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Feminization Hypnosis – LIPSTICK TRIGGER SCRIPT




Before you start this session, there is something I would like you to do. Get your make up bag. Take out your favorite lipstick. Hold it in your hand for a few moments. Feel its weight, shape, and surface. Then, take a closer look at it. Notice its color and shape. Suddenly, a thought crosses your mind: ‘This lipstick is my friend’, you think. ‘The two of us have a really good relationship.’ Feel a smile spread across your face, and happiness take a hold of your heart.

Next, close your eyes for a second. Breathe out. Let all air leave your lungs and flush out any particles of strangeness or conventional perceptions that may still be trying to disturb the relationship between you and your lipstick.

Next, open your lipstick, hold it under your nose, and take a deep breath that comfortably touches the walls of your nose and the inside of your body as it brushes past, until it reaches the depth of your feminine core. The air you are breathing in now contains the aroma of your lipstick. This is YOUR scent. YOU are the woman whose seductive aroma you can smell. Feel this exciting sensation spread in your mind and body. Feel it release a spark of glowing excitement that triggers a fountain of calm.

As you breathe out, the last tiny particles that have been trying to keep you and your lipstick apart leave your mind and body. As you breathe in again, a confident feminine calm flows into every corner of your body. With your next breath, let go of all stress and negativity. Whatever may be going on in your life, you are now ready to forget about it for a while, find a quiet place, and begin your session. Close your lipstick, send another portion of gratefulness to your powerful little friend, take it with you and place it in front of you where you are planning to start your session.


For a brief moment, gather your determination. You are determined to find what you’re looking for. You are determined to find the center of femininity in yourself that allows you to walk, talk, act, and feel like a woman. After that, all you have to do is relax and follow my instructions as I lead you towards the goal you have specified.

Open your eyes. Choose a spot on the lipstick in front of you. Zoom in on it and concentrate on all its details. Look at its texture, color, light, and shade. As you try harder and harder to discover even the tiniest detail, your eyes acquire a kind of superpower. You can now literally zoom in on the spot and discover even more: tiny particles in its texture, slight color variations, traces of your own finger prints, dots of light reflected in the surface, smooth, shiny stretches, tiny indentations.

As you focus on every detail of this spot on your lipstick, everything in the room around you begins to fade away and assume soft, gentle shades and forms in the background, releasing a deeply relaxed, natural femininity. Feel how the room around you begins to ooze this comfortable, feminine feeling. ‘Soon, walking, talking, acting, and feeling like a woman will come to you naturally!’ the room seems to say as you focus more and more on your lipstick, advancing towards its hidden soul.

Breathe in the room’s substance and aroma. With each breath, you feel more at ease with yourself, with each breath, you feel more and more like a soft, curvy, confident woman. You can feel your muscles change, getting ready to produce a natural, undulating, feminine walk the next time you get up. You can feel your voice box getting smaller, molding itself to produce a beautiful, feminine voice the next time you open your mouth. Every time you breathe out, your eyelids feel heavier and heavier, wanting to sink towards the comfort of this feminine abode forming deep inside your body.

But resist this impulse just a little longer. Do not close your eyes just yet. The spot you are looking at sucks you in, seduces you, and keeps your attention. Feel its irresistible energy, its magic power. Feel its feminine soul draw you in. As you keep your attention on this spot, your body and soul open up even further to the confident, feminine calm all around you. Let it seep into your pores and deep into your body. At the same time, feel how your eyelids get even heavier. You have been trying hard to keep them open. But finally they have become so heavy, you can no longer resist the temptation of closing them.


Close your eyes. As your eyelids touch, they melt into each other like liquid wax, completely relaxed. A wave of calm goes through your body like a sigh of relief. Finally you are allowed to truly relax. Let yourself sink completely into the relaxing, feminine atmosphere of the room. With each deep, slow breath you take, fill your lungs with this sweet smelling, beautifying, calming air.

