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Sacrifice and Compromise in Marriage and Other Relationships



In any mutually agreed upon relationship, do the members lose individuality and freedom because of the necessity to compromise and sacrifice some aspect of themselves for the sake of the survival of the new relationship? Committing one’s self to another partner requires that the lifestyles of each must be able to blend in such a way that neither partner feels the other one has invaded personal space reserved for the individual self. The younger the individuals the easier it will be for them to be willing to adapt to fit into the new mold. Older partners bring together their own established isms which may be difficult to modify or eradicate altogether. Those even older, the seniors on their last voyage, take on issues of their own including physical limitations,

medical issues, established attitudes anchored onto immutable behaviors, and beliefs so deeply entrenched in mind and body that acceptance or rejection, in either case, could result in a no-brainer, non-deal, relationship-breaker.

Sacrifice is really a misnomer for what really happens when individuals decide to make a serious go of creating a unified relationship. The temptation to call giving up something of the self for the sake of survival of the coexistence of both is not really sacrifice in the true denotation of the term. There is no ritualistic, holy event – no confirmation, no circumcision, no Bar (Bat) Mitzvah – to make the truly compromising event a sacrifice. There is no blood-bath hecatomb. What those who pleadingly refer to their doting actions as sacrifices really mean is that they have compromised something in the totality of their composite freedoms for the sake of avoiding confrontation, disagreement, or contentious rebuttal to explain their actions, desires, or acquired ideologies. However, with English being a living language, words take on meanings of their own or acquire shades of meaning from other words that do not sound as daunting. Hence, sacrifice has taken on a new meaning: to give up something important or valued for the sake of other considerations. Ultimately, this new definition is nothing more than the one already established for the word compromise.

How does compromise fit when individuals, who are inherently different, decide they are attracted to each other and want to spend their lives together whether it may be a life-long commitment till death do us part or if it is a renewable contract with options for variable terms? It is certainly not the discussion for the first date. That prime-time event is reserved for determining how to deal with the temptations of a raging, starving libido, general likes and dislikes, social expectations and behaviors, and time for discussion of inbred attitudes, beliefs, expectations, and any and all of those very specific isms that form the persona as well as the personality of each one.

The Young and the Restless

Young people must first overcome the reckless abandonment of morals when they subject themselves to their libidinous drives that hurl all precautions to the wind in order to achieve that all-elusive climactic event, the orgasm. There is still the stark fear of impregnation or acquisition of an STD, but the desire for that momentary, blissful, memorable occasion is insuperable. These wayward youth are not satisfied with mere singular events. They hunger for the full buffet of experiences and experiment with multiple variations in attempts to effect ultimate satisfaction in as many positions and venues as they care to imagine. Only the strictest of inhibitions limit the range of possibilities.

The inexperience and curiosity of wayward youth belie any thought of sacrifice (in the second meaning of the term) or compromise in any obvious form. Each wants the full gamut of whatever there is to experience no matter the cost. The dedication of emotions to one is as ephemeral as the wisp of smoke from candles burning at either or both ends. Not only are compromises the least of concerns but so also are the empty promises uttered during the wanton throes of emotionally charged sexual exploitation. The male will promise anything for his moment of gratification, and she will offer anything to grasp that moment of feeling important enough to have control over her elusive prey. Values change by the moment and last as fleetingly as the heat of lightning bolts through their all-embracing, ubiquitous vacuums. Both promises and offers are quickly forgotten once the high of the achieved orgasm subsides.

This youthful period is known for its variations and willingness for each to tolerate novel ideas from the other, but it also tests to what extent each will go to express limitations and boundaries from the other. It is the time when delving into unchartered territory may open up new avenues of what is acceptable and what is not. It is at this time that the toleration of specific actions will be part of the regimen or not. It is the time when preferred positions and actions that have deemed universally acceptable in general are acceptable in this specific situation. It defines what is good and that which is absolutely taboo for whatever reasons, rational or not.

New faces, new bodies, new desires all contribute to a plethora of social interactions some of which end before they become emotional entanglements with sexual implications and physical complications. He feels the excitation and elation of having acquired a new conquest while she may feel conflicted for having given in to the wily whims of his whispered promises and her own admission of having used herself as bait to capture a free spirit unwilling to be caught, labeled, and removed from active circulation. Rings and things become loose bonds that are so easily broken their existence is considered to be expendable costs of doing business. Hearts are broken and mended with miraculous rapidity and uncountable frequency. Emotional hurts are healed with Band-Aids of subsequent encounters with no need for sacrifice or compromise anywhere on the horizon. Such is the life of the young adult in search of his/her soul mate. Life experiences cause potential partners to bounce around venues and relationships like balls in a pinball machine without a tilt penalty in search for the perfect mate.

During this capricious period, spontaneity is prevalent. Differences in religion, politics, and socio-economic status take a back seat to physical attraction and emotional investment. Nothing more than the physical interaction seems to matter so long as time, place, and availability are so readily accessible. The energy level seems infinite as the novelty of experimenting with daring positions and highly-imaginative machinations create neurologic responses rivaled only by those artificial ones made manifest through external forces like alcohol or drugs. However, there lurks in the shadows one caveat: those differences that did not matter then may indeed matter now. When one of the two wishes to try other greener fields in different pastures, suddenly differences come to light and religion matters; political affiliation matters; and socio-economic status is now a deal-breaker. The fickleness of youth is still more dominant than any perceived need for sacrifice or compromise.

