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Benefits of Obedience Training for Your Pet Dog



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Whether you own a pet dog or not, you would agree that training them can be excellent for their development and ability. It allows dogs to have safe interactions. Still, many people don’t take any action in this direction. As a result, they face frustration and disappointment when faced with their pet’s unacceptable behavioral issues. The dog can injure itself or die. Even the same risks are there for other pets and humans who come into close contact with them. If you want to maintain your sanity and spend wonderful moments playing with them, it is critical to send them for obedience training. It has multiple benefits for them.

Why opt for obedience training for your pet?


Schools specializing in obedience training for dogs can provide the best social environment for them. It helps them be at ease when they are in a busy place. When they learn to recognize the presence of other people and pets, they will not fear or cower strongly. Hence, they will not be aggressive too. If your dog doesn’t interact with other dogs, you can send it to a training school for this. They tend to have the required set up to help them become comfortable in a social environment. You can visit and see more about Off Leash K9 Phoenix dog training services to have an idea about how this process works.


You call them, but they don’t come back to you. Or, the pup gets too excited in your presence and starts jumping. These don’t sound like a problem. However, getting your dog accustomed to a few things is crucial for its safety. If they respond to your calls amicably, the risk of injuries or getting lost minimizes. Besides, it can protect them from car accidents, which happen to be one of the common causes of their deaths.

However, obedience training is also for your and others’ safety. Anyone can get hurt if a dog snatches food from them. A trained dog will not behave in such an aggressive fashion.

Strong bonding

A disciplined and well-behaved puppy allows you to bond with it quickly. When you spend time together in each other’s company, you build respect. You enjoy your pup’s company, and your puppy starts trusting you. Hence, they listen to you out of admiration. And this can be the most beautiful thing that you get to experience as a pet lover.

Some private lessons are also available for pet owners. It can be handy for first-time adopters because it is critical to train yourself too. After all, you both would have each other’s company. So don’t ignore the training aspect. A little bit of knowledge for you and discipline for your dog can ensure safety and plenty of happy moments. Do you wonder whether private training centers will be safe for your pet? You can pick the ones with experience and presence in multiple locations. Their business growth can be a sign they will take good care of your pet. You can also consult with them to gain more clarity.

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How to Save Money on Cable Television?



saving money on cable
save money on cable tv

As per the reports of Leichtman Research Group, an average cable TV bill costs almost 99.10 USD. This means you spend roughly 1200 USD per year on cable. Based on these statistics, it is fair that a number of U.S. households have switched to streaming services. While moving on from cable TV might seem reasonable and cost-effective, it really is not. Relying fully on streaming services means that you would need to subscribe to multiple streaming platforms as well as some sort of live streaming service; such subscriptions can augment your monthly spending by a great extent.

There are several ways to enjoy your traditional cable TV while saving money and we are going to unleash these ways, in this article.

Understand your requirements

The first thing you need to do is to understand your entertainment requirements. Are you someone who lives in a large household where everyone has distinct tastes? Do you live alone and have to cater to your needs only? What channels do you need to have?

You need to know the cable channels and channel categories that you need primarily because your cable plan depends on the channel lineup and why pay for something you do not need, right? Furthermore, you also need to make sure that you sign up with a cable provider who is the best for you in terms of money, plan, discounts, and channel lineup. If my endorsement holds any space for you, you should check out Optimum cable packages to find out the best and most economical cable packages with a vast channel lineup. However, if it does not offer coverage in your area, you need to choose the best option from the cable providers in your locality.

Negotiation is a powerful tool

If you are dissatisfied with your cable bill, talk to your cable provider. This is the first rule in the cable playbook. Just address the issues you are facing and negotiate with them to lower your bill. Cable providers are a customer-oriented business, which means that you have a lot of room to talk about your demands.

Some tips that you can use when negotiating with your cable provider are:

  • Be clear with them and discuss the reason for your dissatisfaction.
  • Have your record of on-time payments with you and remind them of your loyalty.
  • Instead of asking them to lower it on their terms, be prepared and tell them how much you want to pay.
  • Before getting on the call, research their competitors and tell them that you can take your business elsewhere.
  • Last but not least – be courteous and persistent always.

In the event that your call does not turn up to be anything fruitful, you can always call back again. Different customer reps present different solutions and so it is likely that you can get a positive response on the next call.

Drop some additional services

There are instances when negotiating might just not work – one of them being that you are already paying the least and there is not much room to play around. So what should be your next step? You need to drop some additional services. There are a lot of services that you might think are of absolute necessity, however, simply speaking they are not.

Some of the services that you can drop with ease are:

DVR – do you really need to record everything to watch later? Is it so important? NO. Also, you might have a subscription to Hulu, Netflix, or Amazon Prime Video where you can watch anything, anytime and without commercials. So why waste money on DVR, am I right, or am I right!

Movie Channels – have a lot of movie channels seems like a great idea until you do not have them. You do not need to have Star, Showtime, HBO, and other premium movie channels included in your plan. There are many free movie streaming platforms like 123Movies, Tubi, Popcornflix, and Solarmovies, etc. You can stream any movie on these sites without paying a dime.

