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Classic wood-burning fire pits are difficult to beat; they’re elegant in their simplicity and provide unrivaled longevity and heat production at reasonable prices. Although they are “harder” to use than a propane fire, the sheer amount of heat they generate is incomparably more excellent, and only these can provide the unique cozy feel that we associate with wood fires. The best wood-burning fire pits are distinguished by their extreme durability, which allows them to withstand heavy use and weather without safety, as well as their attractive, beautiful designs, which give your patio a sense of class and comfort.

Although the reliability of higher-end options improves dramatically, all of the fire pits listed provide excellent value. One of the most significant benefits of wood-burning fire pits is that they are far less expensive than their propane-fueled alternatives, allowing for the purchase of excellent units at unbelievable prices. All of the choices listed have been carefully reviewed by me to ensure that you receive only the best – my standards are extremely high.

You can start by looking at the comparison table to get a quick overview of all the fire pits and how they compare, and then read in-depth reviews of each one. Let’s get started! I’m confident that this will significantly assist you in identifying the ideal candidate for you.


These are the best outdoor fire pits, in my opinion, that I’ve checked and compared.


 The best wood-burning fire pits on the table to see what they have to give and assess which one is best for you.


The Landmann Savannah is a good choice for those looking for a wood-burning fire pit on a tight budget because it is amazingly cheap, surprisingly sturdy, and has an attractive design. The build quality is strong, and it’s made of steel, though it’s a little thin, which gives it good heat resistance. It stands 28.5″ tall and has a diameter of around 24″, allowing it to hold quite a bit of wood. When it rains, still cover it or bring it inside, and paint it with heat-resistant paint to solve these problems (cheap and effective). The Savannah provides a simple wood-burning fire pit experience for a very low price, and while it won’t last forever, you’ll get a lot of bang for your buck if you take the proper precautions.


Another Landmann entry on the list, and it’s really similar to the Savannah one with one major difference: the visual variety. While the construction quality and materials are identical (for better or worse), the sheer number of designs (stars and moons, animals, tree leaves) and colors (black or clay) available makes it worthy of a ranking, as I know some people adore these shapes on their fire pits. The laser-like accuracy of the cut-out designs adds a special and personal touch to the fire pit.

The prices are similar – both are relatively inexpensive – but the measures are the same – sealing it, coating it with heat resistant paint, and, as the manual indicates, filling the pit with sand (and adding firebricks on top for added protection) to shield it from the corrosive ashes. Don’t miss these steps because the paint will flake off easily, and the thin metal will rust and fall apart if you do. It also includes a spark panel and fire poker. It has the same issues as the previous one in terms of quality, but it is still a good budget-friendly choice.


The Super Sky is my favorite Landmann wood-burning fire pit of them all. Yes, it has the same disadvantages as other fire pits, such as thin steel and non-resistant paint, but if you take the appropriate steps to address these issues (as discussed in the reviews above), you’ll end up with a massive and solid fire pit at an unbelievable price. When the flames shine through the moon and stars pattern, it looks amazing, and the kids adore it.

It’s a lot bigger than the previous Landmann entries, measuring 36″ (43″ if you count the outer handle ring) in diameter and around 24″ tall with the spark screen (the bowl itself is 10.5″ deep), allowing you to use big logs and make a big fire. It comes in the lovely clay color and includes a free spark cover and fire poker. Apart from the normal quality flaws, it’s a large fire pit that can provide hours of warm entertainment if properly cared for – all while being extremely affordable. It’s also available in black, but Sunnydaze sells it instead.

Wood-burning fire pits, as you can see, have a lot of bang for your buck. Because of their simplicity, manufacturers can offer them at very low prices, allowing you to get high-quality units at low prices. I hope I was of assistance and that you have discovered your new fire pit!

Please see my main list of personal top picks for the best fire pits in general, which includes my top pick for each form of fire pit available.


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Discover the Reasons Why Your Basement Leaks in Winter



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Leaks don’t happen only during the rainy seasons. During winter also, basement leaks are a common issue. Though many factors are responsible for basement leaks the main culprit is moisture accumulation.

Remember that moisture accumulation doesn’t only occur during heavy rains. During winter our homes are also surrounded by water but in the frozen form that is snow. So, before you call a professional to get your basement leaks repaired, you must know the reasons behind these leaks.

Heat Radiation

The basement is the snuggest area in our homes. This is the reason no matter how freezing it is outside our basements always remain significantly warmer than the outside temperature and radiates heat. This radiated heat tends to melt the snow that covers the ground outside and the melting of snow leads to moisture creation. This moisture gets trapped between the basement walls and the soil. When too much moisture gets accumulated and getting no other place to go this moisture ends up leaking into our basements and makes it flooded with time.