Feel how you, the soul of the lipstick, and the room become one as you breathe in the aroma and the energy around you. You are this sweet smelling, beautiful woman, calm and confident, relaxing in the soft folds of her femininity. Breathe in and out within this comfortable feeling. Remember what has brought you here. The magic of the lipstick.

Is this really true? Has your lipstick really brought you this magic present? You feel the strong urge to assure yourself one more time that your lipstick will help you walk, talk, act, and feel like a woman. With great effort, unglue your eyelids and open your eyes one more time. Find your lipstick in front of you and notice how it fills you with happiness and relief. No doubt, your lipstick is really there for you whenever you need it. With a feeling of deep gratefulness, breathe in the presence of your dear new friend one more time. Your eyelids are now so heavy, when you breathe out, they simply sink, melting together even more solidly than the first time.

Breathe in and feel a warm stream emanate from the lipstick in front of you spiraling into every cell of your body. You can feel an instant feminine calm spread to your core, connecting you with nature, the world, your true self, and everybody else around you. Breathe out and let this feeling sink even deeper into your tissue. Feel how this perfect, natural feminine calm soaks the tissue and bones in your right arm. Breathe in. As you breathe out again, your right arm gets even heavier, sinking further into the surface beneath it. Repeat this one more time, breathe in, breathe out, and notice how your right arm sinks so deep and gets so heavy, you could not lift it even if you tried.

Next, focus on your left arm. Here, too, tissue and bones are soaking in more and more heavy, feminine calm. Breathe in. Breathe out and let your left arm get even heavier with this precious natural femininity. Breathe in, breathe out. Let your left arm sink deep into the cushion beneath it. One last time, inhale the essence of the warm feminine stream emanating from your lipstick and feel your left arm sink so low and get so heavy, it is now impossible for you to lift it.

Keep breathing in long, deep breaths of air. Then, let the air stream back out. Feel how the weight of the perfect feminine calm in your arms seeps into the center of your body, and further down into your legs. Feel how your thighs, knees, calves and feet soak up this heavy feminine essence and sink deeper and deeper into the cushions until you are unable to lift any part of your body. Your whole body is soaked with feminine calm, and too heavy and relaxed to move.

You are now completely relaxed. Suddenly, you notice that there is a small being in the room with you, a little goblin who doesn’t trust you for some reason. He thinks you might not be a real woman, but you are too relaxed to pay any attention to him. Really, the goblin has come to perform the ultimate test on you. He knows, if he can lift your arms and legs, you are not a real woman. But if he can’t lift them, this is the ultimate proof that you are a real woman. Feel a smile spread inside your mind. You have already passed the test.

Feel how completely relaxed you are, how nothing in the world could move you from where you are. The goblin jumps up onto your lap and tries to lift your arm. Impossible. He tries and tries, pulls on it with all his might, but however much he tries, it cannot be moved. He hobbles down to your leg and tries to lift up your leg, but once again, no matter how hard he tries, your leg cannot be moved. He has performed the ultimate test. You are a real woman. The goblin dissolves and leaves the beautiful woman he has so wrongfully mistrusted to descend even further into her subconscious.

Take one more long, deep breath and think THANK YOU to perfectly absorb the beautiful present from your lipstick into your mind, heart, and body full of deep gratefulness. When you breathe out, your breath will take you to the edge of a staircase. A staircase that leads deeper and deeper. You will now walk down the stairs and step further and further into a deep state of relaxation. You are on your way to the new, beautified, seductive feminine soul you have received from your lipstick.

Breathe in. When you breathe out, take one step down the stairs onto an even deeper level of relaxation than the plateau you are now standing on. Breathe in. Breathe out. Step down. As the last bit of air leaves your lungs, feel your feet sink into the step you’re standing on. Repeat the same process and walk down the stairs further with each breath as I slowly count backwards from 5 to 1. When I arrive at 1, you will feel so heavy and relaxed, not even the strongest person in the world could lift you up. You are right here, where you want to be. Deeply relaxed, ready to discover what helps you walk, talk, act, and feel like a woman without the slightest feeling of doubt or anxiety in your mind. It will become completely natural for you. When I arrive at 1, you will see a door in front of you. Here we go. 5-4-3-2-1.