Attempts to permanentize relationships merely with the rhetoric of ritualistic promises radically falls short of the anticipated expectations because – well, — that is the nature of the young beast. Words are mere changeable entities that have no soul, no conscience, and little enforceable meaning. When each of the partners takes that lifelong oath to endure the uncertainties that may befall them, how quickly are minds changed upon the encounter of the first controversial incident. Grass suddenly looks greener on the other side, as the cliché suggests, and that holiest of vows to overcome adversity is the first victim of human nature, the inherent desire not to compromise when benefits are not skewed in the direction of the promisor, or the promisee, for that matter.

Infatuation and other crazes should not be mistaken for the real sense of devotion that is far from instantaneous, even under the most favorable conditions. It does happen, but more often than not, it takes effort by two individuals to decide to commit the uncertainty of their lives to a single goal, a lifetime toleration of each other’s differences so they meld into a self-sufficient unit of peaceful coexistence. Differences can complement what each one lacks, but they can also cause a rasping friction that eventually undermines the foundation of the relationship. During this youthful interlude between childhood and adulthood, so much can be learned about each other’s likes and dislikes, learned behaviors, hopes and natural fears or phobias, acquired preferences, and ideological tendencies. This is a time for careful consideration of what each one is willing and able to add to the union and what each one is willing to compromise where inequalities exist. There is time to consider all aspects of future possibilities, notwithstanding the uncertainty of life expectancy. This is the time to communicate interests and even fantastic desires so shock value at some undetermined date is diminished. This is the time to reveal some of those known isms, like eating habits, phobias, or idiosyncratic rituals. After the fact is not the time for revealing deal-breaking issues.

The Bold and the Beautiful

The nomadic middle-agers tend to carry more baggage because of their own personal experiences, acquired likes and phobias, social entanglements with current or past relationships, desire or lack of such for children, and the circumstances each one bears as an established individual with a formative past. Personal preferences with regard to religion, politics, personal behaviors and expectations are molded by life-styles, environment, and specific tastes. This may, indeed, be the most flexible and volatile group with the largest age span. It is the group that requires the most compromise because so many variables come into constant play as the individuals bounce from partner to partner and back again. It is likewise the group that may be most resistant to compromise because each one of the partnership believes his or her life is the most important and most deserving of change – compromise — in the other for the sake of the happiness and satisfaction of the self.

By this time, many partners have established likes and dislikes, patterns of behavior, expectations of specific roles to be played, and tolerances for individual differences. Some have been married and divorced, in and out of partnered relationships, still married and looking, or fearful of any commitment and broaching the thresholds of what they will and will not commit to as a meaningful relationship, again. Some have children, legitimate or not, and some do not want any, legitimate or otherwise. Some are exceedingly successful in their professional endeavors while others wallow in the dire muck of their own perceived ineptitude. The issues that cause the failed or uncertain relationships may derive from the unwillingness to effect any form of compromise or any sense of sacrifice for the better good of either partner. Why? Reasons vary by each of the individuals. Many are obvious; some are based on unforeseen circumstances based on sociological or environmental influences; a few are surprises having erupted from unexpected sources; but none are unaddressable. There is nothing that cannot be dealt with rationally if there is the desire to modify behaviors and expectations.

Personal perception of reality issues — individual expectations– is one possibility for anyone’s unwillingness to compromise. A lack of willingness by either one to commit to uncertainty also looms large. What uncertainty? When there is doubt about the depth of feelings of one partner for the other, when the future of being still together through positive and negatives times is questionable, when the aura of mystery no longer matters, that is when it is clear that the future of the relationship is doomed. This applies whether the partnership is casual as in cohabiting partners or if it is a more permanent relationship sealed by the promises in marital vows. Mutual expectations should be meaningful and sincere. Honesty about feelings, desires, hopes, fantasies, and – yes, — even dreams should be expected and delivered. One cannot fulfill a dream or a fantasy of the partner if it is kept a secret from the partner. Why hesitate to share? Perhaps fear of rejection, expectancy of flat-out refusal, or a philosophical resistance by the partner to comply with the desired fulfillment of the dream or fantasy is at the core of the matter. The resultant silence and withdrawal lead to disenchantment, bitter disappointment, and sullen disillusionment.

What other differences might affect the willingness to commit to a permanent bond? Perhaps irreconcilable differences whose basis lies with religious, political or personal biases stand as a staunch barrier. Perhaps it is a composite of insignificant differences, like personal hygiene habits, eating preferences, attitudes towards controversial issues to which one or the other has strong feelings or affiliation, sleep circumstances like apnea, snoring, or something as trifling as to which side of the bed to sleep on and with or without lights. Perhaps one is a night person while the other is a morning person whose day without coffee would liken him or her to a Tasmanian devil. Perhaps, when one is inexplicably offended with or without intent, the offender is shut out and left wondering about the causes of the behavioral changes.

If these conditions should come to light before any permanent commitment is made through marriage or partnership agreement, then that might be grounds enough for dissolution of any idea of the permanence for any future agreement to be made. How much time should it take to find out the potential for underlying issues? Time is still not a pervasive limitation, but it is not a non-factor. Youthful ebullience might be a thing of the past, but responsibilities remain a part of the constitution of the now supposedly fully developed individual, mentally and physically. The choice of profession should have led one onto a path, though winding through mysterious venues, that leads to a foreseeable conclusion, a hopefully sustainable retirement. Again, what might some contentious issues be?

