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Over the past 15 years, I have been involved in over 100 residential garage door injury cases and I am generally retained as the door expert almost equally by plaintiff and defense. I provide an unbiased neutral assessment of every claim.

The following article is derived from various common conditions that have led to a claim. Reviewing some of the most recent resolved cases has prompted me to write this article in an attempt to provide some substantial information to others contemplating litigation. It is almost impossible to include every variation, nuance, or combination of events pertaining to garage door injuries in this short article. The cases discussed in this article are based upon multiple previous claims that are similar in nature. I am repeatedly contacted by attorneys describing the same kind of injuries involving garage doors. It is not unusual for my office to have multiple active claims with very similar circumstances. If you are an attorney considering taking a potential garage door injury case, it is probable that I have previous experience with a similar or identical situation to your potential claim.

Garage Door injuries pertaining to rental properties:

Amputations of toes and fingers are probably the most common injury attributed to residential garage doors. It has been my experience as the retained door expert that the majority of cases that involve these types of door related amputations occur in rental properties.

Who is responsible? Why are so many claims from rental properties?

  • The landlord has failed to inspect the overall condition of the rental property prior to or during tenancy.
  • The landlord does not know, or care about the condition of the garage door. Because the property was purchased to be torn down for future development, current circumstances have created development delays so the property was rented to a short term tenant.
  • The property was inherited from elderly relatives that formerly lived there. The new owners are not professional landlords, and never thought that any defects of the property existed or were important.
  • The door operator needed replacing, but the landlord did not want to spend the money or effort as the tenant was not using the garage to park cars, only store household goods.
  • The door does not have current compliant safety devices installed or appropriate hardware such as an exterior door handle to move the door up or down.
  • Improperly maintained or deferred maintenance because of cost.
  • Section 8 or low rent tenancy.
  • Tenants have inappropriately used the garage door or created damage to the door and opener.
  • Parental supervision of tenant children is lacking.
  • Tenant did not pay the electric bill and the automatic door opener cannot function.
  • The owner has hired a management company that is responsible for oversight and maintenance, and does not want to provide the appropriate maintenance due to cost.
  • A management company provides inappropriate repairs by unskilled and untrained workers.

Every garage door must be properly balanced to operate safely

Many amputations of fingers and toes have occurred as a result of an improperly balanced garage door. These cases are often the result of limited interaction with a seldom used sectional or single panel door. I have been retained on many cases where a tenant only used the door a couple of times prior to sustaining an injury, but had been living in the property for a few years.

In other claims, tenants attempting to exit the door as a pedestrian have had the door violently slam down on top of their head and neck or it landed on their feet, breaking bones or trapping a couple of toes, smashing them beyond recognition. Fingers have been crushed or cut off, and hands have also become crushed between the meeting sections of a sectional garage door as the door rapidly descends because of improperly tensioned, broken or disconnected springs.

Tenants, attempting to fix a garage door on their own have also suffered severe injuries to all parts of the body. One tenant actually became entangled in the trolley release cord, and fell off of the ladder she was using, hanging herself in the process. Tenants often blame the landlord for their injury because the owner failed to make timely repairs. Sometimes, that blame is legitimate, as multiple requests to have something fixed have gone unanswered. Other times, the tenant was acting without allowing the landlord a reasonable amount of time to have the door repaired. Regardless, most door repairs should be made by qualified personnel or trained professional garage door service providers.

In many amputation claims, disconnected or malfunctioning automatic garage door openers have meant that users have had to manually open or close the doors. Many of the people that have become injured were unaware that the door was improperly balanced prior to their incident because they generally relied upon the automatic controller to open and close the door for them. In some cases, no handle on the exterior of the door was installed. When the door was manually pushed or pulled, the tenant was unable to control the movement of the door, and inadvertently reached between pinch points (mating locations of individual sectional panels) of the moving door.

In almost every injury case, the landlord has been included in the blame for the incident. In some of those cases it was determined that the tenants had abused and misused the equipment creating their own unsafe condition. Some of the injuries were directly attributed to deferred observations and no professional maintenance on the part of the ownership, while others were due to improper installation issues and bad service providers. In most of these claims, the dangerous condition of the garage door is due to deferred maintenance, missing hardware, improper spring adjustments, failed springs or cables, or defective automatic door operators.

Basic components of a garage door system:

There are many different types of garage doors found in residential properties. In antique homes, hinged carriage doors are often found. Sliding barn type doors were once common. As hardware was developed, pivot hinges and stretch springs allowed single panel doors to be used. Single panel overhead doors, once built on-site, have all but been replaced by factory supplied sectional doors. Sectional doors are probably the most common type currently installed in the United States. Sectional doors have a variety of benefits that single panel overhead doors lack. Sectional doors offer a variety of options in design, flexibility of installation, insulation, choice of materials, and style that were not common in the past.

