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Ashitha’s Report on How Alcoholism Affects Families



Alcoholism of often termed the family illness, referring to the tremendous impact an active alcoholic has on those around him. There is no way the family members can escape or ignore the alcoholic. The majority of the alcoholic impairments are behavioural. So in the day-to-day interactions of family life, the family members are confronted with alcoholic behaviour. The family is, confused, be wildered, angry and afraid. They act accordingly. Their responses characteristically are as impaired as the alcoholic’s.

Certainly no family member ever caused alcoholism. Yet the family may, despites its best intentions, behave in a way that allows the alcoholic to continue drinking. They may protect the alcoholic, make excuses, buy into the alibis, cover up. They might call the employer, pretending the alcoholic is sick. The alcoholic’s actions are bound to increase the family’s anxiety level.


Jackson describes the stages that occur as a family comes to grips with an alcoholic in its midst. Her stages were initially intended to describe the family in which the husband and father is the alcoholic.

Denial:- Early in the development of alcoholism, occasional episodes of excessive drinking are explained away both marriage partners. Drinking because of drunkenness worry, nervousness, or a had day is not unbelievable the assumption is that the episode is an isolated instance and therefore no problem.

Attempts to eliminate the problem:- Here the spouse recognizes that the drinking is not normal and tries to make sure the alcoholic to quit, be more careful, or cut down. Simultaneously, the spouse tries to hide the problem from the outside and keep up a good front. Children in the family may well start having start having problems in response to the family stress.

Disorganization and chaos:- The family equilibrium has now broken down. The spouse can no longer pretend everything is okay and spends most of the time going crisis to crisis. Financial troubles are common. Under real stress, possibly questioning his or her own sanity, the spouse is likely to seek outside help.

Reorganization in spite of the problem:- The spouse’s coping abilities have strengthened. He or she gradually assumes the larger share of responsibility for the family unit. This may mean getting a job or taking over the finances. The major focus of energy is no longer directed toward getting the alcoholic partner to shape up. Instead, the spouse takes charge and fosters family life, despite the alcoholism.

Efforts to escape:- Separation or divorce may be attempted: lithe family unit remains intact, the family continues living around the alcoholic.

Family reorganization:- In the case of separation, family reorganization occurs without the alcoholic member. If the alcoholic achieves sobriety, a reconciliation may take place. Either path will require both partners to realign roles and make new adjustments.


Addition is a ‘family disease’ that affects not only the addicted individual, but also his family members.

As addiction gets worse day by day, the family is compelled to face several unmanageable problems. Unable to cope with these problems, the family constantly lives under severe tensions and pressure. This results in the family members becoming desperate, angry, frustrated, nervous, afraid and guilty. In many ways they start behaving like the addict, even though they do not take alcohol.

Responses of the family members

Stage 1

a) Denying the problems:- Initially the family members deny or minimize the problems related to his drinking.

b) Justifying his drinking:- The family members give reasons for his drinking.

c) Making changes:- In an attempt to stop his drinking. The family members often believe that they are responsible for the alcoholic’s drinking. They try to solve the problems at home and establish a pleasant atmosphere hoping that he will then give up drinking. The wife goes all out to please the alcoholic-pays his debts to relieve him of his financial burdens.

Stage 2

d) Withdrawing from society:- In spite of their efforts the family members find that he continues to drink. They do not want anyone to know this fact. Thus they become less social and keep away from their relatives and friends. They do not invite anyone home. They feel lonely and at the same time, worthless.

e) Protecting the alcoholic from the consequences of his drinking:- They protect the alcoholic by, covering up the consequences arising out of his drinking thinking that they can make him give up alcohol.

f) Making attempts to control his drinking:- In the hope of getting him out of his problem. The wife may empty or break the bottles, request the alcoholic to drink on only at house and not outside. Tell him not to drink in the mornings. Extract promises from him that he will not drink when there are guests at home. Unable to achieve anything, the family members feel angry, let down, bitter. Initially the anger, and hatred are directed towards the alcoholic, gradually, the focus is lost and they get angry with everyone around.

Stage 3

g) Losing control over oneself:- The family members give up all attempts to control his drinking because they realize that these methods do not help. Thus they may decide to refrain from getting angry. But they are unable to control their emotions and shot at the alcoholic for drinking heavily, beat the children for minor mistakes committed by them, get anxious about the alcoholic when he does not come home till dark etc. Her own behaviour makes her wonder whether she is losing her sanity.

h) Fear of the future:- The family members are very worried and scared. For them, the future looks bleak. Tomorrow is a big question mark.