One may like deafening barrages of classical strains reverberating throughout a house as if I were a symphony hall while the other relishes the blessings of silence with no more than the natural echoes of bird songs, rustling zephyrs, and gentle mists laying their soundless moisture on the universe in a blanket of unfettered beauty. One may cherish the interaction of the individual self with a universe of different people, their facts and foibles, their unique ideologies, beliefs, and fantasies while the other shuns any involvement with those outside the immediate realm of family or chosen friends as if those interlopers were the source of a contagion of a societal plague. Perhaps one thrives only on facts while the other explores the limitless galaxy of opinions. One may like travel all over the world while the other prefers to stay within limited boundaries and shuns any excursion beyond the front porch. One likes to go out to dine, see shows, cavort on the beach, mingle at malls, saturate oneself with sports events from single, specific teams to an Olympiad of choices; the other hates eating out, cannot or will not sit through a movie or any show, despises sandy beaches, shuns all malls for every reason, and follows an occasional sport with limited interest. Is there a possibility that compromise can effect a resolution so that both are satisfied with the determination? That might be a herculean task, but it could be done if each side had sufficient leeway to offer anything, ceding something in return for something else of equal or greater value.

When there are children or pets involved, compromise becomes much more of a challenge and leverage is sometimes placed unfairly where it intends to hurt or punish one or the other rather than create a solution. Everyone suffers then. Compromise here is vital when a commitment is already made through marriage or living arrangement agreement. Without ceding something of value to one for the benefit of the union would result in eventual dissolution of that union, whatever it may have been. Generally speaking, doing things together, sharing events together, and communicating effectively about contentious issues with a resolution in mind can effectively and even effortlessly allow satisfactory compromise to seamlessly take place.

General Hospital or One [Last] Life to Live

The oldest group, the affectionate geriatrics, probably has the greatest need for compromise because so much of life has already ingrained in them habits and behaviors that may seem totally immutable to one another. Each one has his perceived world of what is important, each sphere of influence, and each universe of all that has happened with mementos of life spent, enjoyed, or endured. Each one may have developed an impenetrable atmosphere of behaviors and expectations that will not allow an open-door policy of experimentation with new policies. This resistance is not always verbalized, but it is often expected to be understood and absorbed by the other as if through a form of osmosis. Adverse reactions often result with periods of silence or non-communication touched by periods of awkward discomfort from lack of effective communication. The expectation that one should have understood the not-so-obvious signals becomes a bone of contention that leaves a sour taste in mouths that have already made unsavory innuendoes. Expectations that one should know what is on the mind of the other often leads to negative reactions that in themselves deteriorate the foundation of an already unstable relationship.

It is not truly the end of the line for these senior proponents of sharing these final years in some sort of happy union. Time is of the essence now. The last stop is in view but weary legs, aching bones, myopic vision, deafened ears, and senseless neuropathy renders that destination doubtful. Holding hands, a youthful sign of belonging, is now a manual anchor to prevent falls or stop one or the other from wandering aimlessly to nowhere in particular, and approaching that final destination becomes a virtual odyssey of missteps and misadventures. Where is there room for compromise under these circumstances? Old dogs prefer not to learn new tricks. Even if they could, successful achievement is doubtful. Each senior brings a lifetime of accrued successes and failures though remembering them might be more of a challenge. Repeating them as re-enactments often fails as mind and body cannot get together to successfully create the re-run.

What compromises can be offered to make these relationships reach the depot of delight more palatable? Again, honest and direct communication is imperative. Lay it all out there before commitments are made. Each should be made aware of real issues and not fall for promises that are impossible to keep. Physical ailments, — contrived or real, actual or denied, temporary or permanent – should all be a part of the equation. Each should be realistically aware of how much time and effort it will take to reach that not-so-distant platform ominously looming like a formidable storm cloud. The ride is already treacherous enough.

Sometimes the young at heart in an aged body tries to make it work with a young at heart in a younger but woefully battered body. It may take the Wisdom of Solomon and the Patience of Job to find a resolution to that scenario. But, it is possible. Not only is effective communication essential but also toleration for the unusual and unforeseen events that would in earlier years be mere nuisances. Now, they may appear to be cataclysmic. That unintentionally teaspoon-sized pile of spilled sugar may seem more like an avalanche, and clothes in the wrong part of the partitioned hamper may seem to be an attempt to gaslight the unsuspecting partner. Not hearing whispered notes of loving coos might be interpreted as careless indifference when it is truly dire deafness. The lack of response does not hurt any less.

Then there is the nurturing aspect of the tenuous relationship wherein the one feels the compulsion to care for the other who may or may not be in need of such concern. This maternal (or paternal) instinctive, expressed desire may lead to stress and anxiety leading to dissatisfaction and frustration with the tenor of the relationship on the part of the demeaned one who may lash out with reactive responses that may in themselves be thoroughly misinterpreted. There are ways to handle misconceptions, and tone and attitude in the responses are paramount in setting up tactful methodologies to address those touchy issues. Each one is reacting as he or she has been reared and practiced to do; it does not have to be delivered as a personal affront, intentional or not. After all, it is the perception of each as to the meaning of the message and not the intent of the messenger.

A compromise can be in the form of an internal and intentional re-evaluation of perceptions of incidental realities. Sweet spots on the floor and dots on the wall may be imperceptible to one while at the same time be perceived as mind-boggling acts of pure and unadulterated negligence by the other. Again, it is not personal. Life goes on. Determine what is important at this stage of life and adjust reactions accordingly. Leaving the commode seat up is not an attempt to cripple or drown an unsuspecting spouse, nor is leaving it down an attempt to utilize shock therapy to attain a specific reaction or convey a pertinent message. Shower curtains not left in the drying position is not necessarily a careless disregard for logical behavior; it could be simply an oversight – no matter how often it occurs – of what is expected to be done. Constant reminders to be careful or call me are purposeful and gentle reminders that one cares. That is the way they should be taken and not as signs of henpecking or badgering. Accepting that is a form of compromise, expressed or not.

