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6 Healthy Ways to Get More Protein In Your Diet



6 Healthy Ways to Get More Protein In Your Diet

Who says you need to exercise more to improve your muscles? You can always do the minimum of exercises, but what you should really do is pay more attention to the foods you’re consuming. 

Instead of eating heavy foods that will drain your energy and not do anything good for your body, you should always consume more foods rich in fibre and protein. Here are some interesting ideas on how to add more protein to your diet and get that muscle mass, lose some weight, and even improve health!

1. Eat the protein first

When making a meal with protein, make sure to consume the protein first. Protein is full of hormones that will make you feel satisfied and full. That means that you’ll eat exactly as much food as your body needs and nothing more than that. 

Not only does the protein contain this hormone, but consuming a lot of protein will also decrease levels of the hunger hormone ghrelin. You’ll also keep your blood sugar and insulin levels at the right rate after the meal if you simply eat the protein first.

2. Eat some cheese

As soon as you tell someone you want to lose weight, for instance, they’ll tell you to forget about the snacks. However, an amateur will be wrong here as not every kind of snack has the same results for your body and organism. 

Cheese, for example, is an exceptional snack, as opposed to chips, crackers, or pretzels. It’s full of protein (depending on what kind of cheese you’re eating, of course) and it may benefit your heart health. 


3. Choose the right kind of meat 

The next important thing you should do is pay attention to what kind of meat you’re eating. For instance, ribeye steak doesn’t have the perfect percentage of protein vs. calories. On the other hand, other meats contain much more protein and they should be a part of your diet.

For instance, choosing leaner cuts of meat will help you improve your protein intake. You can easily order quality meat online and make sure that you’re getting fresh cuts full of protein.  The right choice of meat may even help you lower the calorie intake, so make sure to choose wisely. 

4. Have a protein shake breakfast

There is no better way to increase your protein intake than to have some protein shake for breakfast. The most important thing is to start your day right and that is exactly what you’ll do once you add some protein powder to your shake.

You can choose any protein you like – whey, egg, soy, or pea might be the ones for you. For the simplest shake, you can use unsweetened almond milk, berries, stevia, and crushed ice. Add some whey protein to it and you’ll have the perfect breakfast for any challenging day that might be ahead of you.

5. Consume fruit with peanut butter 

The perfect diet lies in the right ratio of fibre and protein. While fruit is rich in fibre, it doesn’t contain much protein. On the other hand, peanut butter is very high in protein and it goes great with pears or apples.

That means that you can make the perfect snack by simply spreading some peanut butter onto the sliced fruit. Two tablespoons of peanut butter should boost the total protein intake by 8 grams. 


6. Eat more Greek yoghurt 

Finally, you can add more protein to your diet if you simply choose Greek yoghurt. The Greek yoghurt contains about twice as much protein as the traditional kind does. 

Greek yoghurt is rich in conjugated linoleic acid which might even help you lose weight. Not only that, but the Greek yoghurt also increases the release of hormones that reduce hunger.


Protein is essential for our diet. It gives us strength and energy, builds our muscles, and it helps us lose weight. Whatever your reason for increasing protein intake is, make sure to follow these tips and start as soon as possible!

Bio: Patrick Adams is a freelance writer and rock-blues fan. When he is not writing about lifestyle-oriented topics, he loves to play chess, watch basketball, and play his guitar. More than anything, he loves to spend his time in his garage, repairing appliances and creating stuff from wood.

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Emerging Trends in the Foodservice Industry



No industry relies on customer feedback like the foodservice industry. Without paying keen attention to what customers require, achieving success in the foodservice industry can turn out to be a mission impossible. Restaurants and food companies that are excelling in this field are those that keep meeting the ever-changing customer preference. With increased awareness of health matters, people everywhere demand a healthy meal service from their favorite restaurants. It assures them that someone is concerned about their health.

Trends in the foodservice industry

Even before coronavirus hit the world, the foodservice industry was already experiencing an unprecedented transformation concerning service delivery. In ensuring that customers are satisfied and happy, restaurants and food companies have always endeavored to meet their customers’ needs most professionally. Here are some trends that have characterized this industry:

Small menus

Regardless of your preferred meal, you would be happy if it was prepared in the right way. Just like in any other industry, specialization is the key to producing quality. Long menus compromise the productivity of cooking staff or chefs because they have to spend a lot of energy and time working on an endless list of foods. Adopting a small menu allows you to focus on quality, since much time is dedicated to preparing a few meals that automatically turn out to be tasty and yummy.

Delivery options

As the idea of working from home is continuing to take root in virtually every society, people are gradually minimizing outdoor movements, hence preferring home deliveries. The food industry has been compelled to rise to the occasion and meet this growing need. Customers can have their favorite dish delivered to their doorstep while warm through food ordering apps. As established food companies prefer to use third-party delivery services, small restaurants and companies are coordinating efforts with their hired staff to do the delivery. Those using third-party delivery services are bound to meet some challenges, they include:

  • Lack of urgency-Since third-party personnel are not answerable to their clients; they end up being sluggish and insensitive to delivery deadlines.
  • Delivery service taking credit-To maintain your customers; they have to feel your presence at almost every level. Using a third party to execute your delivery needs can greatly compromise your ability to make a lasting impression on the hearts of your clients.
  • Customer service complaints-Incidences of customers being poorly treated or handled by delivery service personnel are all over. This is especially the case due to the lack of supervisory authority from the restaurant or food company side.

Online presence

There is no denying the fact that the online approach is taking over how most businesses transact. The foodservice industry is not an exception to this emerging trend. Creating a website would be the best route to achieving this objective. However, with all the costs involved in setting up a website, small businesses can opt for alternative approaches to setting up their websites. Here are workable options:

  • Open table
  • Reservation
  • Online reservations

Green kitchens and environmental concerns

Restaurants and food companies that are alive to environmental preservation will automatically win the hearts of many customers. In recent times, biodegradable wares such as wax paper cups, paper straws, and fiber to-go containers have been used to caution against the harmful effects of plastic waste.