Stage 4

i) Trying to reorganize the household:- They have absolutely no control over the alcoholic and the family members are not able to relay on him for anything. Their she takes up the complete responsibility of running the family and the alcoholic is only looked upon as a defiant angry child.

Stage 5

j) Breaking away from the alcoholic:- As the disease of alcoholism worsens the wife believers that she can lead a life independent of the alcoholic. She is -also worried that if left alone, he may ruin himself. These lead too lots of conflicts in her mind, feeling disgusted, she may leave him for a short period of time but, she normally comes back.

Stage 6

k) Allowing the alcoholic to face a crisis:- The wife stops taking any responsibility for the consequences of the alcoholic behaviour.

Emotional responses of the family members

1) Guilt – Our culture impels that if a person drinks too much, his parents or wife is to be blamed. This attitude of society often leads to self-blame and it produces more guilt and shame. This prevents both: he alcoholic and the family members from developing self-awareness which can lead to a positive change.

2) Grief – It is the result of all sorts of losses-loss of prestige, personal dignity, care, understanding and love, friends, finances-loss in each and every area of their life. They do not share their feelings of grief with anyone, they suffer alone.

3) Anger – When no one cares to listen to them the family members experiences anger and deep sadness. Their utter helplessness makes them angry. They are angry with themselves.

4) Hurt – If the anger is suppressed and not let out, it results in frustration, resentment and hurt feelings and anxiety.

5) Shame – The in appropriate behaviour of the alcoholic in front of relatives and friends makes the family embarrassed. Shame produce slow self worth in each members of the family leading to social isolation.

6) Fear – Living in a problematic distressed family, produces fear-fear of the future, fear of family life, fear of financial matters, fear or helps, fear of arguments, fear their physical well-being. There feelings of fear are a result of the internalized emotional stress that each and every family members experiences.

7) Loneliness – The stressful situation in the alcoholic’s family results in the breakdown of normal family communications. Love, Care and Concern are lost in the stress, anxiety and crisis experienced. The isolation created by lack of communication always leads to bitter loneliness.

The children of alcoholics learn three unwritten laws or self imposed commands. They are ‘don’t talk, don’t trust, don’t feel’. They may play one or more roles within family. ie, responsible child, adjusting child, placating child, rebellious child.

Though they are harmful to our family relations, being related, we have the moral right to love, care, and help them to come out of it. For that psychological efforts have to be promoted. As the medical science has developed more in this century, the addition could be cured by root.

The effects on the children of alcoholics

Lack of role model, lying, loss of self esteem, fear, depression and suicidal idea.

The children Learn Three Unwritten Laws or self imposed commands

Don’t Talk, Don’t Trust, don’t Feel and play one or more roles within the family:

Responsible child

Adjusting child

Placating child

Rebellious child

Alcoholic family reactivity patterns

The functional family system

(The family with an Alcoholic member)

The neurotic enmeshed family system

(The Alcoholic Family)

The disintegrated family system

(Family separation & isolation)

The absent family system

(The long term isolated alcoholic)


The family’s best defense against the emotional impact of alcoholism is gaining know, ledge and achieving the emotional maturity and courage needed to put in into effect.

Individuals who may be capable of assisting alcoholics outside the family may become confused, destructive persons if a member of their own family becomes an active alcoholic. This is especially true if the drinking alcoholic is the husband, or wife.

The “next of kin” or ‘person most responsible for the alcoholic may need more assistance and counselling than the alcoholic if an effective recovery program is to be launched. Alcoholism is an illness, but one which has tremendous emotional impact upon the immediate family. Those most affected by the alcoholic are the spouse, parent, sister, brother and child. The more distorted the emotions of these persons become the less adequate their help will be. The interaction may and often does become destructive rather than helpful.

For example wives may find themselves blamed for everything that is wrong is an alcoholic marriage. This may reach the point where they may fear this is true. Yet alcoholism is an illness. The wife is no more responsible for alcoholism than she would be for the existence of diabetes or tuberculosis in her husband. Now wife ever made her husband an alcoholic, there fore no wife can be held responsible for his recovery. However, by lack of knowledge she may allow the illness to go unnoticed. By lack of adequate understanding and courage she may acquiesce in the development of the disease. For the existence of alcoholism the wife is not responsible, but she can abet the husband avoiding treatment, or takes steps which may lead to earlier recovery though this cannot be absolutely assured.

This same principle holds true for all members of the family, especially the one person upon whom the alcoholic ultimately depends. This primary person in the alcoholic’s life cannot “treat” the illness. No doctor should treat his own serious illness, and few will ever act as physician for a member of their immediate family, especially spouse, parent or child. As alcoholism progresses relatives become involved emotionally.