Compromise is giving up something of the one for the sake of something better for both. If each partner looks at compromise in that way, the path to a peaceful coexistence is more probable than not. It does not have to be a ritualistic sacrifice with something going up in a blaze of glory in its utter immolation of everyone involved. It is a solution for a specific problem. Do not let it create a new set of problems requiring endless compromises until there is nothing left for each to give. It could be as simple as agreeing to disagree, accepting the mishaps and missteps for which each one is individually responsible as part of the human frailty of not being infallibly perfect, remembering what brought the two together in the first place, realizing that change is an inevitable part of growth, and accepting the fact that with those changes so also comes the mental and physical debilitation so unavoidable in a universe that is not known as a Brave New World. Compromise enables everyone to accept the inherent differences in each other not just by giving up something of the self but also by adding a new dimension to that same self that makes it better than the original. Everybody wins.

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oDesk Outsourcing




There are many things I don’t like doing in a general work week and they normally entail processing of some kind, whether that be emails, reports or papers generated by meetings. Then there are the things that I’m not as good at (hard to believe huh?) which sometimes slide off the radar or are not done as regularly as they should be. Not having done any of the above, it hopefully gives me maximum time to concentrate on the important tasks, which are, you get the gist.

The long lost typing pool along with secretaries and Girl Fridays have long since gone to that great wood paneled office in the sky. Today’s executives answer their own mail, email, put together presentations and reports and spend time processing their life away. Instead of thinking, innovating and running companies, management executives spend inordinate amounts online processing documents, answering everyone’s emails and generally being distracted.

So do we bring back the typing pool? As tantalising as that may sound, it would be easier to start outsourcing some processing and services to get us back to concentrating on the big picture.

Micro outsourcing or liquid labour exchanges allow users to tender online for services from software engineering to plumbing. From the smallest job at the local business level to large corporations, outsourcing is seeing a new revival. Far from the jeered at call centres of India we are now able to source services and innovations from a global village where the local blacksmith has been replaced by the IT technologist from Uzbekistan.

oDesk (should I be asking for money?) which was founded by Odysseus Tsatalos in 2006 links more than 600 service providers in an online marketplace aimed at software and technology. They ask the simple questions of how to get more done with less, how to find talent and how to pay a remote team, while aiming their site at technology people looking for help with their work and also looking for technology people who want work. Other sites such as which is the world’s largest outsourcing marketplace for small business has the facility to help you with technology, software, writing, computing, design, business, HR and many other services that could make your day a breeze.

Providing work for the most rapidly expanding technology countries keeps costs to a minimum and if you have access to the internet, then you have access to an unlimited workforce globally.

So I’m waiting on the first travel company to outsource its non revenue processes. How long did it take to put together that 20 stop round the world itinerary with cruise and coach for Mr. Smith? You have to ask yourself the question, when am I selling and when am I processing, because you only make money when selling. What about a travel auction site where customers can put together their trip ideas and then send it out to be serviced by the best price or most innovative response?

The sourcing of services and people is nothing new but the internet opens up the world for you to work with. With only one third of the world’s population online, think of the demand to come as billions more look for services provided or provide them. Think about it, maybe you already have a service to offer but need a larger market to make it viable. Think about joining sites like or to find a whole new world of clients or better still, get that report written and tabulated for $12.50 and go for a surf.

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The Major Reasons For Outsourcing




According to a poll taken worldwide, the IT companies come in the first position defeating every other type of business in outsourcing. Also many reports in the Computer weekly magazine state that outsourcing increases at the rate of 5.9 percent per annum in IT companies and is still increasing. This is the scenario in each and every IT company and not just in some definite one. This has left many youngsters who are thinking of pursuing a career in this field wondering what exactly the reasons behind outsourcing are and also that does it happen frequently. Hence this article gives all kinds of information necessary for everyone to understand the true nature of outsourcing that goes on in big and famous IT companies as well as small-time IT companies.

1) The expenditure: On the basis of a survey study on IT companies, it is a fact that an average IT manager earns around fifty thousand dollars per year. However it cannot be guaranteed that all of this huge amount of money will be paid to the managers. There are innumerable factors to be considered while deciding on the salary of the manager or for the same reason, any other post. The recruitment expanding trade, additional advantages of the company and other updates require a lot of money and this money is deduced from the staff member’s salary. Many IT companies go into loss as they fall short of funds and are unable to recover them back even by outsourcing majority of their staff.

2) Lack of training experts: The IT managers who recruit new people for their company do so; on the basis of their graduation marks and other extra factors. However all of the new recruits need to be trained efficiently in the tricks and trade of the Information technology business. It is definitely not an easy job as the pay is quite high. The small-time IT companies do not get adequate jobs and as a result the profit received is very less. That is why staff members are no paid their bonuses or sometimes even salary on time. After some time they are fired from their jobs as the company needs to save money in order to run smoothly.

3) Improper usage of IT companies: If a company does not seek help from an IT company, it may save some amount of money on a yearly basis but lose much more on the other hand. IT Companies help the companies by preparing different programs and systems which in turn makes it easier for the financial section of the company to run their faculty without too many complications. This was not noticed by many big and global companies until a few handfuls of years ago. That is why though the IT sector was blooming in full force, only the big IT sectors flourished and the rest of them went into losses which ultimately resulted into outsourcing.

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Fixed Cost Outsourcing




In today’s globalized business environment, outsourcing is the order of the day. It is very difficult to think of a business that outsources its end to end requirements. One of the most respected and used model is ‘fixed cost outsourcing’. In this model, the project is executed within a fixed timeframe and within a pre-negotiated price. Both the parties carry out a detailed project study before the budget and the deadline are set. Both the clients and service providers prefer this model due to the transparency involved. There is very little room for renegotiation in this model.