The foodservice industry has experienced a tremendous transformation over the years. Despite this progress, everyone must ensure that they are eating healthy food that is good for the body’s wellbeing. Keep in mind that there are evil business people in this industry who are only concerned with making a profit, even if it is at the expense of their customers. Your health should be your number one priority.


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Foods That Increase Male Potency: Quickly and Efficiently



Foods That Increase Male Potency

While maintaining a healthy and balanced diet is vital for your physical well-being, it is also necessary for your love life and motivation. Since some foods will reduce or even eliminate your near longing. Having your name called? A few supplements can help to reduce estrogen production and hence the need to nest! Find a quick list of the best foods that aggravate our need for sexual pleasure.

Issues arise in cozy life now and then in every man’s creation. Our mental state strain at work often affects our power, fights with family or friends, constant nervousness, despondency, and a lack of active work, liquor, tobacco, and low-quality nourishment, age, and relationship with a partner, and state wellbeing, and medications are taken, among other things.

Simultaneously, countless kindnesses “ignore” recurring problems and turn to the help of “miracle” pills, Vilitra 20 Pills, which serve to put the genital organ into a battle-ready state in a short time. Nonetheless, it is worth noting that the effect of such drugs is brief and has only a few outcomes. Such pills are unsuitable for long-term and comprehensive health support.

What is the difference between potency, libido, and fertility?

We should define force, drive, and richness before moving on to clear guidelines for using specific objects.

The strength is a man’s body’s limit for comfortable intercourse. As previously said, a variety of factors have an immediate impact on it, ranging from mental to physical health.

Moxie is the desire for real intimacy, which is influenced by one’s clairvoyant and physical state.

The capacity of the human body to leave posterity, or to consider an infant, is known as fruitfulness. Ripeness is often influenced by a variety of transcendentally physiological factors.

Nonetheless, today we’ve decided to put together a comprehensive list of the best food sources that can significantly boost men’s health and your romantic life.

Sprouted barley

This endurance food was used by Roman officers and competitors to fuel their long walks, challenges, and battles. Grain is high in fiber and a slowly moving complex starch that keeps you energized for the long haul, including during the most strenuous activities. Enacted grain is produced by cultivating and aging this grain, increasing the bioavailability of the supplements.

Chia seeds

These tiny seeds are packed with nutrients and make an excellent addition to your dinners. Chia seeds are rich in cancer-fighting compounds, protein, calcium, fiber, solid fats, and iron. Chia seeds also contain solvent and insoluble filaments that retain water and deliver it slowly during processing to provide long-term hydration and energy as well as improve athletic performance.


These berries are particularly high in cell reinforcements, which can help with energy and healing. Amino acids in this endurance food aid resilience, sturdiness, energy age, and muscle execution.


Magnesium, copper, and potassium are abundant in spinach. Iron transports oxygen across the body, which is needed for the energy age. Magnesium is essential for energy production and, like potassium, is important for tissue and muscle function.


Eggs are an excellent protein source because they contain all of the essential amino acids, B vitamins, solid fats, and a small amount of vitamin D. They also manufacture choline. Acetylcholine, the synapse’s antecedent, energizes the skeletal muscle.


Because of their high content of healthy fats, nuts are high in energy. They’re also loaded with vitamins and minerals. For the time being, absorbing water from nuts ‘initiates’ the germination or growing cycle, increasing the supplement’s value and making it easier to process.


Sardines, salmon, and mackerel are excellent sources of complete protein, B vitamins, essential fatty acids, and vitamin D. Use Fildena or Super Vidalista if you need to overcome your incompetence. Low energy, muscle weakness, and low cravings may all be symptoms of a lack of vitamin D.


Cucumber smells energizing and energizing to women. Or, to put it another way, this vegetable contains phosphorus, which boosts motivation. Why not eat it on a more regular basis?


Watermelon, not chocolate, is the treatment that will boost your charisma. It is set up with energizing fixings, according to research from the College of Texas.


Asparagus is high in the nutrient K, and its benefits keep it flowing. Regardless, thanks to the nutrient B9 they provide, they help to relax and encourage the muscles to relax.


That is, without a doubt, not the most lust-inducing cuisine on the planet. Nonetheless, since it contains allicin, it will increase your drive. It’s incredible!


It’s not necessary to draw a picture of Stew because he’s hot! Did you know, however, that the section that is the reason also promotes private craving? Capsaicin is the ingredient in this fix. Super Tadarise and Cenforce 150 are both excellent choices for treating your ED or PE. It works by supplying endorphins (happy chemicals) to the brain and raising the heart rate.


Of the plethora of love potion food sources, ginger is the most well-known. It helps to reestablish form by increasing blood flow and having cancer-prevention properties. Ginger can also be used to treat migraine headaches by assisting blood flow. To put it another way, it’s a fantastic slack solution!


Not everyone indeed enjoys clams. In any case, if you like them, there are a variety of mystical aphrodisiacs to choose from. It is a food that increases sperm production and contains histamine, which warms the erogenous zones. In the unlikely case that we had remembered!

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How To Pair Mead With Food Like A Pro?




The art of pairing food with beverages is more complicated than it sounds. Which cheese goes with which wine, which snacks taste good with beer — a lot of contemplation goes behind serving food and drink together. When it comes to mead, the rules of pairing are quite similar to wine pairings. Dry meads go well with dinner, sweet meads can be served with a dessert, and sparkling meads fare well on their own. 

If you are throwing a party and planning to serve mead with food, this information will come in handy. Here is how to pair mead with food like a pro:

  • Pair dry mead with cheese 

Wine with cheese is the most loved combination. But, have you ever tried dry mead with cheese? 