It is very dark. Look at the door. You can see the outline of a plaque on it. Look at it more closely. It is difficult to decipher the word, but finally it hits you: the door has your name on it. This room is yours. Open the door, and step into the room. This room is your room. It is the room of a long forgotten you. You have decorated it when you were the woman you are now trying to find in yourself again. When you were born as her, when you were allowed to be her 100% at all times, freely, and full of confidence. When you walked, talked, acted and thought like a woman as if it was nothing.

This is your soft bed, these are your beautiful, silky cushions and bed spreads. This is the wallpaper you picked. At the opposite end of the room you discover your favorite item of furniture: your dressing table with your hairbrush, your hair clips, pins, and accessories, your perfume and makeup.

You put some perfume on your wrists and rub it on the sides of your neck. Already, you are feeling closer to the woman that decorated this room, the woman that is slumbering somewhere inside yourself. Simply natural and feminine.

Next, your eyes are drawn to your lipstick. You want to touch it and lift it up, but it seems to be surrounded by a dark barrier. You realize that there is an obstacle between you and your friend that you have to overcome. Take a step back. Remember your past experiences with this lipstick. Is there anything negative in your memory in connection with lipstick? Anything that made you feel anxious, nervous, embarrassed or fearful? Anything that scratched your confidence as a woman? This is your chance to get rid of these old problems and turn towards a future as a confident, fearless, unshakable woman. In order to do this, you first need to bring back each unpleasant memory connected with your lipstick, invite it into your body with a deep breath, and, as you breathe out, send it far, far away, never to come back.

Have you found one of these unpleasant memories in your past? They are the only thing that is keeping you from making a fresh connection with your lipstick, a magical connection that could be your entrance to a world where you can simply apply lipstick, and be transformed into a natural, confident woman, where, as soon as you apply your lipstick, you can walk, talk, act, and think like a woman without the slightest effort. A world where you no longer feel anxiety, stress, nervousness or embarrassment about moving among people as a woman. Where you can finally be the woman you really are, alone or in public.

One by one, breathe in each negative experience connected with your lipstick, breathe in all the fear, all the embarrassment, all the nervousness you felt at the time. Then, when your lungs are completely filled with the situation and the way you felt, breathe out, and let it all go. Let your breath flush it all out, breathe the experience far, far away. Send it out of your body and mind, never to return. With each breath, the dark barrier around the lipstick in front of you fades away. As you breathe out watch how with each negative memory you send away, the space around your lipstick emerges from the darkness and becomes brighter and brighter like a stage that is being lit up before a performance. Breathe in all negative memories connected with your lipstick, breathe out, and let them go. Repeat this process a few more times, until, finally, you realize that you have no more bad memories connected with your lipstick. Your breathing is now completely clean, calm, and empty. Watch as your lipstick suddenly appears in a sparkling, almost magical light.

As you look at your lipstick, illuminated by this bright, sparkling light, you realize that this lipstick contains what you need to leave all your fears behind, all those things that have been keeping you away from the woman you really are, the beautiful woman that has been locked up inside you, anxious to come out and dazzle the world with her beauty.

Your fingers tingle, wanting to grab your lipstick and find out how it feels to use it. Finally, you can’t wait any longer. You grab and open your lipstick. Its sweet, feminine aroma hits your nostrils and fills you with natural femininity, confidence, and happiness. Breathe in this aroma. Feel how it moves through your body. First, it creeps into your voice box and changes its shape, making it smaller. Your new voice box feels soft and small, and you know the next time you open your mouth, a feminine voice will come out. The lipstick’s aroma moves past your voice box into your body and transforms your muscles into soft, sensuous feminine muscles that will make you walk like a woman. The comfortable tingle then spreads into your abdomen, your center of gravity, the place where your movements and actions are born. Here, it seeps into every fiber, every cell of tissue, and transforms your center of action into that of a woman. Finally, the sparkling tingle that has sprung from your lipstick’s scent shoots up like a golden fountain into your head and beyond, opening your crown all the way to the sky. Feel your golden, warm connection with your feminine guardian muse. Your mind has opened up to true, authentic feminine thoughts and inspiration. The aroma of the lipstick has prepared your whole body and mind to walk, talk, act, and think like a woman.