Once you plan to outsource your project to an offshore development center, you will be offered a quote along with a project completion date. This will take into account the amount of work your project requires, its complexity and your urgency regarding delivery. You can sign the document once happy with the cost and delivery of your custom development project. It is always good to ask quotes from multiple firms before zeroing in on one as you are likely to get the best deal.

India has emerged as the global hub for outsourcing. No matter whether it is software, websites or mobile apps you can get it all developed in India cost effectively. Most Indian outsourcing firms offer you great packages under the fixed cost outsourcing model. These packages are carefully made to suit each and every requirement and each and every budget. This model is very helpful if you are thinking of a project right from scratch.

Advantages of Fixed Cost Outsourcing Model

  • It offers huge cost advantage to the clients especially in case of large scale projects. You will have the services of dedicated designers and developers unlike part-time hiring where your resource deals with multiple clients at a time.
  • It limits the risk to the client. As the budget of the project is pre-negotiated there are no questions like cost escalation. This is beneficial for most small and medium businesses as even a marginal cost escalation can have serious impact on their financial health.
  • Since this model is based on detailed project study, you will get quality as per the desired standards. You can interview the developers for your project and get the best that a firm can offer.
  • You will be able to focus on the core area of your business and not have to continuously negotiate with the offshore development firms. You will be supplied with a weekly status reports by the firm though.
  • One of the most attractive elements in this model of outsourcing is on-time delivery. In many cases, penalties are attached for the offshore development firm in case they miss out on the deadline, so events of delay don’t occur.

To get your own project delivered on Fixed Cost Outsourcing Model, visit

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The Disadvantages and Trade Offs of Outsourcing




In this second part of a three part series, Analysts will address the disadvantages and trade offs to outsourcing to answer often asked question: “What are the pros and cons of outsourcing and shared services?”

In part one of the series, it was stressed that the company needs to assess the reasons for a new sourcing strategy and take a “one size fits one” approach to meet their unique needs.

Considerations should include:

  • Scope
  • Functions
  • Provider/model preference
  • Financial drivers

Three delivery models to consider:

  • Outsourcing
  • Captive shared services
  • Build, operate & transfer (BOT) shared services

Advantages of outsourcing cited in part one:

  • Process
    1. Greater standardization
    2. High degree of process maturity
    3. Ease and speed of ramp-up and/or ramp-down
    4. More efficient staffing
  • Performance
    1. Greater accountability
    2. Service performance
    3. Performance measurements
    4. Leverage experience
    5. Access to world-class innovation
    6. Cross functional integration
  • Cost
    1. Accelerates savings
    2. Cost structure transformation
    3. Supporting technology
    4. Benefits realization – now and later

Outsourcing can make for a strong business case for many companies. The unique attributes of the organization and business objectives may point to a different strategic approach as “one size fits one”.

The Disadvantages and Trade Offs of Outsourcing:

Area: Process

Con: Control What Does Outsourcing Bring: Less direct control of the day-to-day process

Con: Need for new management skills What Does Outsourcing Bring: Management attention shifts from managing the process to managing the relationship via a new Governance structure. This is usually a ‘hick-up’ spot, and consumes much more time than anticipated to manage the relationship on all levels and ensure smooth communication between the layers from operational through tactical to strategic and back.

Con: Need for new management skills What Does Outsourcing Bring: The skills required to manage an outsourcing provider are very different than managing an internal resource. Many organizations underestimate the resources needed to successfully manage an outsource relationship, and do not seek external advise in developing.

Con: Long-term commitment What Does Outsourcing Bring: The long-term nature of outsourcing contracts means you are locked in for a long time, precluding unforeseen “better” solutions later on. . The requirements for “change” in the business and future delivery process improvements need to be clarified, negotiated and agreed upfront with the provider.

Con: Hard to exit What Does Outsourcing Bring: Outsourcing contracts can be difficult to exit (penalties, etc.), and transitioning at the end of contract to in-sourcing or another service provider may not be easy.

Area: Performance

Con: Impediments to change What Does Outsourcing Bring: Time to fix poor performance may take weeks or months instead of hours or days as provider typically has a set “time to cure” performance issues which may be beyond the patience of the end user.

Con: Decrease in internal talent pool What Does Outsourcing Bring: The ability to foster and grow leadership talent from within decreases as leadership roles in certain functions are outsourced.

Con: Loss of intellectual property What Does Outsourcing Bring: Risk of losing all internal capability and “tribal knowledge” in the process. Provider’s uunderstanding of institutional knowledge, internal relationships, and the business culture can take time.

Con: Loss of connection between departments What Does Outsourcing Bring: Raised perception of “loss of control” as multiple functions exit the organization, and handoffs between departments get “fumbled.”

Area: Cost

Con: “Cost Creep” What Does Outsourcing Bring: Risk for unforeseen add-on costs for ad-hoc projects and activities, if contract does not have a clear definition of what services are in scope, and how “new” services would be managed/priced.

Con: Penalties for volume changes What Does Outsourcing Bring: Higher cost/transaction (e.g., F&A) for decreasing transactional volumes – again during contracting volume change bands need to be agreed, and client needs to understand the minimum volume profitability threshold for the provider

Con: Redundancy costs What Does Outsourcing Bring: Redundancy of technology costs can sometimes exist between the company and service provider, potentially raising the overall technology support costs.

Con: Inflated retained organization What Does Outsourcing Bring: The retained organization needs to change to realize the benefits. Requires re-skilling (as above) and monitoring to ensure the new way of operating is implemented and lived by.