The combination of cheese with dry mead always stands apart. Be creative and decide the type of cheese for yourself. A barrel-aged mead with a hint of residual spirits flavor works best with cheese. Dry meads, like hopped cysers and blueberry show meads, also enhance the entire experience. 

You can also try combining sweeter meads with cheese. 

  • Mix spicy and fruity flavors

Spice and fruit is a very refreshing and animating combination. The tangy and sweet flavors of fruit always complement the spicy flavors. 

Try pairing Mexican food with Melomel meads that have sweet and fruity flavors, or a spicy capsicumel mead with a light and fruity sauce for an invigorating blast of flavors on your palette.  

  • Fruit meads with salads 

Meads with salads is another perfect combination. For this, select meads that have semi-sweet to sweet tones. Think of flavors like rhubarb, strawberry, and citrus. Light raspberry and cranberry flavors also work well with salads. 

Apart from fruit, consider pairing your floral mead with a salad. 

  • Cyser meads with meat 

One of the most interesting pairings is mead and meat. To make this pairing more captivating, use a cyser mead to marinate the meat, especially pork or chicken. Take the rest of the mead with your meal.  

Cysers contain apples or apple juice with honey. These flavors go well with an array of meat dishes. This superb pairing will enhance the flavors by manifolds. 

  • Fruit meads and desserts 

Pairing fruit meads with fruit-based desserts is a great idea. The sweetness of fruit-based desserts works well with the meads made from the same fruit. 

A dry strawberry-rhubarb mead can be paired with a sweet strawberry shortcake, or a sweet strawberry-rhubarb mead can be paired with a tart rhubarb cobbler. 

The fruit mead and fruit dessert combination always work. 

  • Sparkling mead and finger food 

Another delicious mead and food combination is sparkling mead and finger food. 

Although sparkling mead goes well on its own, combining it with delicious snacks take the flavors to an altogether different level. If you are hosting a party, serve sparkling meads with salty crackers or chips. 

The bottom line 

Pairing meads with food is not at all complicated. There are a few basic rules to swear by and you are good to go. Always remember, pair dark mead with dark food and light mead with light food. So, if you are serving a dark and heavy meal, like steaks, chili, or stew, pair it with a darker mead, and service fish and chicken with dry and lighter mead. And, for the in-between or medium foods, stick to fruity meads. 

So, now that you know how to pair mead with food like a pro, take out your honey mead, plan a palatable menu, and invite your friends for an amazing party! 

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Diet and fitness

11 Ways To Eat Healthily After The Holiday Season And Be Healthier This 2021



Healthy diet

It’s January 2021! And you know what that means — it’s time for our annual New Year’s Resolutions. After two consecutive weeks of holiday celebrations filled with leisurely eating and drinking, we bet losing weight and eating healthier is part of your new year’s agenda. 

For sure, you didn’t have vegetable salads and fruit smoothies for your Christmas and New Year dinner. Instead, you probably had carb-filled pasta dishes, greasy pizzas, battered and deep-fried seafood, savory, sodium-packed BBQs and steaks, sugary cakes, and crates of alcoholic beverages and soda. Aside from the fear of looking at the weighing scale, you might also have the fear of having these not-so-healthy meals and drinks take a toll on your health. 

If you’re looking for tips to start the year right with better eating habits, this article has got you covered. Listed here are 10 ways to eat healthier after the holidays. 

1. Make your meals colorful with fruits and vegetables

This is a no-brainer: it’s vital to incorporate fruits and veggies into your diet. These are packed with nutrients, like fiber, antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals you need to boost energy levels, boost your immune system, and fight diseases. 

Fill half of your plate with fruits and vegetables at every meal. Eat them for snacks. You may also find ways to put them into your recipes. 

2. Swap red meat for seafood 

Want to boost your protein intake but want to keep everything light? The fruits of the sea got you covered. Fish and shellfish are high in protein but low in calories, total fat, and saturated fat. They’re also rich in vitamins and minerals, like vitamins A, D, and B-complex, zinc, selenium, iron, and iodine. Lastly, they’re high in omega-3 fatty acids, that help reduces the risk of heart disease.

If you can’t find fresh seafood in your local supermarket or the choices are limited, you can browse an online seafood shop for a wider variety of seafood options. They’re guaranteed fresh and high-quality, plus they’ll be conveniently delivered to your doorstep. 

3. Choose whole-grain

Cutting on your carbs? Instead of starving yourself, why not try whole-grain options in place of refined bread and rice? Whole foods include whole-wheat bread, oatmeal, brown rice, whole grain corn, and graham flour. 

Whole grain meals fill you up while limiting your calorie count. They’re rich in fiber, B vitamins, and minerals like zinc, iron, manganese, and magnesium. 

4. Chow down slowly

Did you know that fast eaters are up to 115% more likely to be obese than slow eaters? Studies suggest that the pace at which you eat influences the amount of your food intake as well as how likely you are to gain weight. 

Do yourself a favor and stop rushing. You can eat healthier and even appreciate your food better if you eat your meals slowly. 

5. Eat smaller portions more often

Don’t wait till you’re hungry before eating something. Instead, try eating small portions more often, like eating three main meals a day with snacks in between. You’ll be more likely to make bad eating decisions when you wait too long to eat. 

6. Limit fast-food and processed food 

If there’s something good brought by the lockdown, it’s that people were more likely to prepare their food at home than eat out. Continue that trait this year. Resist greasy, sugar, and sodium-packed fast food meals and cook your own meals from grocery-bought ingredients. Limit processed food too, like instant noodles, hot dogs, frozen pizzas, deli meats, cookies, canned goods, chips, soda and fruit juices, and more, which contains loads of salt, sugar, fat, and preservatives. 

7. Switch to healthier cooking methods 

Even the healthiest seafood loses its benefits when breaded, deep-fried, or drenched in butter. Opt for cooking methods that won’t require you to put in lots of oil, sugar, and salt to make your meals taste better. 

