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Rep. Chip Roy Slams Reps. Waters and Tlaib over Anti-Police Rhetoric



Rep. Chip Roy Slams Reps. Waters and Tlaib over Anti-Police Rhetoric
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The markup procedure for bills in either house of Congress isn’t normally a place for heated debate, but Tuesday was an exception.

According to Fox News, the occasion was the markup of several bills before the House Judiciary Committee, the most high-profile of which was the “COVID-19 Hate Crimes Act.”

The discussion comes despite a Democratic expenditure binge and a counter concern for the majority party, the disturbing language by some of its members about law enforcement.

During his comments in session, Republican Rep. Chip Roy of Texas took issue with both.

After another member pointed out that no services were being discontinued, Roy claimed that police budgets have been the greatest casualty in the last year, citing “dramatic cuts and assaults on law enforcement.

Austin, Texas — “run by Democrats,” as Roy pointed out — greatly reduced the policing spending in the aftermath of the George Floyd riots last year.

He said that the local police are “completely demoralised.” They’ve been crushed. Go speak with law enforcement. They are attempting to escape the city.”

Austin receives funds from the federal government, and the city is now dealing with a major homeless crisis, according to Roy.

But, in the meantime, what are famous Democrats doing about cops?

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Take, for example, California Rep. Maxine Waters, who travelled to Minnesota on Saturday to meet with demonstrators protesting the death of Daunte Wright on April 11 — and to demand that former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin be found guilty on all charges of Floyd’s death.

Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA) addressed BLM demonstrators in Brooklyn Center, Minnesota, saying:

“And then to hear members of this body say, and I quote, ‘I hope we have a verdict that says guilty, guilty, guilty,’” Roy said during Tuesday’s trial, quoting Waters. “‘And if we don’t, we won’t be able to go. We must remain on the sidewalks. We become more involved. We ought to be more confrontational. We need to make it clear that we mean business.'”

These remarks were so troubling that the judge in the case claimed they might be grounds for overturning the case on appeal since they occurred in the Twin Cities area before the Chauvin jury was sequestered.

“How reckless would a member of Congress be to decide that and then make the judge in the case that the whole country is watching say that that would throw the case out on appeal?” Roy said. “That is what we are discussing.”

Meanwhile, Waters was not the only Democrat to have a fiery response to Chauvin and Wright. There was also Rashida Tlaib of Michigan:

It wasn’t by chance. In our culture, policing is implicitly and purposefully discriminatory.

Daunte Wright was greeted with hostility and brutality. I’m done with those who support government-sponsored assassination.

“We’re asking about another member of this body’s quote: ‘It wasn’t an accident.’ In our culture, policing is implicitly and purposefully discriminatory. I’m done with those who support government-sponsored assassination.’ “It’s government-funded murder,” Roy said. “‘There will be no more policing.’ ‘No more policing,’ as the saying goes.

Rep. Roy slams Democrat threats on law enforcement and militant #DefundThePolice efforts:

“‘There would be no more policing, detention, or militarization. It can’t be reformed,'” he went on. “To claim that this is unimportant? It is the most pressing problem of our time to ensure the safety of our country.”

Roy recently requested that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi sanction all representatives and withdraw them from their respective committees. This will be no small matter, provided that Waters and Tlaib are two of the Democratic Party’s most visible members on the left, and Waters chairs the influential House Financial Services Committee.

This is a simple task. @Speaker Name Reps. Waters and Tlaib must be censured and removed from all commissions, and Pelosi must act. They have lost their right to engage in committee work as a result of their incendiary language aimed at inciting hostility and hatred against police officers and others.

Nobody knows whether Roy wanted this to happen or not, when Democrats couldn’t even find it in themselves to condemn Waters for comments that could potentially, based on Judge Peter Cahill’s remarks, result in the Chauvin trial’s guilty verdict being overturned on appeal.

According to CBS News, Democrats blocked a motion to censure Waters on Tuesday by a 216-210 party-line vote. House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy proposed the motion, saying her comments were “below the integrity of the House” and “opened the risk for abuse, directed lawlessness, and could have interfered with a co-equal branch of government.”

Pelosi has mentioned that she does not think Waters should apologise for her remarks.

According to the Daily Caller, Pelosi said at a press conference Monday, “Maxine spoke about conflict in the form of the civil rights movement.” “I believe we should follow in the footsteps of the George Floyd family. They treated it with immense dignity, with little misunderstanding or misinterpretation from either side.”

“No, no, I don’t think [Waters] should apologise,” she went on to say.

Do you believe Maxine Waters and Rashida Tlaib should face repercussions for their statements?

And this is where the new Democratic Party is. Waters may call for aggression, but it is merely “civil rights-style conflict.” Tlaib should argue about defunding the police in the form of completely undermining America’s law enforcement apparatus, even after a year of budget cuts has already decimated forces around the globe, and that’s well.

Whatever you think about the Democrats, they have done one thing in the last year: they have normalised anti-police discourse.

It’s anyone’s guess whether a fiery House Judiciary Committee markup hearing could attract conservatives’ attention to the corrosive effects of these kinds of remarks. This needs to happen.

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