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REPORT: Pfizer Vaccine Causes Neurodegenerative Diseases



REPORT: Pfizer Vaccine Causes Neurodegenerative Diseases
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According to a startling recent study on the COVID-19 vaccinations, the Pfizer coronavirus vaccine has long-term health risks that have not historically been disclosed, including “ALS, Alzheimer’s, and other neurological degenerative diseases.”

The new RNA-based SARSCoV-2 vaccines were approved in the United States under an emergency order without rigorous long-term protection monitoring, according to the article. “In this study, the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine was assessed for its ability to cause prion-based disease in vaccine recipients.” According to the CDC, prion-based disorders are a type of neurodegenerative disease, which means that the Pfizer vaccine is likely to cause long-term brain injury and detrimental health consequences.

According to a National Library of Medicine study, this is particularly worrying because the Pfizer vaccine is an mRNA vaccine, an untested form of vaccine that produces new proteins that can potentially insert into the human genome. In other words, after having the vaccine, you could develop degenerative brain diseases at some point in your life.

“The vaccine RNA sequence as well as the spike protein target association were examined for the ability to transform intracellular RNA binding proteins TAR DNA binding protein (TDP-43) and Fused in Sarcoma (FUS) into their pathologic prion conformations,” according to the article. According to Alzpedia, TDP-43 is a protein that has been linked to dementia, ALS, and even Alzheimer’s disease. According to the Human Genome Database, the FUS protein is also considered to induce ALS and Hereditary Essential Tremors.

The aim of the experiment for the study was to see whether these two dangerous proteins could insert themselves into our DNA, as an mRNA vaccine is supposed to do. According to the paper, “the vaccine RNA has complex sequences that may trigger TDP-43 and FUS to fold into their pathologic prion confirmations,” which means that both proteins have the ability to insert themselves in our DNA and cause dangerous neurological diseases.

The abstract review of the study concludes, “The enclosed conclusion, as well as additional possible dangers, leads the author to believe that regulatory approval of the RNA-based vaccines for SARS-CoV-2 was premature, and that the vaccine may do much more harm than good.” The study concludes, “The vaccine may be a bioweapon and much more harmful than the initial virus.”

Despite these credible claims, National File contacted the CDC to ask why the Pfizer vaccine is still being administered. Prior to print, no response was obtained.

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