The first weapon is ability to arose anger or provoke loss of temper. If the family member or friend becomes angry and hostile this person has been completely destroyed in so far as ability to help the alcoholic is concerned. Consciously or unconsciously the alcoholic is projecting an image of self-hatred against the other person. If it is met by angry, hostile attacks it is thereby verified and the alcoholic’s own mind justifies the former drinking and also now has an additional excuse to drink in the future.


The second weapon of the alcoholic is the ability to arouse anxiety on the part of the family. Thereby they are compelled to do for the alcoholic that which can be done only by the alcoholic if the illness is to be arrested and recovery initiated.

The alcoholic cannot undo what others have already undone. This in reality increases the alcoholic’s sense of failure and guilt and increases the family’s sense of hostility and condemnation if the alcoholic. Thereby the alcoholic is doubly injured. The criticism, scolding and moralizing add to the alcoholic’s guilt and resentment against self and family.

Alcoholics are propelled along the progress of the disease when the family is unable to cope with anxiety aroused by the alcoholic. This is in effect part of the illness. Neither the alcoholic nor his family is able to face realty.

Love and compassion

One of the more serious failures in approaching the alcoholic is the inability to understand the meaning of love. The wife has no right to state, “if you loved me you would not drink”.

Alcohol is an anesthetic. When the alcoholic drinks he anesthetizes his pain. This is the pleasure of alcohol escape. It is a problem-solving device to relieve unpleasantness, anxiety, tension and resentment. When the alcoholic drinks pain is avoided for the time being but pain, tension, anxiety and resentment are increased severely in the family. When the alcoholic drinks pain is avoided for the time being but pain, tension, anxiety and resentment are increased severely in the family. When the alcohokic sobers up there is little desire to suffer the consequences of drinking. Remorse and guilt now compel the – alcoholic to prostrate him self before the family, beggar mercy and promise that it will never happen again. Or the reverse side of the coin may appear, complete unwillingness to discuss what happened. Each attempts to gain the same goal, the avoidance of the consequences of drinking. If the alcoholic succeeds by either means his pain is again avoider or relieved but the family again pays the price of the consequences of drinking.

Love is Destroyed

Love cannot continue to exist in this type of action and interaction. The alcoholic uses alcohol to escape pain by drinking and learns, how to use the family to escape the pain of the consequences. The family suffers when the alcoholic drinks and then suffers the painful consequences also. If the family bears the brunt of the drinking and absorbs its consequences then compassion cannot exist Compassion is bearing with or suffering with a person, not suffering because of the unwillingness of the other person to suffer. If this condition is allowed to continue by the – family, love is gradually destroyed and replaced by fear, resentment and hatred. The only way love can be retained is by family members learning not to suffer when drinking is in progress and refusing to undo the consequences of drinking. Anything less than this is not compassion and only relationship without, justice and compassion is not love.

The traffic result is that alcoholism is thereby encouraged and fear and resentment take over human emotions. This is why family members, especially the next of kin of the alcoholic, need held if the disease is to be arrested and recovery initiated. Other wise the entire family becomes ill emotionally. This condition is but another symptom of the progress of the disease.


The role of parents and teachers in preventing youth from getting into the drug – scene can best the filled by sympathetic understanding of what is going on in their minds in hearts. Even if the parents and teachers are to old to be interested in the new attractions, they must make themselves young enough in thought to share the feelings which these youth have received from the atmosphere around them, – blowing in from all over the world.

A word of warning: sometimes these pressures and desires also come to the parents and teachers tool’. More and more adults have problems which they don’t want to admit, but which cause them to drink, or gamble, or play around in dangerous way, too. You need only count the increasing number of alcoholics and alcohol selling shops, or reflect on the new and important place and “source force” which helps more and more people to buy new land, build new homes, wear clothes they cannot afford, and generally try to impress their friends and relatives with items that are bigger and better.

Especially parents must be aware of how their grown – up children are developing in life. If their studies are weak, if they keep irregular hours and do not easily answer questions about their activity or friends; if they growth in, do not eat, oversleep and are secretive, it is a time for loving, sympathetic seeking to understand rather then harshly criticize. Talk with them about their plans for the future, their interests and how to go about achieving them. Let them share with you the impressions they get from their friends, and how they feel because of these things. Confide in them – the problems which you adults feel too with the strains of modern life in our land- locked, opportunity – locked country.

Common Features of the Family with an Addict Members

The addict is the symptom carrier of the family dysfunction.

The addict helps to maintain family homeostasis.

