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Most Effective Way to Submit a Reconsideration Request



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When a site’s positions fall, a web page owner will struggle to comprehend why their web page decreased in positions and where the junk problems occurred so that they can easily fix the issue.

In many situations a web page owner will not even recognize something is incorrect with his/her web page until the web page was hit by one of the criteria changes.

Luckily, any SEO consultant will provide web page owners the opportunity to fix his/her web page and then publish what is known as a reconsideration ask for.

A reconsideration ask for is something that any SEO consultant can complete to notify them that the problems on the web page have been set.

The ask for should only take a few moments to complete, and your SEO consultant will tell you when they have obtained the ask for.

When to Complete Out a Reconsideration Request

According to the search excellent group, not everyone should complete a reconsideration ask for. Below are three circumstances where a reconsideration ask for is appropriate.

If you know you have breached one of the recommendations, then fresh up your web page and let them know you have washed the web page up through a reconsideration ask for.

If your SEO consultant has informed you that something was incorrect. For example, if you have been compromised and your SEO consultant you know, fresh it up and then data declare reconsideration.

If you see a lack of search visitors and position and you know this to be junk issue, should again fresh up your web page and then let them know through the reconsideration type.

Many websites are too fast to complete a reconsideration ask for type. It is essential that you really work to fix your web page before submitting a type. In other terms, create it count!

Tips from Google: How to File a Appropriate Reconsideration Request

Making sure that your reconsideration ask for really matters comes down to following a few easy guidelines and guidelines that your SEO consultant demands web page owners keep in mind:


Be as particular as possible when stuffing our your type. You wan to create sure you clearly condition what particular junk issue/violation you had with your web page and then what actions you took to fix the issue.

If you are not sure what was incorrect with your web page then you likely still have not set the issue, so it’s essential to take all of the actions you can to figure out the issue.

For example, create sure someone out there has not compromised into your web page or that your SEO group knows what they are doing.

Read the Guidelines

Any SEO consultant dislikes nothing more than getting a ask for from someone who clearly does not know what your SEO consultant wants in the first position.

Studying the Webmaster Quality Guidelines offered by your SEO consultant could possibly response the concerns of many web page owners, so it’s essential to examine this out first before you run to the reconsideration ask for type.

Technical Issue

Many web page owners have a technological issue that they error as an impact from Panda or Penguin. You should do not just have a technological issue before delivering in a ask for type.

Submit One Form

If you publish a reconsideration ask for, your SEO consultant will get it. Sending several demands is seen as bombarding your SEO consultant, so just be individual.

Submit one ask for and believe in that it will get seemed over and you will be informed in a few times.

Following these easy guidelines will help make sure that your ask for is taken seriously and you will get the response that you are entitled to.

Yes, you study that correctly—Google will deliver you an response about the position of your web page after the ask for has been obtained.

What Happens After You Submit a Reconsideration Request

Once you deliver in your proper ask for, your SEO consultant will do a wide range of things with that request:

When there was a guide junk activity on your web page, your SEO consultant will have an real individual from web-spam group to look at that ask for.

Google will be able to see what the guide junk activity was that was placed on your web page in previous, which will help them figure out if you have set the issue.

Google will be able to see what you had written in your ask for.

Google will examine out web page and use tools to assess the excellent of your web page. In common, a your SEO consultant will basically be looking to see if the web page is still breaking recommendations or if it is junk free.

Google has also created some changes as to what happens when they are completed analyzing your web page and reading your ask for.

In the last, your SEO consultant would not do anything or have any get in touch with with a web page owner, and then they created the decision to deliver you a concept allowing you to know that they obtained your ask for but never actually let you know what occurred to the web page.

Now your SEO consultant describes that they will work to actually deliver you a concept allowing you to know if they were able to fix your web page or why you are still in breach.

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How to choose the best payment gateway for your mobile apps or web application




The process of receiving payments for your products or services online requires thorough planning, integration, and implementation to ensure a seamless payment process for your users and make sure that you are incurring the lowest charges from the payment gateway yourself. In addition, the privacy and safety of your buyers will be essential if you want to guarantee that your business is going to be a success. These factors make it crucial to hire the right mobile app development company in Dubai or web development company in Dubai to build your E-commerce platform.

Therefore, you need to take your time with the selection process to guarantee that you are choosing the right payment gateway for your mobile apps or web application. In this blog, we will be talking about your options and the main factors you would need to consider when selecting the payment gateway for your platform.