Hydrostatic Pressure

This hydrostatic pressure plays a significant role in making your basement leak. As said in the previous point, the heat radiated by the basement makes the snow on the ground outside melt and the moisture generated gets trapped between the walls of the basement and the soil. From here the hydrostatic pressure comes into action. It forces out the accumulated moisture from the cracks and holes in your basement walls. When this was not enough, this pressure can also create new cracks to push the moisture out in case the moisture accumulation increases and finds no other place to flow. If you want we can help you clean out your flooded basement in Boca Raton.

Wrong Soil

The wrong type of soil backed by ineffective draining also causes water to get trapped. If the soil around your house does not absorb water properly then it will again lead to moisture accumulation between the walls of your basement and the ground eventually building the pressures that will result in leaks. If the surrounding soil is unable to drain water properly then it is suggested to replace it with loamy soil as it is best in absorbing the extra moisture. According to Harwich Water Department, loamy soil can absorb water at the rate of ¼ to 2 inches per hour.

Damaged Sump Pump

There must be a sump pump in your basement and this sump pump can sometimes cause your basement to get flooded. You must know that sump pumps are responsible for collecting and draining out water from your house. If this sump pump malfunctions then it will fail to draw the water and will flood your basement.

Leaky Windows

Windows are meant for allowing light to enter your basement but these windows can sometimes also allow water to enter causing your basement to get flooded. So, make sure that windows are properly sealed and do not have any cracks.

Clogged Drains

The simplest way to prevent your basements from getting flooded is to ensure that the drains are draining water properly. Clogs can happen in your house’s sewer lines as well as in municipal sewer lines. These clogged drains push water back into the pipes due to which our basements get flooded.


If it is not raining it does not mean that there are no chances of water accumulation. Keep these factors in mind and get your basement checked before winter approaches as prevention is always better than cure.

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Tips for Selecting a Commercial Roofing Contractor



Tips for Selecting a Commercial Roofing Contractor
Roofing Contractor
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The maintenance and repairing of industrial roofs require professional help. You cannot take the responsibility on your shoulders. The complexity of the roof and other related aspects needs special training and skill. In addition, if the roof is damaged or is leaking, it requires professional handling.

Moisture damages the condition of the roof. Hence, you require the help of a commercial roofing agent. However, reliability is a big question. While choosing the roofing agent, you must be sure of their experience and expertise.

Finding the correct roofing contractor requires a considerable effort and investment of time. There are certain areas you have to look into before hiring a professional. Hence, you have to work on a checklist that will guide you in the hiring process. It is here that the Benchmark commercial roofing agency requires special mention. They have special equipment and trained personnel to go about the job.

Areas to Deliberate Before Choosing the Roofing Contractor

After working on the checklist, you have to stick to it. You may take the help of the Internet for expert guidance and advice. Commercial roofing experts are those who have professional know-how and use the modern technique for solving the problem. Hence, you have to look into the following points:

  • Registration of the agent: Ensure that the contractor has a license of registration. Before you employ them, you must be aware of their background and professional expertise. If they are registered, you can ensure their reliability. For this, you may take a look at their website to gain reliable input. Asking them about their licenses and registration is your job. If the contractor is not registered, try to keep away from them. Going for cheap roofing contractors may have a negative implication on your future.
  • Insurance cover: If the contractor you intend to hire comes within the ambit of the insurance coverage, it will protect your interest. You cannot consider them if they do not have insurance coverage. Hence, doing business with them may not be profitable. It raises the question of liability and trustworthiness. You may have to pay a heavy penalty if you engage with these kinds of contractors.
  • Experience: If you get in touch with a commercial roofing contractor that does not have experience, it is a grave mistake. When you hire these professionals, they will provide you with low-quality work, and thereby, you may have to suffer in the future. Furthermore, if you take the advice of experts and guides, they will insist on looking at similar projects that these commercial contractors have handled in the past.
  • Warranty: A respectable and reliable roofing contractor will provide you with a warranty for their work. If you try to avoid questions related to security, do not employ them. It will compromise the quality of the roof and its future maintenance. In addition, these contractors will provide you with poor quality material that will wither away in due course of time.

In addition to this, you must select local contractors as it is easy to get information about them. When you work with these local contractors, they are available 24/7. Hence, you may reach out to them in times of emergency. You can choose those contractors who make it a point to keep their warranty for the job. Keep in mind that the overall maintenance and upkeep of the roof must be handed over to individuals who are known for their professionalism and efficiency.

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Features of ergonomic chairs to consider during the selection



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Employers concerned about employee health rely on the ergonomic design of chairs. It allows a healthy sitting posture and do not have any ill effects on spine health when sitting for a prolonged time. Usually, those who do desk jobs should always use ergonomic chairs that offer the right kind of body support to avoid any stress on the spine. Ergonomic chair designs look beautiful, and companies that want to increase productivity for their workers by keeping them healthy provide the chairs for their employees to ensure comfortable sitting while practicing good sitting posture.

