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6 Common Mistakes When Gymming



1) Having an “All or Nothing” mentality

“No Pain, No Gain”

“Give it EVERYTHING you’ve got”

“Feel the BURN”

“If you’re not sore you’re not working hard enough”

“110% effort all of the time”

Some of you might make good progress with this mentality, and some of you might need to think this way to get over plateaus or get you in the gym. But if you consistently live by these quotes, or something similar, you’re likely to stall with your lifts, your weight loss/muscle building progress, or will just hate lifting (because most people don’t like being sore 24/7).

This doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t ever push hard. There will be days where you’ll need to give 110% in the gym. But I’m mainly referring to those who leave the gym and aren’t able to sit down, go up stairs, or lift an arm without pain or soreness after every session. You know who you are.

It is possible to burn yourself out very quickly if you aim to go balls to the wall every gym session.

You must find a balance for yourself, physically and mentally, when going to the gym. Some days can be your “all or nothing days” while others can be a day of just gymming and not killing yourself.

2) Thinking you need to be in the gym every day (or need to do cardio every day)

You do not need to be in the gym 7 days a week to reach your desired fitness goals.

Most people make great results with only 3 days in the gym (as long as they are putting in the necessary work). However, if you like being in the gym 7 days a week and it isn’t a problem for you, then go 7 days a week. It’s just that sometimes people force themselves in the gym when they know for a fact that they don’t want to be there because they’re too tired from all of the other gym days, which will just create an unhealthy habit. Or maybe they just don’t have the time but continue to tell themselves that they “need” to make it to the gym, which is just going to continue to stress them out because they missed that extra day that they “planned” on going.

As for cardio, if you’re doing it every day for pure enjoyment, please continue doing so. However, if you’ve created this thought that the more cardio that you do in a week, the better and faster the results you’ll get, you’ll be disappointed. VERY disappointed. Not only due to the fact that you’re putting in a shit ton of time doing cardio and hate every second of it, but the fact that cardio isn’t the best option for fat loss. You’d be better off using that time to design a better diet to suit your lifestyle and fitness goal while using a combo of weight lifting and conditioning instead of cardio to cut back on the time that you spend at the gym and improve your results.

Plus, our bodies are pretty amazing at adapting to stressors (cardio, lifting weights, etc… ). So if you’re continuously doing cardio for long periods of time, multiple times per week, you’ll adapt and become more efficient at it.

What does that mean?

Well, if you started off doing 50 mins of normal steady state cardio burning 200 calories (this isn’t accurate, it’s just an example), your body will become “better” at doing cardio and will burn less calories for the same amount of cardio. This is quite annoying because your goal is to burn calories, right? So you’ll have to do more to burn what you used to. By utilizing a weight lifting program with conditioning, there are multiple ways to change the stressor (increase weight, reps, sets, decrease rest, etc… ) so that the body doesn’t adapt and become as “energy-efficient” when compared to regular low intensity cardio.

3) Being afraid of gaining muscle or getting “too big”

Increasing muscle mass and decreasing fat mass is what everyone raves about. They just don’t know it.

This creates what some call, “toned, curved, lean, etc… “

In order to increase muscle mass, you must lift weights. You must also increase the amount of work you do over time.

Increasing work can be done by increasing the weights you are lifting, increasing the total amount of reps you are performing (by increasing reps per set or keeping reps the same and increasing the number of sets), or a mixture of both.


3 sets of 10 with 100 lbs

We can increase the amount of work we are doing with these 3 options (colored in red):

3×10 with 105lbs = 3,150lbs

3×12 with 100lbs = 3,600lbs

4×10 with 100lbs = 4,000lbs

If the goal is to build more muscle, I would personally choose the 4×10 option due to more overall reps and work being done. However, if you’re pressed for time, I would suggest options 1 or 2.

By increasing the overall work you can do (we refer to this as “volume” = the poundage in the example above) the more energy (calories) you will expend. You will also expend more calories at rest with more muscle mass compared to if you had less muscle mass.

More calories will be spent to feed more muscle mass and do more work. You will be able to consume a higher amount of calories while dieting for fat loss compared to someone who isn’t lifting weights or doing a good amount of work. Would you complain about eating more food while leaning out?

“Getting too big”

First off, you need to put in some serious dedication towards training, programming, and dieting in order to get big. Most general gym-goers don’t have the desire to put in the amount of mental and physical work to get “too big”. But then again, everyone has their own idea of what “too big” is.