Sectional doors generally employ one of two types of counterbalance systems to motivate them. In certain geographic areas where cold temperatures are common, tensioned stretch springs are frequently installed. They assist the operator (manually or mechanically) to allow the sectional door to open and close without any stress to the system. A more modern and robust common system includes torsion springs attached to a rotating rod with wire cables and pulleys.

In most garage doors spring tension is responsible for smooth operation of the door. The springs stretch and retract or coil and uncoil as different positions of the door are reached. In general, doors have the most tension on the springs when the door is fully closed. A fully opened door has little or no tension on the power assist springs. A properly tensioned and balanced sectional residential garage door should remain stationary approximately mid-point in its path of travel. It may drift slightly up or down, but it should remain relatively neutrally buoyant.

In order for a manual garage door to become an automatic door many of the same basic spring components must be properly installed and functioning. This author has other articles of how sectional doors work, overhead door and other door related injuries.

If a residential garage door is properly balanced, it is easy to attach an automatic door operator to assume the task of opening and closing the door. No properly adjusted and functioning automatic garage door controller should be able to overcome the forces of a defectively operating unbalanced door.

Basic safety devices available for residential garage doors:

Most new garage door operators include several safety devices to protect all users. In most basic systems currently sold there are at least two automatic safety systems to protect the public from being crushed by the closing door.

  • One basic function includes an automatic reverse of the door when in the opening or closing cycle. If the door encounters obstructive forces, it generally will stop and move in the opposite direction of travel. In the closing mode, the downward force is often checked by placing a small stuffed animal on the threshold floor of the garage. The motor controller has a field adjustable force control that is set to react when a soft obstruction, such as a teddy bear is slightly compressed. This simulates the potential obstruction that may be caused by a small child in the path of the downward door travel.
  • The second safety device, commonly in usage are photo electric beams. These beams when properly located and integrated across the full width of the garage threshold will not allow the door to close if the beam is broken by something in the threshold path of travel of the door.

From the end user’s perspective, a basic residential automated garage door should operate without concern due to all of the available safety products. From a professional installer’s perspective, there are numerous requirements that need to be addressed for an automatic operator to function safely.

The difference in obligation between the two is expressed in the installation manual vs the owner’s manual. Normally, there are several systems that need to be calibrated by the installer that the homeowner will never have any reason to interact with. That is also one of the reasons why a professional service provider should inspect and maintain an automatic operator on a routine annual basis. Initially, the door operator installer sets system parameters that assure safe operation of the automatic garage door operator. These systems need to be checked and verified for continued safe operation of the door operator by a professional trained service provider.

Maintenance and homeowner obligations differ from professional service providers

How the doors are professionally installed, maintained and evaluated is important. However, homeowners and tenants living in a single family home or condo should take it upon themselves to determine whether or not the door they use daily is working properly. Generally, no maintenance is ever done by most homeowners to the average home garage door, until some component fails requiring professional repairs. Tenants should quickly communicate with the landlord if problems with the garage door occurs, unless their lease agreement requires the tenant to maintain the property.

Manufacturers recommend visual inspection of all attached hardware at least once a month in a residential setting. Professional annual service and tuning is suggested. In reality, I do not know many homeowners that observe, inspect, or proactively service their garage doors. Usually, the thing that promotes maintenance is a failure of some door component. The motor will stop working, a spring will break, or the door gets stuck in its track. This is not the industry suggested protocol to assure safe operation and usage of any garage door, but is all too often what takes place.

Landlord responsibilities pertaining to garage doors

(excluding negotiated lease obligations)

In general, a residential rental property landlord has a totally different level of obligation than a private homeowner. Anytime a property is rented to a tenant, and several times during the course of the year, a thorough inspection of all aspects of the rental property should take place. The requirement for semi-annual inspections should be written into the lease agreement with the tenant. Landlords should evaluate, document, and photograph the condition of all systems (including the garage door and automatic operator) throughout their property prior to renting to a tenant. They can then compare any change or damage that can be attributed to their tenant, and verify the need for repairs prior to an injury occurring. This preliminary observation is beneficial to both the landlord and the tenant. It quantifies all conditions of the rental property before the tenant moves in, and can later serve as proof if any damage created by the tenant is disputed prior to moving out of the property.

The majority of claims pertaining to these injuries have occurred in rental properties. Some reasons for these claims are listed above in this article. Fewer injury claims involve private homeowners, but these are generally attributed to new construction defects of the garage door and operator or improper installation of some garage door component by an owner or substandard professional service provider.

