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COVID-19 Frontline Workers: Strategies for Staying Emotionally Healthy



To date worldwide, there have been more than 3 million people infected with COVID-19, over two hundred thousand deaths and millions of others who have been impacted financially, and emotionally. Our frontline workers are tasked with continuing to go to work to provide for our public health needs and safety. During this unprecedented pandemic, frontline workers and healthcare staff are trying to take care for their patients and the general public while also coping with their own physical exhaustion, stress, worry and anxiety. Below are a few tips, strategies and mental health resources for staying emotionally healthy.


EAT REGULARLY- With an increased workload, variable work schedules, and psychological fatigue, it is very easy to skip a meal. Sometimes you may be too tired to cook, instead preferring to catch up on your sleep. If you don’t have time or energy to cook, consider meal prepping, buying a healthy takeout meal, or choosing healthy frozen meal options. Although takeout and frozen foods may not be your top choice, it may be a better alternative to skipping meals or eating unhealthy snacks.

GET MOVING!- Even if you can’t go to the gym or participate in a sport with your exercise buddies, consider engaging in a physical activity at home like yoga, stretching, push ups, hand weights or work out videos.

MEDICATIONS- Don’t forget to take your medications if prescribed. Set reminder alarms or stick up post it notes so that you don’t miss any doses.


Don’t forget to self-assess daily! How are you coping with your stress? Are you feeling more detached or shut down? Are you more irritable or easily annoyed? Have you started to self-isolate, or are not answering calls or texts? Do you feel overwhelmed or a loss of control? Are you crying or feeling down? If you are experiencing any of the above, do not hesitate to talk to someone and get help.


Step back and breathe. Depending on job demands, it may be very difficult to stop and hit the reset button. However, being able to unplug temporarily is important to allow both your body and mind to recharge. Try not to constantly talk about work during your breaks or at lunch. When at home fully focus on your family and participate in bonding activities to help rejuvenate your mind and spirit. Consider engaging in meditation, spiritual, or religious activities depending on your beliefs.


Although you may be coping okay, that is not to say that your fellow coworkers are handling their stressors effectively. Look around you! As you walk through the hallway, pass an open office door, or chat in the staff lounge, look closely. Be on the lookout for any unexpected negative changes in appearance, hygiene, attitude, or mood with your coworkers. Consider doing a quick buddy check, by asking them how they are doing. Even if they may not open up at the time, remind them that help and resources are available.


Employers are encouraged to provide information to their staff on available resources including employee assistance programs, mental health providers and financial support. Consider highlighting available resources through continuous reminders on the company’s webpage, weekly emails, Facebook postings, or informational bulletin boards.


Although it is important to get help, doing so still has sociological and cultural stigmas attached. Everyone can do their part in normalizing seeking mental health assistance. As a society we don’t think twice when a person talks about going to their medical doctor for a medical issues. However, we all must be mindful in how we respond or comment when a person voices being stressed, overwhelmed or having problems coping. Let’s make sure we aren’t ridiculing, using negative language, gossiping, or minimizing the person’s difficulties. Instead, be that voice of encouragement and empowerment!



• National Suicide Prevention Lifeline: 1-800-273-TALK (8255)

• The Crisis Text Line: Text TALK to 741741

• NAMI Helpline: 1-800-950-NAMI (1-800-950-6264)

• Disaster Distress Helpline: 1-800-985-5990

• Dial 211- visit if you need assistance finding food, paying housing bills accessing free childcare or other essential services.

• Military OneSource: Provides materials and information on programs for military parents.

Phone Numbers:

Toll-Free: 1-800-342-9647

En español llame al: 1-800-342-9647

TTY/TTD: Dial 711 and give the toll-free number 1-800-342-9647

• Veterans Crisis Line (VA): Call 800-273-8255 or text 838255

• DoD/VA Suicide Outreach:

• Live AA/NA online meetings


Moving Forward App

Life Armor app

Breathe2Relax app

Headspace (meditation app)

Insight Timer App

Copyright © Felecia D. Sheffield, PhD, HSP,. All Rights Reserved in All Media.

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A Review of the Enchantment Resort and Mii Amo Spa in Sedona, AZ




If you are looking for luxury and relaxation, one of the United States most beautiful and popular resorts and spas happens to be the Enchantment Resort and Mii Amo Spa. It is located in beautiful Sedona, Arizona, where you will not only enjoy the spa and resort, but also the beauty of the Red Rocks all around you. It is totally surrounded by the incredible red rocks in the Boynton Canyon, and you’ll find rugged grandeur as well as luxury when you visit this resort.

The resort is about 110 miles away from Phoenix, and it is located on 70 acres of land to provide a great setting. With accommodations that are adobe casita style, you’ll enjoy comfort and luxury at this resort. The property is also bordered by the Coconino National Forest as well.

You won’t have to worry about overbearing heat, since the Enchantment Resort and Mii Amo Spa is at an altitude of 4600 feet. You’ll be comfortable even during the summer. The resort is hidden away in a beautiful oasis. The spa provided is magnificent and the area of Sedona is considered to be one of the best healing places in the world.

Not only does this resort provide a great option to couples and families, but it makes a great executive retreat as well. There are outdoor patios and conference rooms available for those on retreats or business meetings.

Located on site is the Yavapai restaurant, which provides tasty Southwestern food that you’ll enjoy. Then you have the informal Gabo restaurant that you will enjoy as well. If you bring the kids along there are various child programs. The camp Coyote provides activities, crafts, and more for the kids while you are there.

There are a variety of great activities that you can enjoy while you are at the Enchantment Resort and Mii Amo Spa. They provide mountain biking, golfing, hiking, hot air balloon rides, bike tours, horseback riding, shopping, tennis courts, and more. Enjoy going to the theatre or check out some of the beautiful museums that are in the area.