So I’ll just say this:

If you think you are getting “too big”, all you have to do is back off the gym a little or eat a little less. You’re not going to get stuck with huge muscles.

4) Doing exercises to lose fat in specific areas

You want your abs to show.

You want the underside of your arm to not be as flabby.

You want your love handles to go away.

You want definition in your thighs.

“We get it, you want to lean out.”

Doing crunches isn’t going to make your abs show.

Doing tricep extensions won’t reduce the flab under your arms. (That’s a mixture of your tricep muscle hanging with some fat covering it, so it’ll never fully go away)

Wrapping a waist trainer won’t reduce the fat around your love handles. (But it’ll temporarily cause you to look thinner)

Leg extensions won’t define your thighs. (We’ll it kind of will because it will build quad muscles)

You cannot target certain areas in the body to lose fat mass, unless you get liposuction. Please do not go that route.

I need you to get creative for a second and imagine fat as a giant single cell that is surrounding your body (this is just an example). There are certain areas of the human body that store more fat than others. For example, we tend to store more fat in our midsections compared to our calves. So there may be 1 inch of fat at the calves but 2-3 inches of fat in the midsection. When we lose fat, that whole single fat cell gets a little smaller. You cannot target where it gets smaller, it just gets smaller all over. So now you might have ½ inch of fat at the calves but 2 inches of fat still at the midsection.

YOU CANNOT DO ANYTHING ABOUT THIS. So it’s best to just keep doing what your are doing by hitting the gym and stop worrying about targeting specific body parts for fat loss.

5) Expecting results without paying attention to diet

Most people think that hitting the gym is enough to get them their desired results.

Some people will find that they CAN get away with this and not have to worry about what or how much they eat.

Most other people will find that they CANNOT get away with this and struggle. They will try to do more at the gym and often end up thinking since they did more, they also deserve more “rewards” (food, ice cream, wine, you know what I mean). This causes them to consume more calories than they already were and preventing any kind of fat loss (if that was their original goal). Then they continue to struggle or think that “nothing works” and give up.

Don’t be that person. My advice when starting up at the gym:

Spend your first 2-4 weeks making the gym a habit. It can be 2, 3, or 4 days/week, as long as it’s realistic with your lifestyle and doesn’t create any problems with your schedule.

Once you have created the habit of making a set gym schedule that doesn’t affect your lifestyle, then spend some time educating yourself on the science of fat loss.

Once you understand how fat loss happens, then you can look up different dieting methods that will suit your lifestyle.

*Note that this isn’t a quick fix. This is a lifestyle change. If you are going to try a diet “temporarily”, you will only get temporary results. If you want to lose fat and keep it off, you must understand the process of how fat loss works and create a change in your eating habits to suit your goal and lifestyle.

*Try not to take on the gym and diet at the same time. This will stress you out and overwhelm you very quickly.

6) Not having a gym plan

Lastly, having a gym plan makes all of the difference in the world. Have you ever made it to the gym, warmed up on a treadmill, then asked yourself, “so, what should I work on today?” Then maybe you hit some arms, a few ab machines, then stretch and you’re done.

What do you do the next session? What weight did you use on the ab machine last session? How many reps were you able to do?

Sure, this may be fun for a bit and I definitely don’t expect a newcomer to hop right into a workout program. But having a program will give you guidance and will give you something to improve upon. Tracking the workouts you do, the sets, reps, and weight will show you the progress you’ve made over time. It will also help give you an idea on what areas you would like to focus on (like increasing your squat or deadlift) and will help you plan better for your next lifting session. You don’t have to follow some super complex program or record every little movement you do. But tracking workouts here and there and going into the gym with a plan will help you so much more than going to the gym without a plan.


– You don’t have to kill yourself every session. But don’t be a pansy and not push yourself.

– You don’t need to force more gym days to get good results. But if you enjoy it and it isn’t affecting you mentally or physically and isn’t messing up your lifestyle, then go ahead and do 4, 5, 6, or 7 sessions a week.

– Don’t be afraid of muscle.

– You CANNOT choose where you want to lose fat. So stop trying to target specific body parts with a fancy workout you saw on Instagram and start focusing on getting stronger and doing more work.

– Some of you might get good results by just going to the gym without diet changes. Most of you will need a plan for both the gym and the kitchen. Don’t expect crazy results if you’re not putting in the necessary work.