Instead of frying, try baking, steaming, grilling, roasting, and boiling. Instead of adding too much salt and MSG to enhance your meal’s flavor, try adding herbs and spices. If you’re tempted to use oil, opt for healthier oils like olive oil, nut butter, and low-fat butter. 

8. Invest in cooking appliances that produce healthier meals

If you’re looking for a sign to check out that air fryer that’s been sitting in your online shopping cart for months, this is it. 

Any cooking equipment that helps you trim down your oil intake and encourage you to eat more fruits and vegetables are worth the investment. Opt for non-stick pans that won’t require the use of oil, air fryers, ovens, food processors, blenders, and steamers. 

9. Go lean and clean

If you can’t ditch thy love for chicken, pork, beef, and other land-based meat, you may opt for a leaner cut. These include skinless, white-meat poultry like breast, breast tenderloin, and wings, loin and round beef, pork loin, low-fat dairy products, and egg whites. Try plant-based protein too, like lentils, beans, and peas. 

10. Try clean, plant-based diets at least once a week

If you can’t stick to a full vegetarian or vegan diet 24/7, you can start by having a once-a-week plant-based menu. Perhaps Meatless Monday sounds fine? Meals, from breakfast to dinner, shouldn’t have any meat ingredient. You can try meatless meatballs and burgers from mixed veggies (lentils, peas, and beans, potatoes, mushrooms, and herbs), salads, soups, and stews. 

11. Drink lots of water

You know the drill: drink 8-10 glasses of water a day. You should also make water your drink of choice. Avoid sugary drinks like processed juices and sodas, alcoholic drinks, and caffeinated drinks, which contain loads of sugar and no nutritional value. 

Author Bio: Mina Natividad is a passionate daytime writer for Manettas Seafood Market, an online and interactive seafood delivery service which provides customers a true, first-class fish market experience without leaving home. Since she’s a seafood lover herself, she’s got a lot to say about food, well-being, and lifestyle.

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Top 10 Rice Importing Countries In The World



Basmati rice

Rice is the staple food of many countries. It is consumed by the largest segment of the human population. It is grown in wet environments, which is widely found in the Asian region. Asia is the biggest exporter of rice in the world; Asian countries like India, Thailand, Vietnam, and Pakistan have the highest export volume of rice globally. Paddy cultivation plays a vital role in raising the economy of these countries. The Asian region has more than 200 million rice fields and contributes about 90% of the world’s total rice production. You will find thousands of varieties of rice in the Asian continent, some of which are Basmati rice, Jasmine rice, Black rice, Arborio rice, Glutinous rice, Koshy rice, Com tam rice, etc.

There are many countries where rice is eaten but grown. In this article, we will throw light on the world’s largest importers of rice. The following 10 countries are responsible for 50% of rice imports worldwide.

  • Philippines

Philippines tops the list of largest rice importers by purchasing 2.5 MMT rice in 2019-2020. Generally, it exports rice from Vietnam and Thailand. Rice is the staple food of Filipinos. In the Philippines, uncooked rice is known as Bigas, and cooked rice is called Kanin. The people of this country prefer to eat both sticky and slender long grain rice.

  • China

Although China is the largest producer of rice in the world, it imports rice from other countries. It is the second-largest buyer of paddy in the world. In 2020 China produces around 2.8 MMT rice while imports 2.3 MMT rice. It majorly purchases rice from Thailand, Myanmar, Vietnam, Cambodia, and Pakistan. Chinese people love to eat glutinous, japonica, and indica rice.

  • European Union

The European Union consists of 27 countries that allow the free movement of goods, services, and people. It ranks third in the world in rice procurement. European Union imports approximately 2.3 MMT paddy in 2019-2020. France, the Netherlands, the UK, India, and Germany export rice to most European countries. Europeans love to eat locally grown rice called Japonica.

  • Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia is the fourth-largest buyer of rice. A great part of this country is surrounded by desert, which makes rice cultivation difficult. This country has import 1.35 MMT rice in 2019-2020.Saudi imports rice from 15 countries, including India, Pakistan, USA, Thailand, Australia, Vietnam, Brazil, Bangladesh, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Egypt, China, the Philippines, and Argentina. Saudi Arabia purchases a large quantity of Indian Basmati rice every year. They use this aromatic rice in making Al Kabsa, Mathlotha, Ruz al Bukhari, etc.

  • Senegal

Senegal is a West African country and is ranked 5th in the list of the world’s largest importers of rice. In 2019-2020 it purchased 1.15 MMT rice from other countries. India, Thailand, and Brazil are the major supplier of rice to Senegal. Jollof rice is the most popular dish of Senegal: cooked with long -nutty Jasmine rice.

  • Iraq, Iran & Côte D’ivoire

All these three countries hold 6th position by importing 1.1MLT rice in 2019-2020. India supplies maximum rice grain to both Iraq and Iran. Côte d’Ivoire lies on the south coast of West Africa. The rice production of this country is very low; Only 8% of people cultivate rice here. Hence it imports high quantities of rice from other countries.

  • Nigeria, South Africa & UAE

Nigeria, South Africa & UAE ranks 7th on this list. These countries’ rice import in 2019-2020 is 1 MMT. Generally, Nigeria, South Africa, and the UAE imports rice from India, Pakistan, and Thailand.


Wrapping Up -:

Among all varieties of rice, Basmati rice is relished by people of all countries. Due to its mesmerizing aroma, it is also known as scented rice. India is the biggest producer and exporter of Basmati rice globally. Hundreds of varieties of Basmati rice are grown on Indian Farms.

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5 Reasons Why You Need to Indulge in Rich Fruit Plum Cake this Holiday Season




With Christmas around the corner, we can’t wait to bid farewell to 2020! What a year it has been! And, we are all eagerly awaiting to welcome in the New Year, hoping that it’ll be certainly better than this one.

