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DHT Hair Loss Controlled and Cured with Q hair Spray

Baldness Is Inevitable – Sadly Sadly, the loss of hair is a natural process due to the courtesy of aging. The loss is as inevitable as grey hair and wrinkles. The process of balding or thinning comes to the visible sight after the age of 50 normally. However, this is not a hard and fast […]

Male pattern baldness - Q Hair Spray
Male pattern hair loss set. Stages of baldness in men. Androgenetic alopecia.

Baldness Is Inevitable – Sadly

Sadly, the loss of hair is a natural process due to the courtesy of aging. The loss is as inevitable as grey hair and wrinkles. The process of balding or thinning comes to the visible sight after the age of 50 normally. However, this is not a hard and fast rule and can occur even earlier or later of course. The places where the hair greying and baldness attacks first are likely to be at the hairline, the temples, and on the crown – namely, the classic pattern of baldness.

We doubt you are one of those who may be combating the issue of hair loss – well, your presence to this blog is not denying our suspicion.

So, has the sudden spike in hair loss been making you feel stressed? Whether you have spotted uncontrollable hair shedding or hair strands on your pillow, it is high time to learn if increased DHT levels are your main culprits.

DHT – Biggest Enemy Number 1 for Hair Loss

If you have observed your hair starting to thin, you are likely to stress over finding the reasons behind the scene. You would probably drag stress, bad diet, unlucky genetics, or sometimes lifestyle in the court of doubt.  However, the reality is a deviated one.

Hair losses in men are primarily caused by DHT (dihydrotestosterone) – a male steroid hormone that binds to receptors in your scalp. However, not only men but women also are suspect to the baldness caused by DHT. Its elevated levels have been proven to be the primary contributors to both male and female pattern baldness.

Connection of Baldness to DHT Explained

What Science Explains

Dihydrotestosterone (DHT) is derived from testosterone hormone (male sex hormone). An enzyme named ‘5α-reductase’ is accountable for the transformation of testosterone to DHT molecules in several tissues like the liver, brain, prostate gland, skin along hair follicles.

DHT plays a vital role in developing the male biological characteristics in an adult male like muscles, deep voice, facial hair, etc. But, when they are produced in an abundant amount, DHT molecules get attached to your hair follicle receptors, which results in blocking the blood supply to your follicle cells. The aftermath is the dermal papilla fails to receive key nutrients for hair growth, resulting in the reduction of your hair follicles.

It is a common belief that hair loss is due to the DHT elevated levels in men, however, females are also under the detention of being subjected to hair loss due to DHT imbalance.

For once comprehending DHT seems complicated, but it is fairly easy to understand its role once you attain the basic knowledge of how your body generates DHT and its impact on your hair follicles.

Interesting Part

While DHT is a culprit in head hair baldness, it is an important hormone for fueling hair growth in areas of the body like the chest, back, and some others. This means the same hormone is producing a dual response. Isn’t it interesting?

Since DHT is the central hormone accountable for hair loss in men, the most efficacious way to slow down and address hair loss is to block DHT.

How Does Q-Hair Spray Help You Combat Baldness?

The later part of the articles will reveal how you can reverse baldness with the holistic product none other than “Q-Hair Spray”.

Insides of the Spray

The spray is enriched with green and gratuity of nature’s best hair healers. The impressive ingredients in this magical serum incorporate the gibberellins, auxins, and cytokinins that are extracted from various plants like ginger root plants, lavender plants, rosemary plants, sage plants, and coconut. The extraction is done executing peculiar techniques and multiple unique lab procedures – to excrete the hormones and use them to control the DHT hormone.

What Do The Plants Do?

These plant hormones are used to reopen the follicles, nourish the bulb, and motivates the papilla cells to produce healthy and long hair strands. The incredible herbal formula of Q hair Regrowth Spray helps hair to be moisturized and provides an amazing voluminous look.

This holy-grail fast regrowth spray ingredients function magically to elevate thickness and length – in short, provides overall hair happiness.

The Magic of the Spray

The succeeding magical happenings you can expect from the spray.

The spray:

  • Accelerate new hair growth at an awestruck rate
  • Stimulates hair follicles
  • Rejuvenates aging hair
  • Makes the hair thicker and stronger
  • Hydrates the scalp and offers a natural shine to the hair
  • Leaves you with lustrous, frizz-free, and easy-to-manage hair
  • Controls excess oil production (that may otherwise cause hair damage)
  • Repairs damaged hair and pull-out dead skin from the scalp

If you tend to fight your baldness and reverse the process of hair-aging, Q-hair spray is a magical DHT suppressor that makes this product a forceful add to your beauty arsenal!

Address Today or Regret Later

It is evident that the earlier you address the signs of hair loss, the more likely you are to stave off irreversible damage. Do you have any undesirable symptoms making you feel shy confronting others confidently? Then, it’s the high time you need to speak to your doctor or find a lasting solution – if you want one to be named, we only have to offer you one product, Q Hair Spray.

You need to search for a product that is clinically proven and medically verified because the matter of hair can’t be put on bad and unreliable hands. If your hair follicles have been damaged due to medicine, heredity, harsh chemicals, or damaging hairstyles, you need to get your hands on a safer and herbal hair serum or spray to reverse the process of balding.

The under discussion hair spray is nothing but a promise to give you instant volume and extra texture to your hair. The product is a must-try if you want to beat your baldness.

Men and Women, Both. Now rest assured that your dream of filling the void on your head is now possible due to effective ingredients that are a part of our Q hair spray.