– Having a workout plan will get you better results VS not having a workout plan. So plan.

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Malta Spa – For a Relaxing Holiday in Malta




Every now and again, everybody deserves a break from their daily routine. And what better way to enjoy your break than a relaxing holiday in Malta? Malta is a small island in the central Mediterranean that is charming and relaxing. When choosing to spend a few relaxing days in another country, choose Malta as your number one choice for so many reasons. First off, the Maltese islands boast fantastic weather conditions – mild, sunny winters and hot, bright summers, making it easily accessible and thoroughly enjoyable any time of year. Secondly, the island is equipped with all the necessary tools for a relaxing holiday.

Health Spa Malta

On this tiny island, one can find some forty spa and health outlets, each with their own state of the art equipment and highly trained, professional staff. These outlets vary in size and specialization and may include large spa facilities as well as smaller specialized outlets. Oriental treatment clinics, for instance, have recently opened in various localities in order to provide well-renowned health and wellness treatments, not to mention captivating massage.

The treatments that are offered in Malta cater for both men and women and are incredibly varied. These include mud baths, head massage, hand and foot massage, full body massage, 4-hand massage, hot stone massage, Swedish massage, stress buster massage, oriental treatments, body wraps, depilatory treatments, laser hair removal, Botox, professional acrylic or gel nails, several different facials, acupuncture and so many more together with the use of facilities such as heated indoor pools, saunas, steam-rooms and plunge baths. These can be found at several 5 star hotels as well as other private institutions.

Malta Spa Holidays

Choosing a spa holiday does not necessarily mean staying in an expensive spa hotel or resort. On the contrary, there are several Malta hotels that may arrange a package for you in collaboration with a spa centre in order for you to get exactly what you wish for. Alternatively you may choose any of the Luxury Hotels Malta and visit the spa yourself – or perhaps a different spa every day! – and choose to indulge in one or several treatments, as well as whole-day packages provided by a leading Spa Hotel Malta. Keep an eye out for holiday season packages as well as romantic Duo, his and her packages where couples can indulge in treatments side-by-side in candle-lit surroundings!

If you are looking to relax and work out, gyms and sports centres are also abundant, with popular classes including Pilates, dance, yoga, aerobics and kick-boxing, provided in several different localities. During the milder season, hiking, cycling and country walks are popular, being both entertaining and relaxing. There are also several opportunities for a wide variety of sports including squash, rock-climbing, paragliding, diving, golf and even snooker.

Medical Tourism in Malta

Malta is also increasingly becoming a destination for medical tourism due to the significantly cheaper cost of treatment as well as its perfect setting and climate, ideal for recovery. Most Maltese specialists have trained in Malta, Europe, the UK or the USA and work in professional modern clinics, adhering to EU standards and regulations. Cosmetic surgery is becoming more and more popular all over the world, and no-less in Malta. As a result there are now a number of procedures available on the island, including face lifts, rhinoplasty, tummy tuck, liposuction, breast augmentation, breast reduction, and others. Overall, Malta is sure to suit any sort of relaxing, beauty-related, or spa holiday!

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How To Perm Hair: Hairdressing Perming Faults, Causes and Corrections




Learning how to perm hair is an intricate process which requires focus and skills. Often times at hairdressers and salons, if the perming process is not done properly, it could cause various problems and faults such as hair breakage, the perm is not curly enough, development of fish-hooks and sometimes pieces of straight hair, over processed hair, irritation to the scalp, and very slow perming process. This article will help you to know the causes of these faults as well as how to correct it.

Hair Breakage: Hair breakage is usually caused after the hair has been over processed, or if there is too much tension during the winding process. A good correction method is to suggest to the client to opt for reconditioning treatments.

Perm Is Not Curly Enough: First of all, it could be due to poor neutralizing, as well as the perm lotion not being left on long enough, or the perm lotion is just weak. If the perm curlers are too large, it could cause this fault as well. Simply re-perm the hair if this occurs.

Fish-Hooks: This is usually due to the ends are not smoothly wounded around the perm curler due to poor winding techniques. Settle this fault by trimming off the fish-hooks.

Pieces of Straight Hair: This could be due to poor perming techniques, such as accidentally leaving out pieces of hair, sections maybe too wide, not rinsing out the perm lotion enough, not applying the neutralizer enough, as well as using too large curlers. Re-perm the pieces of straight hair.