And, here at Gurgaon, the city seems ready to usher in the holiday season. Everywhere one turns around, there are twinkling lights and the delicious aroma of freshly baked Xmas treats. Christmas and the holiday season is incomplete without indulging in rich plum cakes.

Here, at Gurgaon Bakers, our bakers had started Christmas cake preparations nearly a month ago. Dried fruits, candied fruit peels, and nuts are all soaking in rum, sugar syrup for the last couple of weeks. We are getting started with baking batches of our special Xmas fruit cake.

Recently we had a heart-breaking conversation with one of our young friends. He was sceptical and couldn’t understand why we’re so excited about Christmas plum cakes. Here’s what he had to say, “A plum cake? Isn’t that boring? No icing, hard and some stale bits and pieces – no, I’ll give it a pass.” We knew we couldn’t let it go at that. We had to pen this article to convince fruitcake haters and let them know what they’re missing out on.

Our love for rich plum cakes has a lot to do with nostalgia. Today, you can easily send a plum cake to a loved one or order one for yourself with just a few clicks. Before you know, the rich plum cake is delivered to your doorstep. But, when we were growing up, we had to wait until the holiday season before we could pop into a bakery in town and indulge in this delicious dessert. It was only available during the Christmas season.

In short, rich plum cakes remind us of Christmases past. The delicious moist richness of a well-baked plum cake brings back sweet memories of melodious Christmas carols, the twinkling lights adorning the streets, beautifully decorated Christmas trees, and the fuzzies of this time of the year. Besides the nostalgia associated with this seasonal dessert, we have pulled up five other reasons why you hesitant fruitcake eaters should ABSOLUTELY enjoy it this holiday season.

1. It’s versatile – There’s a recipe for everyone

There's a recipe for everyone

There’s a recipe for everyone

The best part about a rich plum cake is that the recipe is highly versatile. You can make it dark (extra molasses) or light, use dried fruit, candied fruit peels, skip the nuts, etc. The recipe is very forgiving, and you can experiment with different flavour combinations. Everyone has a plum cake that they feel is the best. There’s no right or wrong. It’s all about your preferences. Raisins, sultanas, dried pineapple, dried mango bits, apricots, cherries, plums – the possibilities are endless.

2. It’s boozy – Perfect to usher in the spirit of the Holiday Season

Perfect to usher in the spirit of the Holiday Season

Perfect to usher in the spirit of the Holiday Season

You can add your favourite alcoholic drink to the plum cake recipe. Generally, most recipes call for rum or brandy, but you swap it out for red wine, bourbon, or even make it alcohol-free. The choice is all yours.

Contrary to widespread assumption, fruit cakes are suitable for all to eat, even children. Though the recipe uses alcohol, the spirit evaporates completely during baking, so the final product is 100% alcohol-free. So, enjoy it without any reservations.

3. It has a Long Shelf-Life

It has a Long Shelf-Life

It has a Long Shelf-Life

Have you ever had a birthday cake that you had to stuff yourself with before it went bad? With rich plum cakes, you don’t have to worry about it going bad. It has a long shelf life, and some people even preserve fruit cakes for months.

So, even if you have multiple loaves of rich plum cakes at home, no worries. You can safely eat it for the next few weeks, without overindulging on a single day. Just make sure that you store it in a dry, air-tight box, and it’ll last for weeks. But, we’re pretty sure that once you’ve had a slice, you won’t want to store it for long.

4. It’s Healthier when compared to other cakes

It's Healthier when compared to other cakes

It’s Healthier when compared to other cakes

Made with rich brown sugar and loaded with nutrient-dense dried fruits and nuts, plum cakes are healthier than other cakes. Since it’s dense and moist, it prevents you from overeating. Additionally, the rich sweet taste keeps you full for a long time.

5. It’s like sending a Warm Hug – makes for the Perfect Gifts for the Holiday Season

makes for the Perfect Gifts for the Holiday Season

makes for the Perfect Gifts for the Holiday Season

Looking for gifts to send to your friends and family during this holiday season? Look no further. Rich plum cakes make for the perfect gifts. With a long shelf-life, your recipients won’t have to worry about them going bad.

At Gurgaon Bakers, we offer rich plum cakes in beautifully packaging perfect for corporate gifting. Get in touch with our team to place your bulk orders. Give us a ring at +91 98999-88185 for special discounts on bulk plum cake orders.

So, what are you waiting for? Ring in the holiday season with the best rich plum cakes in Gurgaon. Order Christmas special fruit cakes online in Gurgaon and get them delivered at your doorstep.

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7 Unique Foodie Experiences In Cork That Have Nothing To Do With Restaurants



7 Unique Foodie Experiences In Cork That Have Nothing To Do With Restaurants

Let’s forget the stereotype that Ireland has nothing but boring dishes made of potatoes and cabbages. Ireland tastes amazing too! If you’re traveling to Ireland for the food, look no further: head to Cork. The county is bestowed with an astounding array of high-quality produce, manufacturers of artisanal food products, craft breweries and distilleries, cafes, and restaurants. 

County Cork is home to Cork City, Ireland’s food capital, and the coastal town of Kinsale, Ireland’s gourmet capital. Whenever you are in the county, even when you’re outside of Kinsale and the city center, you can find a plethora of amazing experiences loaded with good food — not only for the gut but also for the thought. 

And when it comes to gastronomic experiences, I hope you don’t limit your search to the best fine restaurants in Cork City—there are tons of food trips that have nothing to do with sitting down comfortably, choosing from a few items on the menu, and eating small portions. Cork is more than just that. 

Aside from hopping from one restaurant to another, here are 7 other fun and unique gastronomic adventures to embark on when visiting Ireland’s food capital.  