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Six Ways to add value to your home



Six Ways to add value to your home

Every so often, people ponder over the refurbishment of the home in some way or another. It is natural to find it tempting to go overboard and embark on the home’s complete renovation. Expanding the garden or an additional bedroom can surely soar up the property value and set a high asking price in the market. However, it is essential to remind yourself that the whole modernization process comes with a heavy price tag. Chances are, not all your well-earned money will turn out to be a big hit. Not to forget how time-extensive it might be. Despite that, the good news is that you can still revitalize your house without making drastic changes.

It doesn’t matter if you wish to sell the house or make it guaranteed not to supersede; several options can bring value. By sinking your money into small, easy, and simple projects, you can make your home a winning property and appeal to budget-minded buyers. Begin by the areas that pique your interests; most likely, these areas will rouse the prospective buyers, too.

Still unsure from where to start? Read on to find out some of the tips that can add home-enticing features as well as add real value:

  1. Declutter Personal Belongings

The last thing any home buyers want to see is your possessions and belongings scattered and tossed away messily. Therefore, start spring cleaning each one of your rooms and jot down all the items in a list. Cast aside the ones that are of no use. However, if you have some personal belongings that you don’t want to get rid of, it is better to place them in a storage unit. You can find many storage units around your area. For instance, if you are a resident of small-town Pace in Florida, you can search online by typing Pace self storage to pick up the best and reliable storage units. That way, you can have a safe and secure place where you can hold on to your valuable possessions until the time you sell your house.

  1. Update the Kitchen

The first thing that catches the eyes of people on the interior side is the kitchen. Since many people consider the kitchen the heart of the home, it necessitates investing special attention in this area.

The easiest and arguably the most inexpensive way is to replace the cabinets. Or you can coat them in a new color. Another best practice is to change the old and worn-out hardware such as knobs and handles. Substitute the kitchen island with granite to give a facelift and increase the chances of an immediate and profitable sale. Don’t forget to clean out all the dirt and filth accumulated on the cabinets before selling.

  1. Enhance the Curb Appeal

It refers to the view of your home from the street. The more enticing and attractive your garden is, the more it will evoke feelings of anticipation and excitement in homebuyers. Since the first impression lasts, people will be willing to buy your home at a relatively higher price.

Give an impetus to your property value by planting new trees. As the trees grow healthy, they reduce the carbon footprint in the atmosphere and give a bump to the curb appeal. Apart from this, adding different lighting fixtures on the terrace, entrance, and side doors can add a sense of security to the home. However, you don’t need to ransack your savings by purchasing high-end lamps. Opt for solar panels or LED lights for revampment.

One bonus tip is to replace the front door. Paint a bold color such as dark brown or red to elevate the property value and leave a good impression on the entrance. Also, upgrade the house numbers with metal to make it stand out.

  1. Revamp the Bathroom

An old and antique bathroom design will undoubtedly abandon people’s interest in your home. The prospective buyers can foresight about the future expenses of the archaic bathroom and will back off.

Take things up a notch by giving a new look to your bathroom. You don’t need to go for extravagancies such as a towel heater when it comes to revamping. Pick up beige colors or neutral tints to add a fresh lick of paint and give a spa-style look-over. Change the sink faucets and showers with modern and customized ones to attract buyers. Ring lights on the vanity can make your bathroom look stylish and refined. Extra lighting will always make the bathroom look larger and spacious. Also, a floor with tiles and classic texture can earn you some brownie points.

  1. Add a New Lick of Paint

A new and fresh lick of paint on the overall home might seem like a costly idea. However, the attention it will draw from the prospects will be worth it. New paint will put the potential buyers at ease as they won’t have to deal with the hassle of painting all by themselves.

Pastel colors are always a surefire success; you can play with bright and bold colors too. Avoid painting excessive colors as this will make your home look congested and appalling. Understandably, you might want to make your home distinguish amongst others. However, make sure the color scheme sits well with the houses in your vicinity. Moreover, try out wall art designing on the interior to keep up with the ongoing home improvement trends.

  1. Use Energy Efficient Appliances

Energy efficiency is one of the top-most factors that homebuyers usually notice when visiting the property. Therefore, step things up by installing energy-efficient solutions to your home. Not only will it save you costs of energy bills, but it will also provide you with the opportunity to save the environment.

Scan through each room and figure out the cracks and apparent damages on the sockets. Make cosmetic changes using insulation as it helps to keep the atmosphere inside the house chill during winter months and fill with warmth during summer. Another great energy-efficient solution is to embed HVAC systems. It brings cool air from the outer environment and keeps the ventilation intact.

