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How to Fight a Speeding Ticket in Court for the State of Georgia



I would like, for the benefit of those who are sincerely trying, to give information on how to fight a speeding ticket in the state of Georgia. The world is beset by crime and sometimes we actually may need law enforcement to act on our behalf. However in the case where you are speeding, unless you are endangering your life and others it is NOT in your best interest our society’s best interest to receive a speeding citation. There are a few exceptions to this rule; for example if you are speeding in a residential area where people are walking or speeding through a school zone when kids are attempting to cross the street. However, if you’re on a big wide interstate at 3AM in the morning, with little to no other cars on the road and you’re traveling in a 2015 vehicle of your choice, it’s easy, comfortable and safe to be traveling at 90 mph. Are you committing a heinous crime? Are you endangering your life or someone else’s? I sincerely believe that law enforcement should be for used in a proper area and that this has been exploited sometimes to prey on good citizens of the U-S-A, making an unnecessary tax to feed the greedy bureaucrats of certain locales. So, to free our citizens from such rampant abuse by those who are in place to “serve and protect” but in reality are only “taking and hurting” I want to inform those courageous enough to stand against this injustice for tools I have found to be beneficial in my aim to stand up against such abusive practices.

I want to give back something to you out there having enough courage to fight your case. The preliminaries of my case was over by the time my eyes were open to the knowledge that I discovered and it was boiling down to a ominous jury trial. So I eventually wimped out and paid it. However I did get the speed and fine lowered in a deal with the prosecution. I also avoided getting it reported to the insurance company and avoided myself being classified as a “Super Speeder.” However, in the future I did arm myself with this information so that if it ever happen again, I would be more ready and now my friend, you will be ready as well!

The State of Georgia is a very wrong place to get a speeding ticket. A lot of out of towners know this. There is something typical about speeding down an old country town with Rosco Beaco Train just itching to get you, so he can take some more money to feed Boss Hog (that’s for all you Dukes of Hazzard fans). But as comical as it is, the scenario is very real and a lot of people are not laughing. Especially when it hits their bank account and they’re worrying about such things as rent, food, clothing, etc. The typical ticket can cost over $200. That’s for going 85 mph in a 65 mph on an interstate (who drives 65 mph, if you do, please stay to the right). Many people pay this fine and say “whew!” it’s over with. Is it? Not necessarily in the state of Georgia.

In addition to points added on your license that can add up to a suspension (You don’t get any thing extras for these points), if your insurance company get’s wind of it on a DMV report, they can arbitrarily raise your rate (you are more of a risk now aren’t you)? So it’s definitely not over after you pay it, especially if you were going over 20 mph. That’s where this new Super Speeder law comes into affect.

What is the Super Speeder? Are you some sort of super speeder hero who has to fight off slow moving villains? No, unless they are in the fast lane. The only villain you are now facing is a new law. After you’ve paid your fine and you think all is said and done with, a few months may passed and then… WHAM! Your hit with another $200 fine from the DDS (Department of Driver Services). This is very upsetting and many blogs from out of towners are complaining about it as they comically thought that they could just pay the fine and dance right out of any thing else. The Super Speeder is sneaky, as it hits your wallet in the form of a bill from the DDS several months later if you were found going over an excess of 20mph. Most courts don’t even tell you about it when you cop a guilty plea or pay online with your credit card. If you don’t pay the sneaky snakeoil fine, well, you don’t want to legally drive. So in affect, your ticket can be around $200 to $300 and then several months later you get another $200 ticket in the mail. Can anybody see boss hog just enjoying some southern style, good and greasy fried chicken planning his next scheme with Roscoe?

So, what do you do? Simple. You have to fight your speeding a ticket. At least negotiate with the prosecution to get it lowered below 20mph. If not, prepare. So let me see if I can recall a few pointers about speeding tickets in Georgia that may help you in your fight. These are a few rules that could help you.

1. There must be a sign warning of the officer using a radar gun or laser.

That’s right, they can’t use it anywhere. I’m sure you’ve seen them right, “Speed is checked by speed monitoring devices.” Officers also cannot use the device within 500 feet of the sign. If they are, they are in violation.

2. The officer cannot used the device above a certain gradient or hill

So this is how I would’ve fought mine. The officer has to be close to the same level as you. This is to prevent the officer from hiding in a clandestine manner and sniping you, this brings up my 3rd point.

3. The officer must be clearly visible.

What? This one was a surprised to many. The point of them checking speeding is not suppose to be to “catch” you but to slow you down in areas that are deemed a problem or could cause an accident or dangerous. Most government agencies know that no one goes the speed limit however in certain places, found by traffic engineers a problem had to exist. This brings me to the next point.

4. A problem had to exist for the city, county, or entity to get permission to use a radar or laser in that area.

If they didn’t get a permission, then their license to use a device could be brought into question. Guest who license’s them? Georgia Department of Public Safety. The information of which areas they found to be a problem can be found via the Freedom of Information Act.