Many brands of ergonomic chairs and a wide price range are available in the market, and you can see more at APOL Singapore for more ideas and inspiration. Buying ergonomic chairs requires some understanding of what the chairs can offer. A first look at the specification sheet might appear a bit puzzling as you encounter unfamiliar terms as you are buying the item for the first time. The ergonomic chair design is about the flexibility that allows different adjustments to ascertain the best chair position that can support the body evenly while ensuring comfortable sitting.

It does not matter if you do not understand all the features of ergonomic chairs, but here are four must-have features that you cannot overlook.


Ergonomic chairs have various adjustment features that allow users to determine the most comfortable sitting position conforming to good posture. From the seat height to the height of the armrests and the position of the backrest and headrest, everything is adjustable in ergonomically designed chairs, although users might not use all of them.   The seat height adjustment allows a comfortable sitting position for all sizes of people to sit with their feet flatly placed on the ground. The backrest must be movable to support your sitting position whether you are leaning forward, reclining, or sitting upright. The dimensions of the armrest and its height must ensure comfortable sitting through proper adjustment. Allowing you to fix the headrest at the desired position between your head and neck provides adequate support.

Seat size

The seat of the chair should be of the right size so that it can evenly support your hips when you sit in any posture.  Ideally, a good seat should exert the same amount of pressure across various sections of the seat. Before buying the chair, sit on it to figure out how comfortable you feel and whether the seat size accommodates your body without having to move back and forth to find the proper sitting position.


Most ergonomic chairs have caster wheels that add more flexibility and comfort in sitting. Still, it is vital to ensure that the base design of the chair offers uniform stability by matching with the flooring. Chairs must be stable when positioned in one place not to slip and cause an accident. Softer caster wheels for hard floors and harder wheels for carpet floors are the norm.

Ergonomic chairs are available in varying weight capacity from 250 pounds to 400 pounds, and the weight of the user must match with the chair design.

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Incredible Bar Stools Ideas for your Home



home bar
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Bar stools add excitement to your kitchen environment. Trendy bar stools are being sold today. You can get them at a reasonable price. If your kitchen has enough room for extra furniture, then adding bar stools can enliven the environment. We often sit on barstools when we go out. So, putting that vibe to your house is a great idea. Bar stools are also ideal for a family when you love cooking and serving beverages. You can also use them for your own to indulge. Bar stools are also great for the outdoor cafe. If you are in a small business selling coffee for passing cyclists, putting bar stools on your serving environment is an excellent idea. 

There are Reasons You Need Bar Stools In Your Life

Perfect For Relaxation

There are different bar stools. One of them is a backless type. This one’s for you to sit down, and that’s it. There are the bucket stools that are cozier and are found in restaurants. Then there’s also the bistro type found in cafes and other places associated with food and drink. Bar stools are not just there to serve food, dining, or drinking. They are also there so that friends can get together to chat. Having bar stools in your home environment is fun.

Fits Anywhere

Bar stools are not that big. As a rule, they don’t occupy a lot of space to be great in any place. You can put them in the center of a room beside a serving counter or on a corner. There are stationary and also moveable bar stools. They are also practical for small rooms because they can be used for dining or sitting down, without using too much space. They don’t get in the way. 

Different styles That Fit Your Lifestyle

Bar stools can be made of metal, wood, or even plastic. They can be upholstered, cushioned, or polished. You can design your bar stool to suit your home environment to add a little spice to your surroundings. Bar stools encourage creativity, and that is why they are great additions to any setting. You can bring the bar vibe into your home with fantastic bar stool designs. You can also design your bar stool in the theme of your kitchen. After all, the kitchen is one of the essential places in a home. 

Get As Many As You Can Because One Is Not Enough

3 to 4 is the minimum number of bar stools you can have. It is good to have more because you don’t know the number of people you will have around. It is also great to have extra bar stools that you can keep in case there is an occasion where you are hosting a party. Not everybody has to sit on a barstool, but it helps when you have more around. Bar stools are the life of the party. 

Not Heavy

You can move your bar stools around, especially the ones that are not stationary. The backless ones are lighter, and they are also easy to clean. There are different styles of bar stools you can choose from. There are also lightweight metal bar stools that are popular in cafes. Bar stools can occupy your indoor and outdoor environment, depending on the occasion. 

Suitable for Family and Kids

Kids need to eat with their feet planted on the ground. Bar stools can also encourage good posture when eating, as kids don’t slouch. Bar stools can also promote family bonding as they create a great environment devoted to the kitchen. This prevents the culture of buying take-outs and junk food. Bar stools are meant to focus more on kitchen lifestyle where the residents cook their meals instead of dining. Cooking your meals is healthy. Your kids will enjoy good food and restaurant ambiance. 