Over-Processed Hair: This is one of the most common faults when learning how to perm hair. It could be caused due to several reasons such as using perm lotion which is too strong, the perm lotion is left on for too long, using excessive heat during the process as well as too much tension during the curling. Suggest to the client to opt for conditioning treatments and regular haircuts.

Scalp Damage or Irritation: The perm lotion might cause irritation if in contact with the scalp, or the final rinse with warm water is not done thoroughly. Apply moisturising cream and seek the help of a qualified first aider to help the client.

Slow Perming: If the perming is too slow, it could be due to the usage of wrong perm lotion, the sections are too large or the salon is too cold. To overcome this, check the winding tension and use heat to speed up the processing time.

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Bare Minerals Makeup Review – Does it Really Work




Does BareMinerals Actually Work?

BareMinerals is a revolutionary foundation that is created purely with natural ingredients. Providing excellent coverage and long lasting results, it has quickly become one of the biggest selling foundations throughout the world. So what exactly is it and how does it work?

Understanding BareMinerals Make-Up

BareMinerals foundation is created using minerals that are taken straight from the earth. They are crushed down to create a powder, which when applied, provides excellent coverage. It looks natural yet it still hides most imperfections and blemishes.

The main advantage to the product is that it is completely natural. This means that it contains no preservatives, fragrances, oil, or talc. There has been a lot of focus on the chemicals contained within make-up over the past few years and many women are realizing that the make-up they wear is not good for their skin. If you have found that you are suffering from bad skin problems on your face, it could be your make-up. So try switching to the BareMinerals range and see if the problems subside.

As well as providing a natural appearance, BareMinerals is also really light. So you do not realize that you are even wearing make-up. It will not clog the pores so that reduces the likelihood of you developing pimples. It is just a pleasure to wear and it fits perfectly with the current make-up trend that tends to lean more towards the natural look.

An interesting fact about the BareMinerals foundation is that it may look like a powder and be applied like a powder, but it isn’t one. As you apply it, you will feel that the foundation is actually quite silky and creamy. This is what provides the long lasting results and the best thing is – it is suitable for all skin types.

Finally, another advantage of the make-up is that you control the amount of coverage that you have. It comes with different shades to allow you to apply either a natural, thin layer of make-up. Or you can apply as much as you like to build up different levels of coverage. The more you apply, the more coverage your skin will have. It also contains SFP15 so it will protect the skin against potential sun damage.

What Others Say

If you search online, you will find that the general opinion of the product is that it lasts all day. Even people who suffer from oily skin have stated that the foundation stays on all day when usually other brands would come off within two to three hours.

There are many people who have been concerned about whether the foundation will cover acne and other scars. Typically, as you can apply as much or as little as you like, it is possible to cover acne scarring and other skin blemishes. However, there are some people who still recommend using a separate concealer under the foundation to cover severe scarring.

BareMinerals is considered to be one of the best foundations around. Thousands of women swear by it and when you look at its advantages it really isn’t difficult to see why.

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Resorts in Chiang Mai – Plenty of Options to Enjoy a Holiday in the Mountains




Chiang Mai with its long, tree-lined boulevards is a fascinating tourist destination in the northern part of Thailand. The city presents an attractive alternative to the Thai capital of Bangkok as the cultural capital of the country. It is a must-visit place for nature lovers. In fact, many tourists visit the city every year.

There are quite a few things to do and see in Chiang Mai and you would do well to plan them in advance. Several resorts offer you different options to enjoy your holidays in the mountains. Here is a quick look:

Yoga facilities: Some of the resorts in Chiang Mai offer yoga facilities. You will get to learn new relaxing yoga poses under the guidance of capable yoga instructors. They will help you learn the yoga techniques in the right way. You will learn about the way to breathe in and breathe out during your practice, as you move from one posture to the next within the same asana. You will be practicing yoga twice a day and by the time your holiday ends, will have learnt some of the best yoga poses to last you a lifetime.

Spa treatment: There are plenty of remarkable spa resorts in and around the city. Opting for one will help you to avail their exclusive spa offers. The resorts help a person feel completely relaxed and recharged after the retreat. Many spa resorts also offer detoxification programs as an additional feature or within their spa treatments (a bit more on that below). The healthy and balanced meals provided in these resorts also help you get started on your health and wellness journey.

