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Baby Rompers General Introduction



wholesale baby rompers
wholesale baby rompers
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As the name suggests, the top and the pants of the romper are connected together. Wearing baby rompers wholesale can prevent the baby from getting cold on the abdomen, and it is also more convenient to change the baby’s diaper. There is a short-sleeved, long-sleeved, and foot-wrapped romper.
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There are also many domestic rompers that have open file designs to facilitate urine. Now more and more doctors suggest that it is best not to wear open pants. Avoid private parts infection, and avoid harm to the baby by improper urine. There is no custom of peeing in foreign countries, and there are no open crotch pants. All the crotch parts are connected by snaps. One-piece suits can be worn in a wider range, from infants to toddlers. Generally, they will be worn more after 3 months.
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Choose a loose and comfortable romper for your baby. Babies are mostly lively and active. But if the clothes are too tight, they will not be able to move freely, and they will not be able to stretch their bodies freely. In the long term, they will lack exercise and cause illness. Suggestion: When buying clothes for children, choose loose and comfortable styles. This kind of romper is convenient for children to move their limbs freely, thereby increasing the amount of exercise and increasing resistance.
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Choose a romper made of cotton for your baby. Reason: The cotton fabric is soft, safe, and comfortable that can directly touch the baby’s delicate skin, being gentle and non-irritating. The chemical fiber fabric is a synthetic material with a hard texture, which is easy to scratch the baby and cause infection. Secondly, the all-cotton fabric has good air permeability and is easy to wick away from perspiration. The romper made of chemical fiber fabrics is not easy to wick away from perspiration. Once the clothes are wet but not changed in time, it is very easy to cause a cold.
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The baby has a soft body, and the head is relatively large compared to the body, and often needs to change diapers. You can choose a romper that is easy to put on and take off or a fart shirt with a shoulder button that is not easy to fall off at the neckline. There are no dangerous ornaments on the clothes. Do not choose a romper for babies under three months of age. The baby’s head and neck are not well developed and it is not convenient to put on and take off.
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There are many decorations that put children in danger. Such as excessively long and thin ropes and drawstrings that may inadvertently entangle the child’s slender fingers and toes when the child is free to move. It affecting local blood circulation and even causing Necrosis if it is entangled in the child’s neck. When the parents do not find out in time, then they are at risk of suffocation at any time. Do not have zippers, sequins, colored beads, etc. on your child’s intimate clothing. When the child is lying, prone, or sitting, the hard zippers should be so close to the child that there is a possibility of meat pinching when putting on and taking off; while sequins and colored beads are beautiful, But it will not only reduce the comfort, if it falls off and is eaten by the child accidentally, it will be a disaster.
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There are many names for romper: jumpsuits, climbing clothes, etc. are all called. The biggest advantage of this type of clothing is that it can prevent the baby from getting cold on the abdomen. You only need to button or tie the belt to wear the clothes. Generally, you will wear more for your baby after three months. At this time, after the baby’s big exercise develops and it’s not easy to cool to the stomach. When the number of activities increases and the baby can wear it for a long time. Our family has been wearing it until more than one year old.
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There are three ways to close the baby romper: pullover, zipper, and snap. Children who are younger than a month are advised to wear a snap button. When changing a diaper, just pull the buttons on the legs and crotch to protect the baby’s belly from cold and avoid the trouble of putting on and taking off. After the baby’s neck is a little harder, you can also wear a romper one piece. In autumn and winter, the knitted romper has better warmth than the snap button. It is more convenient if the baby vomits milk frequently.
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The zipper romper can be worn at night when you don’t need to swear it off for a long time, or as outerwear. It is also more convenient to put on the outside of the one-piece underwear. There is also a kind of romper that covers the feet. It is not recommended to buy romper pants that cover the feet. The feet will be stretched when held upright, and the baby will be uncomfortable. It may also affect the bone development of the feet in the long term.
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