They Last Longer

Bar stools are typically durable. This is because they are built to stand by the different people who will use them. Bar stools for commercial use are naturally firm, so if you are looking for them. A bar stool that can stand different seasons and weather conditions, then go for ones that are for commercial use. 

Bar Stools For All Seasons

Once you have bar stools around, then all seasons will be exciting. It is easy to plant what’s next on the agenda as you always think of food and drinks when you have a bar stool. You also think of entertaining family and friends. 

Final Thoughts

Having bar stools outdoors can add life to your patio or garden. Bar stools are the trend these days because people have experienced what it’s like not to go out for a while. Being creative in your home environment is a great way to cheer you up in dire situations.

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8 Things You Need To Set Up Your Home Bar On Your Own



home bar
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As we grow older, we tend to invite friends over the house rather than going to the pub for drinks. And with that idea, more people are adding home bars in their blueprint whenever they need to remodel. Imagine not having to line up for drinks, plus you can always stock it up with your favorites! Home bars can easily be your center of attraction, especially during parties and get-togethers. 

If you want to level up your hostess game, a home bar is a great addition to your space. Arranging one does not necessarily mean that you need to spend thousands of dollars to set it up. With a few essentials, you will be able to serve your cocktails in no time. Here are some essentials that you should not forget when assembling your home bar.

1. Bar stools

That added elevation somehow changes the mood and comfort of anyone sitting on it. A bar stool can also instantly modernize your home bar, plus they also double as a room decor. You can opt for bright colored ones to add a pop of color in your home bar. If you want the classic feel, you can check out the Christopher Knight Home Dax Barstools. Still thinking of designs? Check out this list of bar stools by The list has everything you can imagine- from classic to modern, wood to steel, you will find the perfect stool in the list.

2. A Bar Cart

What is a home bar without a dedicated space for your alcohol? Most people would have a separate cabinet or install a shelf. But if you are on a budget, a bar cart works as well. Plus, you won’t be limited to your home bar. You can roll the cart out to the other rooms! Make sure to organize your cart well. You can also check out some carts that have bottle and glass organizers that maximize the space of the cart. Check out the Oliver Bonas trolley, which is made out of gold bamboo frame, marble, and mirror shelves.

3. Foundation Spirits

Of course, don’t forget the spirits. However, most people are confused as to which ones to stock up on. The secret is you don’t have to buy all the liquor available in the store to create different mixes, you will only need a few foundation spirits. Here is the list that you should have in your home bar: gin, scotch whisky, white rum, dark rum, tequila, bourbon whisky.

4. Mixing Set

When it comes to the bar tools, a mixing set is the first thing that you should get. There are several sets out there that have more than 10 tools. But if you want the basics, a shaker is a must-have. You are going to need a cocktail shaker to make margaritas and martinis. Make sure to pick the right size and material.

5. Glassware

You have probably heard about this before, but each type of glassware has a different purpose, depending on the cocktail. For example, red wines are meant to be enjoyed its aroma, that is why they are larger than a white wine glass. Champagne glasses are designed for temperature control. A rocks glass is meant to hold large cubes of ice. These are the three types of glasses that you should first have in your home bar.

6. Fruits and Mixers

Add more flavors to your cocktails with mixers. For the fruits, you should stock up on orange, pineapple, cranberries and lemon. You can also get a bottle of champagne, orange juice, and cranberry juice. There are also specialty mixers that you can get from your local grocery. For example, pina colada mix, margarita mix, and Tom Collins are just a few mixers on the sweet side so you can have more options in your bar.

7. Liqueurs

Aside from mixers, you can add some liqueurs to your alcohol if you want to enjoy a different flavor. You are going to need a few bottles for your martinis and Manhattans. Some liqueurs you can get are vermouth, amaretto, Irish cream, coffee liqueur, and orange liqueur. With this line up of liqueurs, you can already create tons of mixes and specialty cocktails.

8. Garnish

This is to level up your cocktails even more. Some of them you already have in your home. For example, salt, sugar, limes, cherries, and oranges are some of the garnishes you should have. If ever you are having friends over, you can serve the fruit garnishes in a tray on put it on top of your home bar. You can also get some jars for your salt and sugar to make your cart more organized.

Set up your home bar today!

Now that it is not still safe to go out, setting a home bar is one of the best ways to have an entertainment space in your home. Having one will also step up your hostess game whenever you have friends over. Make sure to check out these essentials when you DIY your home bar.