Final Words

Renovation doesn’t have to be a complicated task, nor do you need to go the extra mile with the up-gradation. The trend of uber-luxury has now become antiquated. Minor touch-ups to your home are enough to raise the property’s value and give an appealing character and impact. All you need is to play your creative skills and the enthusiasm to draw the attention of potential buyers and gain maximum value from this precious asset.

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7 Ideas To Make Your House Look Bigger




Almost everyone struggles with making space in their house. Somehow, the house gets loaded up with miscellaneous stuff, and nobody knows how that happened. Be it small houses or bigger ones, it is challenging to make space, specially if you have a big family.

Now, there are a lot of creative ways to make your house look spacious and bigger than usual. By practicing smart ideas, you won’t have to actually tear down the walls and blow through your budget. Also, planning to completely renovate the whole place just to make it spacious is time-consuming and money-demanding. People often go a little overboard with the expansion plan; they get misguided and end up spending way more than anticipated.

Making your house look bigger does not have to be difficult. You can easily do it and enjoy the overall process as well. If you constantly struggle with making space around the house, check out these 7 awesome ideas to create space.

  • De-Clutter Your House

If you have a small space, it does not have to remain crowded at all times. Try to bring out the charm of your house by doing some de-cluttering. Start with collecting all the unnecessary or unwanted items and fit them in a bag. Now, you have two options; either sell those items or give them away. Other than that, some items are used seasonally, and you may need them out of the blue. You can rent out a storage unit to store those items and use them whenever you need. Ensure that you rent a reliable storage unit according to your location. Suppose that you live in Littleton, search for littleton storage online, and reserve your items safely. This way, all your things will stay safe, and your house will feel bigger too. So, use a minimalistic approach and organize your house at the same time. A little de-cluttering will do you no harm, and you will instantly feel fresh and light-headed.

  • Pour In Some Natural Light

The best thing about natural light is that it brightens up the room. No matter how small your place is, some natural light will make it look bigger than usual. Drop those curtains and install some wide windows according to your aesthetics. Having access to natural light is great, and using it wisely can make a huge difference. When a place is lit up naturally, it helps relax a person because connecting with nature is always healthy. So, go ahead and make good use of the sunlight.

  • Use A Focal Point Approach

Elevating a certain area or a piece of furniture is great to make space without putting in much effort. By using a focal point approach, you can easily draw attention to any feature of your house. For instance, you can do so by buying a chic dining table for your dining room and avoiding any clutter around it. For your bedroom, invest in an attractive bed design and make that the focal point of your room. You can always re-arrange the furniture in other rooms and keep it minimal. The aim of using a focal approach is to emphasize one element and limit other accessories.

  • Surround Yourself With Big Mirrors

Do not question the power of mirrors as they give the illusion of a bigger and spacious house pretty easily. By placing big mirrors around the house, you are playing with depth. Mirrors can reflect artificial and natural light, making the room brighter. The best place to put mirrors is near windows, so they reflect more light and make the room appear bigger. There is no need to invest in a lot of mirrors, just buy some bigger ones and use them smartly. You can also invest in mirrored cabinets and glass-made tabletops for an open feel.

  • Use Light Colors And Play Contrasts

Another optical illusion to play with here is using light colors of paints to create an open space. Light colors are more reflective than the bright ones, making the house look airy and bigger. If you already have a small house, opt for light color contrasts for your walls, carpets, and other household accessories. Darker colors absorb heat and light, making rooms look even smaller. So, try not to overpower the color combinations used in the house and choose wisely.

  • Keep It As Simple As Possible

Adopting a minimalist approach will solve most of your space-related problems. So, play around your house and turn a small space into a chic and minimalistic one. Get rid of those patterned rugs, numerous accessories, and big curtains. The more items you have lying around, the more cluttered your house looks. Say bye to unwanted things and keep it simple. When it comes to walls, do not load them up with lots of frames. Just place one or two around the house and avoid investing in bold patterns. A minimalist theme will be a pocket-friendly approach and do wonders for your house. The majority of the people are opting for this trend, and you should take advantage of it too.

  • Change The Furniture Arrangement

Spending your money on huge furniture and not having enough space to fit them is a bad decision. Try your best to only buy furniture which is easier to relocate and handle. Most importantly, place the bigger furniture items, like a bed, against the wall and maximize the space available. Placing furniture in pathways is a huge blunder, as blocking a pathway means a more congested area. Therefore, it is better to change your furniture arrangement and evaluate which position looks better.

The Bottom Line

It is easier to assume that there is no space than managing the available space. By following the above-mentioned ideas, you can easily make your house appear bigger without any hassle. So, why keep overthinking about your cramped house when you can transform it into a spacious one? Do the needed and enjoy the results. After all, decorating your house is an enjoyable activity, specially when it helps in increasing space.

