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Which Fabric Is Best for Personalised Tote Bags?

A tote bag is a large bag with parallel handles emerging from the sides of its pouch. These bags are usually unfastened and are unique in their style. The tote bags are generally used as reusable bags for shopping and other similar requirements. Personalised tote bags refer to the ones that are spec

Which Fabric Is Best for Personalised Tote Bags

A tote bag is a large bag with parallel handles emerging from the sides of its pouch. These bags are usually unfastened and are unique in their style. The tote bags are generally used as reusable bags for shopping and other similar requirements. Personalised tote bags refer to the ones that are specially crafted as per the precise requirements of the individuals. These personalised bags are great to carry and offer a personal sense of design as well as style.

We have different types of bags for different uses like fancy bags for fancy outings, casual bags for a variety of casual activities, and many more. But the tote bags are somewhat unique in their versatility and hence readily preferred by almost all. Now, at the time when you have decided to go for a tote bag for yourself, you need to determine the fabric that you wish to opt for. The fabric for manufacturing the tote bags is a matter of immense importance since it is the fabric that is responsible for the overall functionality, durability, and longevity of the tote bag. So, let us delve a bit deeper into the topic to understand which is the best fabric for personalised tote bags.


Tote bags made out of canvas are quite common. Canvas is a fabric that is made out of cotton using a plain weave. Plain weave is a knitting technique that allows the fabric to become very sturdy and extremely resilient to wear & tear. It is precisely the reason as to why canvas tote bags are heavy-duty in nature and have high durability.

Pros of Using Canvas

  • Canvas has an excellent strength to weight ratio which means it is lightweight in nature yet incredibly durable as well as heavy-duty
  • Canvas tote bags last for several years because of the superior resilience
  • It is very easily washable
  • Canvas is a superb fabric for printing and hence personalising the canvas bags is quite convenient

Cons of Using Canvas

  • Canvas is not eco-friendly and impacts the environment in the production stage
  • Canvas is expensive as a fabric as compared to others

NON - Woven Fabrics

Non-woven fabric is an environmentally friendly fabric for making shopping bags. It is a fabric made from fibers, It has the characteristics of "moisture-proof, breathable, non-toxic, non-irritating, rich in color, low in price, and recyclable", and some features and functions are similar to cloth material. Generally used in the field of shopping packaging.  

Pros of using non-woven fabrics:

1– Convenient and breathable, formaldehyde-free, waterproof and moisture-proof

2– Flexible, light weight, non-combustible

3– Easy to decompose, non-toxic and non-irritating

4– It has the advantages of rich colors, recyclable reuse, and natural feel.

Cons of using non-woven fabrics:

1– Non-woven fabrics are less durable and stronger than textile cloth.

2– Non-woven fabrics are generally not washable, and it is difficult to handle after being soiled.


Cotton is another popular fabric used for making tote bags. Cotton, as a fabric is usually used to manufacture a wide array of products, and tote bags are not an exception. Cotton is a renewable source and hence good for the environment too. Moreover, cotton as a fabric is hypoallergenic and extremely resilient in nature.

Pros of Using Cotton

  • The bags made out of cotton fabric have a much smoother appearance and more refined texture
  • Washing and cleaning cotton is very easy
  • Cotton tote bags are extremely resilient to wear and tear hence quite durable
  • The tote bags made from cotton are recyclable and reusable
  • Cotton as a fabric creates a perfect environment for styling and printing, thereby making great opportunities for personalised bags

Cons of Using Cotton

  • Cotton tote bags cannot carry heavy items and suitable for only light items
  • Careful washing is required since cotton might shrink


For tote bags, jute is also a common fabric used for manufacturing. The fabric is especially known for its natural, coarse, and rustic look. This rustic look and the coarse texture make jute appear quite fashionable. Jute is a natural fiber with a unique look as well as feel which is precisely the reason the fiber having commercial applications.

Pros of Using Jute

  • Manufacturing bags from jute comes with low consumption of chemicals and reduced carbon impact, therefore friendly to the environment
  • Jute tote bags are quite resilient and can be used for heavy carrying without damaging the bags
  • Jute bags are cheaper as compared to canvas or cotton
  • Being a natural fabric, jute tote bags made from jute are recyclable, reusable, and biodegradable

Cons of Using Jute

  • Longevity is lower than canvas
  • Difficult to wash and clean
  • Jute is very difficult to print on

Thus, it can be very clearly understood that canvas, cotton, and jute are the three best fabrics to manufacture personalised tote bags. But each of the fabrics come with their own advantages and disadvantages. Therefore a careful selection of fabric is essential depending on the requirements as well as other needs like load carrying capacity, ease of washing, looks, eco-friendliness, and affordability.


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