Utilizing the “one size fits one” approach based on a proven sourcing methodology will lead the company to a well-constructed business case. The goal is to facilitate a true partnership model based upon equality with both parties understanding the requirements, responsibilities and benefits to be gained for both organizations throughout the engagement.

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Understanding Rodan & Fields: Can You Really Make Money With Rodan & Fields?




Rodan & Fields were founded by Dr. Katie Rodan and Dr. Kathy Fields in 2002. They focus their company and products around dermatology-based products and bringing quality skincare options to the world. In 2010, they were named Rising Star by the Direct Selling Association (DSA) for their business opportunity along with their skincare products.

The Thing:

As mentioned before, Rodan & Fields offers skincare products to fight the loss of skin firmness, reverse the effects of dullness and discoloration, to fight acne and post-acne marks, to soothe the skin with lotion type products, make-up related products to enhance the skin and beauty of individuals, and anti-aging products to give persons a younger-look. Their products redefine, reverse, unblemish, soothe, promote, and enhance the skin.

  1. Soothe Regimen – They offer 4 full size cream wash products for $160.00 designed to soothe dry, irritated, sensitive skin providing a healthy-looking skin complexion.
  2. Redefine Regimen – This product also is offered as 4 full size restorative cream washes. You can get this for yourself for $193.00 and it is designed to help your skin become firmer and smoother while fighting the aging process.
  3. Unblemish Regimen – Once again, 4 full size treatment washes selling for $171.00. This package is designed to combat the entire acne cycle, unclog pores, clear acne blemishes, and clear your face of blackheads.

The Opportunity:

In addition to the skincare products, Rodan & Fields offers a business or income opportunity for those that have an interest in marketing their company or products. The big question remains, can you really make money with their business opportunity? In order to discover the answer to that question we must look into the company’s compensation plan! Rodan & Fields offers 5 total ways in which you could possibly make an income stream marketing their products or company.

  1. Retail Profit – As a Consultant for Rodan & Fields you are able to generated income from the products in which you personal sell. You can purchase the product yourself for a discounted price and then you sell the product for the retail price. After the sell, you keep the remainder as profit. If the retail price is $193.00, you will be able to purchase the product for $145.00. After making the sale, you keep $48.00.
  2. Consultant Commissions – In order to achieve this payout, you have to be an active Consultant. You must have a minimum of 100 Sales Volume (SV) each Commission Period to become and remain active. You are able to earn 10% commission from your Level 1 consultants in which you have personally sponsored.
  3. Personal Team Commissions – In order to receive this payout you must have a minimum of 600 Personally Sponsored Qualifying Volume (PSQV) each Commission Period. After you have achieved the required amount of PSQV you are then able to earn 5% of all Commissionable Volume generated by the Consultants and Customers in your Personal Team.
  4. Generation Commissions – Once you have achieved all payouts mentioned before, you are able to help an individual that you have personally sponsored move up as well to their third payouts type (Personal Team Commissions). Once you have done this, the Consultant you personally sponsored and helped has his/her personal team moved to what is called your “Generation 1”. You are then able to earn 5% commission on all your Generation 1 personal volumes. This payout continues as you grow more Generations.
  5. Performance Bonuses – This payout is only eligible to those living in the United States of America. You will be able to have the chance to earn rewards or bonuses from high performance such as residual income or the possibility of earning a paid-for vehicle. This payout is somewhat like a performance lottery.

To Conclude, Yes, You Can Make Money With Rodan & Fields Business Opportunity!

The Cost:

By becoming involved or affiliated with Rodan & Fields business opportunity, you must understand that you are opening a business for yourself. All businesses require some type of capital to begin. The good thing about opening a business like this in comparison to a traditional business is they are generally cheaper and you are working for yourself usually at home, hence Home-Based Business. So, what is the cost to get affiliated with Rodan & Fields and begin making an income stream from their business opportunity? There are 4 total ways in which you can get started with Rodan & Fields business opportunity.

  1. Express Business Kit – $995.00. This kit comes with all 4 Regimens overall valued to around $1,800.00 in addition to a business portfolio, anti-age before and after posters, product catalogs, and many other things to help you get started and making money immediately.
  2. Big Business Launch Kit – $695.00. Containing all 4 Regimens overall valued to $1,300.00 in addition to the same things offered in the Express kit, but much less.
  3. Personal Results Kit – $395.00. All 4 Regimens valued at $500.00. The same things are included in this kit as the Express and Big Business Launch kit, but once again, much less!
  4. Business Portfolio – $45.00. You are able to get the Business Portfolio included with all the previous 3 Kits mentioned before in addition to products, catalogs, worksheets, and many more. However, this is the lowest costing option available to get started with Rodan & Fields opportunity. All this kit basically contains is in-depth information about the company itself. It is then your decision to progress further and purchase products provided you enjoyed the information and think that it is for you.

Final Thoughts:

The prices for the products are pretty expensive and they don’t offer many that combat wrinkles, but they do combat the aging process which is nice but not the same thing. They also offer a business or income opportunity for those that would like to market their products or company and make money. Yes, you definitely can make money by becoming involved or affiliated with Rodan & Fields and they include 5 different types of payouts. However, in order to actually achieve these payouts you have to do quite a bit of work and achieve a certain Volume in addition to a certain rank. If you do not achieve these ranks, you will not make money. Plus, there isn’t a lot of detail into what the products do exactly, you kind of have to search around to figure out what they do and when you find out, it still remains pretty broad.