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Saving Money With Discontinued Vinyl Flooring Tiles




When you have to redecorate on a budget, it can be hard to figure out just how to achieve the look you are going for without spending more than you can afford. One area where you have a number of ways to save money is flooring. Instead of purchasing an expensive type of flooring, you can get discounted vinyl flooring tiles that will give you a similar look, whether you prefer the look of stone or just want a nice pattern for the floor.

Cryntel vinyl flooring tiles can give you a number of good options to choose from, so you could start looking at what they have available. The discontinued Cryntel vinyl flooring tiles will save you more money, as long as they have enough available to cover the floor that you are redoing. If they don’t have what you want you can continue looking at other flooring companies to see which tiles they have.

You can get discontinued vinyl flooring tiles for any area of your home that you wish. You can use it in the basement, the entryways, and the laundry room. You can even get garage vinyl flooring tile in this manner. All that matters is that you are open to choosing from one of the more limited number of designs that are available.

If you are choosing to purchase discontinued vinyl flooring tiles, you will want to get some extras so that you can replace any that get damaged in the future. Should you want a style that doesn’t have enough tiles available, you can always choose another style that coordinates and use some of each type of tile to create a nice pattern, or use one to create a border around the outside.

Should you later have the money or the desire to change your flooring, you can even install ceramic tile over vinyl flooring in the future. You won’t have to worry about removing the tile. Many other types of flooring can also be put directly over vinyl, making it a nice choice for a temporary floor that you eventually plan to replace with something even nicer in the future.

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How Does Disinfectant Cleaning Work in the Fight Against Covid-19?




There’s that old saying that cleanliness comes next to godliness. The notion that the human race has a moral obligation to keep ourselves, our homes and our work spaces clean couldn’t get a more resounding yes than in today’s context of Covid-19.

That’s right. The “C” word has taken over the world with masks, hand sanitizers and stay home orders becoming the norm. But how much do we know about the cleaning disinfectant process that could be applied at three different phases; while seeking general peace of mind and safeguard against Covid-19, where there has been a transient case of Covid-19 or where there has been a confirmed case of Covid-19?

Being a professional cleaning company, we break it down for you. Here’s what you need to know about how disinfectant cleaning works and please don’t try this at home yourself.

There are three main aspects to disinfectant cleaning in the fight against Covid-19.

The first is the type of cleaning agents and disinfectants that are being used. Be sure to enquire and confirm that the cleaning company you have hired is using disinfectant products with the active ingredient Alkylbenzyldimethylammonium Chloride. This helps in the fight against the Covid-19 virus. Bleach products can also be used and should carry the active ingredient Sodium Hypochlorite.

Now comes Protective Personal Equipment (PPE). Cleaning crew hired to carry out disinfectant cleaning undergo specialized training. This includes learning how to be dressed for the occasion with the correct PPE attire. Hair cover, face shield, N95 mask, surgical gown and gloves, and shoe cover are all must-haves when it comes to being in the right PPE outfit.

And then the real work begins. If there has been a confirmed case of Covid-19, the cleaning company should firstly seal off all areas that the confirmed Covid-19 case individual may have visited or come into contact with. This is to limit and prevent any further exposure and spread to other unsuspecting individuals.

Next step is to open up windows, if there are any, to allow ventilation while the cleaning crew is carrying out the disinfecting.

The cleaning crew will fog the area using a specialized Ultra-Low Volume (UVL) fogging machine. The disinfectant chemical is released as a fog or mist that is dispersed and covers every corner of the site. Once the site is supersaturated with the disinfectant chemical dispersed through the fogging method as fog or mist, allow 45 minutes to an hour for the disinfectant droplets to settle down onto all surfaces.

The cleaning crew then proceeds to mop the floor area with bleach and wipe down all frequently touched areas such as hand rails, door knobs, arm rests, seat backs, tables, keyboards and more. The bleach can also be used to wipe down walls of up to 3 metres in height and blinds.

Once a thorough cleaning wipe down of the site has been carried out, it is just as important to discard the cleaning material in a correct manner. All cleaning material made of cloth and absorbent material such as mop heads, wiping cloths etc should be disposed into a biohazard bag. The cleaning crew should then wear a new pair of gloves to fasten and double-bag the biohazard bag with a cable tie before properly discarding it.

These are the key steps to carrying out a professional and thorough disinfectant cleaning service, if you or someone you know have come into contact with a transient or confirmed case of Covid-19 and are looking to disinfect the place. That said, it doesn’t hurt to carry out a one time disinfectant cleaning of your home or office if you are simply looking for some peace of mind.

We hope this blog article has been useful as we continue the fight against Covid-19 one disinfectant cleaning at a time. Stay well and stay safe everyone!