Detox services: If you are planning to adopt a healthier lifestyle, resorts in Chiang Mai give you the perfect opportunity to get started. The resorts offer various detox programs. The programs comprise of a range of services that help remove any toxins in your body and help you feel better. It also promotes weight loss in addition to relieving the symptoms of various health issues that may be slowly creeping up due to toxin build-up in the system. The tranquil surroundings and relaxed pace of things at the resort will help you relax and let go of mental and physical stress.

Sightseeing: Apart from, these wellness programs, Chiang Mai resorts offer various sightseeing activities. You can use a cab ride or a scooter ride to explore the extraordinary sights in this city. A short bike ride or scooter ride also takes you to dense rain forest countryside that is interspersed with waterfalls. The resorts offer day trips and longer treks to these areas for you to enjoy the beauty of the countryside at leisure. A visit to the Elephant Nature Park, an elephant conservation project, is a must for any traveler.

Dining: The city has numerous places to dine out for those looking for authentic and delicious Thai food. In addition, you can try your hand at cooking Thai food. You can also try the traditional Khantoke meal, which was originally an elaborate dinner or lunch for celebrations.

If you are in Thailand or planning a trip to the country and want to enjoy its calm and serene environment and beautiful landscapes instead of traffic-choked urban sprawl, then Chiang Mai is the place for you. All you need to do is to book a resort for yourself and enjoy your vacation in this beautiful Thai city.

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A Real Wellness Perspective on the Satanic Temple




The god of the cannibals will be a cannibal, of the crusaders a crusader, and of the merchants a merchant. Ralph Waldo Emerson, Civilization


I saw a movie in the S.F. Bay area recently entitled, Hail Satan?


As a youth in Catholic schools, at a time when parochial schools were virtual penal colonies for juveniles just waiting for opportunities to go astray, uttering the words Hail Satan would have brought tribulation and woe.

I was so indoctrinated into an Old Testament vision of a punitive god that being turned into a pillar of salt, like Lot’s wife, would have been too good for me. After all, that poor woman’s offense was but to look back to view the commotion, to catch a glance of her home being wrecked or perhaps to assess whether there was time to go back to save the family pet. But no, God was throwing a temper tantrum, raining destruction and death on an entire city because, well, every man, woman and child, even babies, I suppose, were behaving like Sodom and Gomorrahites, which evidently wasn’t pretty. Lot and his wife were fleeing because two characters, dressed as angels, had scared the bejabbers out them, urging the one virtuous couple to flee for their lives and, for some unknown reason, not to look back. Unfortunately, Lot’s wife could not resist a backward glance. Who among us would not have sneaked a peek? Lady Lot got the pillar of salt treatment for disobeying angels.

At the time, I would have expected a gruesome penance for saying the words Hail Satan, let alone attending a movie by that name. Come to think of it, it seems likely I would have expected spontaneous combustion, on the spot, not a second chance to repent and shape up. Fathers LaRue, Doyle and McGovern would no doubt have ceremoniously sprinkled holy water on my smoking ashes; Sisters DeChantell, Lucy and George would have marched their classes to the charred spot where I had been cooked in fiery flames. This daily field trip would surely impress my classmates to eschew blasphemous smart aleck salutes. There was no place for Little Satanists at St. Barnabas.

Despite my experience of a dramatically intense educational environment during twelve years of Roman Catholic schooling, I recently viewed Hail Satan?, 63 years since my last day of attendance at an institution run by the one true church, the one founded by St. Peter on a rock where I was immersed in the only religion that would render me eligible to appear one day in the dock at the high court of Heavenly Gates. Eligibility was one thing, admittance something else altogether. There were no guarantees that I or anyone else, even the pope, would be found not guilty of one or more transgressions (e.g., missing Sunday Mass, eating meat on Friday, touching oneself impurely, etc.) that would trigger a guilty verdict, after which I’d be unceremoniously dropped into a huge pit of fire to commence an eternity of suffering.

The merciful god of the Catholic Church had a mean streak.

Despite these educational advantages, I attended a production about an organization that did not believe in any gods or devils, including Satan, but which hailed him anyway for its own purposes.