1. Hop on a food trail: The English Market 

7 Unique Foodie Experiences In Cork That Have Nothing To Do With Restaurants

The English Market lies in the heart of Cork City. It is one of the largest covered markets in Europe and has been connecting local growers, food producers, and food enthusiasts since 1788. 

Taking a food trail along The English Market is every locavore’s dream: you can find everything from fresh fruits and vegetables and exceptionally sourced meat and seafood, to world-class artisanal cheeses, chocolates, smoked deli products, gourmet sandwiches, and handcrafted cakes. Take a stroll, visit each stall, chat with the traders, and sample the unique flavors that define the food capital of Ireland.

2. Visit Kinsale in October for its Gourmet Festival 

7 Unique Foodie Experiences In Cork That Have Nothing To Do With Restaurants

If you’re planning to visit Cork for the grub, we recommend timing your visit during a food festival. Kinsale Gourmet Festival is one of the events you shouldn’t miss. It features an overwhelming display of delectable kinds of seafood and wines. Aside from munching and gulping, the festival in the coastal town also comes with fun activities like golfing, sailing, art creations, diving, rugby, and dancing. 

3. Learn how to make bread in Ballymaloe Cork

7 Unique Foodie Experiences In Cork That Have Nothing To Do With Restaurants

From its humble beginnings in 1964, Ballymaloe House is now renowned as one of Ireland’s foremost Country House Hotels. Recognized as a home of Irish country cooking and hospitality, Ballymaloe is more than just an accommodation option – it also hosts a “behind the scenes” experience for guests who’d want to learn about the secrets of bread making. 

Wake up early, and you’ll have the opportunity to work side by side with the Ballymaloe Pastry Chef. You’ll make their legendary Brown Yeast Bread, Irish Soda Bread, and the house’s breakfast buffet bread loaves. 

4. Explore Jameson Whiskey Distillery

7 Unique Foodie Experiences In Cork That Have Nothing To Do With Restaurants

Your Ireland trip wouldn’t be complete without experiencing that one thing Irish people are known for: their love for alcoholic drinks. Aside from Dublin’s Guinness, Ireland is also proud of its Jameson Whiskey, which is actually distilled in Cork. 

The world-famous Jameson Whiskey Distillery in Midleton has been operating for 200 years. The historic site preserves its old-world charm, transporting guests back to the time when farmers would come with their horse-drawn carts to drop grains for whiskey production. 

5. Visit microbreweries and have a pint

7 Unique Foodie Experiences In Cork That Have Nothing To Do With Restaurants

Forget Guinness when in Cork — the county favors its own brew. Cork is home to a couple of breweries that are begging to be discovered. We have Murphy’s and Beamish and Crawford, two tasty Irish stouts that have been around for over 150 years. As for microbreweries, we have The Franciscan Well Brewery, Eight Degrees Brewing Company, Elbow Lane, and Rising Sons.

I think we can all agree: a pint of beer tastes better when you learn more about its rich history as well as the meticulous process of crafting this legendary spirit.

6. Savor Irish Farmhouse Cheeses

7 Unique Foodie Experiences In Cork That Have Nothing To Do With Restaurants

Are you a cheese connoisseur? Your Cork trip won’t be complete without sampling a couple of Irish farmhouse cheeses. The county has a wealth of artisan cheese producers, such as Gubbean smoked cheese, Ardsallagh Goats Cheese, Durrus, and Milleens. 

7. Relish artisanal food products right from its source

7 Unique Foodie Experiences In Cork That Have Nothing To Do With Restaurants

Aside from amazing farmhouse cheese, Cork also produces top-notch smoked meats and seafood, and deli products. It’s home to Woodcock Smokery, Frank Krawczwyk, and the Ummera Smokehouse. If you go north to Kanturk, you can taste the best version of the traditional Irish staple: black pudding. 

Author Bio: Carmina Natividad is a self-proclaimed foodie who enjoys discovering hidden gems and writing engaging articles about food, travel, and lifestyle. And yes, she loves cocktails and happy hours too! To know more about yummy food and driks, you may visit Greenes Restaurant Cork


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A - Z Health Guides

That is Why You Should not Forget the Use of Vitamin C



Vitamin C
Benefits of Vitamin C

Vitamin C is one of the most talked-about vitamins and nutrients these days. The situation created by the COVID-19 pandemic and general health problems that have arisen because of the modern lifestyles has forced people to rethink their way of living.

When we search for natural foods and ways to boost our immunity, the first thing that we will find is nothing other than vitamin C.

The human body cannot produce vitamin C on its own, and we have to consume it through any of the hundreds of sources. Although, there are hundreds of benefits of Vitamin C, and it can do wonders for your body, particularly immunity.

This blog is your ultimate guide on Vitamin C, and we will be covering all the information and the best sources of Vitamin C. By the time you end up reading the article, you will be equipped with the knowledge to change your diet and help boost the immunity of your body.

Vital Information on Vitamin C

The first thing to know is the daily recommended quantity of Vitamin C that you should consume. There are many studies which talk about the different amounts, but all fall in a specific range.

As per most of the studies, we can conclude that 500 milligrams of Vitamin C daily is the right amount. If you try to consume that amount through natural sources, that would mean consuming 7-9 servings of fruits in a day. Eating fruits that frequently is almost an impossible task in the modern busy and fast lifestyles.

A lot of doctors advise taking Vitamin C supplements in this case to fulfil the requirements. We will also talk about the right supplements which can help you meet your Vitamin C requirements but let’s first understand the benefits and some fantastic natural sources of Vitamin C.

What is the use of vitamin C?

There are hundreds of health benefits of Vitamin C, which help your body in various ways. Let’s understand some of the major ones –

  1. Vitamin C is one of the most potent antioxidants which works in building the immunity of your body. It is known for helping prevent some chronic diseases and prevent most of the health issues that one might face.
  1. Vitamin C directly helps in managing high blood pressure and regulates the pressure levels
  1. Heart diseases are among the primary cause of death all over the world, and Vitamin C will help you to prevent most of the heart-related issues
  1. Vitamin C may help you reduce uric acid levels. It is also known for helping prevent gout, which is a form of arthritis which is extremely common and painful.