*Dustin Hale is NOT affiliated with Rodan & Fields or their business/income opportunity

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Advantages of Outsourcing Photoshop Image Editing




Photo Editing and enhancement is one of the most important parts of any post processing unit. How and why they are necessary is a question that rises on multiple occasions? The answer to the question is quite simple! Any photographer regardless of his ability in the field of photography will need a backup as situations of various kinds may befall him. In some cases they go beyond board and photographer cannot get a proper shot of the object in contention. A large volume of people who click photos on a daily basis will want to display them without any enhancement but another small volume of people will enhance their images using Photoshop to add or remove elements, change color or make any other difference. Albeit it being too difficult to work on Photoshop as it is, people have eased themselves to the thought of getting the perfect images after post processing.

Although most of Photoshop might look pretty straight forward, it is quite difficult to learn all the tricks that is implemented using the tools available in it. Numerous tools are available on Photoshop, each of which is available for a particular job. For example, the pen tool is used to clip around an object to remove it from its original background and use it in a different one. Photoshop’s Lasso Tool is probably the easiest of the selection tools to use, allowing us to draw freehand selections around objects in a photo as if we were outlining them on paper with a pen or pencil. Image Post processing includes Clipping Path, Image Masking, Image retouching and enhancement and more. Photoshop also provides tools to carry out Image stitching which in-turn helps in making Panorama Images, it provides tools to convert Black and White images to color, image restoration, etc.

Wedding Photo enhancement, Wildlife photo enhancement and Real Estate Photo Enhancement are some of the major purposes of Photoshop. These fields need implementation of all the basic post processing techniques and also need special tools to bring out a reputation in terms of what the photographers expect. In concern with these 3 fields, the flow of images is pretty high and throughout the year and therefore requires a team of experts to work on these images. Speaking about experts being in one place and working 24/7, several firms are setup across the globe for such purposes. These firms hire professional editors who pay handsomely for their hard work and dedication. The task is to find a firm that can not only give image outcomes with literally 100% accuracy and at affordable rates.

Photoshop is widely used by firms to work on images as editors find it easy to work around any images and get the desired outcome. It is quite hard to master Photoshop and so it would be easier for professional photographers to just outsource the images to a firm. By doing so, he not only lifts pressure off his shoulders but also has more time to improve his core business and to spend more time with his family and friends.

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How to Make Money Online by Creating and Selling Short Reports




How to Make Money Online With Short Reports

Writing short reports and selling them for a low price is one of the most powerful ways of making money online fast. In this post we will see how to write a short report and set it on autopilot so that it makes money 24×7.

What to Write About?

Look around you. What inspires you the most? What are your passions, how do you spend most of your time, is it reading? fishing? cooking?

Are you an expert in anything? Do people ask you for suggestions about something? There are literally thousands of ways to find inspiration, if you want to!

A great way to write a report that sells is by concentrating on something that focuses on relieving pain or solving a problem, that kind of stuff.

But before you get all excited and start creating a report, just make sure that the topic you are going to write about is in demand. One way to do that is by using a keyword tool. There is a free keyword tool out there which is more than enough for this purpose. The tool is Google Keyword Planner. Using this tool you can easily estimate the number of people searching for a particular topic and keyword each month. If you want more professional insight and want to find highly profitable keyword ideas go for paid tools like LongTailPro or Market Samurai. LongTailPro is a professional keyword tool which gives you keyword ideas and its profitability scores. You can also use this tool for getting blog post ideas, research a profitable niche for your next site and much more.

How to Write the Report

You can easily create a report using free tools like OpenOffice suite or a paid one like Microsoft Office. Create a document in word format and then export it in PDF format when saving the document. That’s it. Your report is ready. Don’t forget to add pictures and media where necessary in your report.

How Many Pages?

When you are just beginning try to keep it short. Anything between 20-30 pages should do. Remember it’s about the quality, not quantity.

How to Price Your Report

For a 25-30 page report you can price anything between $5-10, considering you are an amateur and nobody in the industry knows your name. Once you become popular you can even charge $100 for a short report provided it is a high voltage content.

How to Sell Your Short Report

You can opt for a cheap web hosting account and register a domain name. Once you are done with that you can hire a designer to create a sales page for you (which is going to cost you heavily) or buy Optimizepress ($97 for 3 domains).

Optimizepress gives you flexibility and you can create as many landing pages and squeeze pages as you want. It is easy to design. Another option is Leadpages which costs $37/month.

Once your landing page is ready subscribe for e-junkie which costs you only $5/month for one item. It is a digital product delivery system which delivers your report to the customer’s email once the payment has been processed. Remember, e-junkie doesn’t process payments. For accepting payments use the PayPal business account which can be easily connected to e-junkie and which is free to get started. This is only a one time setup. Set it up and it will earn you money on autopilot. PayPal does take a commission for each transaction carried out, but it is definitely worth it.

Once you start making enough money with your first report you can make several similar type of reports in different niches. By this way you have got a decent online business for you which earns on autopilot and supplies you with a continuous stream of passive income.

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Outsourcing Digital Marketing Solutions




A brand always looks for an end-to-end, holistic marketing approach that can help in its overall growth and expansion. With more and more creative agencies coming up in the market, entrepreneurs look forward to target mass audience and engage them with their brand. However, this involves a lot of business cost. This is why web service providers are offering new and improved, fully-integrated IT (Information Technology) and BPO (Business Process outsourcing) solutions to reduce the overall business cost and develop effective campaigns as per the needs of a client.

Service providers offer a range of innovative Internet marketing solutions as mentioned below:

• Social media marketing & monitoring

• Pay per click and campaign management

• Search engine optimization & auditing

• Email marketing management

• Website design & development

• Online reputation management

• Content creation & marketing

• Blog consultation

• Link building

These solutions are strategically integrated in an enterprise platform which is accessible by both parties- the brand and the third-party service provider. This can redefine the digital marketing approach of organizations. Other than this, virtual assistance, cloud computing and remote infrastructure management services are also available with a reputed service provider which empowers a brand to manage the business processes, more efficiently and proactively.