I loved it but I had lots of company – the audience was enthusiastic (a standing ovation as the credits rolled) and it got a 97 percent rating on Rotten Tomatoes)

I recommend you discover for yourself how the Satanic Temple goes about hailing Satan for the purpose of promoting church/state separation. The bottom line about the Temple is that it artfully, satirically and often hilariously employs the boogeyman or, if you prefer, the apparition/evil spirit/phantasm/specter/spook or bugaboo of a devil figurehead, to promote an irreligious form of humanism. Or, in the areas of reason, exuberance and liberty, REAL wellness.

Despite years of religious dogma, supernatural rituals and threats of eternal punishment, I believe the brief Tenets of the Satanic Temple are superior to the voluminous teachings of the Catholic Church, Christianity and other religions with which I’m somewhat familiar. The Satanic Temple has no angry or other gods, no hellfires, no superstitions – just a set of beliefs that encourage an embrace of critical thinking and science, personal responsibility, individual and societal freedoms and a passion for justice, kindness, love, good works and other secular values needed today more than ever.

Consider the seven tenets of the Satanic Temple:

1. One should strive to act with compassion and empathy toward all creatures in accordance with reason.

2. The struggle for justice is an ongoing and necessary pursuit that should prevail over laws and institutions.

3. One¹s body is inviolable, subject to one¹s own will alone.

4. The freedoms of others should be respected, including the freedom to offend. To willfully and unjustly encroach upon the freedoms of another is to forgo one’s own.

5. Beliefs should conform to one’s best scientific understanding of the world.

6. One should take care never to distort scientific facts to fit one’s beliefs.

7. People are fallible. If one makes a mistake, one should do one’s best to rectify it and resolve any harm that might have been caused.

The authors of these Tenets believe that each is a guiding principle that might inspire nobility in action and thought. The spirit of compassion, wisdom and justice should always prevail over the written or spoken word.

The Tenets do not square much with the kind of Satan the priests and nuns of my childhood described. Since watching the movie, I’ve not had a single nightmare. I can’t say the same about dreams endured as a child, concerned as I was about what Satan had in store for transgressors young and old in the scary afterlife.

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Natural Hair Products – Advantages and Disadvantages For the Average Consumer




For many years, shoppers could only find natural hair products at health food stores and natural food markets. However, the consumer has become more aware of chemicals, synthetics, and products that are safe, not only for the environment, but for the hair follicles and the body.

One of the advantages of using a natural hair product is its availability at grocery stores, pharmacies, supercenters, and almost any place that sells hair products. Most herbal products are safe for the environment, are not tested on animals, and are better for your skin and hair.

The safest and best natural hair products, however, have a low sudsing factor, which for the average consumer may appear to be a disadvantage, because tons of frothy soap does not accompany the application onto wet hair. However, looking at a label of a natural hair product, you’ll notice that the harmful ingredients used by many commercial hair product companies are not utilized in natural hair products.

Another advantage is that they do not cost as much money and they are even less expensive when you mix the ingredients at home or when you buy natural hair products in bulk. Regardless of which type of hair you have, you can be sure to find a natural product for everyday use.

What can a natural product do for you? By using a natural herbal shampoo, you will not be putting chemicals onto your scalp or on your hair, and the natural ingredients are pure, which insures that your hair will go through a deep cleansing. There will be no filmy residue left on the hair either. In addition, your hair will look shinier and will retain its natural moisture.

Some people are under the misconception that baby shampoo is gentle for any person or for any type of hair. This is a false belief. Baby shampoo is one of the harshest shampoos for anyone’s hair. Why? Because although it is appealing to the consumer to have a product that will not cause a baby or child to cry, the consumer does not know or understand that the ingredients in the product contain a very harsh chemical that basically numbs the eyelids and the tear ducts. Yes, it’s great that babies don’t cry when the soap gets into their eyes. However, have you ever considered what that numbing agent does to a child’s eyes? So, be careful and be aware when a manufacturer or advertiser says that a product is gentle; that doesn’t mean that the product is made from natural and gentle ingredients.

There are a lot of people who are allergic to certain ingredients in a standard non-herbal product that contains chemicals, and some people are prone to losing their hair or having a similar reaction to hair products that are not pure and natural.

If you care about yourself, your body, your hair, and your environment, then environmentally friendly products such as natural hair products are definitely designed for you. In addition, remember that natural products are generally less expensive, and they will provide better results than synthetic and harsh shampoos that contain detergents.

