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Potency problems and lowered libido are comparatively common problems among men. ED has various causes, usually age-related, and results from diseases and past injuries. This doesn’t mean, however, that problems with potency don’t apply to young men. It’s worth emphasizing, however, that at a young age, they’re mainly related to psychogenic factors (e.g., stress or fatigue). Men who struggle with impotence and decreased physical attraction usually reach potency drugs like cenforce 100 and vidalista and medicines available in pharmacies.

Meanwhile, an efficient thanks to maintaining gender at a satisfactory level uses natural methods to enhance libido and erection. In this sense, it should be noted that tea encompasses a beneficial effect on physical attraction and potency. Does the question then arise what tea is that the best for potency? Which infusion improves libido?


Herbal teas contain many properties that positively affect the functioning of the body. Reckoning on the herbs from which the infusion is ready, it’s a unique effect. Men who want to take care of sensual performance at a high level should choose herbs that positively affect libido and potency. During this sense, infusions of fenugreek, Damian leaves, Mediterranean pine bark, ginger, or common nettle have a positive effect on the advance of erection. Additionally, it’s also worth drinking tea leaf and an infusion of Catuaba bark. Regular drinking of those teas not only strengthens the erection but also positively affects other health aspects.


It should be recognized that tea leaf has many health-promoting properties that positively affect the functioning of the whole body. During this sense, tea leaf helps with high pressure. This disease can cause impotency, so tea leaf infusion helps keep up sensuality by regulating force per unit area. Additionally, regular drinking of tea reduces atherosclerosis and minimizes the likelihood of coronary heart condition, attack, and stroke, which significantly affect sensual performance in men – potency and libido. It’s also worth mentioning that tea may be a rich source of the many vitamins, amino acids, tannins, and microelements, including zinc and potassium, which play an enormous role in maintaining sensual performance. Means,


Regular drinking of nettle tea contains a beneficial effect on male erection. Such an infusion not only increases libido and affects the chance of obtaining and maintaining an erection, but it is successfully used as an auxiliary within the treatment of prostate enlargement. Additionally, nettle infusion could be a rich source of iron and improve circulation and physical performance. What’s more, nettle features a positive effect on the assembly of red blood cells, lowers glucose levels, strengthens, and increases immunity. It’s also worth stating that regular drinking of nettle herbal teas also prevents tract infections, affecting sensual performance and reducing desire (libido).


Catuaba may be a South American deciduous tree known to be a natural, powerful aphrodisiac. Its many properties have a beneficial effect on the correct functioning of the body. It should be noted that the Catuaba infusion contains alkaloids, tannins, moreover as aromatic oils and phytosterols. Catauba tea incorporates a positive effect on the sensual sphere due to phytosterols in it, which are almost like human physical intercourse hormones. Because of this, the infusion of the bark of the tree features a beneficial effect on desire because it increases libido.

Additionally, drinking the tree’s bark on an everyday basis soothes the systema nervosum and increases the assembly of endorphins. Thus, tea helps reduce stress, which is that the main psychogenic factor is causing dysfunction. What’s more, Catuaba tea helps fight insomnia. During this sense, it should be noted that an adequate amount of sleep and rest increases libido and reduces fatigue, which can affect the power to attain and maintain an erection. Catuaba tea involves sensual intercourse because it supports the strain within the tissue system, which is accountable for the occurrence and maintenance of an erection. The tree’s bark’s infusion helps sensual vigor, strengthens and elongates erection, and improves libido.

It is worth declaring that the tactic of preparing Catuaba tea is analogous to brewing tea. You can take vidalista 20 and cenforce 200 to treat potency. Therefore, the infusion of the bark of the tree should be poured with boiling water and brewed for five minutes. Importantly, you ought to not exceed three cups of the infusion each day because it may cause nausea. It should be emphasized that Catuaba tea includes a positive effect on the libido of men and girls.

Herbal teas are a good thanks to improving libido and potency. Nevertheless, it should be found out that the infusions don’t have an on-the-spot effect. It’s necessary to drink them regularly for a long time to note the beneficial impact on the sensual sphere. It’s worth declaring that herbs are natural aphrodisiacs to be included in every diet to boost potency. Yerba mate has an equally positive effect on strength.


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