The primary reason for the development of gouts in humans is because of the increase in uric acid levels. Many other diseases are also linked to increased uric acid levels in the body.

Vitamin C regulates uric acid and prevents most of these diseases from happening.

  1. Regular consumption of Vitamin C will help improve the iron secretion from food. This property helps prevent iron deficiency in the body
  1. Vitamin C protects and promotes memory while helping you prevent memory loss or memory related to other illnesses. Conditions like impaired thinking and the ability to remember things reduce with age and the right quantity of Vitamin C in the blood will make sure to help you prevent these problems.
  1. There are many things which are not backed by extensive studies and researches but have been witnessed for centuries. One of the most significant claims among this is that Vitamin C helps prevent the common cold.
  1. Another set of studies claim that Vitamin C helps reduce the risk of cancer.
  1. Vitamin C also helps prevent eye problems and some eye-related diseases.

Foods containing vitamin C

As you can see that there are many health benefits, and Vitamin C can help you prevent most of the health-related problems. In this section, we are going to discuss the significant sources of Vitamin C.

  1. Oranges

Oranges are one of the best sources of Vitamin C and also the most famous ones.

One medium-sized orange contains 70 milligrams of Vitamin C, which in many studies is considered more than half of the daily value required by humans.

It is imperative to note that for best practises, you must try to consume orange as a fruit and not orange juice for maximum benefits.

  1. Mango

Mangoes are another incredible source of Vitamin C and beta- carotene, which is considered best for your body’s immune system.

Green mangoes contain more Vitamin C; thus, you must prefer the green ones over all other variants.

  1. Lemon

Lemons other than being a good source of Vitamin C are also considered an excellent antioxidant for the body.

One raw lemon has about 83 milligrams of Vitamin C and also helps to prevent diseases like scurvy.

  1. Kakadu plums

If you are looking for a superfood with Vitamin C, it is Kakadu plums. This is not a common fruit, and its origins date back to Australia.

The best and the most exciting part of it is that it contains 100 times more Vitamin C than an orange which is considered one of the best sources.

Consuming just one Kakadu plum in a day can fulfil all your Vitamin C requirements.

  1. Chilli peppers

Chillies are known for many health benefits, including helping in burning fat and reduction in pain and inflammation.

One green chilli contains 109 milligrams of Vitamin C, which is a considerable portion for your daily needs.

  1. Kiwis

If you are looking for a tasty fruit while getting your source of Vitamin C, Kiwis are the answer.

One medium-sized Kiwi contains 71 milligrams of Vitamin C which will also help in reducing cholesterol levels in the body.

A lot of studies have been done on the regular consumption of Kiwi, which points out to the hundreds of health benefits.

It would be best if you also consider adding Kiwis to your daily diet.

  1. Broccoli

Yes! Broccoli also contains Vitamin C among a combination of the best vitamins and minerals for the human body.

Many doctors and dieticians must have recommended you broccoli because of its health benefits.

One-half cup of cooked broccoli will provide you 51 milligrams of Vitamin C.

  1. Lychees

Lychees are another excellent source of Vitamin C as well as Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids.

Regular consumption of lychees is beneficial for different parts of your body, and the best part is that they are tasty as well.

  1. Papayas

Papayas are known for numerous health benefits, and one of these is that they are a good source of Vitamin C!

Studies have also been conducted on Alzheimer’s patients, and regular consumption of Papaya helped in reducing inflammation.


The immune system of your body is the most crucial system in the human body. A robust immune system will prevent most of the diseases to remain away from your body. At the same time, a weak immune system will put you at risk of catching small illnesses that might snowball into big problems.

Taking care and boosting your immunity should be your priority. Consuming one of the fruits in the list will not help you to gain in all the benefits, but you have to make a divided approach and consume a combination of many of those!

If you are looking for an Immunity booster supplement that helps you consume all the essential Ayurvedic herbs known for boosting immunity, check out Emun Care.

EmunCare is an ayurvedic immunity booster supplement that is created after years of study on the most potent herbs which have been used for centuries. Check the website to know all the details!

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Chinese officials say Brazilian imported chicken wings tested positive for Covid-19



Brazilian chicken wings

A sample of frozen chicken wings imported from Brazil tested positive for the novel coronavirus in Shenzhen ‘s southern Chinese region, authorities said Thursday, the latest in a series of reports of tainted food items imported.

On Wednesday the coronavirus was found on a surface sample taken from a batch of chicken wings during the sampling of imported frozen food in Shenzhen district of Longgang, the municipal government said in a statement. The brand hasn’t been named by officials.

Shenzhen health authorities immediately tracked and tested individuals who might have come into contact with the product, and all results returned negative; all related products in stock were sealed off and tested negative, the statement said.

Authorities are now tracing related products already sold from the same brand and have disinfected the area where the contaminated chicken wings were stored.

According to figures from Johns Hopkins University, Brazil has registered more than 3.1 million cases of coronavirus to date, the second-highest in the world after the United States.

News of the infected chicken wings comes one day after coronavirus was found on the packaging of imported shrimps from Ecuador, another South American country, during a routine inspection at a restaurant in eastern Anhui province, Chinese state broadcaster CCTV reports.
Coronavirus was detected on the packaging of imported seafood products in several cities throughout China.



According to state media reports, there have been seven instances since July where the virus was found on the packaging of imported seafood products across the country, from Shandong province on the east coast to Chongqing municipality in the west.

These incidents triggered concerns about the safety of imported foods. Chinese health officials have repeatedly advised the public to be careful in purchasing meat and seafood imported. Some on Chinese social media have called for all frozen food imports to be suspended.