The time has finally come. Look at your face in the mirror. Already, you can detect in it a hopeful glow that makes it look more feminine, more confident, more beautiful. Make the right shape with your mouth and apply the lipstick to your lips. As you feel the moist color spread across your lips and sink into the pores of your lips, you can feel a sparkling, sensual tickle go through them. In an instant, they have changed into perfect beautiful women’s lips. Looking at your eyes, you can see them sparkle seductively. These are clearly a woman’s eyes, radiating happiness, beauty, and confidence. Look at your face. Your features have changed. Nothing you see suggests that this beautiful person in the mirror is not a woman. Your face is full of feminine charm and beauty. But something else has changed, and it is this other, magical change within you that makes you feel like you have been kissed by the divine muse of femininity: the really special present you have received from your lipstick is how you feel inside. You feel like a woman. You are so excited to finally have arrived in your own, natural female body, you want to experience it in all its splendor and take it out somewhere for everyone to see.

Full of excitement, you begin to hum a little tune to yourself. You can hardly believe your ears as you realize that the voice that comes out of your mouth is completely feminine, high-pitched, relaxed, and natural, simply humming a happy tune, letting her inner beauty flow out in a smooth, feminine song. This makes you so happy, you get up and start walking and dancing about the room. You notice that your movements feel different. They have become smoother. When you walk, your hips have a slight, natural swing to them, and your breasts bounce rhythmically as you do your little happy dance.

Suddenly, you remember where all this natural, feminine beauty has come from, and what has helped you discover all this within yourself. You turn towards your lipstick on the dressing table, kneel down in front of it, put your hands together and send a little prayer to the divine source of this blessing: ‘Thank you!’ you say. And ‘All I did was apply some lipstick, and I’m walking, talking, acting, and thinking like a woman! Thank you! Thank you so much!’

You feel ecstatic. You are ready to go out and show your beauty to the world! You will never leave your lipstick at home again. You will take it wherever you go, and it will give you the power to be a confident woman unperturbed by anything or anybody.


Tonight, it’s party time. You arrive in the parking lot near the night club and park your car. Put on some drops of perfume and feel it brighten your spirits. Next, take out your lipstick. This magic wand will turn you into exactly who you want to be when you get out of the car and walk into the nightclub. A beautiful, sensual, completely confident woman who will not be shaken up by anything or anybody. Look at your face in the rear view mirror. Open your lipstick and feel its magic aroma spread in your car. As you open it, you feel its aroma waft up your nostrils and seep into every part of your body, changing your voice, your muscles, your action center, and your mind.

You are now ready for your transformation. Apply the lipstick. As you purse your lips to rub the color all over them, your face turns into a perfect, feminine face. This is the face you are going to show to the world. Confidence and femininity radiate from your body. You are so full of bouncing, sensual female energy, you cannot wait to get out of the car and into the nightclub. Nobody will be able to intimidate of fluster you. Even if they try: nothing can startle your brilliant sense of humor. Nothing can stand in the way of your irresistible feminine charm.