Some of the most popular payment gateways in the middle east include:

  • Stripe
  • PayTabs
  • PayFort
  • MyFatoorah
  • Moyasar
  • Paymentwall

We mention these payment gateway providers because they are some of the most popular ones in the middle east and have proven to provide a good service. Nevertheless, we will be looking into several essential factors that will be essential for your decision regarding E-commerce payment options.

What should you be looking for when selecting your payment gateway?

Before we get into the details on what you should consider when making a decision, you need to remember that a payment gateway is a software application that helps process credit card information and enables online payments.

This means that the payment gateway requires a certain level of security with practical features to be a viable option. Deciding which gateway to use is something as relevant as choosing your E-commerce website development company.

With that said, now we can go over the main reasons and the primary considerations to keep in mind when selecting the right kind of payment gateway service. You should make sure that either of the options you consider will provide these essential features.

The main features and services to expect include:

  • Optimal security standards and certifications
  • Multi-currency support
  • Simple and intuitive checkout process
  • Easy process of integration
  • Customer service availability
  • Accessible prices and free estimates

Optimal security standards and certifications

There has never been anything more important for E-commerce than enhanced security. You need to note that you will be dealing with highly confidential information provided by your customers, such as credit card numbers, addresses, contact details, etc. As such, the last thing you want is to use a payment gateway that is not taking all required precautions and measures to secure your client’s data.

The certifications that a payment gateway requires include the Payment Card Industry (PCI) standard accreditation, which is a mandate by credit card brands. This means that without this certification, the payment gateway will not be able to operate with most credit card brands.

Any web development company in Dubai that you work with would advise you to ensure that the security measures taken by the payment processing service are optimal. This is expected when an E-commerce website development company starts to work with you on any E-commerce project.

Multi-currency support 

Another critical factor that needs to be mentioned here is the currency support that various payment gateways offer. This is a crucial point to consider while selecting the right payment gateway partner for your platform, as it would directly impact your costs. If you plan to take your E-commerce business to various countries, you must keep in mind that users usually prefer to purchase products in their local currency. It is proven through a study conducted by Penton Research and E4X, where it was found that at least one-third of the users showed a reluctance to purchase when the E-commerce platform was tailored to a single currency. They either abandoned their shopping cart, bought fewer products, or left the E-commerce site to check for conversion rates and never returned.

Even if you decided to go ahead with a single currency like USD, you must be mindful of the additional charges your users would incur while making a purchase and the charges you would incur through your bank for the frequent conversions. This could lead to a bad experience for your users and must be addressed at the beginning.

The simple and intuitive checkout process

It may seem like the checkout process for a payment getaway is always going to be simple, but there are many cases when it can be confusing and frustrating for the customer. The biggest issue when this happens is that many potential buyers could end up abandoning their shopping carts before checking out if they get frustrated with the process.

Easy process of integration

Sometimes the biggest issue with a payment gateway is that they may have a highly complex integration process due to a lack of proper documentation. Proper documentation for any payment gateway is essential for your web development partner to integrate the payment gateway with your E-commerce platform. This can lead to additional development efforts spent by your web development agency to troubleshoot and integrate the necessary features of the payment gateway and thereby increase the overall cost of your E-commerce platform.

The less complicated the integration, the easier it is for any mobile app development company in Dubai to help you with the process. This also means that the development costs are going to be much lower.

Customer Service Availability 

The reliability and availability of a customer service department with any payment gateway vendor are going to be essential features. You don’t want to be in a situation requiring immediate attention only to find that the payment gateway service is only available at certain hours or days of the week.

Customer service should be available at all times when it comes to a service like E-commerce. You need to consider this a critical factor while deciding the best payment gateway vendor for your E-commerce website.

Transparent pricing 

There are many payment gateways services available in the market, and it is important to have relevant details regarding their terms, conditions, and pricing readily available to ensure you are making an informed decision regarding your payment gateway partner for your E-commerce platform.

Our services include professional payment gateway consultation.

We at Innobayt, can help you choose the best payment gateway option based on your business model, target market, etc. and develop your mobile or web application at competitive prices. We have enormous experience when it comes to web development and mobile app development, and this is the reason why we have become a respected E-commerce website development company in Dubai.

