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How to Get a Job with the Department of Homeland Security



How to Get a Job with the Department of Homeland Security

During the devastating attack of 9/11, America lost 3,000 human lives. There was also much damage to critical infrastructure, and the nation suffered from trauma and loss. Within eleven days of the attack, the Department of Homeland Security was born. Later, the United States Congress passed the Homeland Security Act to quell the fear and strengthen the security within and outside the borders.

Through this initiative, the government wanted to reduce the effect of terrorism and protect its national borders. It also started to work on immigration laws and cybersecurity. America also needed a quick response to emergencies and natural disasters. Initially, the Director of the Office of Homeland Security worked alone. However, by 2002 the Department of Homeland Security official came into being. It is a stand-alone Cabinet department that tries to unify the homeland security effort. The end goal of the office is to plan a comprehensive strategy. They also want to regulate the response against future attacks of any kind.

Since the mission is to prevent attacks on the land, sea, and air, the seal symbolizes this sentiment. The white eagle on the seal holds a branch in one talon and arrows in the other. It shows that the department will work unlike other agencies to secure the nation.

This whole scenario brought a considerable demand for candidates who can work in this field. So, those who want to work in this must have the right skills and education to fulfill their needs.

But, what is homeland security?

Four components of Homeland Security:

There are four components of homeland security as it is a holistic concept. The Department of Homeland Security aims to strengthen all of these components to safeguard the nation.

  • Counterterrorism:

Terrorists are using complex methods and strategies to infiltrate nations. The threats are evolving, and their modus operandi is changing.

So, the fundamental goals of counterterrorism hinge on five points.

  1. The first one is to gather intelligence on the enemy and then share the information with respective authorities.
  2. The second priority is to identify terrorist plans and how to prevent them from taking place.
  3. Thirdly, the agents have to defend leaders and higher rank officers first.
  4. Later they move on to securing soft targets, such as commercial centers and government facilities.
  5. Lastly, they must try to neutralize rogue nations and non-state actors. These individuals should never get their hands on weapons of mass destruction.
  • Immigration, Border Security and Human Trafficking:

Any nation without a strict border enforcement agency is unsafe. Therefore, homeland security controls the air and maritime borders of the country. They try to intercept illegal goods and immigration and prevent criminal activity. Along with physical barriers, the government uses technology to crack down on the narcotics trade.

  • Cybersecurity:

If you look at any country, you will realize it relies on its security system. Cyberspace is where countries conduct transactions worth billions of dollars. So, an attack on this platform can hypothetically make any nation handicapped. Therefore, the homeland security department tries to secure the database and keeps it confidential.

  • Disaster preparedness:

Once disaster strikes, a nation must know how to handle it. Therefore, government agencies must know how to respond in these situations to limit the damage. They must also minimize the loss of lives and mitigate the risks.

Protecting a whole nation is a challenge. The way to a career in homeland security is not straightforward.

How to join Homeland Security?

  1. Get the skills and training: The first step is to get the necessary training and education. Recent grads and students can intern with the department to get a taste of things. Go through their website and apply for a position.
  2. Take a course in a relevant subject: Criminology, criminal justice, and forensics are some of the most popular for the DHS. Enroll in a post-secondary program and then include this information in your application.
  3. Get experience in law enforcement: Although it is not mandatory, prior experience in law enforcement will improve your chances of getting recruited. Such positions also help you polish your skills and train you for the job.
  4. Choose your roles according to your goals: It is time to narrow your job search according to your goals. For a human resource position, look into mission support roles like budget planning and medical studies. Law enforcement is ideal for those who want to work in security. Consider a role in travel security for a job in immigration.
  5. The application process: Now, you must apply for a job. Open the Homeland Security Website and look for positions based on agency and job category. Match your qualifications and training with the advertisement to confirm that you meet their requirements. Then apply for the role.
  6. Interview for the position: You will be invited for an interview if your application is successful. Remember to dress professionally and have a calm demeanor.

You may have to pass a security clearance test before you start your job. Remember that the test may take up to 3 months to complete depending on the level of clearance. After that, you will get approval for hiring and get started.


Protecting the nation is not an easy job. It requires a lot of grit, perseverance, and commitment. And unlike other careers, you cannot leave this profession any time you feel like it. Therefore, think long and hard before you make any decisions. Once you have made up your mind to work in this sector, focus on your profile.


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Interested in Learning to Fly? Take a Trial Introductory Flight!



trial introductory flight

Do you dream of taking to the skies with your own hands on the joystick? Not sure how to turn your ambitions into reality — or if you’ll even really take to being in control of a plane? Well, a trial introductory flight could be just what you’re looking for.

