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Top Feature of QuickBooks Enterprise You Aren’t Aware

QuickBooks Enterprise is accounting software developed for a variety of business types. It is best known for providing end-to-end accounting solutions.  Manufacturers, wholesalers, building contractors, and not-for-profit organizations are only a few examples. Accounting functions such as payroll, p

Top Feature of QuickBooks Enterprise

QuickBooks Enterprise is accounting software developed for a variety of business types. It is best known for providing end-to-end accounting solutions.

Manufacturers, wholesalers, building contractors, and not-for-profit organizations are only a few examples. Accounting functions such as payroll, payables, and inventory monitoring can do more efficiently with the help of this software.

Table of Contents

  • Barcode Label Prices
  • Customer Groups
  • Automated Receipt Management
  • Automated Payment Reminders
  • Data Level Permissions
  • Automatic Reconciliation
  • Customized Payment Receipts
  • Bank Feeds
  • Advanced Inventory Improvements

It also covers some excellent features, such as advanced pricing and payroll, customized and implemented according to your business’s specific requirements.

If you’ve outgrown the simpler versions of QuickBooks, you can immediately upgrade to the Enterprise version to take advantage of additional features.

It includes all of the features found in QuickBooks Pro and QuickBooks Premier and some new ones. Additionally, you can find it simpler to get started with QuickBooks Enterprise. That is because it resembles and performs similarly to its predecessors.

Your Business may be unique from others, and the accounting software features also may differ based on your business requirements.

Regardless of these distinctions, QuickBooks Enterprise includes features that can assist you in growing your business.

Assume you run a large business. In that case, you’re probably already aware that QuickBooks Enterprise software will assist you in organizing your accounts, providing advanced reporting capabilities, and most importantly, reducing manual errors and saving you time.

However, Intuit, the QuickBooks developer, updates the software annually to add new functionality and boost the user experience.

Thus, here are some QuickBooks Enterprise business features that you might be unaware of:

Barcode Label Prices

The Platinum and Diamond subscription levels of QuickBooks Enterprise now allow users to automatically include the purchase price alongside the item name and description on printed barcode labels.

Although this may seem to be a slight improvement, it has been a long-requested feature by QBE users.

It was previously, printing the purchase price on barcode labels needed integration with a third-party app.

By implementing this feature, consumers and employees would have better access to pricing details for inventory products.

Customer Groups

QuickBooks Enterprise also enables consumers to build rule-based customer groups, which simplifies locating all customers who meet specific requirements, such as location, customer category, balance, sales rep, or status.

If a customer group creates, you can submit payment notifications, create automated statements, or create mailing lists for unique customer groups.

You can also define user permissions through customer groups. This new functionality will aid users of QBE 2021 to understand their customers better, manage them more effectively, and communicate with them more effectively.

Automated Receipt Management

QuickBooks Enterprise makes it simpler and quicker to enter expense receipts.

An employee with the proper access can upload expense receipts to QuickBooks through the mobile app or a device. They need to take a photo of the receipt with their Smartphone, import it into QBE and the app will build and categorize the transaction automatically.

Additionally, the device would associate the digital receipt picture with expense transactions, resulting in a comprehensive audit trail.

Automated Payment Reminders

Nobody likes spending hours tracking down past-due payments, but it is critical for maintaining a stable cash flow.

QuickBooks Enterprise simplifies the process of updating consumers of past-due balances by automating statement and payment alert emails.

You may customize alert emails and statements for specific customer groups and specify the timing of scheduled statements. A pop-up will alert users that statements or reminder emails are about to be sent on the selected day and time.

Data Level Permissions

QuickBooks Enterprise gives admin increased power over developing and customizing specific data-level permissions for users’ job roles. Using this function, administrators can restrict users’ access to QuickBooks to only the areas necessary for their job.

For instance, you can restrict a sales representative’s ability to create invoices or email customers to those in their area’s customer group or restrict an employee’s access to only the vendors with whom they work.

By allowing more granular protection for accessing and editing individual customer and vendor information, you can ensure your QuickBooks company file is secure and under your control.

Automatic Reconciliation

Automatic merchant payment matching enables QuickBooks Enterprise customers to reconcile all payments to their accounting records more quickly and accurately than ever before.

The majority of downloaded payment transactions will be automatically assigned to the appropriate open invoice by the program. If those tasks are completed, users can concentrate on categorizing transactions that need additional attention.

Additionally, credit card fees will be automatically deposited into the merchant’s account the next day.

Customized Payment Receipts

Consistent branding in all consumer interactions helps your business appear polished and professional. You can also configure payment receipts, invoices, estimates, purchase orders, and statements in QuickBooks Enterprise.

And you can personalize the pattern by attaching a logo and changing the font and colour scheme.

Additionally, you can build and customize several types of models for use with distinct customers, giving you a complete handle over the look and content of each.

Bank Feeds

Bank feeds will be enhanced in all desktop versions of QuickBooks in 2021.

If you already spend a significant amount of time per month entering and categorizing bank transactions, the enhanced bank feeds can save you considerable time. QuickBooks Enterprise will be able to automatically and in more significant detail order certain transactions.

Additionally, the improved rules features enable you to locate and identify the requirements used to classify transactions quickly.

Advanced Inventory Improvements

If you use Advanced Inventory as part of your QuickBooks Enterprise subscription, QBE includes several updates to help you handle your warehouse inventory more effectively.

Among them are the following improvements:

  • Improved control over permissions at the data level restricts users to the transactions, data, and reports necessary to perform their jobs.
  • Improved landed cost functionality, including the ability for administrators to categorize landed costs as COGS or Other Current Assets, measure landed costs more accurately on bills from closed accounting periods, and enable users to print invoices with or without landed costs.
  • Incorporating alternative suppliers into critical inventory reports increases visibility and simplifies reordering.


QuickBooks Enterprise software includes features that assist you in managing your business’s accounting requirements.

It supports numerous aspects of your business, including payroll, payments, inventory, and much more.

QuickBooks Enterprise’s new edition enhances and builds on the already excellent features of QuickBooks’ most strong product offering.


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