A professional service partner helps an organization to bring its marketing process on track. Entrepreneurs outsource some or most of their marketing functions to a vendor. These vendors take care of everything, ranging from, developing effective strategies, exploring latest trends, applying technology advancements, evaluating business results and so on. By helping in executing an effective marketing strategy, service vendors empower entrepreneurs to bring business continuity, speed and effectiveness. By leveraging the cutting-edge technologies and online platforms, enterprises expand their reach to engage more and more customers.

Channels of marketing and engagement

Social: Brands having an active profile on various social media platforms incur a lot of popularity among targeted customers. Having a strong social media presence is considered a business differentiator by entrepreneurs. By being active on social platforms, an entrepreneur can reach out to a mass audience at low cost (without spending much of the marketing budget).

Cloud: Service providers assist organizations to take full advantage of cloud-based services and technologies as well as integrated applications as and when required, to increase business agility.

Mobility: To improve the overall business process, entrepreneurs must integrate effective and innovative mobility solutions. Incorporating on-the-go solutions and utilizing multiple customer-centric devices adds value to a business.

Analytics: By developing and deploying measurable and sustainable methods, service providers improve the planning and execution of a process.

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Make Money Online From Home With Google AdSense




Google AdSense is one of the coolest ways to make money online from home. The fact is, there are so many people who want to advertise their products and services online. They will most likely use paid advertising methods to promote these products. This is good news for you because you can take advantage of this by signing up with the AdSense program.

Google AdSense allows you to make money every time someone clicks on one of the ads located on your website. You can even earn several dollars per click. There are many tactics you can use to ensure maximum earnings with AdSense. Here are just a few:

Place the ads just below the title of your page. A great way to increase your CTR (click-through-rate) is to place your AdSense ads right below the title. This will ensure that people see the ads right when they arrive on your website. If they are looking for something related to the ads being displayed, they will click on the ads.

Use text ads only. I have found that the best performing ads blocks are text. Image ads are too distracting. Keeping it simple is the best way to make the most money with AdSense. A good CTR to shoot for would be around 25%. This means that 25 people out of 100 will click on the ads.

Color combination is also very important. I find that using blue links and gray text is the best combination. This means that the titles of your ads should be blue, and the description of the ads should be light grey. My CTR has been as high as 80% using this color combination. Feel free to play around a bit. There is no secret to earning with Google AdSense. Follow a simple strategy and use Google friendly methods to get traffic.

Here’s how I do it:

Build a website around a product or service. Amazon is a great place to research different products to build your website around. For example, I have a website loaded with great articles about the Nespresso Aeroccino Plus. This is a milk frother. I get about $0.67 per click. This website took me an afternoon to create. It makes me anywhere between $45 and $70 per month. And the traffic I get comes from Google. So it’s free! What’s my secret? Well, I created great content for websites. Then, I started building back-links to websites to get it ranked high in the search engines. Then, I placed my AdSense ads on websites.

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IT Outsourcing Services Companies In Eastern Europe




Worldwide IT Outsourcing: Looking For New Places

The world IT outsourcing services market includes a number of countries and regions which due to their specific conditions are attractive for starting such a business. In fact a certain geographic division of labor can be observed in this field. Throughout the history the division of labor was driving the universal economy ahead, do no wonder that outsourcing is so popular in the software development industry. Some countries are best in producing ideas and concepts, while others provide better conditions to do the technical part of the job.

IT outsourcing services companies are mostly located in less economically developed countries which nevertheless have prominent level of technical science and engineering resources. China and India were monopolists in this market for a long time utilizing the big gap between local prices and prices in Western Europe and USA. Today we certainly can speak about another great opportunity: European outsourcing.

Eastern European Countries Join The Game

Eastern European region contains a number of countries which are different from each other and from their Western neighbors by economy level and by industrial development. Most of them were under the influence of the USSR for some period of time and had economic hardships after its collapse. Though many have joined the EU by this time, they still have much lower prices and salaries.

Industrial downfall in Eastern European countries urged people to look for new markets where they could gain better positions. Software development turned out to be a real alternative. Being purely intellectual branch (a number of brains – that’s all you need to start), programming does not require big expenditures for starting a new project. The only thing one has to invest in is good education.

IT Outsourcing To Ukraine – A Nice Alternative?

Among other members of the Eastern European region, Ukraine is one of the most attractive for Western IT companies. At the moment it possesses about the biggest quantity of software and web professionals, while salary levels here are among the lowest in Europe. As for education, it is one of the Ukraine’s strong qualities – there a multiple big technical universities in major cities of the state. Hundreds of IT students are graduated each year creating rich substrate for national software development businesses. On the other hand, Ukrainian IT companies are strongly oriented at collaboration with Western European and American businesses and therefore IT outsourcing is very popular here.

In the beginning of 2012 there were nearly 6 thousand IT outsourcing services companies performing in Ukraine. They are working with clients from various places. Major countries outsourcing to Ukraine are Germany, Switzerland, Netherlands, France, Italy, USA, ANZ. Geographic location of the country is rather encouraging: it takes only about couple of hours to get here by plane from any of Western Europe’s cities. This is a great advantage as a project owner who has outsourced his project to a Ukrainian team of developers can easily pay visits to his collaborators’ location from time to time in case he needs to interact with them personally.

So Ukraine is an emerging regional leader of IT outsourcing in Eastern Europe. As the demand for IT outsourcing services is growing faster and faster worldwide, it is possible that increasingly more software development companies will consider using the services of Ukrainian IT outsourcing vendors. Well, what about joining this promising trend?

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