The addict reinforces the parental need to control and continue parenting, yet he finds such parenting inadequate for his needs.

The addict provides a displaced battlefield so that implicit and explicit parental strife can continue to be denied.

Parental drug, and alcohol above is common and is directly transmitted to the addict or results in – inadequate parenting.

The addict forms cross – generational alliances which separate parents from each other.

Generational boundaries are diffused – there is frequent competition between parents.

Frequently the crisis created by addict is the only was the family gets together and attempts some problem solving, or is the only opportunity for a “deed” family to experience emotions.

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MAC Makeup – Things You May Not Know About MAC Makeup and Cosmetics




The best makeup on earth is MAC makeup, hands down. Created in 1985 by Frank Toskan and Frank Angelo, MAC cosmetics were designed to hold up to the most grueling conditions. Ordinary drug store makeup doesn’t look good under bright lights, and most of it sweats off or wears off under normal circumstances anyway. The chemists who created MAC cosmetics, however, designed it to hold up to just about any challenge you can throw at it. It’s good for all ages, all races and all sexes, which later became the company’s motto.

MAC makeup is also a socially conscious brand. There are four social initiative problems that the company currently has in place: MAC Cruelty-Free Beauty, Back to MAC Recycling, MAC Kids Helping Kids and the MAC AIDS Fund. Even though MAC cosmetics was bought out by the Estee Lauder Companies in 1994 and the original founder Frank Angelo died in 1997, the MAC AIDS Fund has been continued by the new owners. The coolest thing about it is that every penny of the sale of the eight products under the Viva Glam name get donated to the charity. This has raised more than $86 million for the charity since 1994.

If you’re a makeup artist, you can get 40 percent off of the price of MAC makeup. Other beauty professionals can get a 30 percent discount. The brand is also extremely socially diverse. Spokespeople in the past have included everyone from RuPaul to Linda Evangelista. MAC Beauty Icons have included Liza Minnelli, Diana Ross, Raquel Welch and Catherine Deneuve. All in all, MAC makeup has done a lot for the industry as well as the community. They perfected makeup and are a great role model for other American companies. It can be said that part of their success is due to their acceptance of all things beautiful, and that’s something we can all stand behind.

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Foods to Avoid Causing Your Teeth Turmoil




Many people don’t know that a lot of the foods we eat on a daily basis can actually cause our teeth a lot of unnecessary turmoil. While it isn’t exactly necessary to completely avoid these foods, it would at least be a good idea to know what they are, to cut them down in your daily diet.

There are several different types of food that can damage and discolor our beautiful teeth. You may not even be aware that these foods are harming your teeth every time you eat, unless you’ve already had some experience with the pain that this damage can cause. Of course you can still go on and eat these foods, but with moderation and with proper care for your teeth. You’ll want to have an idea of the foods you’ll need to watch out for, and ensure that in addition to cutting them down or out of your diet, you also practice proper oral and dental hygiene each and every time you consume them. Here are the two main things you’ll need to look out for, as they can have the most damaging effect on your pearly whites.

Foods that are Loaded with Sugar

Drinking sodas or eating sweets once in a while is not actually a problem, as long as it is only once in a while. The problem occurs when you start taking these sweets regularly, as the regular consumption of these sugary treats can affect not only your overall health, but that of your smile as well. Obviously, sweet foods are rich in sugar, corn syrup or other sweeteners, which are terrific energy sources to the bacteria that is always present in our mouths. These sugars can actually increase the activity of those bacteria, causing more plaque to form upon our teeth and gums. This plaque can cause greater issues with your teeth to occur, not the least of which being cavities and discoloration. Soda and acidic fruit juice, with or without sugar added, are the greatest culprits in tooth decay and discoloration.

Sugary drinks and foods every so often is often a wonderful treat, and there’s no need to cut them out of the foods you eat completely. It’s merely important that, if you’re one of those people who ‘indulges’ in several of these sweets per day, you begin to reduce the number drastically. Also, following a few simple steps can help to prevent teeth turmoil; brushing your teeth thoroughly after eating or drinking something with excessive sugar, flossing and rinsing your out your mouth will keep your teeth from taking the brunt of the damage these sugars can cause.

Foods that Dry Out Your Mouth

You may not know that maintaining a well hydrated mouth is essential in keeping your teeth and gums healthy, but it’s true. A dry mouth is more susceptible to damage and decay. In order to prevent these conditions, you’ll need to ensure that you don’t have a dry, under-hydrated mouth.

