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Traveling With Alexa: How Amazon Echo Frames Can Assist Backpackers Throughout Their Journeys

It seems that the world is getting smaller and smaller as our access and accessibility to it grows and grows. From the rough and ready nature of travellers to the cool and calm nature of hotel hoppers, technology had become a huge part of the travelling experience for so many people. With the smartp


It seems that the world is getting smaller and smaller as our access and accessibility to it grows and grows. From the rough and ready nature of travellers to the cool and calm nature of hotel hoppers, technology had become a huge part of the travelling experience for so many people. With the smartphone being a modern-day tool for travellers, the accessories that come paired with it are making more of an appearance too.

The growth of smart technology and intelligent virtual assistants

The growth of smart technology has been one of the biggest developments in the modern world and the introduction of intelligent virtual assistants (VA) into the average home is becoming more of a staple than a novelty.

An intelligent virtual assistant is a personal assistant software agent that can perform tasks and services based on an individual’s commands or questions. Amazon Alexa or Siri by Apple are perfect examples of a virtual assistant.

Amazon Alexa was first platformed by the use of Amazon Echo Smart Speaker which is a tool used to accommodate smart technology. The Echo, in particular, is a voice-controlled speaker that works with Alexa and has the capability to enforce a range of commands, such as music playback commands, creating to-do lists, playing audiobooks, providing weather information and operating your smart home features.


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Alexa has become a common household feature and can be used to control so many areas of our lives and the technology that we can use to facilitate that is only widening and developing.

Outside of the household, consumers are now trying to travel with Alexa. With wi-fi being the necessary factor when using a virtual assistant, people are now taking their speakers with them and then connecting them to hotel wifi connections to use them on holiday. With some hotels and holiday destinations accommodating the reliance that some people have on Alexa and having smart speakers installed on their premises, the demand for virtual assistants is becoming more and more apparent.

Although it seems like a convenience that hotels are offering the option for their customers to use their Alexa devices, it can’t always be the most convenient thing to have to travel with a speaker as part of your travel arsenal.

How do travellers currently use smart technology?

In the modern world, travellers are more often than not heavily reliant on smart technology to create efficiency and ease of travel. From using smart technology to book tickets, plan and calculate routes and establish an itinerary, a whole experience and the credentials for it can be housed using smart technology. You can use smart technology in many ways, even in places like the holy pilgrimage of Umrah, which make your Umrah more efficient, convenient, and enjoyable. Check the visa requirements at Umrah eVisa here.

The introduction of the smartwatch provides an opportunity to have more accurate tracking and give insight into a person’s daily movement and activities without being in the vicinity of their smartphone. This variety in smart hardware use when travelling is only predicted to grow. The remote nature of smart accessories offers an even more personal way to interact with your virtual needs and the use of glasses within this can be said to assist.

The Amazon Echo Frames

As the use of smart technology is growing, the repertoire of accessories available to consumers is widening and becoming more personal. We no longer have to rely on our smartphone to stay connected with the virtual world and our online requirements. The popularity of the smartwatch ensures ease of access to information, particularly when travelling and the introduction of smart glasses is adding another dimension. With over half of the American population wears glasses, the use of this accessory and eyewear as smart technology very much has a place.

The Amazon Echo Frames are a piece of hardware that is compatible with Alexa and can give consumers a way to use Alexa without using a smart speaker. Reviewed by some critics as having comfortable frames, these smart glasses could be making more of an appearance amongst travellers and backpackers alike.

Providing efficiency and ease of access that the hardware of the Amazon smart speaker doesn’t, the Echo Frames provide backpackers a gateway to information and virtual needs whilst on the go. Establishing a more personal way of using a virtual assistant, the features of these smart glasses could start becoming a more popular remote smart wear choice.

How can smart glasses assist backpackers?

With regards to the Amazon Echo frames the audio features within the glasses can aid a backpacker whilst on the move. The glasses are linked to Alexa and could arguably be more accessible than using Alexa on a smartphone and of course, the hands-free element is a plus.

Having been commented on for their comfortable nature, the Amazon smart glasses, unlike some other smart glasses has very streamlined hardware, which makes taking calls and setting reminders more conspicuous – this is ideal for travellers who are arranging schedules and navigating routes whilst on the move.

The frames themselves are accommodating to those with varying eyesight needs. So backpackers who need and wear any kind of prescription lens will be able to use smart glasses whilst on the go. This also goes for specific situational lenses, such as night vision glasses or specific climate requirements.

The frames are designed for everyday wear so provide the functionality of smart notifications whilst having the ability to replace your everyday glasses frames. The audio notification functions could be both a positive and an annoyance to travellers, however, the world of smart wearables are ever-widening and being developed.

Although the world of smart glasses is still very much in its infancy, the option to have them as a travel accessory is very much plausible. We are yet to see the wide adoption of smart glasses in modern-day life so are still yet to create a general rapport amongst the travelling world.