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How Lexxola Glasses Dominated TikTok to Become 2021’s Must-Have Fashion Accessory

Tik Tok has evidently been more and more apparent in the world of social media in recent years. The release of the app in 2016 saw that the platform attracted younger users and audiences, but in the last year alone the user profile has grown and grown. Statistics show that in 2020 Tik Tok was […]


Tik Tok has evidently been more and more apparent in the world of social media in recent years. The release of the app in 2016 saw that the platform attracted younger users and audiences, but in the last year alone the user profile has grown and grown. Statistics show that in 2020 Tik Tok was the most downloaded app in the U.S after Zoom.

Source: Statista

The rise in downloads and users can be attributed to the pandemic and people spending more time indoors and ipso facto on Tik Tok and social media.

Used as a platform of political education, activist movement, and informative video content as well as viral dance trends, comedy segments, and cooking videos, there is one thing that Tik Tok has some big influence on.


Eyewear has been a timeless way to express identity and style, even with the most staple clothing looks. From sunglasses to prescription lenses, the frames are an accessory choice and there has been one brand of eyewear that has been noticeably growing on social media in the last year.

The Lexxola glasses in particular have been sighted numerous times across social media platforms and are slowly becoming a growing necessity amongst the Gen Z users of the platform. Having been worn by the likes of Youtube star Emma Chamberlain to the model Kaia Gerber, these sunglasses are taking over social media and becoming the next go to fashion accessory.

Lexxola sunglasses are a new genre of unisex eyewear that are designed to be worn daily by city slickers and people who want want to purchase eyewear sustainably. The coloured lenses and notable frame style make it a brand that stands out, even without knowing the brand name itself.

Being labeled as the glasses to wear this summer, it is predicted that it won’t be long until they become a popular staple to the average person. These glasses are not only a go-to fashion choice, but provide 100% UVA and UVB protection, just like your classic black sunglasses. So don’t be fooled into thinking the lenses won’t do their job.

The Man behind the glasses

The founder of Lexxola is Zane Saleh who founded the sunglasses company in 2019. Being inspired by a trip to Los Angeles, he created the London-based eyewear brand after being disappointed by the quality of what was currently on offer.

After quitting his day job in the art industry, he went on to work on Lexxola eyewear and build his company. His mission is to recreate classic designs, producing high-quality frames in Japan at an affordable price.

In a recent interview given by Zane, he mentioned that his fascination and interest for glasses started in his late teenage years. He never thought he would ever consider making sunglasses being at the forefront of a future company. During his trip to Los Angeles, he went into a sunglasses shop and began looking at his options. He saw a pair of sunglasses that were retailing at $250 which wasn’t cheap. After analysing the packaging and the fit of these glasses and not being too impressed, he fleetingly suggested starting a company and sparked his own curiosity.

Zane began networking and researching different eyewear manufacturers to fuel his curiosity, still not quite sure if he was going to take action and he wanted to see how far he could take his research. With Italy being infamous in the world of sunglasses manufacturing, this was where Zane began.

Working with a university student freelancer, he used a mockup of sunglasses designs to send to approximately twenty Italian manufacturers, from whom he heard nothing back due to it being the holiday season. Putting this idea to rest for the time being, Zane went on his travels to Japan and found that there was more to gain here than a holiday.

Noticing the beautiful eyewear options that were available in the supermarkets and stores, Zane saw that they were made in Japan itself. Just like so many people he didn’t realise that Japan had such an extensive range of sunglasses options and had such high quality sunglasses manufacturers.

Deciding to try the same techniques he did to extend his research in Italy, he contacted manufacturers in Japan and found that the efficiency within Japanese culture is something that he wanted to get on board with. Deciding on one manufacturer, he began to search for investment and create a Lexxola.

Working across two different time zones at the time, Lexxola and his job in art, Zane was putting his all into creating innovation and adaptation of the classic style. Wanting to create a community for Lexxola wearers is what forefronted the vision for Zane. He wanted the wearers of the glasses to have a sense that they knew something about another person wearing Lexxola’s and this sense of community seems to have transferred and mirrored in the world of social media.

The Glasses of Tik Tok

Just as the founder of Lexxola wanted to create a community amongst those who had these glasses and this could be mirrored by the community that is created online. Wanting to create a quality product with quality materials for a fraction of the price, Zane and his company are most definitely getting noticed.

Tik Tok connects people with similar pages and interests and with the growing amount of traction Lexxola sunglasses are getting, we can expect to see these as the glasses of Tik Tok.


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