You put your things in your purse and leave the car. Confidently and upright, with a feminine hip swing, you stroll towards the club. The female walk comes to you naturally. You don’t have to think about it. Your hips and legs simply move, comfortably, and beautifully. You are walking like a woman. You line up. People are waiting behind you and in front of you. Some of them just continue their conversation, some women give you the typical once-over they reserve for other attractive women that might be competition for them. Some men look at you, their eyes darkening with lust. Some men give you challenging smiles, asking for a reaction. Some people giggle as they talk and look in your direction, but you couldn’t care less. In fact, you feel sorry for them. They are like the pitiful little goblin that came to test your authenticity as a woman. They are missing beauty in their lives, something that YOU have plenty of. You get to the entrance. It is your turn to pay and show your ID. The man at the entrance looks at your ID, then at your face, gives you a friendly smile. As he hands your ID back to you, you say ‘Thank you!’ Your own feminine, sensual voice hits your ears and makes them rejoice, giving your confidence the final push it needed. You enter the club, readier than ever to dance out your soul and party till morning. Your hips are rolling with femininity, your breasts are bouncing, and you tingle all over as you begin to move your body to the music, meet people’s eyes, and interact with them full of confidence and happiness, having the time of your life.


When you go to bed, you will have the most relaxing, rejuvenating sleep. When you wake up again, you will be fresh and ready for more adventures. Remember: All you have to do is apply some lipstick, and you the beautiful woman inside you will re-emerge. You no longer feel separated from the woman you really are. Let this feeling permeate you one more time, before you enter the next stage of your life, the stage you have been waiting for, the stage of life in which your true inner woman has come to the surface again and freely gets to live her life, the life she is entitled to, for herself, and for everybody else to see.

I will now count to 5. The first time I count to five, let your mind drift halfway to the surface. The second time I count to five, you may either let yourself fall into a deep sleep, and give this new you a chance to rest and fully return to your body, ready to start your new life when you wake up rejuvenated and revitalized. Or you may rise straight back to wakefulness, giving the beautiful woman that has been unlocked inside you a head start to her new life in the real world, on the surface of things, where people can see and admire her true beauty, where she is confident, free of fear and anxiety, ready to talk, walk, and dance with anybody she meets.

Ready? 1 – 2 – 3 – 4 – 5. Take one more deep breath before you journey on to the next stage of your life, the stage you have been waiting for. Appreciate one more time what has changed in you. The woman inside you has been unlocked. If you ever threaten to forget, if you ever feel anxious or nervous, if you ever feel her drifting away again, all you need is apply some lipstick, and you will be reminded of her presence, of who you REALLY are. Are you ready? Decide whether you want to fall asleep or bounce into wakefulness. Either way, welcome back to your own, true self. Here we go. 1 – 2 – 3 – 4 – 5.


How to Choose the Best Gourmet Hamper in Singapore




Gourmet hampers are the perfect way to gift your loved one or for different occasions. These gifts consist of a combination of your favorite foods like cheeses, chocolate, and other decadents. Many online vendors produce versatile gourmet hampers with different components to suit and enhance your occasion’s experience. Choosing the appropriate one to suit your occasion is usually daunting with the numerous options available. This article outlines the proper guide to selecting the right gourmet hamper.

1. Consider the Person Receiving the Gift

When choosing a gourmet hamper, it’ll be vital to consider the person, either a loved one or a relative receiving the gift hamper. Remember that a suitable and jaw-dropping gourmet hamper comes with various components, like nuts, cheeses, chocolates, and many other decadents. Importantly, choose a hamper with the components that the individual loves. For instance, gourmet hampers with a lot of cheese and chocolate will suit most chocolate enthusiasts.

2. Check the Delivery

The delivery is an essential consideration when checking the appropriate gourmet hamper in Singapore. You can consider the delivery system, the cost, and the duration the vendor takes to deliver these hampers. Essentially, choose one that the vendor has a cost-effective and reliable delivery mode. A faster and more reliable delivery will be imperative to prevent any inconveniences that may result after purchasing your hamper.

3. Consider a Reputable Vendor

When looking for a gourmet hamper in Singapore, numerous vendors (online and physical) offer varying types. Before purchasing these hampers, it’ll be essential to consider choosing the right vendor for your supply. You can check at get the right one from the wide variety available. The vendors should have a wide range of products you can choose from, a secure and reliable payment system. Choosing a reputable and dependable vendor guarantees high-quality hampers.