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4 Preparation Steps for Building Your New Home



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Building a new home is one of the greatest endeavours in life, so it will require a lot of detailed planning. From choosing the location of the house, through hiring a reputable builder and making sure you don’t exceed your budget, you should take numerous aspects into consideration before you start building. Not sure where to start? We’re here to lead you through the preparation process.

Select the right location

First and foremost, you should know where you want your new house to be built. If you don’t plan on demolishing your existing home and building a new one at the same location, then you’ll need to take some time and think about all the locations that you find attractive. One thing to consider is the proximity to the schools, shopping centres and public transport, and your office. Another way to approach the decision is to see whether it’s a safe neighbourhood, how the neighbours get along and whether it’s a healthy environment for you to live in. It would also be a good idea to investigate any architectural guidelines you’ll have to abide by. If you’re buying a new lot, think about the way you want your house to look. Take all the possible aspects into consideration such as if you want a corner lot, a lot with a large backyard or one with large front garden space. The price of the taxes in each area should also be one of the aspects to look into, before investing in a certain lot. 

Plan for cost overruns

When budgeting for your new home, you’ll need to be ready for unforeseen costs. Yes, there will be more than a few of those because building a home can be a very unpredictable endeavour. The costs of building materials can suddenly change, changes you request during the design and construction phase may vary from the time you start the building process until the project is finalized. It’s also crucial that you have a realistic budget in mind when you start thinking about building a new home. Even if you need to get a loan or a mortgage, you should still calculate the rate of the loan before you apply for one. The last thing you need is not to be able to pay it off and have your house taken by the bank at some point.

Choose a top-rated builder

The next on the list of preparation steps is to look for a top-rated builder. Chances are you’re not construction-savvy, and help from a professional construction worker will be invaluable. So, the moment you have your finances in order, it’s time you look for new home builders and consider hiring the most professional among them. Don’t forget to check if the builder you want to hire is licensed and insured. Checking the builder’s past work is another good way to know whether to trust them with your future home or not. Asking a builder for references is perfectly natural, so don’t hesitate to do it if it’ll give you an additional boost of confidence. When you see the homes they’ve built you’ll know if that’s the style you want to go for and if they’re only sticking to a certain home design, or if they like to think outside the box. 

Furthermore, sometimes you can get too high a quote from the builder that does exactly the same work as some other builder does, who would charge you a lot less. Therefore, be sure you ask for the price before you make the final decision and sign the contract. Only with the help of a trustworthy and reputable home building company will you be sure your home will be exactly as you have envisioned it. 

Think about the outline design

You should think about the number of family members too before you start building a new home. Are you already a parent and you don’t plan for more children? Will you maybe have more than two children in the next five years? Will you ever need to work from home? These are just some of the questions you should ask yourself before you decide on how big you want your house to be. Then, when you’re done contemplating that, you can start creating a virtual outline design for your home. Use some of the online tools or sit down with your architect and start putting every room in its place. 

Final thoughts

Once you have decided you need a new home for your family, you’ll need to do some serious thinking before you can start building the house. From coming up with the best payment plan to deciding where you want your house to be and who you want to build it, there’s a full spectrum of questions waiting for you to answer them before you can start building a new home for your family.

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10 Classy Bathroom Design Trends for 2021



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If you, like most people, were stuck inside your home for most of 2020, you probably have a big urge to redecorate every single corner. While some upgrades are easy to do and don’t require a lot of money and time, others are more expensive and time-consuming. For example, a bathroom remodel is something that should be well-thought-out as it is usually done every couple of years.

If you’ve decided that 2021 is the right year for a bathroom remodel, here are some trends that you can consider implementing if you are looking for a classy space.

1. Opt for minimalism

One 2021 bathroom trend you can keep in mind is minimalism. While this approach works well for larger bathrooms as well, a small bathroom will benefit from it the most. So, you should opt for fewer and more compact fixtures. For example, a smaller bathtub with a fixed shower screen that doesn’t have a handle can perfectly fit into space you are working with. 

Something else to consider is using the same material for the floor and walls – marble, for instance. Simple but elegant might be exactly what you are looking for.

2. Rely on bold colours

Regardless of the size of the bathroom, you should not be afraid of bold colours. There are so many ways to incorporate them as you can use them for the walls or fixtures. For example, you can choose blue, green, or teal tiles for the walls and install them in an interesting pattern. Then, you can create an illusion of merging surfaces by using the same colour for the floor and a statement wall. 

What is more, you can add a few fixtures in the same shade that will complement the overall look. Don’t be afraid of black, pink, and orange either as you can surely find an innovative approach that will make the bathroom look classy and not too busy.

3. Try graphic wallpaper

If instead of tiles and paint you’d rather have wallpaper, good news! Graphic wallpaper will be all the rage in 2021. From mimicking marble veins for a much smaller price to florals and geometric shapes, the options here abound. For example, a pinstripe pattern in navy blue and white can really up the classiness factor of the bathroom. Plus, if you are looking for a DIY project that will not set you back a lot, hanging wallpaper is definitely something to consider.

