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A Virginia cop was fired for donating to the Rittenhouse Legal Defense Fund



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Sgt. William Kelly of the Norfolk Police Department was fired after he anonymously contributed to the legal defence fund of Kyle Rittenhouse, who said he shot five Antifa rioters in self-defense last year in Kenosha, Wisconsin.

The Christian crowdfunding website GiveSendGo was the victim of a data breach, according to the Guardian, with the radical hacking group Distributed Denial of Secrets publishing the breach on their website. The legal support fund of Kyle Rittenhouse, the teen who defended himself against numerous antifa rioters during last year’s violent protests in Kenosha, Wisconsin, was one of the site’s fundraisers. Rittenhouse is accused of killing two of those he reportedly targeted, with a third man surviving the encounter.

The Guardian reported the data breach, naming a series of elected officials who they say contributed anonymously, despite the breach relating emails to donors and tweets. All of those who reportedly contributed to Rittenhouse’s legal aid fund was Sgt. William Kelly of the Norfolk Police Department in Virginia. “May God bless you. Thank you for your bravery. Have your head held high. Kelly reportedly wrote for his $25 gift, “You’ve done nothing wrong.” “You have the confidence of any rank and file police officer. Don’t be discouraged by the decisions in the political elite in law enforcement.”

Kelly, the executive director of the Norfolk Police Department’s internal investigations division, was briefly reassigned to another department after an inquiry into his activities was launched. In a press release issued on Tuesday, Norfolk City Manager Chip Filer said that Kelly had been fired because his activities were reportedly “in violation” of numerous City and departmental policies. “His egregious remarks erode confidence between the Norfolk Police Department and those they are sworn to serve,” Filer said. “The City of Norfolk has a code of conduct for all workers, and we will keep employees accountable.”

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“A police force cannot do its work when the public loses confidence in those whose job it is to represent and protect them,” Norfolk Police Chief Larry Boone said in a letter to people. “We do not want the biases of any particular officer to harm ties with the Norfolk Police Department and the community.”

The coverage in Virginia comes on the heels of another report related to the data leak in Utah, where a paramedic is being investigated for reportedly contributing $10 to Rittenhouse’s legal fund. Jason Nguyen, an ABC4 photographer, also went so far as to turn up at the paramedic’s house and doorstep him and his family. In a tweet, Nguyen said, “I tried to get the paramedic’s side of things.”

Many people online quickly criticised Nguyen’s actions as abuse. “I’m a Democrat, because what you did… was harassment, and it had nothing to do with you,” one reader wrote. “Will you show the public where you live so they can knock and ask you a few questions about this storey?” another Twitter user asked the author. At the time of publication, Nguyen’s account is closed.

Rittenhouse’s mother filed a complaint last year against Joe Biden, who falsely alleged that Rittenhouse is a “racial nationalist.” There is no proof that Rittenhouse is racist.

Wendy Rittenhouse retorted, “How dare [Joe Biden] do that to my son.” “That’s my son, and he did it too, and I’m not going to back down from him. And [Kyle Rittenhouse] is neither a white nationalist nor a racist. He’s my son, and I know him, and he’s not what Joe Biden says he is.” “Kyle is a loving young man,” she said. He travelled to Kenosha to assist residents. I will take Joe Biden down for exposing my son’s image and calling him a white supremacist.”

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