Chewing gum and drinking alcohol can make your mouth dry, as can smoking cigarettes. There are also certain medications that can make the mouth dehydrated, which is of course bad for your teeth. What you can do here is to regularly rinse your mouth to keep it extra hydrated. You may also rinse it with fluoridated liquids for keeping your mouth hydrated and healthy. You should also see to it that you drink plenty of water throughout the day because, in addition to just being an overall healthy beverage, water helps to keep your mouth hydrated.

These are some of the foods that you should definitely avoid, or at the very least reduce your intake of, to prevent teeth turmoil. Keeping your teeth healthy will keep your smile happy. It will also help you save a substantial amount of money from getting treatments from the dentists, which will also keep your smile happy. But don’t forget that regular check-ups and a steady, thorough brushing, flossing and rinsing routine are irreplaceable in the fight to keep your teeth white and strong.

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Vogue Resort And Spa – Photographic Services




Vogue Resort And Spa is based in Ao Nang, Krabi. This beautiful resort is known for its natural beauty, extraordinary spa services, and comfortable accommodation rooms. The resort has recently inaugurated their photographic studio. This article throws light on the photographic services that the studio offers. The photographic services are offered not only in Krabi but across the country for all occasions. However, they specialize in event photography.

The studio offers photographic services at all occasions and events; these include wedding parties, birthdays, corporate events, commercial events and all social and private functions. The studio is becoming known for its excellence in event photography, wedding photography, and portrait photography. All the photographic sessions are offered for both on-location photography and studio photography, depending on the ease of the customers.

Their staff includes professional photographers. They are all trained and highly qualified professional photographers with years of experience in their hands. These professional photographers are using latest style cameras and other required equipment to shoot photographs, in order to create beautiful memories in form of crystal clear images. The photographs are edited and treated before they are developed on the papers. The images can be presented either in CDs or as paper photographs in albums.

For wedding photography, party photographers hold pre-wedding meetings and discussions. In these discussions, the photographers try to understand the requirements of the couple. At the wedding day, the party photographers do not only try to take formal photos but also informal and casual photos to capture the real essence of the special day. The album at the end is presented to the couple, this wedding album is well decorated and given as a complimentary gift Vogue Studios. Event photography is available for all events and functions of private and even social and commercial nature.

Portrait photography is available for children, family, individuals, couples, siblings, and new born babies. These portrait photography sessions can take place anywhere outside or inside the studio; the photographers will be happy to travel with you at the beach side or gardens.

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The Thymus Gland’s Role in Body Wellness




Are any of you familiar with the Thymus Gland? It is located in our upper chest behind the breast bone. When we automatically slap our chest with our open palm in a moment of surprise, we are actually stimulating our Thymus Gland. But let us take a look at how this gland is tied to body wellness.

For many years scientists thought that the Thymus Gland served no function in adults. I know that sounds wrong because to my knowledge, organs and glands usually fulfill their own unique purpose. And the proper functioning of organs, glands and everything else helps to create body wellness.

What we do know now is that the Thymus Gland shrinks rapidly during times of serious illness or stress. And that if one were to conduct an autopsy of say a 50 year old healthy woman who died suddenly, say in a car crash, her Thymus would be much larger than the Thymus of a woman of the same age who died of a chronic degenerative disease.

According to John Diamond, M.D. in his book Your Body Doesn’t Lie evidence accumulated over the past 30 years on the Thymus Gland’s role in immunology is overwhelming. In cases where the Thymus has been destroyed or removed our body wellness is compromised because we become less effective in fighting infection and disease.

According to Patricia Ann Hellinger, natural healing lecturer, counselor and author of Hiatal Hernia & Chronic Fatigue Syndrome:

“If the gland is not performing 100 % of its full capacity: It will cause the whole body to fall to illness, fatigue, and disease.”

Is it possible to strengthen and support the Thymus? According to Carson B. Burgstiner, M.D in his work on Thymus support protocol, he recommends ” a healthy diet, rest, water, exercise and learning to manage stress effectively is key to a well functioning Thymus. In addition, taking supplements like Vitamins C and E, beta carotene and selenium help to protect the Thymus from free radical damage.”

The Thymus gland appears to be a significant link in the functioning of our immune system and to our overall body wellness.

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A Simple Hair Loss Solution: Chasteberry (Agnus-Castus) – Will It Work for You?




Agnus Castus, a ‘gentle’ herb,has long been effectively used as a hormonal regulator, against acne, for PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome), hormone-based infertility, menstrual disorders and even menopausal and pre-menopausal problems. In brief, Vitex has been known to effectively work against a large number of hormone-based imbalances and health problems.