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The Advantages to Laminate Flooring for Your Home




Laminate flooring has a ton of benefits making it one of the main choices for flooring in many homes. This type of material is inexpensive, being made of synthetic fibers, making it less costly than other types of natural flooring on the market. There are many styles, colors, and designs to match the decor in your home too.

To make it easy to install, you can find laminate flooring that snap together with planks that have tongues and grooves. The design of the plank gives you the ability to install it in no time and with little effort. Depending on your room size, most people can have an entire room done within a day, sometimes even faster. When you are installing laminates, always read the instructions thoroughly before installing a single plank.

Because laminate flooring has a laminate base, it adds additional strength to the floor, meaning it can withstand years of wear and tear. Hardwood does not have the same durability as laminates do making this kind of flooring in high demand. If you have heavy traffic in a room, laminate floors are a great option to lie down. It wipes clean without hard scrubbing, and the condition of the surface will stay looking good year after year. Therefore, you will have floors that look new for many years.

When choosing laminates, you will notice all the different styles that are available on the market. First, there are many light and dark finishes to choose from. Plus, laminates also look like real wood in appearance and even has the feel of real hardwood floors with the raised grain finish. It is not always easy to pick out a style of laminates with all the selections available. Another great thing about this flooring is that it comes in all price ranges to fit any budget.

To install laminate floors you will need to purchase a backing already attached to the plank or lay down padding prior to installation. This helps make the flooring last longer and will insulate your floors. Some people even choose to install a below ground, radiant heating system under their laminate flooring to have warm floors even in the coldest times of the year. Laminates have many advantages that would make you want to purchase this type of flooring over any other. Cost, durability, long lasting, and beauty are just a few of the reasons to purchase this type of flooring.

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Acrylic Floor Coating Vs Epoxy In The Garage




There are several choices if you want to apply a garage floor treatment so you can seal and protect your floor. Even though applying an acrylic garage floor coating can provide a great shine for a short time, it is really not durable enough to endure vehicular traffic. Acrylic floor coatings are made to cover different kinds of flooring like fired tiles, vinyl and even concrete but they are only designed for protection against light to medium foot traffic.

If you want to have full protection for the floor of your garage and additional anti-slip attributes, your best option would be to put on an epoxy coating which comes in two parts. Epoxy is an extremely strong and durable material which is made up of a resin and hardener. If you want to have an idea how hard the floor coating of epoxy is, imagine fiberglass products like leisure boats. They are epoxy— resin and hardener— applied over a woven mesh which is actually the structural support. The real hardness of the shell is shaped because of the chemical bond between the epoxy and catalyst triggered when the hardener is poured in.

It is so easy to apply an epoxy garage floor coating and you just have to schedule it on a weekend as a do-it-yourself project because it only requires two half days of real work. The first day is dedicated to cleaning and to degreasing the current surface of the floor. Begin these tasks by using a high quality degreaser product so that all or most of the remnants of petroleum are scrubbed off from the surface. Then, you have to use a detergent and stiff floor broom to clean off all the stains which are not taken off by degreaser. At this time, you spray water on the surface and see if water beads up. If there are beads, you have to degrease again and scrub this area more or else the epoxy will fail to bond. Then, you have to let it dry out over night, if possible using a space heater.

The next day, start the project by mixing a large enough amount of epoxy so you can cover at most a 6′ by 6′ area and spread it starting in the outermost corner from the door. Otherwise you will be painted literally into a corner. Spread out the mixture using a nap roller and, after this batch is applied, you should cast the non-slip material over the surface like the way you feed chickens. Continue repeating this step for every area until you cover the whole floor.

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Dream Interpretation – The Meaning of Cleaning Up in Dreams




Today one of my regular patients (who submits her dreams for professional dream translation and psychotherapy) made me a question that gave me inspiration to write an article about the certainty you can feel when you translate the meaning of dreams based on the scientific method of dream interpretation. These translations are not based on suppositions. They really help you understand the unconscious words in your dreams.

This patient is also studying the dream language. She already knows the basic meaning of dreams, but she is mentally ill. This is why she needs my help.

Let me first of all post a sentence of her last dream and my translations:

‘I was trying to clean up and was worrying about making enough money to move out’

Dream Translation:

When you are cleaning up you are eliminating the immorality from a certain place.

Money in dreams represents excitement, enthusiasm, psychical energy.

Your ego was trying to eliminate the immorality from the anti-conscience’s place in your psyche because you wanted to find enthusiasm enough to move out.

In other words, your ego is trying to make what is immoral seem to be ‘OK’ and move on to another case, with another man. This would be catastrophic for you and your partner. Be careful with your superficiality and your anti-conscience.