4. Implement matte black hardware

Another smaller upgrade you can make to follow the 2021 trends is replacing all your hardware with matte black models. If you’ve been thinking of swapping out your existing showerhead with a rainfall one or getting sensor-activated faucets, look for pieces in this colour that will be very popular this year. You can also get a new toilet paper holder, towel racks, hooks, and trays to match.

5. Introduce floating vanities

If your bathroom is of the smaller variety, you want to make it look bright and airy and create an illusion of a bigger space. In order to do that, you should think about getting a wall-hung bathroom vanity. A floating vanity will provide you with plenty of storage while it will not clutter up the room by taking up precious floor space. 

If you have a larger bathroom, you can even opt for a double vanity as then two people can get ready at the same time. Luckily, there are many models to choose from so it shouldn’t be too difficult to find the right one for your bathroom.

6. Focus on the tub

In case you have enough space for one, you should certainly consider installing a bathtub and making it the focal point of the room. Bathtubs come in all shapes and sizes, which means that you have a wide variety to pick from. However, think about a freestanding, flat-bottom one as these will be more popular in 2021 than those with clawfoot or decorative bases. 

To make an even bigger statement, look for an asymmetrical tub in a bold colour like black or PANTONE 13-0647 Illuminating, a bright yellow that is one of the two colours of the year. Moreover, from ceramic, acrylic, and fibreglass to wood, metal, and natural stone, you have many materials at your disposal.

7. Experiment with materials

Besides thinking out of the box when it comes to the tub material, you have many other areas where you can experiment with materials. For instance, you can install a glass partition that will divide your wet and dry areas. Then, you can opt for an accent brick wall if you prefer industrial design. 

For the countertops, you can go for quartz which is expected to dominate the market in 2021, as it is one of the hardest natural materials that is resistant to staining and scratching in addition to being non-porous. In terms of the flooring, you can combine tiles and wood while you can also opt for ceramic and porcelain tiles that mimic hardwood and marble. 

Large-format tiles are also gaining momentum and are expected to be popular in the next few years. Finally, you can opt for concrete as it can be used in a variety of ways, from the floor and walls all the way to the tub.

8. Get some statement lighting

When it comes to lighting, you have to be aware that you need two main types of illumination – ambient and task. Seeing as how sconces will not be very popular in 2021, you should opt for a pendant or even an opulent chandelier for the bathroom. Look online, in some vintage stores, or even at garage sales, as you can find some great fixtures for a low price. 

Also, consider installing a dimmer switch as then you can adjust the light depending on what you are doing. For example, you don’t need blinding lights when trying to take a relaxing bath. On the other hand, task lighting should be integrated into the fixtures. Put lights behind the mirror and the vanity so that you have a bright area when putting on makeup or shaving in the morning.

9. Bring in greenery

Nothing makes space as classy as some houseplants. While many bathrooms are high in humidity and low in natural light, that doesn’t mean that you can’t add some greenery to the room. Many plants thrive in these conditions so consider introducing bamboo, the cast-iron plant, bromeliads, orchids, or philodendron into space. 

Check the best ways to care for them and make sure you provide them with the optimal conditions. To boost the appeal of the bathroom even further, think of elegant ways to display them. You can hang them from the ceiling in knitted plant pot holders, keep them on your floating vanity if you have enough counter space, or put them in an underutilized corner in an eye-catching pot.

10. Make it soft

Finally, a trend that you should follow in 2021 is making your bathroom as soft as possible. For starters, replace your bath mat with a huge rug that will ensure your feet are warm regardless of where you step, especially if you don’t have heated floors. 

Then, invest in new towels that are fluffy and thick. You can even install a towel heater to ensure you are welcomed by a warm towel after every shower/bath. Finally, you can opt for open shelving that will display all your towels and up the coziness factor.


Every year brings along new trends. So, if you’re thinking about giving your bathroom a facelift, consider the above-listed suggestions to create a truly classy space.

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Take a look around your house. Do you think you have gathered more than that you could fit in the home space? Chances are you are collecting new items and not getting rid of the belongings in no one’s usage. Too much clutter can make your house seem like a small and congested place. Renting a self-storage unit can prove to be an excellent solution for temporary or long-term storage. The storage space can help you determine which of your belongings needs to move in or out of the house.

However, there is no point in renting a storage space if you can’t find your belongings in a time of need. No matter how small or large your storage space. Organizing it can help you mitigate the risk of an accident and maximize the space to efficiently locate the items. To keep things in order, you should categorize your belongings before stacking them up in the storage space.