Many flying schools offer trial introductory flights as a way of exposing potential students to what being in the cockpit is really like. After all, there’s a fairly significant difference between spending a flight sitting comfortably in the passenger seat or being the person in control of actually landing the plane. Flight school can be quite expensive, so you want to be one hundred percent confident that learning to fly is something you really want to pursue before making the investment. 

Continue reading to learn a little more about what to expect from a trial flight and how to find the right flying school for you.

What’s involved in a trial flight?

What a trial introductory flight consists of can depend on the flying school. Generally speaking, the purpose of a trial flight is to give you a good understanding of the processes a pilot follows, and then how it feels to take control of the aircraft. An experienced instructor will guide you from start to finish.

The pilot will likely start by providing an introduction to the plane you are going to fly, and brief information as to how the controls work. You may then conduct a pre-flight check on the aircraft, just as all pilots do before every time before they go flying. Once you get up into the skies, they will show you some basic manoeuvres before handing you the controls and letting you try it under their guidance.

Most flight schools will provide a few different options as to the length of the flight and the type of plane you go up in. Some people choose to undertake a trial introductory flight as a one-off experience, perhaps as an exciting gift or the fulfillment of a lifelong dream. Others end up logging the flight as the first minutes of their flight training — the beginning of your journey towards becoming a pilot!

Can anyone take a trial flight?

Again, the answer to this question really depends on the flight school in question. While all flight schools have stringent requirements that must be met before someone can operate a plane, trial introductory flights don’t tend to be held to the exact same rules.

The school may ask if you have any pre-existing health conditions that could prevent you from safely flying. Other than that, a trial introductory flight is for pretty much anyone!

Finding the right flight school for you

With quite a few different flight schools out there, how can you be sure that you’ve chosen the right one?

Well, in the case of a trial introductory flight, you want to be spending a meaningful amount of time in the sky. Make sure the school offers a flight length of at least 30 minutes — 60 is even better! If you’ve chosen to buy the flight as a gift, for a birthday or an anniversary, perhaps, check out what add-ons they offer. Wouldn’t it be great to have video footage commemorating your time above the clouds? 

Finally, check out the other pilot training courses the school offers, particularly if you are using the trial flight as a test of sorts to see if you want to progress towards becoming a pilot. Most flight schools will allow you to log the time spent in the trial flight as actual training towards a licence if you do proceed. Also, a school that offers a wide range of courses will also generally have more experienced instructors, which is important.Above all, make sure that you take the time to enjoy your trial introductory flight! Who knows, this could be the start of a new and exciting path leading you up into the sky towards a pilot licence or even a career as a professional pilot!

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Benefits of Provisional Partner Visa in Australia



Provisional Partner Visa

It always feels better when you are with your partner. Positive vibes from each other decrease the worries and provide a helping hand to each other.

Your emotions are always taken care of by the immigration department of every country. No country wants you to be alone, and this is the reason the concerned authorities formulate their partner visas in a way that you do not have to stay away from your partner for long when overseas. One who wants to apply for a partner visa can consult with a partner visa specialist.

Provisional Partner Visa in Australia

Australia offers provisional partner visas under subclass 820 and subclass 309. This particular visa allows the individuals who are the spouse or a de facto partner of an Australian citizen, Australian permanent resident, or eligible New Zealand citizen to live in Australia. The temporary partner visa is granted first and the applicant is allowed to live in Australia for two years with their partner. If they wish to live for more time or permanently, the applicants can apply for a PR Visa to live in Australia.

Benefits of the Provisional Partner Visas

The following rules apply to the provisional partner visa holder. These rules can also be considered as benefits. So, here are some of the benefits that a provisional partner visa holder can enjoy!

  • They can stay in Australia until the government decides their permanent Partner (Migrant) visa (subclass 100)
  • They can stay, work and live in Australia for two years
  • They may include dependent children or stepchildren in their visa application
  • They may study in Australia without any government funding
  • They may travel to and from Australia as many times as they want
  • They can attend up to 510 hours of free English language classes under Australia’s Adult Migrant English Program
  • They can get health coverage through Medicare

The visa costs around AUD7,160 for the main applicant, which covers both the temporary and the permanent Partner (Migrant) visa (subclass 100). Additionally, there is a fee for each family member who applies for the visa, unless they hold a Dependent Child visa (subclass 445). There is no fee for subclass 445 visa holders.

For detailed information on provisional partner visas in Sydney or Melbourne, please feel free to contact one of our MARA agents!