5. The Officer must have a POST license to use a radar or laser.

I wish I had of known that. This makes the officers presence necessary. Most prosecutions don’t even check and don’t want to. They usually have other things high on their priority list. However YOU have to bring it into question.

The only exception to some of this is the Georgia State Patrol. They have a little more power and can ticket you anywhere and anyhow, however fortunately with that power they also have a little bit more discretion and mercy. There are other rules that apply to different locales as well. What you have to check is Georgia title 40 codes for speeding. This is where all this stuff is hidden. No one will tell you this, not even the public defender sometimes.

I would also try not to waive my jury right so I can at least have some leverage in bargaining with the prosecution. Like I said before, they did lower it and kept me from getting into Super Speeder status. If I had known the information before, there is no telling what could’ve transpired. Also try to have these things in a written motion filed with the clerk before your court date. That way, the judge is prepared for your appearance and may schedule a hearing to try the evidence. I hope this helps you guys and hey, slow down


How Damages Are Calculated In A Personal Injury Case



How Damages Are Calculated In A Personal Injury Case

A personal injury case is a civil matter brought by an individual who has been injured because of the negligence or careless act of another person, company, or entity. Several factors are considered to determine how much money the injured person should receive as damages.

Severity of Injuries

The severity of injuries is the number one factor in determining damages – the more serious the injuries, the greater the damages will be. This is because the injured person will likely have more medical expenses and may miss more work. In addition, they may suffer from long-term or permanent injuries that will require ongoing care.

Injuries aren’t just limited to physical traumas. Emotional injuries, such as PTSD, can also result in a large settlement.

Cause of Injuries

When a personal injury occurs, the second most important factor will be the cause of the damage. In order to prove that the defendant’s negligence is responsible for the injury, it’s best to hire personal injury lawyers who can show that the defendant acted recklessly or failed to meet a reasonable standard of care. By showing that the defendant could have prevented the cause of the injuries, plaintiffs can ensure the best financial outcome for a settlement.

Settlement v. Trial

The third most important factor in determining damages in a personal injury case is whether or not the case goes to trial or is settled out of court. The benefits of a settlement are that it is typically quicker and cheaper than a trial.

If the case goes to trial and the jury awards the plaintiff damages, the amount will typically be much higher than if the case had been settled out of court. This is because juries often feel more sympathetic towards plaintiffs and are willing to award them greater damages.

How Much Compensation Can Be Received in Personal Injury Cases?

The overall total that can be received in a personal injury case will depend on the aforementioned factors. In unfavorable scenarios, the case is dismissed, and no compensation is awarded.

However, in most cases, the injured person can expect to receive a monetary award to compensate them for their medical expenses, lost wages, and pain and suffering. In addition, punitive damages may also be awarded when the defendant acted recklessly or intentionally caused harm.

Some of the more famous personal injury settlements include the following:

  • $2.9 million awarded to a woman who suffered severe burns after being scalded by coffee from McDonald’s.
  • $37 million awarded to a man who became a quadriplegic after a car accident.
  • $5 million awarded to the family of a woman killed in a drunk driving accident.
  • $10 million awarded to a man who was paralyzed in a construction accident.

When considering a personal injury case, it is important to understand how damages are calculated. By understanding the factors that are considered, you can get a better idea of what you may be entitled to receive if you are successful in your case.

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William D King: What Is a Criminal Lawyer?




lawyer g3ad14ff02 640
Criminal Lawyer

What Is a Criminal Lawyer? Types of criminal lawyers and how to find them!

A criminal trial is considered the most complicated and expensive trial of all cases. Though many people can represent themselves in court, it is always advisable to seek the services of a criminal lawyer for representation. It must be noted that there are several types of lawyers and so it is important to know the type of criminal lawyer you are looking for.

What role do Criminal Lawyers play?

Criminal lawyers are usually seen either in US television shows or movies. It depicted that lawyers like to argue with judges and everyone else around them. However, the reality is not much closer to how it is seen on TV; lawyers do not act like aggressors in courtrooms. They are professionals who know what they exactly need to say and when they need to say it. A criminal lawyer’s job is never over until their client gets acquitted.

As per William D King, a criminal lawyer must be well versed with all rules of evidence, so he can deal with any type of evidence that might get produced against his client during trial proceedings.

Criminal Lawyers- Types Available!

There are several types of Criminal Lawyers available depending upon the requirement of the case, nature of the crime committed, and another relevant factor. They are as follows-

Criminal Lawyer –

This is a specialized lawyer who deals with criminal cases only. It should be noted that not all lawyers can work as Criminal Lawyers; they need to have studied law in order to take up criminal cases. A wide variety of crimes are dealt with by this type of lawyer which includes drug charges, theft, robbery, and others.

Madonna Blyth Criminal Lawyers –

This is considered the most popular type of criminal lawyer available for representation in different courts. These lawyers also deal with other types of civil cases apart from criminal cases; however, their main specialization lies with criminal cases only. Madonna Blyth Criminal Lawyers hold immense experience in dealing with these kinds of cases and so it is always advisable to seek their services.