The anti-conscience is our wild conscience, which generates mental illnesses within our human conscience. All dreams basically show to the dreamers how much their anti-conscience is influencing their behavior and how. Dreams also show to all dreamers what to do in order to stop being influenced by their anti-conscience and find sound mental health, peace, and happiness.

My patient asked me:

‘Why couldn’t cleaning up my mother’s house mean that I want to remove junk from where my anti-conscience is instead of making things seem OK?’

Here is my answer:

The meaning of the dream symbols is given by the dream producer; the unconscious mind. Carl Jung and I had a lot of trouble trying to discover the meaning that the unconscious mind gives to the images it uses to send us important messages.

The unconscious mind decided that whatever is dirty in a dream represents immorality. So, we have to respect the meaning given by the unconscious mind. Whenever you clean what is dirty you are eliminating immorality from there.

Your ego was trying to remove the immorality existent there and pretend that there was no immorality on betrayal. However, if you betray your partner you are immoral.

The unconscious mind has a divine origin and undoubtable wisdom. You can also verify that the scientific dream translations reflect wise words that don’t come from the dream translator’s mind. The scientific translations follow the dream logic (the logic followed by the unconscious mind that produces our dreams) and not the logic of our ignorant human conscience.

The unconscious logic is based on wisdom and sanctity. The unconscious mind is a very serious and sad doctor who helps us eliminate our evil and absurd anti-conscience, so that we may learn how to find peace and happiness instead of being violent, indifferent, and cruel.

Let me analyze the details of this dream scene:

‘I was trying to clean up and was worrying about making enough money to move out’

Here is the dreamer’s question again:

‘Why couldn’t cleaning up my mother’s house mean that I want to remove junk from where my anti-conscience is instead of making things seem OK?’

The dreamer tries to give to this dream scene a meaning based on the logic of her conscience, without following the unconscious logic.

It would logically fit to translate the meaning of ‘cleaning up’ as the intention to remove junk from some place if we would follow the logic of our conscience.

However, when you clean up a certain place in a dream, you clean what is dirty. Whatever is dirty in dreams represents immorality because this is the meaning that the unconscious mind gives to this dream symbol. The unconscious mind decided that this is the meaning of this word.

Carl Jung had to compare numerous dreams from different cases in order to discover the meaning of the dream symbols, and I followed his example, doing exactly the same. I had to study and compare many dreams while curing many people through dream therapy in order to discover the meaning of more dream symbols.

Discovering the meaning of the dream language was like discovering the meaning of an incomprehensible ancient language.

You are lucky because Carl Jung had the courage to make such arduous research, and because I had the courage to continue his work. You have the privilege to find our discoveries ready and immediately use to your advantage the knowledge we found after working so hard.

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Petrified Wood Flooring – Pros and Cons




A lot of people today are considering getting petrified wood flooring. If you are one of these people, then you ought to be aware of the different pros and cons of getting this type of flooring.

Before we tackle this, what actually is petrified wood? Well, it is actually a sort of fossilized wood. Through a process taking thousands of years, the wood has become crystallized and has become rock-hard.

This presents one of the biggest advantages of this type of wood: durability. When you make use of this as a flooring material, you won’t have to worry about it showing wear easily. After all, it has lasted thousands of years already, right?

We all know that durability is very important when getting any type of flooring material. This is simply you will be using that material to be trampled on day after day. Since petrified wood costs so much, you do not want to end up having to replace your flooring every few years.

This type of flooring is also prized because of its beauty. There’s nothing quite like the look offered by the fossilized wood. Although a lot of people may say that hardwood is the most beautiful type of flooring material, they most likely have not yet seen just how beautiful wood can become.

This beauty is also the reason why its value is so high. If you thought that authentic hardwood was expensive, wait until you see the order list for petrified wood flooring. However, this disadvantage is also compensated by the fact that getting this type of flooring definitely increases your house’s resale value. This means that if you should decide to move, this type of flooring material will definitely help you clinch the sale fast.Another truth about it is that it is not really wood anymore. As mentioned before, it becomes rock-hard. This means that nailing it down is not really an option. You also can’t use it to design a floating floor. Actually, this flooring material usually comes in the form of tiles, much like ceramic. You might try gluing it down but that will leave you with a very unsteady surface. The only option that’s left is to use cement to hold it together.

It also requires a whole new level of maintenance. This flooring material needs to be polished in order to keep its luster. It is also quite prone to staining. The problem with this type of flooring is that you can’t really sand it down like hardwood. Well, actually, you could try, but it will take far more work and effort than you think.