News Channels – we all know that not every news channel is credible to us. Everyone has a news network that they trust but then you can get biased news. Therefore, the logical thing is to get news channels that you trust, are known to be unbiased, and provide real content. Having 3 to 4 news channels is enough for you to be aware of the world’s happenings and so you do not need all of them.

Bundle up services

It is common knowledge that buying in bulk means that your price can be reduced. Most cable providers also offer internet and phone services. This means that if you bundle up your services, you can avail better rates.

Bundling up cable, internet, and phone not only reduces your overall bill, it further eases you by providing all the billings through one provider. You rid yourself of the hassle to have three service sessions, three equipment centers, and three bills to pay. Furthermore, the relationship between provider and clients becomes more durable when there are multiple services involved. It also supplements your worth as a customer and so you can ask for favors, discounts, and exclusive treatment at any time.

Cut the cord

If after all these tips, you still do not save as much money as you want to, then the last resort is to cut the cord. There are a lot of cable alternatives and you can budget your way through them as there are no hidden charges.

One best thing about streaming services is that you can cancel subscriptions whenever you want to. Consequently, if you plan your binge routine well, you can actually save a great deal of money through streaming.

Some of the best streaming services are:

Live TV Video On-Demand Services

(Subscription fee)

Video On-Demand Services


Sling TV


Hulu plus Live TV

YouTube TV

Philo TV



Amazon Prime Video


Disney Plus






Haystack News




You can also opt for an antenna and watch local channels for absolutely no charges through over-the-air signals.

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Queen of Sass or Father of Sarcasm – Use These Funny Things In Your Daily Conversation



something funny to say

The world is big, brutal and unfriendly. It has global warming, nation’s fighting, forest burning, scarcity and crisis for drinking water and so many other issues that keep you worried about how you are going to spend a great long life on this earth. Along with that, we are often surrounded by the people with the most eccentric behaviors that might bug the hell out of you. And expressing what you are thinking will be not very pleasant to share.

So, in such a situation, you can think of something funny to say that will not only change the mode of conversation but will also help you tell them what you want without offending them. Are you wondering what things you can say in such moments to express what you feel, but with a touch of sass or sarcasm? Take a look at the following examples to get inspired.

“Take My Advice- I am not using it.”

This one is a perfect example of sarcasm. It sounds almost like Chandler Bing talking. There are many people who often ask for our advice. We give them advice alright. But they anyway end up doing what they wanted to do all along even when the advice is not something even close to that. And when this has already happened several times, it is needless to say that you will be least bothered to offer your advice again. Now, if that person again comes to you asking for what you think about a particular situation and how they should act, you might not want to hurt their feelings. In such a case, you can think of saying, “Take my advice- I am not using it.” Basically you are not refusing to give advice so to say but you are actually telling them that you have to offer something futile to consider even as a piece of advice.

“It’s Not That I Trust You. I am Just Feeling Lazy Today.”

Maybe you are a lazy person who finds no motivation whatsoever in working or for that matter, in doing anything. And if it is possible, you believe in passing on the responsibility to someone else too. Now, when you are thinking of delegating your work most of the time, you will need newer excuses every time, isn’t it? And for that, you need to know about random things to say. So, when you are asking someone else to do your work, you can just say, “It’s not that I trust you. I am just feeling lazy today.” And that should be enough reason for you to refusing to work and delegating it without being too demanding.

“The only thing I understand about Algebra: I look at my X and I wonder Y”

Have you recently broken up and finally have realized that you deserve better than the bloke or the bimbo you spend a lot of time with? And still, people are having some difficult time understanding and accept that you are finally free and away from the disastrous relationship you had? And as a reply you just want to say something really sassy in answer or want to post a killer status on social media? “The only thing I understand about Algebra: I look at my X and I wonder Y” is the perfect line to express your current mood that is all ready to come up with the sassiest comebacks.

So, now as you know about these weird things to say that won’t offend people but will put out your message loud and clear, what are you waiting for? Start using them in your daily conversations.

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Mobile Phones Accessories Every Gamer Should Possess



Mobile Phone Accessories

Gaming takes us into a whole different world. With advancements in technology and designing powerful graphics, game developers are instrumental in offering an enhanced experience to gamers. However, gaming is not restricted to PC, laptops, or big screens. Game Boy, PSP, and Nintendo DS offer an excellent gaming experience on the go. Though these devices offer a great experience in their own way, they fall short in offering the best experience that home consoles offer. As the technology progressed in smartphones, gamers are not preferring separate gadgets dedicated to gaming. Powerful and high-end devices such as iPhone XS Max and OnePlus 6T have hit the market and provide an optimal experience as same or better as handheld gaming consoles. These handheld devices are constrained by screen size, battery power, and other factors. Mobile phone accessories are needed to enhance the experience and enjoy the gaming with the fullest passion. The market for mobile phone accessories is experiencing a tremendous growth. According to the research firm Allied Market Research, the global mobile phone accessories market is expected to reach $255.14 billion by 2023. There are some of the must-have mobile phone accessories for gaming aficionados that would enhance the overall experience. Following is the list of accessories that gamers should possess for an optimal experience:


Controllers free up the device screen for an unobstructed view and enable gamers more control and convenience. This would offer a better immersive experience. From small add-ons that provide various capabilities in games such as PUBG to large-sized controllers to play games such as FIFA, these controllers can offer an enhanced overall experience. Choose a controller based on gaming preferences and budget.