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Common Types of Drywall Screws




When it comes to hanging drywall, there are certain tools you must use to get the job done right. The same rule applies for even the tiniest detail, like drywall screws. There are several options for drywall fasteners, but not all of them are good choices. The most effective nails and screws are the ones that provide a sturdy, long-lasting hold, while at the same time allowing for the proper amount of countersinking. Continue reading to learn about a few of the most common and effective drywall screws, and how they are applied in drywall installation.

Choose the Right Screw for the Right Job

Drywall screws are a little more expensive, but they do provide a stronger hold. There are many drywall fasteners that come in the form of a Philips head, but they are not all the same in terms of performance and value. The screw you choose will largely depend in the drywall application you have in store, but also on the quality of screw you are looking for. Here are four of the most common drywall screws used to hang gypsum:

  1. Self-Drilling – Also used as pan head screws, these are effective for metal stud framing.
  2. Course – These have course threads that securely fasten drywall to its studs.
  3. Fine – These screws have smaller heads and finer threads that work well to secure gypsum board.
  4. Trim-Head – Use these screws to attach wood trim over drywall.

You May Also Need Drywall Nails

There are also several types of drywall nails that are effective for fastening smaller parts to a larger base. In fact, there are 3 specific type of drywall nails that are commonly used in drywall installation. These common gypsum board nails include:

  1. Drywall Nails – These are standard nails used to attach drywall to wood frames. They are designed with a large head and a barbed shank, giving them a stronger holding capacity. Some are even sterilized to protect against oil and dirt.
  2. Cupped-Head Nails – These have rounded heads that allow for easier countersinking and a smooth, flat finish. They are commonly used to secure drywall to wood framing. They require to use of joint compound to cover the exposed head.
  3. Cement-Coated Nails – These nails have a resin-coated shank that is smooth. This allows for stronger holding power. Their common application is to secure drywall to wooden framing.

Professional Drywall Installation

It is highly recommended to hire a licensed contractor for drywall installation and repair. They have the proper training, experience, and resources to provide professional drywall service in a convenient time frame. You don’t want to make the mistake of injuring yourself or damaging your property if you have never hung drywall before!

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Camouflage or Simply Camo




Camouflage is another trend this fall. And not just camouflage, but color!


As fall transitions us to cooler months, we’re partnering with our favorite style bloggers to show us how they wear this season’s hottest trends. From fashion tips and makeup trends to hairstyles and home décor, we’re excited to see how these stylistas gear up for fall weather. This week, we’re welcoming Candace of Live Love & Read to share the five best ways to style camouflage – the trendiest print of fall 2017.

With New York Fashion Week (NYFW) behind us and summer making its official exit, I think it’s safe to say that we can officially focus on all things FALL. After all, for the budget-conscious fashionista, it is important to wait and see which trends get the most love from the NYFW street style scene, so you know which ones you need to invest in for your autumn wardrobe.

From the boldest of reds to couch print florals to velvet, there’s a lot of good stuff happening in the fashion department this fall. You may or may not be ready for this, but one of the most notable trends of the season is CAMO. The renaissance of this pattern started making its way down the fashion pipelines last fall and made an impressionable impact, which explains how and why camo is an IT trend for 2017.

I know, living on the “wild” side and wearing bold prints (like camo) can be scary. The good news is there are a variety of ways you can approach styling this trend without looking too “avant-garde.” Also, for my classic-natural gals who are currently thinking, “I would never wear camo,” I’m happy to report that this is your PERFECT print, as it combines all those great natural colors you love!

OK, enough shop talk, let’s get some visual inspiration. Here are 5 ways you can rock camo for fall 2017.


As a stylist, one of the complaints I’ve often heard about camo is that it feels too masculine. Trust me, I get it – it’s hard to disassociate camo print from military toughness. But here are two things to remind yourself:

1. Incorporating masculine-esque pieces is totally okay. In fact, it’s encouraged to create some contrast in your look.

2. You can also add ultra-feminine pieces to soften a look or trend.

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Can You Get Skin Tags On Your Face?




Can you get skin tags on your face, is a simple question to which there is a simple answer. Yes!

But if you find one that is quite long, or that one is starting to develop, should you be worried? No. Relax!

The answer is almost always, no! Only very rarely indeed is there a deeper problem. Skin tags are tiny growths of skin normally found on the face, hands or feet. The tags generally hang off the skin by a thin connecting stalk. You no doubt dislike having that thing, but skin tags are not normally a threat to your health. Read on to find out more.