4. Consider the Gourmet Hamper’s Cost

Cost is an essential factor when looking for the right gourmet hamper. These products come at varying prices due to the different qualities and components in the basket. Before choosing the appropriate option, it’ll be wise to consider the one coming at an affordable rate. You can compare the options from different vendors and sites to choose those that suit your needs. Nevertheless, ensure that the lower price doesn’t entice you into purchasing lower-quality products.

5. Consider the Theme of your Occasion

Gourmet hampers come in different sizes and highlight products that suit different occasions. When choosing a suitable hamper for your needs, it’ll be essential to consider one that suits your needs. Furthermore, you can consider the customizable ones to suit your events like birthdays, valentines, etc. For example, if you want to enjoy or light up your valentine’s day, you can consider gourmet with components reflecting a romantic theme.

Wrapping Up

Gourmet hampers are the appropriate gift for your loved one, or you can use them to light up your occasion. Nonetheless, it’s usually daunting to choose the right one for your occasion with the vendors offering a wide range of varieties. Considering your occasion’s theme, the person you’re gifting, the vendor or supplier, and the price will help you get the suitable one.

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Acne-Prone Skin: The Best Face Serums



Acne Prone Skin

Acne-prone skin needs high maintenance. If you have acne-prone skin, you must know how hard it is to take care of acne-prone skin. You can’t just buy some random product and start using them. You have to take care of every effect and ingredient of the product.

Acne-prone skin faces many skin issues, but a serum can prevent you from all these unnecessary troubles. You have to choose a serum that is hydrating and exfoliating. To get flawless and non-greasy skin, you should use face serum from

Here we will guide you on choosing the suitable face serum for your acne-prone skin. Let’s find out the best ingredient for face serum.

What’s an acne-prone skin serum contain

If you choose an acne-prone skin serum, you must know what ingredient it contains. A good acne-prone serum has some common elements. So before buying a serum, look for these ingredients.

  1. Salicylic acid

Salicylic acid is the common element that we can find in all acne-prone skin products. It is known as beta hydroxy acid. The main work of salicylic acid is to remove dead cells and exfoliate the face. This also helps in clogging your pores.

  1. Alpha hydroxy acid

You can find AHA in all the acne-prone serums. The main work of AHA is to remove dead cells. It also helps in reducing inflammation. By using AHA serum, you can see improvement in pimple scars.

  1. Sulphur 

You can find sulfur combined with benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid. It helps in removing the dead skin cells that can clog your pores. You can see more minor breakouts after using the sulfur base product because they can remove the excess oil from the face, which is the breakout.

  1. Vitamin C

One of the most common serum ingredients is vitamin C. You can never go wrong with vitamin c serum. It has anti-inflammatory properties. Vitamin C is an antioxidant that helps in reducing the redness of the face in acne-prone skin.

  1. Tea tree oil

It is one of the known essential oils made of leaves of tea trees. The tea tree works slowly and gives results after some time. You can also use pure tea tree if you have acne-prone skin.

How to choose the right ance prone skin serum

Before choosing a suitable acne-prone skin serum, you need to consider some facts.

  1. Look for ingredient 

Before buying acne-prone serum, scan the ingredient list. It would be best if you looked for a serum that contains salicylic acid, AHA, niacinamide, retinol, and zinc. We explain earlier about all these ingredients. Also, check soothing ingredients like aloe vera.

  1. Avoid the specific ingredient

You should avoid some harmful ingredients before choosing a serum.

  1. The serum doesn’t contain harsh chemical
  2. Don’t have any seed-derived oils
  3. Free of alcohol and sulfate
  4. Check review

Before buying the product, always look for reviews. The review gives a clear idea of whether you should buy the product or not.

These are some essential tips you have to follow before buying an acne-prone skin serum.


It is tough to handle acne-prone skin. You will often face breakouts and pimples when you have oily skin. So to remove all the excess oil and pimple scar, we suggest you use a serum. Here we explain everything you need to consider before buying a serum.

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Bikini Cuts & Styles: What’s Right for You?




