Bending/ Breaking The Pandemic Curve: 5 Things We Each Should Do!

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With, the exception of those, who claim, to continue to deny the existence of this horrific pandemic/ virus, have experienced, nearly a year, unlike any, in recent memory (and, not, in a good – way)! Most have either, personally, been, either exposed, or infected, or know someone, who has either, experienced some of the ill – effects, or died! Instead of these numbers, becoming less fear – inducing, we are presently, experiencing, in nearly all parts of the country, the worst numbers, to – date, both in terms of cases, and/ or, fatalities. Sadly, the United States, with approximately, 4.5% of the world’s population, has experienced, close to one – quarter, of all the cases, and nearly 20% of the deaths! However, even, after all of this, we continue to witness, far – too many individuals, who, for several reasons, seem unwilling to accept, we each possess personal responsibility, to be, truly, socially responsible, and take, the necessary steps, to attempt to, at the very – least, bend – the – curve, until the vaccines are provided, to a large percentage of the public! How many more, must die, or suffer, severely, before most of us, do so? Stop complaining about public health restrictions, and complaining about your so – called, personal freedoms, and consider, the health, and well – being of the public, should, and must, become the top priorities! With that in mind, this article will attempt to, briefly, consider, examine, review, and discuss, 5 things, each of us, should do, to become part of the solution.

1. Wear a mask: If you have been wearing a mask, continue, doing so! If you have resisted, start considering the bigger – picture, and the public, common good, instead of, only your short – term, immediate comforts, and conveniences! Every study, clearly, indicates, if most people wore a mask, over 90% of the cases, would be reduced! Stop being selfish, and realize, we do so, not merely to protect ourselves, but for the greater good!

2. Social distancing: It’s normal, and healthy, to want to mingle, and have a greater degree of intimacy, with others, but, if we hope, to return to any degree of normal behavior (whatever, that means), until/ unless, we beat this virus, it is wise, and safe, to honor, social distancing, because, since this is, predominantly, an airborne – virus, it should be common sense, and courtesy!

3. Avoid crowds: How many times have we seen, when large crowds, have gathered, especially, when most weren’t wearing masks, it tends to have the potential to become a super – spreader, event? Politicians, who have ignored these, for the political advantage, have harmed the public! Even, house – parties, have shown, dangerous ramifications!

4. Follow suggestions of public health experts: Instead of listening to what you want to hear, pay close attention, to what you need to know, and behave accordingly! It is way, past – time, for us, to, merely, do what, we find, serves our preferences, and/ or, personal agenda, etc, and realize, it makes sense to follow the suggestions/ guidelines of the public health experts, rather than any elected official (even one, who states, he is a stable genius)!

5. Get vaccinated: Even, the greatest vaccine, unless most people, get vaccinated, won’t have the desirable results! The experts claim, these are, among, the safest vaccines, developed, and are effective! Don’t be stupid!

Unless/ until, most of the public, begins to consider others, instead of only, their personal preferences, etc, we won’t break this curve, and stop seeing the horrific results! Do, what’s right!

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