game, and it is not unusual for players to groove to the music while playing the game.

The playing symbols are also graded as per winning standards. The lower fruit symbols include blueberries, raspberries, and peaches. When these come in 32 or more together, they can give between 100X to 150X of the bet. Only one symbol needs to be present at once and not a combination of these symbols. Watermelon and Pineapple are rated for medium returns. 32 of any one of these symbols at a time can give you a multiplier of 200X to 600X. The highest paying symbol is the pomegranate that gives a 1000X return when 32 pomegranates present themselves at a given time.

What more does the game have?

  • Wild Jar Symbol – It can substitute other symbols to create more winning combinations. These jars can jump to any vacant position of a winning cluster. They come with a 1X multiplier and keep increasing.
  • Instant Price Symbol – They can give you an Instant prize and have values from 1X to 1000X. You will have to get at least five of them in a cluster. These can also be activated through fruit blast mode.
  • The other modes include Fruit Blast, Free Games, Collectible Gold Vinyl, and Giga Jar. All these are additional features that can help you win big in the Jammin Jars 2 slot game.

Overall, the slot game is pretty interesting for all online casino lovers. It is particularly appealing to the slot players owing to its amazing user interface, superb music, and truly stupendous prize money potential. There is a good chance that once you start playing this slot game, you will not want to go for any other. If you love slots, Jammin Jars 2 will be a delight for you! It is easy to play, and you can win big here!


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Explore Top Reasons to Pursue a Career in Golf Course Jobs




For the smooth and seamless functioning of a golf course, a team of professionals is required. Golf course jobs are not restricted to merely going around all day riding golf carts. It takes a team of professionals working diligently towards keeping a golf course in pristine condition for playing. Moreover, many people are working towards facilitating the smooth functioning of the golf course. Individuals, who are interested in taking up a golf course job, usually have a passion for the game. Moreover, they would love to work in an environment where there are like-minded people who are equally passionate about golf. Here are the top reasons to pursue a career in golf course jobs. According to Web MD, golfing could prove to be a perfect ‘recipe for longevity.

Amazing Ambiance

Not all golf course jobs imply working outdoors all the time. Grounds maintenance crew and course superintendents are required to spend a reasonable amount of time outdoors, updating plantings, surveying the course, and redoing greens. However, they too need to work in offices for business or staff meetings, record-keeping, and planning. The marketing team, restaurant staff, and housekeeping members are working indoors.

All golfing jobs have one thing in common. They happen amidst great natural beauty and picturesque views. The ambiance is just mesmerizing. They are lucky to work in a serene, tranquil, park-like setting. Others can dream of such a mind-blowing ambiance only when they are vacationing. You will find lush greenery all around and a world-class golf course right here on TimberStone Golf Course

Great Job Security

Golf is a great retreat for retired individuals who have some time to spare. As more people retire, they are likely to seek out idyllic activities that are enjoyable and engaging, and golf is very well-positioned for this. Further, over the last few years, more young people have been getting to the game. It means existing golf courses need regular maintenance, and new courses may also open up, meaning the demand for labor will be ever-present. Whether you are in management, service, or marketing, finding a job or keeping a job in a golf club or course is likely going to be a very attractive option in the years to come. There is also scope for horizontal movement to different locations, as well as, vertical mobility to better positions as you gain experience.

Doing What You Love, Loving What You Do

If you are a golfer yourself, chances are that you will enjoy being around others who share your love for the sport. Being on the course in any of the several roles involved in maintenance and administration will allow you to fraternize with golf enthusiasts of all kinds- from children learning to love the game for the first time to seasoned pros, celebrities, and experts who know more about the game than anyone else. If you revel in the company of other people, even if golf isn’t something you have enjoyed in the past, such a job will likely be highly rewarding for you.

Diverse Work Profiles

Behind the smooth operation of a sprawling golf club, several professionals are working round the clock. This list includes the managers, groundskeepers, shop staff, rangers, caddies, mechanics, food and beverage workers, traditional as well as social media marketing professionals, and many more. No matter your level of education or experience or your career aspirations, it is very likely that you will be able to find a role that is not only attractive but also suitable for you. While some roles require predefined qualifications, others come with very flexible entry restrictions as well as rigorous on-the-job training to get you up to speed quickly. Driven professionals who would like to go beyond the conventional, boring career choices will certainly enjoy working in this environment.


You may go ahead with your plans of joining a golf course job. There are multiple benefits involved, and you must grab the opportunity of working in a mind-blowing ambiance 365 days a year.

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