Every person has a unique body shape and size, so why should you wear the same bikini as everyone else? Many designers and brands have caught on to the fact that women want to highlight their individuality and flatter their best assets, so now they’re developing styles for every body type and size. While you might already know which bikinis are best for you, there are so many new styles out there, it might be time to discover new shapes that could be even better! 

This overview explores some common body types and the best bikinis to make them pop. Read on here to find a few more pieces for your bathing suit collection!

  • Smaller Chest

Finding a sexy bikini means working with what you’ve got. Regardless of what social media tells you is attractive, you can still highlight your features to look their best, even if you feel like you could use more (or less) in any particular department.

For women who have a smaller bust, you may want to explore bathing suit options with embellishments, prints, and details to accentuate the top of the bikini. These create the illusion of a larger chest and balance out your hips if you’re curvier down below. You may also want to shop bathing suit tops with extra padding or a push up design to create curves where you feel they’re lacking.

  • Bigger Chest

You probably already know that the string bikini is not your friend. Tiny strands are simply not made to hold up those glorious orbs of goodness! To ensure your chest is completely supported and your breasts stay in place, explore bikinis with underwire and thick straps. Double-stitching on the bands also means your bathing suit can handle more weight.

Thick halter bikini tops, bra-style tops, molded cups, and high backs are all going to make a huge difference in how the ladies are sitting.

  • Broad Shoulders

If your shoulders are broader than your hips, you want to find balance in your bathing suit. One tactic that may work for you is choosing solid colored bikinis, or a monokini with side paneling, that helps create the illusion of an hourglass figure. A cinched, high-waisted bottom literally pulls in your waist to develop more curves in your hips and draws the eye to your middle. An asymmetrical neckline is also a great way to cut up a boxy shape and introduce more curves.

  • Flatter Booty

Similar to resolving a smaller chest, a small booty can be easily enhanced with some frills and ruching on your bikini bottom. You should also explore bottoms in bright colors and loud patterns. These two strategies provide the illusion of a bigger behind and distract from a flat tush. Flat butts also do well in cheeky bottoms and micro bikini options because the higher cut creates what isn’t actually there.

  • Larger Booty

An ample backside means string bikinis and high-cut bottoms are uncomfortable and way too revealing. Don’t force yourself into these styles for the sake of the ‘Gram. Instead, choose cuts that accentuate your butt without cutting off circulation around your hips and thighs! Suits with extra fabric mean you’re never picking out a wedgie, while thong bikinis bare it all without digging in at all the wrong places. Either style is a great choice to show off what your mama gave you; it’s all down to your preference of how much you want to share!

women gacf9d0b29 1920 1

Image Credit: Pixabay

  • Stick Straight

Whether you’ve been described as athletic or as a stick, you’ve got a rectangle body type with minimal curves. Take back your sexiness when you choose bathing suits that show off those taut abs and jutting collarbone! You can play up the athleticism with bandeau tops and boy-cut briefs, or you can try for an hour-glass illusion with padded pushups and ruffled bottoms. Experiment with both styles to see what you love instead of fitting yourself into a box of what everyone else thinks is sexy!

  • Tummy Pooch

Anyone with a uterus has a little bit of that front pooch – it’s part of being a woman! So, unless you’ve got a personal trainer and private chef keeping your abs flat as an ironing board, you might find yourself feeling self-conscious when compared to Insta models and Victoria’s Secret Angels.

First, you don’t have to feel like you need to hide that tummy pooch, but if you do want to smooth it out, you have options. High-waisted bikinis are the perfect way to get the shapewear feel in a bathing suit. You can also opt for monokinis with cutouts that highlight a plunging neckline and tight waist to keep the focus away from your tummy and hips.

Wear What You Want

At the end of the day, fashion and sexiness are social constructs that evolve with the times. It doesn’t matter how your body looks in a bathing suit as long as you’re happy with what you see in the mirror. Accent your assets, show everything off, or hide it all – whatever feels right to you!

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