When it comes to mobile gaming, headphones become a necessary accessory. Along with immersive experience, they help gamers in concentrating and listening to actions. Moreover, it helps in better collaboration with teammates. Headphones should be preferred for competitive gaming. The best benefit of the smartphone is that it enables gamers to play anywhere without disturbing others with the sound effects in the game. Though standard headphones are great, gamers have been giving preference to Bluetooth headphones. These headphones can eliminate the burden of wires that can distract along with disrupting the grip on the controller. From earbuds to over-the-ear headphones, there is a wide range of headphones that can offer great sound and optimal experience.

Power banks

Though the current high-end smartphones can offer advanced graphics and immersive experience, it is no surprise the battery will drain so fast. For hours long uninterrupted gaming experience, power banks become a necessity. An external power bank or battery pack would ensure the device will not turn off while you are on the verge of reaching the next level or beating an opponent to the ground. Though there are various options available such as phone cases with built-in batteries, they can interfere with other accessories such as wired controllers or headphones.

VR Gadgets

Virtual Reality (VR) headsets offer gamers an opportunity to design their own world and interact with objects and characters created in the virtual world. VR headsets in the market are compatible with iOS and Android devices and connected through an app. Some of the headsets have the ability to create a virtual battlefield to bring an immersive and intense experience to real life. These headsets also provide directional audio sounds to show the direction in which the shots are emerging. There are various capabilities installed in every VR headset and you can choose based on what kind of experience you need.

HDMI Cables

As there are technological advancements in terms of graphics and processing power in smartphones, connecting a smartphone device to PC or TV would offer an enhanced experience. Recent game titles such as PUBG and Fortnite offers outstanding visuals. Though there are wireless ways in which the mobile screen can be cast on the PC or TV or the big screen through SmartView, AirPlay, and others, there are chances of lagging. This may disrupt the gaming experience. The lag can be tolerated while watching videos, but gaming is a different thing. For a seamless experience, the traditional HDMI cable would connect the smartphone to TV or big screen. This would free gamers from frustrating experience of lagging or disruption.

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Why must children listen to nursery rhymes – does it help?



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There are a lot of benefits from learning about nursery rhyme activities. The nursery rhymes can help children in learning about rhythm, music, rhymes, and influence their auditory skills. These rhymes can also help to develop the memory and cognitive skills in children. In this article, you will learn about the different benefits of exposing your children to nursery rhymes.

Many studies have been conducted to determine the effectiveness of nursery rhymes. The studies have shown that nursery rhymes will help children who have difficulties learning to read and recognize words that rhyme. Preschools and even daycare centers place importance on rhymes and familiarizing children with them daily.

The nursery rhymes will allow your children in developing the necessary auditory memory skills as they will be working hard to learn about the words from the rhymes and poems they hear. You can help your children learn how they can speak at an early age by making them listen to nursery rhymes. Nursery rhymes will help them in memorizing things quickly and remembering them for longer times. It will go on to help them in building upon other essential skills in the future which they will be exposed to in their school. Here are the best possible ways on how to teach 2 year old to read, recognize pictures and many more.

Word Pictures:

One of the most significant benefits of nursery rhymes is in the promotion of word pictures.  A lot of nursery rhyme boos would be filled with photos and images of various things which can help children in increasing their creativity. These pictures found from the books will help in activating awareness for a lot of object and several other things when children see them. They will also be more willing to learn from nursery rhymes.

Nursery rhymes can also promote in helping children acquire acting and such related skills. You can take any ordinary nursery rhyme and then change it into a fun nursery rhyming game. If your children can read, sing, or act out the rhymes together, then you can help them in learning together and make the experience more fun. The most useful way to make children acquire good habits is by getting them to learn it by themselves. You can help your child get more active in his learning abilities by spending some time with your children to help them read nursery rhymes.


Perhaps a unique benefit of nursery rhymes is that they will help in teaching children about humor. Children will learn how they can develop and also understand different types of humor from listening to nursery rhymes. They will also help in promoting their mathematical skills. A lot of nursery rhymes incorporate mathematical reasoning in the form of counting, heights, measurements, weather, positions, temperature, and so on.

When you are reading nursery rhymes out to your children, you can consider in taking some time to explain some mathematical concepts also. You can also use these rhymes in boosting their reading and listening prowess. You can find other benefits which listening to nursery rhyme can bring to your children.

If you want to read more about the benefits of nursery rhymes, you can subscribe to our website now!