Although I could write about how Agnus Castus Vitex can work really well against acne, since it’s often a hormone-based skin problem, in this article I am concentrating on how this natural supplement can help against hair loss. The type of hair loss I am referring to here, the type Agnus Castus can treat, is the hormone-based hair loss commonly known as androgenic alopecia: this is where the hormone testosterone is converted to DHT (dihydrotestosterone) on the scalp and skin; DHT then binds to hair follicles receptors, weakening them until the hair falls out. It is the most common form of hair loss and it affects men and women. Agnus Castus affects the pituitary gland (the ‘master’ gland of the endocrine system) and helps it regulate the productions of certain hormones, resulting in a shift in the oestrogen-progesterone ratio, increasing progesterone, a very important hormone (and factor) in the most common form of hair thinning. Why is progesterone important against the falling out of scalp hair? Because, simply put, progesterone on the scalp binds to hair follicles and, this way, it prevents DHT from binding to them.

The ability of Vitex to lower prolactin levels (or rather, to decrease the pituitary gland’s secretion of prolactin) also affects hair loss. Excess prolactin levels in your body (which can be due to stress, for example) causes a number of health issues such as loss of libido, hirsutism, weight gain and hair thinning. If you are a woman and you think that your (scalp) hair loss is connected to a number of hormonal problems, such as acne, irregular periods or ovarian cysts, pre-menstrual syndrome, excessive body hair (hirsutism), early menopause (and so on), taking adequate amounts of Agnus Castus may help greatly against (scalp) hair thinning. If you suspect your prolactin levels are high, even if only slightly, it may be wise to have a blood test. My levels were almost normal, almost marginally higher than normal: yet, by taking Vitex, I resolved my hair problem and, significantly, I no longer have the great difficulty I used to have in losing weight! This to me was a ‘bonus’ result.

Make sure the doses are adequate and not too low, otherwise it won’t affect prolactin levels enough to make a change. I took 4 pills a day of 80g each until I began to notice significant results, and continued to take a similar amount later on; that was my choice after a long research. However, I recommend you do your own research and consult your doctor before taking Vitex, especially because it can interact with certain drugs; also because, as a rule of thumb, before starting any supplement (no matter how safe), it is always best to talk it with your doctor. The more you know about Vitex Agnus Castus, the better you can utilize it to stop your scalp hair from falling out.

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Fingernail and Toenail Hygiene




The face is, obviously, the first part of the body we see. What’s the second most noticeable thing about a person? For many, it’s the person’s hands. If it’s sandal-weather, our eyes travel, automatically, from the hands to the feet.

Can the way your hands, fingernails and toenails look be a deterring factor in the equation of ‘first impressions’? Most definitely! Pretty fingernails and toenails are good indications of a person’s overall health and cleanliness! And, because nails are out there and up front, most people notice them.

If a person’s fingernails have been chewed on, unmercifully, or if dirt is embedded beneath the nails, do you really want these fingers to interlace with yours? Do you get excited just thinking of those mauled and uncared for fingers sliding over your body in sexual frenzies? Doubt it!

Getting a glimpse of someone’s toes can give you a good insight about their hygiene and importance of personal appearance. Of course, things like long, crooked, or uneven toes are flaws of nature, but how the toes are cared for is a personal choice.

Fingernails and toenails can be yellow or even green! And, this is without polish! Fungus can grow underneath nails and eat away the nails. Besides the greenish or yellowish color, the nails can become soft, almost mushy. And, boys and girls, fungus is transferable! Oh, yes, indeedy, playing footsie with someone who has nail fungus will get you a healthy dose of the nasty stuff for your very own!

Healthy nails are pretty and sexy. Well shaped, trimmed, filed, and shiny fingernails and toenails will get you that second look! Pretty nails don’t just happen, as with most things, it takes work to maintain them.

Fingernails and toenails are living tissue, and need nourishment, just as the rest of the body. Use top products to keep your nails looking their best. Top products does not, necessarily, mean the most expensive designer-labeled products you can find. It refers to things like base coats, to protect the nails from the chemicals in polish, and top coats to protect the polish applied.

Pamper your nails with manicures and massages. Massaging not only feels great, it gets the blood flowing in and around the nail beds, and adequate blood flow nourishes the nails and skin tissue.

Foot soaks, scrubs and callous removing agents are wonderful ways to maintain your toenails. Cuticle creams feed and help to keep the skin surrounding the nails healthy and crack-free.

Never cut or shorten nails with clippers! Nail clippers can break, split and create jagged nail edges. Filing nails is a much better way to avoid splits, cracks, sharp edges. Filing also prevents the nail from being damaged.