Below are some smart tips for maintaining your storage unit:


While it is easy to remember large furniture and electronic items, you might forget about other small stuff. Before you start packing all your possessions to place in the storage units, make sure you have prepared an inventory list.

The inventory list proves to be useful when:

  • You want to know the location of specific items. Either they are in the front row or stacked away at the back.
  • In case any of the stuff gets broken from a natural catastrophe, you can lodge an insurance claim.

Another great way is to create a spreadsheet. You can take photos of items that you have decided to put away in a storage unit.


While you think you will remember all the particulars about storage boxes, you won’t!

Looking for your favorite item and checking every box will make you lose your mind if you have not labeled them. To avoid this hassle, use a permanent bold black marker to put tags on boxes. Also, avoid being specific about these tags. Mention complete details on the box to easily spot them whenever you enter the storage unit.


You wish to make full use of the space in the storage unit. However, if you fail at it because of the large furniture pieces, here is the solution. Start disassembling the parts of your furniture. You can unmount different parts of the headboard, bedside table, dining table, and chairs. Don’t forget to collect all the pins, locks, and screws in a single case.

Remember to use this technique only if you know how to put the disassembled pieces back together again.


Even if your storage unit is well-organized, it may be hard to locate a particular item that is in between the mountain of boxes. To simplify your next visit, creating a map of your storage unit is a good option. By doing so, whenever you need any item from your storage unit, you can take a glance at the map rather than searching for it box by box. You don’t have to make a map with all the details. You can divide your storage unit map by describing items in each section.


As you start placing your stuff in the storage unit, you need to follow some pointers. Start with heavy boxes, place them towards the back of the storage unit on the bottom. Vertically stack your boxes. One important thing to learn is how to pack your boxes while storing. Stack your boxes with the heaviest ones on the bottom and the lighter boxes on the top. If your storage unit is high, consider keeping a foldable ladder or a stool in it.

Fragile items, such as glass objects and photo frames, need extra care. Be sure that you have sorted them into separate containers and they are facing the front.


Do your storage units have shelves? If not, you can procure a hanging rack or purchase a metal one. Placing shelves can help you maintain your storage unit like a pro. Store items that are small, odd in shape, and are difficult to fix in the boxes. The best part is you don’t have to purchase any costly shelf for storage space; you can opt for a second-hand product in intact condition. In this way, you can also take leverage of the vertical length of the storage space.


Do you think you have got all it takes to store the items in storage units creatively?

The majority of people believe that they need more space to store stuff than they already have. However, this is not true. Just a little amount of effort can keep you out of trouble. Packing away things for storage units is not a complicated task. These simple yet efficient tips will save your time and money.

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The most common types of Tablecloths used at Weddings!



The most common types of Tablecloths used at Weddings!
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Whether required for a function or serving for decorative purposes, the choice of size, shape, and material of a tablecloth can be bewildering for the visitors. Sometimes people eye to have something that can be bequeathed to future generations. Yet on other occasions, you may want multiple disposable tablecloths to secure furniture at your kid’s birthday party or to look fabulous at a one-off special event; as a wedding. If you wonder what the most common types of Tablecloths used are, here’s a list:

Fitted Tablecloths

These are the most popular type of tablecloths, designed to fit around tables perfectly. You can have the runner cover the legs or have pleats to avoid baggy corners.

Rectangle Tablecloths

This classic optimized form factor is made to fit in as many people along with a table as possible. This tablecloth type is noted and in demand for its shape, consisting of two matching equidistant lengths on opposite sides. It can be fitted and adjusted in any way required and is perfect for rectangular tables.

Round Tablecloths

This is a great rival to the rectangular tablecloths. The round table inspires visions of Arthurian legend, chivalry, gallant Knights, and equality. In the modern era, this type of tablecloth is considered appropriate when the prerequisite is to have a group of guests or delegates seated in a manner where everybody can talk to everybody else. A drawback for some opting for this may be the extra space needed to fill the room with round tables as the set up does not lend any adjacent alignment.

Square Tablecloths

It might be easy for many to dismiss the humble square tablecloth as not being useful compared to round and rectangular runners. Still, you need to differ on that perspective to explore more. Imagine yourself on a romantic date with your better half at a beautiful restaurant. The music, the aromas, the ambiance all setting the mood. Now look down, that’s a square tablecloth! This type of tablecloth provides a platform to set apart the mood and the appeal in the air!

Dry Bar Covers

Also known as cocktail table runners, these tablecloths are particularly handy at masking unsightly furniture surrounding necessary corners or areas like dancefloors or launch-event lecterns. Without them, the tall, ugly tables may appear to have sprung up and had the event’s aesthetic appeal destroyed. They need to be fitted to avoid running into the risk of posing as trip-hazard ghosts!