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BoxOffice: Bumblebee Makes A Strong Start In China



BoxOffice: Bumblebee Makes A Strong Start In China

Transformers franchise’s latest spinoff flick, Bumblebee, has made a superb entry in the Chinese market with a great collection of $59.4 million in its first week, after its release in the country recently. The movie, directed by Travis Knight, was being called a failure previously by many trade experts due to a lukewarm response on the domestic, home box-office in the US.

But after the good reception in China, the movie is sure to become a great hit, if not very-very astonishingly fantastic. But as far as the worldwide box-office collections are concerned, then Bumblebee will definitely end up to be a great grosser. Another thing that’s worked for it in China is that Transformers movies have always been a hit among the Chinese audiences. The action-adventure film is gradually closing in towards a global total of $300 million, as of now, which is really good for it.

With its great earnings in the first week in China, it also dethroned DC and Warner Bros’ superhero blockbuster Aquaman, which is currently ruling the worldwide box-office, with an estimated total of above $940 million! The movie is surely going to cross $1 billion mark, in a few days from now and it will be the first time for a rebooted universe of DC, as far its highest grossing movie is concerned.

The Bumblebee movie stars Hailee Steinfeld, John Cena, and Gracie Dzienny, and Jason Drucker, among others. The voice of Bumblebee is given by Dylan O’Brien while there is also the famous Optimus Prime but in small appearances. His iconic voice is given by Peter Cullen.

The film tells the story of a girl who meets an Autobot, called Bumblebee and then they both start to share an inseparable bond until the end, like true friends. But they also have to face various obstacles and situations testing them, consistently.

The movie is distributed by Paramount Pictures and produced by Tencent Pictures, Allspark Pictures, and Di Bonaventura Pictures.


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Watership Down Review – A Series That Teaches You Ways of Life



Watership Down Review – A Series That Teaches You Ways of Life

Cast: James McAvoy, Nicholas Hoult, John Boyega, Gemma Arterton, Peter Capaldi, Olivia, Colman, Ben Kingsley

Director: Noam Murro

Network: Netflix, BBC One

There’s always a point in life when you are confronted with the most inevitable hardship, you’ve ever faced. What do you then? Well, if you’re a fearless and optimistic being then you fight it till the moment you win, despite knowing it will destroy you. That’s exactly the thing BBC One and Netflix’s co-produced animated mini-series Watership Down tells you to believe. Never lose your hope, your courage, and your spirit to fight.

There’s no great thing that this series does, but what it does is simply subtle yet relevant; tickling your thoughts about the world, humanity and yourself too.

Although it’s a second time that the famous 1972 novel’s story (Watership Down by author Richard Adams), has been adapted, it still feels like a refreshing take. When it was last adapted as a movie, back in 1978, by Martin Rosen and John Hubley, it was appreciated critically.

The latest take by BBC One (released on December 22nd, 2018), and streamed by Netflix from December 23rd, 2018, is a commendable one since this animated series keeps one thing constant – the essence and struggle of the characters. Throughout the four episodes, you are never let down by its impact of various emotional scenarios that it dives into. And yes it’s a story about the survival and adventures of a group of rabbits, still, you’re left asking questions to yourself too. Because there are lots of similarities you can make out.

The magnificence of the rabbits’ characters also come from the fact that they are voiced by famous actors like James McAvoy, John Boyega, Nicholas Hoult, and also Ben Kingsley.

The story is about the home-ridden group of rabbits who have to find a new warren for themselves, but are faced with constant obstacles and challenges in form of the ‘evil warren of Elfrara’.

Now, calling it an outstanding version of the novel won’t be justified but the way it’s been handled by director Noam Murro is admirable. Yes, the animation will disappoint you in scenes needing more expressive relations among the rabbits. It’s not having one of the best and highest standards of animated effects by any means. Many of the fans of the novel may ignore this series based on just this aspect. But still, it deserves your attention.

The voice cast is the biggest reason for you get hooked to it from the very start and till you reach the end, you’re left satisfied; inside your heart that you completed the journey with those rabbits too. They succeed in touching your heart, in many ways. And because there are so many, it just becomes all the more emotional and relatable.

Main characters like Hazel (voiced by James McAvoy), Fiver (voiced by Nicholas Hoult), and especially Bigwig (voiced by John Boyega) are hard to miss. And a very important role of a bird, named Kehaar (voiced by Peter Capaldi), is the highlight to look for. Despite he’s for only a few scenes, he leaves a great impact; especially towards the last episode he turns out as a ‘brave hero’. Other supporting characters like Clover, Bluebell, Captain Holly, and Hyzenthlay catch your attention too.

General Woundwort (voiced by the great Ben Kingsley), shines as a depiction of pure evil, just like a ‘human interpretation’. He is merciless, cruel, unforgiving, and as fatal as possible. Kingsley’s voice just makes him all the more compelling.
Female rabbits involving Clover (voiced by Gemma Arterton) and Hyzenthlay (voiced by Anne-Marrie Duff) play an important part in the storyline too, by playing key roles in tough, demanding situations.