There are several things that you need to keep in mind when starting an E-commerce business with a web application or mobile application. Always remember that hiring a quality mobile app development company in Dubai is going to help you to ease the entire process as they would come with relevant suggestions or ideas that could save you valuable time and thereby increase your speed to market.

This is why you can rely on us to be the partner you need to succeed with your business!

How Can We Help!

Innobayt is the home of innovation where your desired ideas are transformed into designs, software, and applications! Right from logo designs to reality apps, we deliver quality work.

Our services range from building and offering stunning website designs, web application development, IoT software, and mobile app development, social media marketing (SMM), Google Ads, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and more.

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How Much Does Best SEO Services in India Cost?



cover1 scaled

Are you searching out affordable SEO services in India? ThatWare gives cheap SEO services in India for small to big size businesses. Instead of providing constant-price monthly search engine marketing packages, we deliver custom and reasonably-priced local seo services in India that enables every patron’s enterprise necessities. Keep studying to recognize how a great deal does outsourcing seo services in India does.

ThatWare Offers Top SEO Services In India


Are you looking to outsource SEO services in India? Then ThatWare is the right choice for you. We provide result-driven cheapest seo services in India for Small To Large Size Businesses

Professional seo services in India from ThatWare effectively increase your search engine rankings and improve your conversion, area authority, and emblem visibility. ThatWare provides guaranteed SEO services in India whose search engine marketing Packages are worth each dime. Our expert SEO services in India will assist you to rank higher in Google search results. From internet site optimization to keyword ratings, we take care of each google seo services in India to increase your organic site visitors asap. We also provide other types of SEO services, including amazon seo services in India, eCommerce seo services in India, organic seo services in India, and offshore seo services in India.

Quality seo services in India for All Size Businesses from ThatWare

Freelance seo services in India from ThatWare are not equal for all businesses because we remember that when every commercial enterprise is not similar, then how free seo services in India can. That’s why we offer custom white label seo services in India for our clients if they are searching out to hire seo services in India.

ThatWare is familiar with that each commercial business has its aim and unique goals; consequently, we offer reasonably-priced and custom, best affordable seo services India for all sorts of companies to better our search engine optimization pricing. Some agencies which rely on nearby consumers like traditional business require a local presence. Some are start-ups Or small-scaled enterprises and require nearby seo services in India company and a countrywide presence. Moreover, ThatWare offers multilingual seo services in India for various regional areas of India. ThatWare, being a seo services company in India, offers white hat seo services India for large-scaled businesses who require countrywide and an international company.

Because of those variations, ThatWare, being the best seo service provider company in India, has categorized its search engine optimization pricing into various SEO plans. These packages include – small business seo services in India, web design and seo services in India, WordPress seo services in India, off-page seo services in India, seo marketing services in India, and best eCommerce seo services in India.

With ThatWare, you get the best eCommerce seo services in India, which assures you about promising results out of your investment.


How much does seo services company in India charge?

SEO Cost relies upon many elements like the number of keywords to target, Local SEO, National or global or Ecommerce search engine optimization, Content advertising, and website design upgrades. Hence, SEO cost additionally relies upon organization to company pricing. It also depends on the platform your website is based on, for ex – Shopify seo services in India, Wix seo services in India, etc

Being an established seo services company in India, we know that there are, in particular, two elements that affect search engine marketing programs: On-page Optimization, Off-page Optimization. Besides those two, there are elements like reporting, keywords rank tracking, and hyperlink-building strategies that affect our search engine optimization Package’s price. ThatWare offers Affordable SEO packages that depend upon a range of things. We also provide seo content writing services in India.

Why Should You Invest in ThatWare – the top seo services company in India?

Suppose you’re running with any local or eCommerce commercial enterprise, and when you look for your products and services online, you don’t see your commercial enterprise in search engine consequences; however, your competitors are ranking very well then it can harm you and your commercial enterprise to survive in this competitive market.

This is what the best seo services company in India will do for you.

The right seo consulting services in India will let you attain the first page scores on any seek engine in your favored keywords. As all of us recognize, humans seek online to find the product and offerings they need, and in case your business isn’t always seen, then your ability shoppers will no longer touch your enterprise. The right seo services provider in India can analyze the market and get your business online for higher emblem visibility and exposure.

Is there an Industry-Standard search engine optimization Packages in India?

ThatWare in India offers fixed Price month-to-month low cost seo services in India and is usually equipped to provide you with a custom search engine optimization package that suits your search engine optimization needs to get better ratings in search engines.

