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Officer Had No Choice But to Shoot Ma’Khai Bryant, According to Neighbors: ‘She Needed to Be Stopped.’



Officer Had No Choice But to Shoot Ma'Khai Bryant, According to Neighbors: 'She Needed to Be Stopped.'
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Neighbors of the foster home in Columbus, Ohio, where Ma’Khai Bryant stabbed a girl with a knife on Tuesday said the teen’s death at the hands of police put other people’s lives in danger.

According to The Columbus Dispatch, “If the officer hadn’t done what he did, I believe we’d have two girls dead.” Donavon Brinson, who lives across the street from the house and saw the altercation through the surveillance recordings taken by his home monitoring system, said, “If the officer hadn’t done what he did, I think we’d have two girls dead.”

“It was violent, and something happened too quickly,” he said.

Brinson said that he was mindful of an impending debate.

According to The Dispatch, Brinson said, “They were calling each other the B-word, so I thought it was just a girl war.”

The shouting became more intense when he was in the backyard with his dog, he said. He went back inside and was waiting for Officer Nicholas Reardon when he arrived.

According to video from Reardon’s bodycam, Bryant had a knife in her hand and was lifting it to stab another girl when Reardon fired four rounds.

The gunshots were heard by neighbour Ira Graham III, who works in reception at Ohio State University’s James Cancer Hospital.

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Do you believe that the shooting was justified?

“I saw a lot of police cars come down the street,” he told The Dispatch, adding that an officer was doing CPR on Bryant.

Graham said Bryant was a threat to the girl she was targeting after watching the bodycam footage.

“I believe in the truth and the evidence. “Video does not lie,” he asserted. “She was on the offensive.”

Bryant was “literally pointing a knife at this young lady,” according to Graham. “At that moment, she needed to be saved. The young lady’s life was on the line.”

He told CNN in another interview that the adolescent had to be saved.

“I can see why the cop wanted to detain her. “I don’t know if less-lethal weapons should have been used, or if a Taser could have been used instead of a gun,” Graham said.

“But I do know that with Ma’Khia wielding that deadly weapon, she needed to be stopped,” he said.

According to a leader of the Columbus police association, the incident demonstrates the complexities of the decisions that officers must make.

According to WSYX-TV, Keith Ferrell, president of the Fraternal Order of Police’s Capital City Lodge No. 9, said in a video interview, “We have a responsibility to protect the people and ourselves, definitely the public.”

“These are the kinds of choices that officers are expected to make every day, and the public can see that because of this accountability. As unfortunate as it is, we don’t know how many lives may have been lost or people critically hurt as a result,” he added.

Any activists were oblivious to this argument.

Kiara Yakita, organiser and president of the Black Liberation Movement Central Ohio, told The Washington Post that “as soon as he stepped out of the vehicle, he had the pistol ready to kill somebody.” “Law enforcement and local authorities are scrambling to find excuses that she was armed with a knife. Those aren’t good enough for me.”

Experts on the use of force, however, believe Reardon was justified.

“My initial thought is that the cop was morally justified in using lethal force,” Bowling Green State University professor Philip Stinson told The Dispatch.

“It’s a terrible tragedy, and my heart goes out to the baby, her family, and her friends,” he added. “However, based on the recording, it seems to me that a reasonable police officer may have had a reasonable fear of a severe bodily harm or death being imposed against an officer or someone else. That is the moral requirement.”

In Columbus, humanity values the life of the attempted killer rather than the life of the saved survivor, according to the woke calculus of the day. It is preferable for an innocent woman to be stabbed to death than for an assaulting woman to be shot to death if the killing is carried out by a police officer.

Reardon’s actions were also backed by James Scanlon, a former Columbus SWAT officer who acts as an expert witness on the use of force.

“An officer is justified in using deadly force if his or another person’s life is in danger,” Scanlon said. “Few would say that there weren’t at least two lives in grave danger.”

Reardon said he behaved “to save the life of someone he doesn’t even know.”

“It’s a shame that no one has acknowledged that officer most likely saved one or two lives,” Scanlon said.

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