On a broader level, this series may seem to be just an average-animated adaptation but when being observed in a deeper manner the relevance can be clearly understood. The relevance of being a human, having generous qualities, being free of hate, and any inhuman characteristic. You are taught the ways of life through a bunch of creatures who are never down on themselves, no matter what. They always stay together, fight together, ready to die for each other and share great empathy.

This series deserves a second season, without any doubt. Because it will be really-really exciting to see what the rabbits do next on their new adventure that their life takes them to. And hopefully, the animation will be even better next time.

For now, it’s still a great watch. If you’re a fan of cartoons, animals, tales of varying emotions, while also expecting some important life lessons, then Watership Down is for you, definitely. Not to mention the fantabulous theme song, Fire on Fire, performed by singer Sam Smith, which is tremendously charismatic to your ears.

Watership Review. Image Source: self-created image by author

Watership Review. Image Source: self-created image by author

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Bird Box Review – A catchy plot, Executed in a lazy style



Bird Box Review – A catchy plot, Executed in a lazy style

Cast: Sandra Bullock, Trevante Rhodes, Sarah Paulson, John Malkovich, Lil Rel Howery

Director: Susanne Bier

Network: Netflix

If ‘A Quiet Place’ ever had a sequel, then its new plot could have been exactly similar to what Netflix’s latest movie Bird Box has. The only difference is that A Quiet Place’s sequel would have turned out to be much much better at presenting it, meaningfully.

That’s the thing about ‘Bird Box’ that says it all. It’s a half-baked cake, with a taste that fades away very early than thought.

Netflix’s drama/thriller about a monstrous and mysterious entity that decimates people who see it, had a vast potential to be a fantastic horror flick, but it just didn’t land as expectedly. Actress Sandra Bullock stars as Malorie, who’s a mother of two and on a deadly journey to reach to a safer place, protected from the mysterious force that kills anyone who sees it, keeping the eyes open. So she puts a blindfold on her eyes and her children’s too.

The plot is so catchy and interesting that at first the movie pulls you in very easily and makes a kind-of promise that you’re in for a breathtaking and mindboggling struggle for survival by the main protagonist from an unknown, fatal monstrous entity. But just the moment it could gain that strength, it looses it all. Despite having a similarity of the plot with Paramount Pictures’s ‘A Quiet Place’, it was still appearing to be a ‘solid story’, which, it couldn’t achieve to be, at all.

Another reason is the lack of strong supporting characters. Yes, there are some but they don’t serve the purpose here. And some characters just feel so void that they felt out-of-the-story since it would have been the same scenario even if they were not there.

Irrelevant elements distress you from the ongoing struggle and tension, every time, and which ultimately makes this flick an over 2-hour drama, that could’ve easily been a 1 hour and 30 minute gripping plot. And the real ‘thing’ about which this flick tries to tell you the survival story of its character, actually remains unseen, even till the end! Seriously?
Director Susanne Bier should’ve kept it more basic and intact as far as the actual, key components of Bird Box are concerned, which are the mother, and her two children, and how they deal with finishing off their dangerous journey to a hopeful destiny. Adding ‘even a few’ things in-between just didn’t fit into it, rightly. In a survival story like this, where there’s the end of the world and all you’ve got is to make yourself the last living person, the objective must be to just stay close to the plot – no moving here and there. And ‘A Quiet Place’ is a perfect example of following this principle.

Despite all this, the film is a one-time watch since the photography looks amazing and attractive, making you feel that atmosphere of an apocalyptic situation. Some really engaging sequences make you interested but leave no impact. But the scenes, going through the river are great to watch.

There’s no other actor or actress in this movie who you can remember for leaving an impression since there’s ‘no connect’ you can make with them, whatsoever.

Bird Box had a lot of things going for it yet it didn’t keep it simple and straight and tried to be a bit extra from what it should’ve been. It makes you want to be involved in it, but you realize very soon that it’s not worth it in ‘that way’. The ending is what it shouldn’t be. And that’s what really ruins this flick, seriously. Because you are left wondering about the danger and how the characters just managed to save themselves from it! The director could’ve tried to make it more understandable and deeper.

Many of the questions remain unanswered which leads to utter disinterest. And it just continues.

These days, there are a lot of talented filmmakers who come up with exceptional horror or survival dramas, so when there’s a weak entry like this, viewers leave no chance of comparison and analyzing too. They are intelligent now.

Bird Box Review

Bird Box Review: A catchy plot, executed in a lazy style. Image Source: Self-created image by author.

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Top 10 Disappointments of Entertainment in 2018



Top 10 Disappointments of Entertainment in 2018

2018 was a fantastic year for movies and TV. This is the year that gave us Infinity War, Black Panther, and Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse, and that’s just looking at some of the good Marvel movies released this year. On the TV side, we got The Haunting of Hill House, Netflix’s weird sci-fi show Maniac, and many more instant classics.

But that pendulum swings the other way, too. For all the great entertainment in 2018, there were also plenty that didn’t live up to the standards we expected. These were movies and shows that we were excited for – however tentatively – and that turned out to be huge let-downs.