Are you interested in our seo services packages in India? Experience the exponential boom to your commercial enterprise with our professional search engine optimization Services in India. Contact ThatWare, A Leading search engine marketing organization in India, to get cheap SEO services or ask for a custom charge for your employer.

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Grow Your Business with Facebook Keyword Search



facebook search
Grow Your Business with Facebook search

Facebook is now no more a simple social interacting platform, where you can converse and get connected to long-lost people. It’s a whole new marketplace, ready to take your businesses or agencies like staffing agency to the next level. Due to immense competition, Facebook marketing is not a mere platform to launch campaigns and promote the business.

It’s also a word-of-mouth platform, spreading information about your business. It’s where the sensational Facebook keyword search feature comes in handy. This Facebook attribute expands the platform searching capabilities, letting the users search more, using filters and specific phrases to reach the position you desire. Let’s scrutinize how the Facebook keyword search makes it easier to find your business in such a saturated place.

Quick Glance over Facebook Keyword Search Efficiency

We have already understood that now the Facebook keyword search feature is beyond searching names and profiles. You can look for images, content, posts, and videos related to your business.

  • The Facebook keyword search tool is specifically designed to filter out content that is not significant to the user.
  • It separates posts, videos, images, and links that are not relevant to the user’s search intention.
  • The keyword search tool is a powerful way for those interested to market their business creatively and distinctively on Facebook.
  • For your Facebook business page, you can optimize the keyword searches just like other SEO projects.
  • Research for high traffic generating keywords and incorporate them in your Facebook posts, videos, and content naturally.

Understanding the Algorithm of Facebook Keyword Search

The algorithm of Facebook keyword search is different and unique. Therefore, let’s understand it and its importance for your business efficiency.

#1. Semantic Search vs. Keyword Search

Facebook keyword search is a high-level mechanism. The advanced search tool functions more like Google, ensuring appropriate results in less time. The feature aims to make the search journey easier and much faster in finding relevant content in the nick of time. With the Facebook keyword search feature, you can search any type of content. Either it is photos, videos, articles, news, or status updates.

Before recent advancements on Facebook, the algorithm worked on semantic search. This meant your search has to be specific and precise. The algorithm required a specific business page name, location, exact person name, and precise phrase to extract content. It was a complex model and unfruitful for business search.

For instance, when searching for a friend in a certain city, you needed to be highly specific. Like, “my friend who works in ABC Company, New York”. Things were even more complex when looking for friends of friends. It was like, “my friends of friends who like XYZ Restaurant”. Keyword search changed the face of the Facebook searching algorithm, making it simpler and easier to navigate. With a simple keyword of “ABC Company” or “XYZ Restaurant” all related content will come to you. This makes it way easier to find a friend or mutual friend.

#2. Search Using Filters

Before the latest development in the algorithm, the Facebook keyword search was used to deliver results based on the privacy settings. For example, when looking for “ballet dancing classes”, the results coming up would be those that your friends have allowed being shared with you. It was applicable to posts, content, videos, and everything.

However, with the new changes, now “ballet dancing classes” will show results of public posts, public groups, and pages, as well as your friends’ content. The new search filter feature allows businesses to better monitor the keywords being looked for on the search bar. This makes it easier to drive user engagement and attentive content creation.

The advance filter option also allows the users to control the type of content they desire to find. It narrows down the photos, images, and content instantly. For example, when searching for “sauna bath” you can filter out pages that have inappropriate content and images.

What Does Facebook Keyword Search Means to the Business Owners?

Undoubtedly, the latest Facebook keyword search has impressive potential for business owners. The core advantage is finding potential customers and targeting appropriate customers only. The users on Facebook love sharing about the businesses they love, the restaurants that serve better, and the companies that treat them nicely. Anyone who is interested in the type of your business can now easily trace you. If you deal in imported men’s garments then a simple search of “men shirts” will bring your business content right away.

Another amazing thing is that Facebook keyword search is mobile-friendly as well. Now, users can search about any business by taping a few times on their Facebook application. But remember, it is crucial to optimize your business page as much as you can. For better Facebook keyword search benefits, your social media content must be optimized just like your website. Use hashtags and relevant keywords in your content to boost its search.


The latest Facebook algorithm for keyword search can change the fate of every business. You just need to utilize the tool smartly and intellectually to reach out to more potential buyers and customers.

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