Often considered for decorative purposes, these types of tablecloths are handy to add protection against the by-product-nastiness of very-hot sharing plates. These popular second-tier types of tablecloths are adorned for their full-sized, rectangular brethren. It is like a way that sash adorns a senior-ranked, military dress uniform. Such tablecloths can be straight, patterned, or brightly colored and add transformative, colorful flourishes to monotone proceedings. Especially when partnered with chair sashes.

Rolls of Fabric

If you like to live a life on the edge because rules aren’t meant for you, you must choose to rebel and choose a freeform tablecloth type. Don’t restrict yourself to fixed dimensions; go for a roll of fabric, and cut it to whatever shape or size you want. You don’t even have to put it near a table. You’re the boss of the game, and you get to decide. There’s more choice too: Different colors in Satin, Organza, Glimmer Sequins Tablecloths and a lot more.

If you’re interested in experimenting a lot and buying various types of tablecloths, make sure you check out different ranges from various vendors and then decide.

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Architectural Details: 6 Easy Ways to Upgrade a Boring Room



living room detail
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Do you know what’s the difference between a living space and a home? A home’s unique, and it is a part of our personality. It displays who we truly are in the most subtle ways. Even though you shouldn’t judge the person by the home they live in, you can tell a lot about their personality based on the décor they used.

Do you have a boring looking room in your home? It contains everything you need, but something just seems off. What can you do? You can add architectural details and improve your room by using these 6 tips. 

1. Use moulding for a classier look

Who doesn’t like luxury? Believe it or not, you can create an expensive looking room without spending a fortune! How is that possible? For example, you can use moulding on your walls.

Depending on the atmosphere and vibe you want to achieve, there are different ways to add mouldings on your walls. If you’re going for the luxurious 19th-century vibe, opt for darker coloured walls and rectangle moulding. Besides that, you can use mouldings in many other ways.

If you want to create a cosy hut vibe, you can use mouldings to create artificial wooden panels. Another way to us mouldings is to accent already amazing features in your room. Possibilities are endless if you’re creative enough. 

2. Change your pillows, rug and cushions

Does your rug look worn-out? Have the cushions you use lost their shape? Maybe it’s time for an update. You wouldn’t believe how much pillows and rugs can change the way your entire space looks. This time, instead of opting for neutrally coloured ones, match them with your colour palette.

How? For instance, if everything in your room has a light beige or yellowish tone, shake things up a little bit by adding brightly coloured cushions and rug. It’s all about the details.

If you want to create a romantic atmosphere, go for red. On the other hand, if you prefer calming colours and design, blue is an ideal choice for your room. Explore different ideas and try out what works the best for your room. 

3. Add bookshelves

Some people find joy in overfilled, but neat rooms with different designated corners around it. If you’re a person who likes to spark up the imagination and tingle out everyone’s creative juices, consider adding bookshelves to your room.

But not any kind of bookshelves. Even if the regular shelves contribute to the interior design of your room, built-in bookshelves add value to your home and make the space seem impressive. Instead of spending a lot of money on the “real” built-in bookshelves, why don’t you build them yourself?

You can get simple wooden bookcases and turn them into wall-to-floor bookshelves to make them look like they came with the house. Don’t forget to add books and décor to them!

4. Update your light fixtures

No matter what your style is, by updating your light fixtures you’ll instantly refresh your room. Even if you’re going for a vintage look, your old light fixtures could use some brushing up to make them more unique and beautiful. What can you do?

It all depends on the style of your home. if you’re going for a modern or industrial style, instead of traditional fixtures, consider using extravagant ones. 

If you don’t want to spend additional money on new fixtures, you can upgrade your old ones. You can do a light fixture makeover yourself to empower the way your entire room looks. 

5. Don’t neglect windows

Sadly, windows are usually some of the most neglected parts of the room. People pay special attention to the furniture and different details that they completely forget that their windows need to be taken care of as well.

Besides from the obvious window washing, consider painting the window frame or refreshing the colour. Instead of heavy, dusty drapes that will make your room seem more boring, opt for the original custom roller blinds that are built to fit your window. Ask experts what kind of roller blinds are ideal for your home and freshen up your room with unique blinds.

6. Green finishing touches 

Bring nature inside. It’s one of the best ways to make a boring room come to life. Indoor plants and flowers are ideal for homes that are willing to take care of them. What kind of plants should you get?

It all depends on the space you have available. Larger indoor plants sometimes require more maintenance, while cute and small indoor plants don’t take up as much space, can be placed anywhere and are easy to take care of.


As you can see, these 6 ways can help you upgrade a boring room into space with a magnificent atmosphere. Pay special attention to every corner of your room and try to get the most out of it by using different kinds of design and décor. In the end, enjoy how beautifully your room now looks. 

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