Here is the list of 15 shows and films that did not live up to the expectations of the viewers and were somewhat big – or small – disappointments.

1. Jessica Jones Season 2

Jessica Jones Season 2

Jessica Jones Season 2

The first season of Netflix and Marvel’s Jessica Jones was easily one of the best examples of the collaboration between the streaming and comics giants, possibly even the best of all these shows. We were excited about Season 2, right up until the point we actually watched it.

Well, trying to do a Marvel superhero story without an actual villain is a bold idea that could have paid off. Unfortunately, it simply didn’t in this case. The season’s main plotline and massive twist was ruined by bad casting as Janet McTeer and Krysten Ritter had absolutely zero chemistry as alleged family members. And every storyline was a total bore. Unlike the other Marvel/Netflix shows, Jessica Jones hasn’t been cancelled yet, but we hope that will likely change soon.

2. American Horror Story Apocalypse

American Horror Story Apocalypse

American Horror Story Apocalypse

The eighth season of American Horror Story had a great premise: Not only was it the end of the world, but it also promised to finally tie events from the show’s previous seasons together, from the original Murder House to Coven and beyond. It even got off to a promising start, as the first couple of episodes of Apocalypse set up plenty of mysteries we couldn’t wait to learn the answers to.

But after those opening episodes, Apocalypse took a wrong turn. Yes, it felt like a fun twist at the time, but the following episodes proved disappointing week after week. The show started providing answers, but they weren’t the ones we wanted. It spent a half dozen episodes in flashbacks and the all the actions we wanted came to long after. By the time Roseanne star Sandra Bernhard joined the cast for a terribly cheesy turn as a Satanic cult leader, I was done with this season of American Horror Story. Weren’t you?

3. Venom



Seeing a Marvel movie on the list is really surprising. Even I was while writing. But, it happened. Venom is a movie that feels like it was written in 1998 by a 7-year-old, then buried in a time capsule, unearthed 19 years later, and made into a movie without a single revision to the draft. It is truly a movie from another time, and all that’s missing is someone doing a kick flip over a set of steps while Korn plays in the background. From Tom Hardy’s accent choices, to the movie turning into an over-the-top action flick where the final battle is filled with muddied CG, those who were looking for a great Sony spin-off movie found themselves a bit disappointed, even though this movie made $800 million, worldwide.

As for the story, it went a number of directions, many of which could have been a good movie of their own. Eddie Brock working as a journalist and ruining his girlfriend’s career: it’s okay. Brock trying to rebuild his life and take down the Life Foundation: even it is okay. Brock losing his mind when the Venom symbiont is taking over, creating a horror aesthetic: it is okay too. Wacky buddy cop movie starring Eddie Brock as the fall guy covered in black oil that talks funny and wants to eat livers: this is not okay, Venom. The weird comedic choices this movie made killed it for so many viewers. Why does Venom need comedy?

However, with the announcement of the home release of the movie, fans of the Venom character were desperately hoping for the rated-R cut of the movie. However, upon its release, fans got three deleted scenes, some behind-the-scenes footage, and that’s about it. As much as we wanted an extended scene of Woody Harrelson in a red wig, this wasn’t what the people wanted to see. Venom is one of the few movies in 2018 that disappointed people twice.

4. The Predator

The Predator

The Predator

The original Predator is unquestionably an ‘80s classic as it combined sci-fi horror thrills and exciting action, and helped make Arnold Schwarzenegger one of the biggest stars in the world. But unlike the Alien or Terminator series, the quality drop from that first movie was fast, and none of the following films were anywhere near as good as the first. So expectations for a new Predator movie in 2018 should not have been high. But the fact that Shane Black was on board to write and direct suddenly raised hopes that he might actually deliver something to equal the first movie. What would the writer of Lethal Weapon and the director of Iron Man 3 do with this series?

Unfortunately, as it turns out, not very much. The Predator was just as mediocre as its predecessors, and was badly hurt by extensive reshoots and incoherent editing, as well as the controversy about certain casting choices that Black had made. The Predator has its moments—the cast is good, there are some funny scenes, and some of the early action is exciting. But the film gets worse as it continues, and emerges as what we should have guessed it would be all along—yet another not-very-good Predator movie. Time to skin this franchise and hang it upside-down for good.

5. Westworld Season 2

Westworld Season 2

Westworld Season 2

Westworld Season 1 was easily one of the best seasons of sci-fi TV ever, which made our hype levels for Season 2 off the charts—maybe even a little too high. Maybe there’s a parallel universe where Westworld Season 2 lived up to our expectations, but that proved impossible in this one.

Where Season 1 was a carefully plotted, well-paced exploration of well-trod science fiction themes, Season 2 was a total mess in comparison. The tone was uniformly grim, the characters we used to like were unrecognizable, the plot was muddled beyond comprehension, and important details were withheld for no reason other than to string viewers along. The show’s creators must have been mad at the Redditors who guessed all the twists in Season 1, because Season 2 seemed designed mostly to befuddle the show’s most dedicated fans. By the time it reached its conclusion, we didn’t want to know the answers anymore—we just wanted it to be over. Right?