No matter your reason for visiting the Sedona area, whether it is business or pleasure, you are sure to enjoy your state at this resort. The rooms are large and lovely, and you’ll have all the luxury and comfort that you could ever dream of. The staff are friendly and helpful, and you’ll have the time of your life.

Prices will vary, depending on the package and room you need. Prices can also vary, depending on the time of year that you try booking at this resort. Make sure you book in advance to get the accommodations that you really want.

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Fact – Checking Vaccination Conspiracy Theories!: 5 Examples




After, well – over, a year, of experiencing, one of the worst, most – horrific, pandemics, in recent memory/ history, wouldn’t we be, far – better – off, when/ if, people, sought to do, what was, in the best – interests, of better, public health, rather than clinging to, one of the many, disputed, disproven, conspiracy theories, which go – around? We witnessed, an example, of what, appeared to be, either, selfish, foolish, or political reasons, some refused to wear a mask, when, there was a risk, to some (if, not, merely, themselves), of spreading the infection, virus, etc. Nearly, all public health experts, state, achieving close to herd immunity (which requires, about 80% to be vaccinated/ previously infected/ immune, etc), yet, many of those, who complained about mandated restrictions, etc, won’t willingly, take a vaccination! There have been many of these types of so – called, conspiracy – related theories, articulated, and, with that in mind, this article will attempt to, briefly, consider, examine, review, and discuss, and fact – check, 5 examples.

1. There’s a chip – implanted, when we vaccinate: Ladies, and gentlemen, there is not, any chip, tracking device, etc, implanted, when we get a vaccine! There are published, scientific/ chemical evaluations, available, which directly, dispute these claims! Although, there may be, some side – effects, to a small number of people, all you need to do, is, listen, to any pharmaceutical advertisement, and, you will hear, a significant portion, of the time, devoted to potential side – effects!

2. Yes, it was tested on people: One conspiracy – related, theory, states, because, it isn’t safe, there was no testing on humans, but, rather, only on other animals. Nothing, could be, further, from the truth, and, each vaccine, before their results, could be reviewed, and evaluated, by the Council for Disease Control (CDC), Federal Drug Administration (FDA), needed to be administered, to tens of thousands, of people! The results showed, these, were, both, safe, and extremely effective!

3. Claims they aren’t safe: Public health experts state, these doses, are, both, safe and effective, after reviewing, a significant amount of cases, administered, during the testing period! When, one compares, the risks, to the potential rewards, as well, as the results, previously, in terms of cases/ infections, and deaths/ fatalities, doesn’t it make sense, to cooperate?

4. Understanding herd immunity: Although, the previous President, referred to, herd immunity, and quality treatments, many of his core supporters, continue, to resist, and prefer unproven claims, rather than reality! If/ when, we can achieve, approximately, 80% of people, taking the shot, this thing, would finally, be addressed! How can we, create this desirable situation, when some, refuse to, even, consider, doing, the right – thing?

5. Using the term, temporary/ provisional: Some state, it isn’t safe, because, the approvals, given, were, merely, emergency/ temporary/ provisional, etc! Instead of, understanding, this was done, to begin, seeing necessary results, sooner, rather than later, they use the terminology, to justify, opposing, smart, public health – directed, behaviors/ actions, etc!

Before listening to those, who equate their opinions, prejudices, biases, etc, as facts, doesn’t it, make sense, to realize, alternative facts, are, merely, opinions! We need wiser actions, sooner, rather than later!

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Follow Homemade Beauty Tips – For Beauty Is In Nature’s Grips




Beautiful people of all ages have maintained that beauty is not as much reflected in the rosy, youthful look of the skin. When questioned about the secret to their beautiful skins, they have always attributed it to a healthy lifestyle and a few homemade beauty tips. Healthy lifestyle and homemade beauty tips are mostly based on the refreshing, detoxifying effects of natural and herbal products with the former fortifying the system’s internal strength and the later protecting outwardly.

Homemade beauty tips, as such, are based on judicial choice of herbal ingredients for external skin care. Some home-based natural skin care tips would be as follows:

o Buttermilk/cream and yogurt make excellent skin cleansers.

o After-bath application of almond oil is undoubtedly a great treat for the skin – the suppleness and glow it brings to the skin is unmatched by even the very best of moisturizers.

o Regular application of honey or yogurt makes the skin soft and has a gentle bleaching effect.

o Sea salt/sugar mixed with olive oil works as an extraordinary at-home body exfoliation preparation.

o Different natural and herbal products like Aloe Vera, Basil, Chamomile, Lavender, Marshmallow, Neem, Oatmeal, Sandalwood, Tea tree oil, Turmeric, Witch Hazel, etc. used as facial packs often help to dispose dead cells and impurities lodged in the skin to unclog pores. Side by side playing the roles of cleansers, the natural produces and elements strike water-oil balance of the skin.

If you find it too troublesome to go for natural skin treatments, the safest choice will be the TCA peels. The ready-to-be-used medically approved TCA peels have an answer for almost all skin problems – right from acnes to wrinkles and skin pigmentations to dryness. With long lasting effects, TCA peels give back the skin its natural healthfulness. With no harmful side effects (nearing the gentleness of homemade beauty tips), TCA peels can be safely used for teen-age skin problems.

Two is undoubtedly ‘company’ but three is not always ‘crowd’. TCA peels, balanced diets and a few homemade beauty tips make enviable company when it comes to revitalizing the skin. Therefore, surrender to the cares of the threesome and be the proud possessor of a youthful skin and look!

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