Stacking rings on your fingers or toes will not improve the look or beauty of neglected nails! In fact, ugly and uncared for nails will actually detract from the jewelry. When someone looks at a ring, bracelet, or ankle chain the nails are part of the whole picture. If jewelry is displayed on a cracked, dirty, and just plain ugly pallet, the whole picture is ruined!

A bit of nail care takes only minutes, and should be a routine part of everyday body hygiene. Pretty fingernails and toenails are inviting. Kissing fingertips or pretty toes is a delightful, sensuous experience to the giver and recipient!

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Banggood App 5.21.0 Makes You Enjoyable in Easy Online Shopping




Hello! Every Banggood follower! Do you find something new in the Banggood app? Are you tired of the old page of the app? Whether you do it or not, I am going to share a piece of good news with you. To provide a completely new shopping experience for you and make good preparations for Black Friday Sale, Banggood’s technical team has tried its best to give enhancement to the app both in functions and user page optimization.

According to the leader of Banggood’s technical team, they will make upgrading on the app once a week. And Before making every upgrade on the app, they will take user-friendliness into considerations because they are aimed to make it one of the most popular discount shopping apps.

Last week, the app came with a new function: GROUP BUY, which has won the preference of Banggood fans. More than that, it also attracts many new users of this app.

This week, what upgrades add to the app? I will show you that it has redesigned the Place Order page, which gives you a new visual experience when you are using the app. With the continuing change of social culture and fashion trends, people pay more attention to the beauty and convenience of the app page because the good-looking page not only brings good visual experience but also make it easier for the users to use, letting them more enjoyable in shopping with the app.

After upgrading the app to 5.21.0 version, you may find many changes made in the new Place Order page. It not only simplifies the page, making it more adaptable to the modern aesthetics but also ease many settings for users to finish placing an order.

Apart from the new upgrade on the app, it still keeps the original smart features including Smart sale notification, Smart recommending mechanism, Free shipping, and multi-payment methods, App only, coupon center and so on. With the combination of these smart features, it can provide you with an easier shopping experience. In the following days, more wonderful upgrades will be available on the app to make shopping easier.

From what I mentioned, do you want to have a look at or use the app? If you do, go and action to upgrade it to the latest version. If you are not the users of the app yet, you can download it on APP store or Google pay for free. To your surprise, once you become the new user of the app, you can receive 10% off. So quickly down it and enjoy shopping with the Banggood app.

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How To Take Care Of Your Skin During The Hot Summer Months




Summer is a time when family members spend a lot of time outdoors, at the beach, the park, hiking, camping and fishing. You name it, there is a ton of outdoor activities that keep you outdoor for hours on end during the summer months.

Stay Hydrated: It is extremely important to keep your skin and body properly hydrated. Drinking 8 – 8 ounce glasses of water throughout the day is one way of hydrating your skin. This will prevent damage and help detoxify your body.

Cover up: cover up your face and areas most exposed to the sun. Wear wide rim hat and sun glasses whenever possible and cover your arms and legs.

Protect: Sunscreen is your best friend on those days you stay in the sun for several hours. Apply sunscreen before going outdoors and reapply every 2 hours you are in the sun. Wear high SPF sunscreen of 30 and above to help block those damaging UV rays.

Prevent Premature Aging: UV rays cause premature aging of the skin. Some of the signs include wrinkles, brown spots and dull coarse skin. The UV rays strip the topmost layer of the skin which can lead to inflammation, produces reactive molecules of oxygen which slows down the growth of healthy skin cell and destroy your body’s ability to naturally produce collagen and elastin.

Moisturize: Because exposure to the sun can thin the skin over time it is important to moisturizer daily. Using natural moisturizer will help keep the skin healthy by providing it with the nutrient it needs to fight damage cause by sun and other environmental elements such as snow, wind.

It is important to protect your eye area as the skin around this area is thin and will thin faster when exposed to harsh conditions. Use eye cream around this area daily to ensure it is kept moist. An eye cream with natural ingredients will work best and will not cause further damage to the skin.

Natural Products: Using skin care products containing Vitamins C and E will help to work with sun block to prevent damage. Vitamins C and E will give you added boost of antioxidants to fight free radicals and will help to reverse damage cause by the sun.

Remember some amount of sun exposure is good as it will provide your body with the necessary Vitamin D. However limit your exposure in the sun to 15 minute intervals before 10:00 a.m. and after 2:00 p.m. By limiting your exposure you will prevent melanoma which is a form of skin cancer.