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4 Actionable Ways to Optimize Your Google My Business Listing



google my business optimization most valued for local businesses

Are you looking for ways to improve your business’ online presence? Do you need targeted visibility on Google? Then, you need to have effective local search engine optimization (SEO), because Google presents local results to people who search for businesses and places near their location. One of the most important ranking factors for local SEO is the presence of your business or organization on Google My Business (GMB) listing – or officially known as your Business Profile. Be it any business – big or small – claiming and optimizing your GMB listing is one of the simplest ways to gain traffic and customers. Without a well-optimized GMB profile, your chances of appearing in Google features – such as Search and Maps – are going to be frail.

GMB is a free tool – that lists your business’ operating information, reviews, posts, and so much more- that is considered as your company’s most visible asset for local search. According to Google, half of all the users who conduct a search for a local business will visit that business within 24 hours. But, if you don’t claim or optimize your GMB listing, then Google will provide the information that is available about your business to users, which may not always be accurate. So, to optimize your GMB listing, the first and foremost thing you have to do is claim your GMB profile. You have to verify and edit all the information about your business on Google and make the connection you need for prospects to find your firm.

Check out 5 other important actionable ways to turn your Google Business Profile into a 24/7 marketing and lead generation tool for your local business:

Fill out your profile: As local results favor the most relevant results for each search, it is important that businesses should have complete and accurate information in their GMB listing as it would improve their search ranking. However, to make it easier for Google to match with the right searches, give Google as much information about your business – such as contact details, category, attributes, and more – as possible. While filling out the profile:

  • Make sure everything is accurate and grammatically correct.
    If possible, use the right keywords wherever possible.
  • Make sure your business name, contact details and other information are consistent with the details on your website and social media profiles.
  • Try to find the best relevant category that describes your business.
  • Make sure you indicate the areas you usually service, especially if your business involves delivering goods or services.

Never leave any information to be guessed or assumed, because businesses offering the most detailed and accurate information will be easier to find in search.

Upload Images: It’s a known fact that photos/images are more engaging than text, and therefore adding more images to your GMB listing can help you in optimizing your profile. It is also a great way to encourage virtual visitors to get to know you and your business. In fact, Google says that businesses using photos or images on their listing are seen to receive 42% more requests for directions, 35% more clicks-through to their websites compared to businesses that don’t.

To optimize your Google Business Profile with photos, follow these tips:

  • Load high-quality photos that have clear depictions and reflect your professionalism.
  • Add at least one new image every seven days.
  • Make your logo as your thumbnail photo.
  • For your cover photo, use a photo that best represents your brand.
  • Refer to Google’s photo guidelines for general photo specification and make sure to include happy customers, interior and exterior views, and team photos.
  • Don’t use stock photos, and photos with special effects or branding because, Google is trying to represent your business as it appears in the real world.

Uploaded photos should capture your team’s personality, your work setting, as well as the interior and exterior of your office space.

Get and respond to Google Reviews: Do you know that Google Reviews help with your GMB page rankings? Yes, for instance, if your page has 20 or more reviews, Google is more likely to show your page in the mapped listings over a page that doesn’t have any reviews. With these reviews, people will also get an idea of what it would be like to work with you, as it paves a great way to build trust and give them a more personal acknowledgment of your work.

Getting reviews help, and interacting with customers by responding to their reviews also illustrates that your business values its customers and the feedback that they leave regarding it. Positive reviews – that obviously have a positive effect on potential customers when researching your business – will increase your business’ visibility in search results; therefore, encourage your customers to be honest and accurate in their review.

Set Your Multiple Service Areas: Very recently, Google rolled out a new feature where it allows businesses to list multiple service areas within their Google My Business listing, separate from their physical business location. If multiple service areas are applicable to your business, make sure to set your service area to a region, city or zip code, and apply multiple service areas. This helps Google to rank them equally.


Being a free and valuable tool, GMB helps you manage your business’ or brand’s online presence not only across Google’s own search engine but also within its growing portfolio of online utilities. Just like any SEO strategy, your GMB strategy should also center around providing as much quality information about your business as possible. For that, you have to make sure that the information entered is not just in your Business Profile but also in the sources that Google uses to populate it— such as your website, review site profiles, and even your social media accounts. Even though there are many ways customers can find your business, GMB helps to make your important business information more easily visible to potential customers who are looking for your product, service, or experience. It helps with local SEO by offering a chance to engage with your customers in various ways – such as reviews or posts – and provides useful insights on your customers’ purchasing paths.

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