Legal Aid Criminal Lawyers –

This type of lawyer is appointed by the government or state to provide legal help to people who cannot afford to hire an independent criminal lawyer for them. The amount of fees that are charged by this kind of criminal lawyer is fixed and it does not increase even if the case takes months together for completion. These lawyers specialize in practicing only before magistrate’s courts, so they cannot be hired for high profile cases like murder etc. However, Legal Aid Criminal Lawyers can represent clients before session’s court or other higher courts depending upon the discretion of the judge concerned. Thus it is important to make sure whether your case requires a Magistrate Court lawyer or Sessions Court Lawyer before hiring one for yourself.

Criminal Lawyer Perth –

This is a type of Criminal Lawyers who has been hired by the government to represent people who need legal help in higher courts like the Supreme Court. If someone cannot afford to hire a lawyer for them, then they can approach these types of criminal lawyers for representation. It should be noted that a criminal lawyer in Perth must have enough experience and expertise in dealing with such cases before practicing as one.

Legal Aid Criminal Lawyers –

In some parts of Australia, Legal Aid Commissions are appointed by the state or federal government to provide free legal help to those who cannot afford an independent criminal lawyer for themselves. The amount of fees that are charged by this kind of criminal lawyer is fixed and it does not increase even if the case takes months together for completion.

Criminal Lawyers Sydney –

This type of Criminal Lawyer is hired by the state to represent people who need legal help in different kinds of cases. If someone cannot afford to hire a lawyer for them, then they can approach these types of criminal lawyers for representation. However, it should be noted that an independent criminal lawyer must have enough experience and expertise in dealing with such cases before practicing as one.

Legal Aid Criminal Lawyers –

In some parts of Australia, Legal Aid Commissions are appointed by the state or federal government to provide free legal help to those who cannot afford an independent criminal lawyer for themselves. The amount of fees that are charged by this kind of criminal lawyer is fixed and it does not increase even if the case takes months together for completion.


Thus, before hiring a Criminal Lawyer in Sydney it is always advisable to choose the type of criminal lawyer which suits your needs. Legal Aid Criminal Lawyers can be hired by people who need help for cases that are filed in lower courts like Magistrate’s court or Local Court. However, if one cannot afford to hire an independent criminal lawyer for them and their case is too complicated then they can approach these types of lawyers as well. People who want representation from a Criminal Lawyers Perth in the higher courts must ensure whether it requires a Magistrate’s Court Lawyer or Sessions Court Lawyer before hiring one for them. Thus, there are different kinds of criminal lawyers available depending upon your budget and desired location says William D King.


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5 Reasons To Contact A Workers’ Compensation Attorney




Occupational injuries are much more common than you might think. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, more than 3.0 million nonfatal workplace injuries were reported in 2013, resulting in an alarmingly high incidence rate of 3.3 cases for every 100 full-time workers. Although many of these accidents occurred in traditionally risky workplace environments (e.g., construction sites, coal mines, and oils rigs), most were reported by employers in relatively safe settings.

What Is Workers’ Comp?

The good news is that most companies are required carry workers’ compensation, which is a type of insurance that provides coverage for work-related illnesses and injuries. The bad news is that there is no guarantee you will by fully reimbursed for your medical expenses, lost wages, and pain and suffering you experience as a result of an accident at work. With that in mind, here are five reasons you might decide to contact a workers’ compensation attorney.

1. You Can No Longer Work

Severe occupational accidents may result in a disability that prevents you from working ever again. Because the insurance companies that provide workers’ comp coverage are not in the habit of cutting huge settlement checks unless they absolutely must, you will need the services of an experienced workers’ compensation attorney to handle negotiations for you. It is important to note that permanent disability settlements must last you and your family for the rest of what would have been your working years. Expert legal representation is needed to secure the largest possible settlement.

2. Your Employer Did Not Have Insurance

Because workers’ comp can be expensive, some unscrupulous employers do not carry it. If you were hurt on the job and your boss informs you that he does not have insurance, you can sue him for damages. As an employee, you have the right to be reimbursed by your boss for any out-of-pocket medical expenses, lost wages due to the injury, as well as your pain and suffering.

3. Your Employer Denies Your Claim

Because insurance premiums get more expensive the more claims you submit, employers are often reluctant to approve a claim unless they must. An experienced attorney can ensure that your boss understands the legal ramifications of denying a legitimate claim only because it might end up costing him more money for coverage.

4. Negligence Was Involved

Even if an accident caused the injury, gross negligence is grounds for a lawsuit. Whether the negligent party was your boss or another employee, you should explore your legal options with the help of a lawyer.

5. You Need Surgery

Once again, insurance companies are often reluctant to approve surgeries unless they are deemed necessary. An experienced attorney may be able to convince the insurer that your surgery is not only necessary, but also cost-effective.

If any of those mentioned above are true, you should contact a workers’ compensation attorney as soon as possible.

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