6. Fantastic Beasts 2: The Crimes of Grindelwald

Fantastic Beasts 2: The Crimes of Grindelwald

Fantastic Beasts 2: The Crimes of Grindelwald

In The Crimes of Grindelwald’s third scene, a character who we never learn anything about despite her constant presence throughout the entire movie murders a toddler, for no reason, just off screen. Even Michael Myers, famed slasher movie villain of the Halloween series, didn’t sink that low, although you could tell in the most recent one that he considered it for a moment.

This moment perfectly sets the tone for the rest of this movie: a grim, overly dramatic, mean-spirited entry into the Harry Potter universe. Fantastic Beasts 2 can accurately be described as a loosely connected series of mostly sequential events, though it’s often unclear how it gets from one scene to the next or why the characters do any of the things they do. Maybe worst of all, The Crimes of Grindelwald has no sense of wonder at its own magical world. Millions fell in love with Harry Potter because the wizarding world felt like a place you’d want to live, despite its bad elements. Inhabiting this movie’s magical alternate history for a couple of hours will just make you want to get obliviated so you can forget the whole thing.

7. The Cloverfield Paradox

 The Cloverfield Paradox

The Cloverfield Paradox

The Cloverfield Paradox starts out riffing on the early structure of movies like Alien and The Thing, with some cursory efforts to establish personalities and relationships for its half dozen or so characters. They’re all basically interchangeable by the end, and you’ll be hard pressed to remember most of their names by the time the credits roll. But the movie really starts to fall apart once the crew activate the particle accelerator—a poorly explained attempt to solve an energy crisis back on Earth—and find themselves suddenly staring at a star-filled void where the Earth used to be.

There are some memorable moments early on, like when a mysterious stranger arrives on the station by apparently teleporting into the interior of a wall, wires and power conduits spliced through her hands and legs like vines that grew through her. The movie’s few moments of body horror—like another scene involving a character’s eyeball—are its high points. But The Cloverfield Paradox quickly devolves into total camp nonsense from there on out, and it never recovers any of its early poise. After 10 Cloverfield Lane, we were excited to see where the Cloverfield universe would expand next, but no longer.

8. Pacific Rim Uprising

Pacific Rim Uprising

Pacific Rim Uprising

There was something magical about the original Pacific Rim’s giant monster battles, glossy, rain-slicked colours, and seemingly effortless world-building. It’s possible the sequel never stood a chance at living up to that, especially since visionary director Guillermo del Toro chose to focus on The Shape of Water, which won the best picture Oscar for 2017, instead of returning to direct Pacific Rim Uprising. And sure enough, Uprising was a disappointment.

Most of all, Pacific Rim: Uprising is just confusing. If you haven’t seen the original, it’s unlikely much in this sequel will make sense. Concepts like Drift—the way Jaeger pilots mentally link with one another—are poorly explained, despite this movie spending plenty of time attempting to recap and revisit past events. And if you did like the first Pacific Rim, you’ll likely wonder what happened to all the distinctive side characters, the stylish action, and the flashy aesthetic. Pacific Rim: Uprising might have seemed like a pretty good giant monster movie if it didn’t have to live up to the gigantically cool original, but unfortunately, it simply can’t escape its predecessor’s massive shadow.

9. Solo: A Star Wars Story

Solo: A Star Wars Story

Solo: A Star Wars Story

Solo: A Star Wars Story made nearly $400 million at the box office. But in the franchise era, when film companies spend hundreds of millions of dollars to make hundreds of millions more, this was considered a box office flop, especially against the film’s $250 million budget.

Yes, Solo was poorly marketed; it came out five months after The Last Jedi, which prevented it from building steam. But Solo’s failure also confirmed a problem that was present in the prequel trilogy and present in Rogue One: We do not need answers and backstories to the most granular details of the original trilogy. They’re better left to the imagination.

We don’t need 30 minutes of CGI to explain why the Kessel Run is important. We don’t need to learn how Han got his dice, or how Han got his blaster. These things lose their mystery and their specialness when they’re over explained, and they cheapen rather than enrich the source material. Nostalgia is a poor substitute for narrative, as Solo unfortunately demonstrated.

10. WWE (All Rosters)

WWE (All Rosters)

WWE (All Rosters)

The year started off well for the WWE as there was a wonderful Royal Rumble, followed by a fantastic WrestleMania. But history will remember 2018 as the year that WWE got caught with their pants down. They put dollars over ethics with their ongoing Saudi Arabia partnership. And when their top star, Roman Reigns, relinquished the Universal Championship to fight a recurring battle with leukaemia, WWE hit the panic button and put the belt back on Brock Lesnar, a part-time, rarely-seen-on-TV champion. This is what happens when you’re too singularly focused on a single wrestler, to the rest of the roster’s detriment. No one is ready to step up.

SmackDown is consistent. Developmental league NXT remains consistently brilliant. And the women’s roster, with Becky Lynch and Ronda Rousey at the forefront, is firing on all cylinders; they’ll probably main event WrestleMania in 2019. At least they should.