Facial tags may be annoying, and more so on the face as they are likely to be seen by those that you meet, but there is no need to panic. The direct cause of facial them is a growth of flesh, which is also known as a “benign tumor”.

However, most people are not aware of this problem and hence do not think of the underlying causes with the result that they don’t look after themselves as they should. Most dermatologists say that keeping yourself healthy through a balanced diet is the best way to avoid them.

Removing Skin Tags Including from Your Face

If you want to remove a skin tag at home, follow these simple guidelines. The process is simple and safe.

Here Is How to Remove a Facial Skin Tag Without Harm

A “tag” on the face is basically harmless. They are only formed when the skin folds and the growth is outwards. The worst thing about them though is of course that they can so easily be seen on the face. Very few people will see them when, as they often do, they appear on underarms, armpits, your back, or your chest, let alone on the groin area!

However, you cannot just pick up your tag and remove it without the assistance of an expert. If the face skin tag becomes infected then you may have to go for surgery. The decision to remove a skin tag should not be taken in a hurry. If you remove it in haste, you may cause permanent scarring. Also, you really must wash your hands properly before you ever attempt to remove a tag.

More on How to Remove a Skin Tag on Your Face

There are many ways to remove a tag. The first way, and the most common way, is to use a thread around the base of it. We do recommend that in that way you remove it by cutting off its blood supply. A thread is pulled around the skin tag till it comes out of the skin. Once the supply of blood stops, it falls off almost immediately.

You should not use any sharp object to pull the thread. If you do so, there is a high chance of causing infection to the skin tag.

The second way is to make use of an aloe vera plant. Just take the leaf from the plant and tie it to the tag with a thread. Make sure that you do not leave any extra thread. When you tighten the thread, the aloe vera is known to go into the blood stream in it and reduce the tag. This method is said to be as effective as the first method in terms of effectiveness.

You should remember too that you should not use any sharp object to remove a facial tag. Nor should you grasp it with your finger nail. Some say that they carefully pull the skin tag with a fingernail to remove it, or use a pair of cutters or clippers. Using is not advisable, as a pair of cutters or clippers is too violent an action. We say that especially for a facial tag, it may tear off leaving a small scar when it heals.

They say that there is no need to worry about the pain as it is quite mild. But, that’s not the point. We have no doubt that the wound will usually heal in the due course of time all by itself. Maybe on some parts of the body a tiny scar would not concern you. But, for us, we would not risk it on our face. A dermatologist is the best expert to help you remove them.

It is also advised that you take good care of your facial skin tags or they may bleed if they rub against clothing etc. You should try to make sure that they don’t touch your clothes. Letting clothes rub them may make them bleed and you may create a bigger problem.

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MAC Makeup – Things You May Not Know About MAC Makeup and Cosmetics




The best makeup on earth is MAC makeup, hands down. Created in 1985 by Frank Toskan and Frank Angelo, MAC cosmetics were designed to hold up to the most grueling conditions. Ordinary drug store makeup doesn’t look good under bright lights, and most of it sweats off or wears off under normal circumstances anyway. The chemists who created MAC cosmetics, however, designed it to hold up to just about any challenge you can throw at it. It’s good for all ages, all races and all sexes, which later became the company’s motto.

MAC makeup is also a socially conscious brand. There are four social initiative problems that the company currently has in place: MAC Cruelty-Free Beauty, Back to MAC Recycling, MAC Kids Helping Kids and the MAC AIDS Fund. Even though MAC cosmetics was bought out by the Estee Lauder Companies in 1994 and the original founder Frank Angelo died in 1997, the MAC AIDS Fund has been continued by the new owners. The coolest thing about it is that every penny of the sale of the eight products under the Viva Glam name get donated to the charity. This has raised more than $86 million for the charity since 1994.

If you’re a makeup artist, you can get 40 percent off of the price of MAC makeup. Other beauty professionals can get a 30 percent discount. The brand is also extremely socially diverse. Spokespeople in the past have included everyone from RuPaul to Linda Evangelista. MAC Beauty Icons have included Liza Minnelli, Diana Ross, Raquel Welch and Catherine Deneuve. All in all, MAC makeup has done a lot for the industry as well as the community. They perfected makeup and are a great role model for other American companies. It can be said that part of their success is due to their acceptance of all things beautiful, and that’s something we can all stand behind.

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