‘No evidence’ on the transmission of food

But health authorities, including the World Health Organization (WHO) and the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention ( CDC), have said there is little chance of catching the virus through food.

The WHO says it is “extremely unlikely people would be able to contract Covid-19 from food or food packaging.” According to the CDC, the possibility of virus infection from food goods, food packaging, or bags is “thought to be very small.”

Both organizations point out that the coronavirus, when an infected person coughs, sneezes, or talks, spreads mostly person to person through respiratory droplets.

Although it is possible to catch Covid-19 by touching a surface or object — like food or food packaging that has the virus on it — and then touching your mouth, nose, or probably eyes, the primary way the virus spreads is not thought to be, according to the CDC.

“To date, there is no evidence of viruses which cause respiratory diseases to be transmitted via food or food packaging. Coronaviruses can not multiply in food; they need an animal or human host to multiply,” says the WHO.

David Hui Shu-Cheong, a specialist in respiratory medicine at the Hong Kong University of China, said that the imported food items that tested positive in China were most likely to have been contaminated during the packaging process.

But he said that it doesn’t automatically mean they ‘re contagious — the nucleic acid tests might pick up the dead virus RNA. Such virus remnants are known to have produced false positive outcomes on patients who have recovered from coronavirus, as in South Korea, for example.

However, if the virus taken from the food items can be grown in laboratories then they are contagious, he said, adding that the coronavirus can withstand freezing temperatures and remain active when thawed.

Screening stepped up

Since June, when a coronavirus outbreak in Beijing emerged from the city’s biggest wholesale food market, the Chinese authorities have increased screening of imported meat and seafood products.



Beijing implements soft citywide lockdown and tightens outbound travel as infections with coronavirus spread

At the time, state media confirmed the virus was found on a chopping board used on the market for imported salmon, causing Chinese capital supermarkets to withdraw salmon from their shelves.

Yet the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention officials have been working to allay fears. “We can not say that salmon is the source of the infection simply because novel coronavirus has been found on a seller’s chopping board,” Wu Zunyou, chief epidemiologist at the Chinese CDC, told the Central Discipline Inspection Commission.

Alternatively, Wu said the chopping board may have been tainted by an infected owner or clients, or other virus-carrying items.

In July, a fresh coronavirus outbreak in the town of Dalian in the Liaoning province of northern China was linked to a seafood company that processes both imported and domestic seafood.

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Baking Pandoro Cake With Utmost Perfection in Italian Style



Baking Pandoro Cake With Utmost Perfection in Italian Style

When it comes to the variation in baking cakes, we always have to look towards Italian cuisine. Most of the local bakers use the same bread, whipped cream, and flavors every time when you order the cake for a special occasion. Let’s bake something distinctive and purely Italian in your kitchen! We are talking about the famous Pandora cake which as a wonderful history of more than 100 years. Initially, this famous eight star pointed cake was introduced to the wealthy society of Italy. Later, it becomes a popular Christmas cake and an integral part of Italian culture. The secret of pandoro lies behind its kneading and loaded butter. For making fluffy and delicious pandoro cake, you need a reliable recipe as we are mentioning below.


  • All-purpose flour (divided) (300 grams )
  • Unsalted butter (200 grams)
  • Egg yolks (divided) (5)
  • Granulated sugar (divided) (120 grams)
  • Active baker’s yeast (20 grams)
  • Whole egg (1)
  • Lemon zest (1)
  • Vanilla extract (1 teaspoon)
  • Cream (1/2 cup)
  • Powdered sugar (30 grams)

For Mold:

  • Unsalted butter (2 tablespoons)
  • All-purpose flour (2 tablespoons)

The pandoro cake mold has 8 stars pointed shape to give it a traditional look. However, you may not be able to find the exact mold from the local market. In that case, the normal cylindrical cake baking utensil can serve the purpose.

Directions to prepare

Total time:- 10 Hours

Total servings:- 6

Approximate calories:- 770

  • Take a large bowel, crumbled the east and combine it with one-third cup of flour. Make a soft dough by adding 1 egg yolk one tablespoon of sugar and adequate water as per the requirement. Knead it properly and let it rise in a warm place by covering with a kitchen towel for the next 2 hours.
  • Take 1 ⅓ cup of flour and ¼ cup of sugar, mix them with 3 tablespoons of softened butter and 3 egg yolk. Knead this mixture and prepare a dough ball. In a large bowl, cover this dough and let it rise for 2 hours similar to the previous dough.
  • Repeat the same process by mixing one-third cup of flour, one-fourth cup of sugar and remaining egg yolk. Let it rest for 2 hours until it rises properly.
  • Sprinkle some dry flour on the work surface after 2 hours and place your dough on it. For flavoring, add Vanilla extract and lemon zest. Pour some cream and knead it again to obtain a soft dough.
  • With a rolling pin, spread the dough in a rectangular shape and bread butter in small pieces over it.
  • Fold the sheet and press it with a rolling pin. Let it rest for 30 minutes and repeat this process twice.
  • Sprinkle flour and butter inside the cake mold. Preheat the oven at 200 degrees celsius. Place your dough inside the mold, cover it and keep in a warm place for around 20 minutes.
  • Once your oven is ready, reduce the heat at 180 degrees Celsius and bake the dough for the next 30 minutes.
  • Take it out, unmold and allowed to cool down on a cooling rack. Your pandoro Italian cake is ready to serve. Don’t forget to sprinkle the powdered sugar dust over it before serving.

Some additional tips to make your Pandoro cake more delicious

  • You can add honey instead of sugar while kneading the dough.
  • During the last kneading step, add some dry fruits of your choice to give it a new flavor.
  • Serve Pandoro cake with a glass of white wine on special occasions like New year and Christmas.

You can also buy pandoro cake online from authentic Italian food stores. Unlike other cakes, it has a longer shelf life. while buying it online, make sure that you are choosing a native Italian brand.

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