But across the board, the men’s division needs better writers and more compelling reasons to fight one another. Monday Night Raw, in particular, is going through a rough patch, running an “evil Authority” playbook that the company has copied, ad nauseam, since 1998. The ring work is phenomenal – better than it’s ever been – but the narrative stakes feel low. And these performers, who risk their lives for our entertainment, deserve better.

These were the biggest disappointments in the entertainment of 2018. I know not all shows and films on the list are bad – at least according to many of you – but these lacked something and hence are on the list. Think yourself


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Biggest MCU Spoiler: Huge Jack’s Wolverine will be in Avengers: Endgame! Really?



Biggest MCU Spoiler: Huge Jack’s Wolverine will be in Avengers: Endgame! Really?

If this spoiler comes out to be real then it’s surely going to be the most worthy spoiler ever in the history of superhero movies. If you’ve noticed for the last few days then you will find that when you search for actor Huge Jackman’s famous movies, then the list also shows up the name of Avengers: Endgame!

Yes, you read that right. And now you know what it means. Did you get it?

Well, it’s not an officially announced information yet but after this observation, being noticed by nearly every user on the internet, this news has spread like a wildfire that Huge Jackman will definitely be there in Avengers: Endgame, as Wolverine aka Logan. And many fans have in fact come up with their own theories that how it can happen. As per some of them, the hint of Wolverine (or the X-Men) will be given in the post-credits scene of Avengers: Endgame. It will be so-so great, right?

But despite it, being only a prediction as of now, this ongoing viral news of Huge Jackman being a part of the next Avengers movie has made the fans go wild and extremely, insanely crazy, because it’s been the ultimate dream of nearly every Marvel fan, to witness the Wolverine fighting alongside the Avengers, and that too together.

Still, no official word means only fan-made rumors, and beyond that, you can’t say anything about it. But can Google commit any mistake? Because it’s still showing the name of Avengers: Endgame if you search for the ‘famous movies of Huge Jackman’.

The ‘Logan’ actor himself had given statements in the past that even if his last film as Wolverine was Logan, he will be ready to don the claws again, only if he gets the chance to be a part of the Avengers. Now, that’s really something valuable on the part of this whole current news.

This is probably the biggest ever spoiler (if it really is) in the history of MCU also. Just imagine what will happen when it actually turns out to be absolutely true! It will be an epic moment for the Marvel fans and also for the die-hard lovers of superhero movies too.

Directed by Joe and Anthony Russo and starring Robert Downey Jr., Josh Brolin, Chris Hemsworth, Chris Evans, Scarlett Johansson, Mark Ruffalo, Karen Gillan, Jeremy Renner, Paul Rudd, and Brie Larson in lead roles, Avengers: Endgame will be arriving on April 26th, 2019. It is distributed by Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures.


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Box-Office: Simmba earns Rs.20 crore on first day!



Box-Office: Simmba earns Rs.20 crore on first day!

Rohit Shetty’s latest masala-action directorial Simmba has made a roaring impact on box-office and has managed to earn around Rs.20 crore on its first day itself, in India. It’s also Ranveer Singh’s highest opening among any of his films, in his career.

Simmba, which also stars actress Sara Ali Khan, is being received positively by the audiences in theaters and fans are cheering for the action and style of the film. The exact amount of the film’s first-day collection is around Rs.20.72 crore.

The movie has also become the sixth best highest earning film as far as the opening day is concerned. It beat the likes of 2.0 (Rs.20.45 cr), Zero (Rs.20.14 cr), Satyamev Jayate (Rs.19.50 cr), Padmaavat (Rs.19 cr), Veere Di Wedding (Rs.10.70 cr), and Padman (Rs.10.26 cr).

But it got left out behind some mighty grossers like Thugs of Hindostan (Rs.52.25 cr), Sanju (34.75 cr), Race 3 (Rs.28.50 cr), Gold (Rs.25.25 cr), and Baaghi 2 (Rs.25.10 cr).

Talking of its overseas business then Simmba earned about Australian $188,253 from Australia, which is also more than Rohit Shetty’s previous directorial Golmaal Again which collected about Australia $66,990 in Australia, back in 2017.

Simmba was released on around 4,020 screens across India and the budget of the film is about Rs.85 crore. It was also released on 963 screens in overseas markets.

The film is about a corrupt cop whose only motive is to earn endless money in his life but one tragic incident in his life transforms him completely, for the good. And then he becomes an honest and good-hearted, fearless police inspector.

Simmba is an official remake of southern Telugu language film, Temper, and upon its trailer’s release, a month ago, it got mixed to good reactions with many fans calling it just a copy-paste of Temper’s scenes.

But now that the film has been released and even though it’s a remake, still many moviegoers are going to watch it. The only reason is the treatment given to the story and how it’s been presented by Rohit Shetty. Since he is known for his own style when it comes to masala movies, so Simmba also gained an advantage from this.

The movie is currently running successfully in theaters.


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