To keep your skin healthy, drink lots of water each day, limit the amount of time spent in the sun daily, use high SPF sunscreen and reapply every 2 hours, and use natural moisturizer and eye cream to delay the signs of aging and help your skin stay healthy.

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Hair Beauty and Makeup Artists – Why Hiring a Good Professional Is Key




There are certain special events in our lives that warrant using hair, beauty and make-up artists. One popular reason is using them on your wedding day. Knowing which artist to hire can be tricky and hiring a professional is important. Continue reading to find out why.

Normally women have a trusted hairstylist which they use regularly. But when it comes to makeup and beauty care very few women have personal professional hair, beauty and makeup artists available. When the need for one arises they don’t have any idea about how to hire one.

Many women will start asking their friends for referrals or look on the internet for any local hair, beauty and makeup artists. The beauty industry is a big business with new makeup artists constantly coming onto the scene. Some makeup artists work at cosmetic counters while others sell cosmetics or work in the fashion and entertainment industry.

There is a difference in hiring someone to do your makeup versus booking a professional. Professional hair, beauty and makeup artists would have gone to school to learn their trade and have become a licensed esthetician or facial specialist. Other’s learn their skills from the ground up, training hands on. They would be very familiar with working with brides and other private functions.

Many hair, beauty and make-up artists make a living working in the film, television or magazine and catalogue industries. They will also work closely with all types of models and therefore have lots of experience.

A professional hair, beauty and make-up artist will understand skin types and bone structure. They will know how to use and sanitize their tools correctly. They will also have a good understanding of contouring and shading to compliment or even hide eye, nose and cheek bones flaws.

Good hair, beauty and makeup artists have a goal to make you happy with their service. They might recommend products to you, but their main objective is not to sell you a line of beauty products.

When looking for hair, beauty and makeup artists don’t always go with the lowest price. A picture can last many, many years and looking your best on that special is really important to you. It just might be worth spending that extra money to get a top makeup artist.

When hiring a make-up artist check out their credentials and see if they have a professional license or not, hiring a licensed professional makes you feel more comfortable. You know that they have had the proper training to do your hair and makeup correctly. They should also carry a portfolio with photos of their work. This way you know you are getting a good hair, beauty & makeup artists and will receive exactly what you are paying for.

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Dental Care and You: 3 Healthy Teeth Drinks, 1 to Avoid




It’s common for people to never think twice about what they drink and how it is affecting their teeth. The reality is that people may cause harm to their teeth by making the wrong choice of beverage.

Most people know that proper dental care involves brushing and flossing regularly, as well as seeing the dentist every six months for a check up and cleaning. What many people do not realize is that proper dental care also involves knowing what to drink, and being careful about what quantities are consumed.

Some beverages are very beneficial to your dental health. Here are three examples of drinks to consider:

Not just antioxidants – green tea

Green tea is a healthy drink that supplies you with antioxidants that have been shown to help prevent plaque build up on teeth. Drinking green tea on a regular basis may help to reduce cavities and lower the risk for gum disease. Tea has also been shown to help fight bacteria that causes bad breath.

Rich in calcium – milk

Milk is beneficial for teeth, especially for children. It’s low in acid and a beverage that contains high levels of calcium. Calcium is great for keeping enamel strong since teeth are largely made up of it. This helps promote healthy white teeth – and a great smile.

An ancient source – spring water

Water is naturally good for the body. It can help wash away debris in the mouth that may be stuck between teeth. Water can contain minerals that help restore a natural balance in your teeth. Natural spring water is a great choice or water filtered using a reverse-osmosis process – you can then enhance it with some natural mineral drops, after the unhealthy contaminants are removed.

A drink to avoid

Not everything you drink is good for the teeth. One of the main ingredients in beverages that is damaging to teeth is sugar. Sugar causes cavities which can decay your teeth. Another harmful ingredient is acid. Acid wears away tooth enamel and can leads to cavities and other damage to your teeth and gum. These two things together create the environment for serious tooth damage.

Together, they are found in soda pop. Soda pop is not a very healthy beverage. It is not just soda, though. Really anything that contains sugar or is highly acidic can be harmful.

Fruit juices, coffee and energy drinks contain sugar and acids that can be damage your teeth. Of course, it is possible to make healthier beverages like tea, milk and water less healthy by adding sugar or sweetened flavorings. It’s best to stay with natural drinks and not add anything that could do more harm than good.

Instead of drinking soda, try some green tea, milk or water. Tea, milk and water can often be a much better way to satisfy your thirst – and they are much more beneficial to your dental health.

Try swapping soda or other sugary and acidic drinks for one of these better choices. Making the choice of better beverages will keep your teeth healthier throughout your life.

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