However, it rises above regular wood flooring in one factor: water-resistance. With petrified wood, you get something that does not need to be treated with special chemicals in order to prevent water damage. This means that if you get this type of flooring material, you can use it as flooring for your bathroom or at least areas outside them.Another advantage is sort of circular in its logic. Because of the virtues of the wood mentioned above, people find it prestigious if you have them. This means getting this type of flooring material will help you wow your guests. In fact, a lot of people buy petrified wood flooring simply for the prestige and end up totally amazed by its virtues.

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Three Items to Collect If You Are An Ardent Wrestling Fan




Wrestling is a major event of the present age. Both men and women are becoming fond of this game. It helps to enhance mental and physical strength. There are various schools that give training on wrestling or fighting to make students physically strong. School boys like to watch fighting shows on television after coming from school not going out to play. As a passionate lover of this game, you can collect various items like clothes, figures, DVDs, books and much more so that you know in details about the playing strategies. By reading the books, you can know about the players and their personal life as well.

Online Stores Vs. Retail Shops

If you want to buy wrestling clothes or books, take help of the online stores. Though, there are various retail shops that provide these items. But due to the busy schedule, it is not possible to go out and visit shops that offer all the gaming products at the reasonable piece. Quality and brand name also matters when purchasing clothes and DVDs. Keeping in mind all these aspects, it is better to choose the online stores. The websites offer the items at auction price which is comparatively lower than the physical market. You will get a lot of items according to your requirements. Even you can compare and make your purchase.

Before all these, it is very important to decide what type of items you can collect as a passionate fan of wrestling. Here is the list of gaming peripherals that you can keep.

1. Books –

These items give you details of the lifestyle of the wrestling players. If you want to know the gaming strategies very nicely, these items will help you a lot. Each of the books depicts the story of the wrestlers. By reading books, you can gather a lot of information of about the playing skills as well. It is better to buy these products online.

2. Figures –

They are the miniature forms of the players. If you are a fan of any one of player, you can keep the figures at home. These items are best to give as gifts to the kids who love watching wrestling. These miniature structures are easy to maintain and they are long-lasting. You can bid them at a low price from the auction section of online sites.

3. DVDs –

These gaming peripherals are great. Each of them reflects the lifestyle of the players. The videos are real and they show original interviews of the wrestler with their family members.

These are some of the items that you can keep in your home if you truly love to watch fighting. Online stores offer discounts on items like wrestling clothes and figures. You can also gift them to your friends or kids.

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Types of Reddy Garage Heaters




There are numerous heater brands manufacturing high quality products for being used in different types of applications and Reddy garage heater features amongst one of them. These heaters are designed to turn garages, barns and utility buildings into comfortable work and recreation areas. There are various types of Reddy heaters available on the market that runs on different types of fuel sources from kerosene to infrared to natural gas to propane and more. These units are designed for being used in wide variety of applications from the basic needs of do-it-yourself homeowner projects to the job-specific demands of small contractors and independent tradesmen to the extensive heating needs of construction, agriculture, and warehousing.

Types and Features of Reddy Garage Heaters

GN30A Reddy Garage Heaters Blueflame Ventfree – It is a convection type of heater that generates warmth by first warming the air in the garage which in-turn heats the objects that are present in the room. The entire pattern of generating heat with the help of this model is similar to that of a centralized heating system. The system is best suited for providing cost-effective heating solution, as the heat which is generated remains inside the room because the system is free from outside vents. This system provides clean and safe burning and has got the certification from the American Gas Association for meeting or exceeding all the safety parameters and standards. This system features a dual purpose safety pilot system that is designed to provide protection against oxygen depletion and interruption in continuous supply of fuel. As this unit doesn’t require electricity to run, it is ideally suited for being used in case of back-up or emergency heat.

GN30TA Reddy Garage Heater Blueflame Vent-Free – This unit is best suited for providing warmth to your workshop, garage or utility building. This unit is easy to install, can be mounted on the wall and provides cost-effective heating solution, as the heat which is generated remains inside the room because the system is free from outside vents. For providing convenience to the users, this system can easily be hooked to their existing line of natural gas. The system features thermostat controls that allow the users to pre set it for achieving the desired levels of temperature. The flames that are ignited inside the heater are concealed behind a metal sheet. This metal sheet prevents the debris from igniting even if it falls inside the heater.

Reddy Heater 30,000 BTU Garage Blower- This product is equipped with TSTAT due to which it can blow heat faster than any regular type of heater. For spreading the heat instantly to all parts of the garage, this unit is provided with as electronically operated fan. The function of this fan is to force the heated air out of the chamber and effectively circulate it throughout the area which needs to be warmed. Apart form providing instant warmth, these units are lightweight, compact and easily to install and operate. As these units are portable, it is best suited for providing warmth to small work areas like workshop, garage as well as residential construction sites. This system is designed to provide quiet, clean and instant heat.

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