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Who Needs a Kitchen Anymore?



Here we find ourselves in the 21st century and cars are driving by themselves, refrigerators are ordering food automatically on the interweb, and most shocking of all, Millennials have become the largest buyers of new homes! You could have fooled me. (See the Millennial Song link below).

And, as we move inexorably into the future, technology is progressing faster than ever before in the history of mankind. A perfect example of this is Virtual Reality. It has made tremendous advances in just how real the virtual word that is created tricks us into thinking it is the actual world. (Read Snow Crash by Neal Stephenson, written all the way back in 1992, for a glimpse of the future). My nephew works for Microsoft in the virtual reality department and he let me try out the latest hardware/software. In one program I felt I was at the top of Mount Everest and another at the bottom of the ocean, picking up clams. I really thought I was there!

So how does this directly impact our future, or more specifically, mine? The days of the modern kitchen are drawing to a close. Ever since Eve, with Adams help, messed up in the garden, they had to start preparing food for their family by themselves. Hence the need for a functioning kitchen. But picture Adam or Eve putting on their VR (Virtual Reality) headsets and dialing into any restaurant they had a yearning for. Open the virtual menu, tell the avatar (fake [virtual] person) waiter what they would like, and pay with a Bitcoin!

A few minutes later a driverless car would pull up to their home with their virtual dinner (probably just some mush) and a robot would ring the doorbell. They would certainly think it was by far the best meal they ever had. Virtual Reality 1; Kitchen 0.

Fortunately, it’s not as bleak as it sounds. Although we’re all aging in place as you read this, we’re not quite there yet (even though I am using Word 2003 on a Virtual Windows XP program, residing somewhere inside my Windows 10 computer). Fortunately we still need kitchens and we’ll always need bathrooms (I think). Our best bet is to try to slowly adapt to the new technology. Talk to Siri and Alexa which are good ways to begin and you’ll still be able to sit in your kitchen to eat, do homework, have coffee and read the newspaper (while they still exist).

I figure kitchens as we know them will be around for at least another twenty or thirty years, so if you are thinking about remodeling don’t wait until they are obsolete. Remodel now so you can enjoy it for many years to come. And, if you want to get a jump on things, fall is the best time to start planing and getting projects moving.

Hurricanes, nuclear threats and global warming may come and go, but for now nothing makes you feel better than a new or remodeled kitchen or bathroom. Even if you have to pay the deposit in Bitcoins!

(Millennial Song: )

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Appalachian Time Worn Flooring – Worn Out Or Just Worn In?




Appalachian Time Worn Flooring is the epitome of styling and design from Anderson Hardwood floors. The look that this collection offers is widely sought after by designers, architects, and home owners nationwide and internationally. The plank is a 4-1/2″ wide engineered construction that is available in Ash, Maple, and Hickory. The hands of craftsmen form the hand scraping on the time worn flooring product and no two boards look alike. That is one advantage in purchasing a hardwood floor from Anderson, the hand scraped collections are done by hand with no machine scraping.

Most of the line consists of maple engineered products including four regular hand scraped and one fumed hand scraped maple. The fumed maple is Dancing Shadow and the fuming process really brings out the color and character of the maple along with the hand scraping making Dancing Shadow the most popular choice. The other regular hand products include Maple Autumn Vista, Maple Evening Light, Maple Reedy River, and Maple Morning Blush. Since Maple makes up most of the Time Worn Collection most designers feel more comfortable using this as a choice for the home or office of their client.

Hickory as we all know has the most inherent character among domestic wood species, and for that reason is makes a wonderfully hand scraped rustic looking floor. Hickory is also the hardest domestic specie, which a lot of consumers find attractive knowing that hickory will not dent as easily as oak, maple, ash, or other domestic species. In the Appalachian Time Worn collection hickory is offered in two outstanding colors in Hickory Twilight Embers and Hickory Mandolin Spring. Both of these flooring options contain the inherent character that hickory naturally possesses and make a beautiful hand scraped floor.

Last but not least is the Time Worn Fumed Ash Hearthstone. If you are looking for a unique product then this may be the hardwood floor of your dreams. With Ash floors you get a lot of grain similar to the grain in oak floors. Add this on top of fuming for a marbled color look and add hand scraping really makes the Ash Hearthstone product over the top in terms of uniqueness, color, and grain variation. Be sure and check this floor out and really look at the details it offers.

In conclusion the Time Worn flooring collection really offers some interesting looks and visuals that are manufactured right into the product. So your new hardwood floor will look worn out right out of the box and when backed by a new 50 year finish warranty from Anderson and you will be sure to rest knowing that your floor is there to stay and will maintain it beauty for the life of your home.

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Review Of HomeLink Garage Door Openers




HomeLink garage door openers sync with your remote to let you control gates and doors from inside your vehicle. Learn about the pros and cons, technical details, and how to program the buttons.

Here are the pros of having HomeLink

  • Programming is quick and easy
  • Compatible with most gates and opener systems
  • Let’s you share remotes
  • Let’s you control lights and home security features
  • It’s electric, so doesn’t require batteries

Here are the cons of having HomeLink

  • Trouble-shooting programming problems is NOT quick OR easy
  • You need to purchase universal receiver and/or repeater kits for incompatible remotes
  • Won’t work if you don’t have a handheld remote
  • Electrical problems can be difficult to isolate

Technical details

Some HomeLink systems are controlled by a button that comes with the vehicle or possibly a keychain remote. The remote is a wireless device that transmits signals to the overhead motor (which has a receiver). Once the transmitter sends a code, the receiver will do one of two things: generate a new one, or accept the code.

The electric garage door opener has counterbalance springs attached to the door that lifts the door up and down. These springs are under pressure to lift the door via the counterbalance cables. The opener controls how far the door will go and also the exerting force of the door. To keep the door closed at all times, a lock is installed.

Sometimes malfunctioning of the HomeLink garage door opener control happens and can bring danger. So the initial action of the owner is to consult with the manual or downloading the manufacturer’s manual. But the most common that done by them is by activating the quick release system to maneuver the door by hand. Unfortunately this is the biggest mistake because once the door is disengaged; it will eventually move downward and may hit and kill the person standing under it.

As said above, the HomeLink garage door opener can be a switch or a remote control. A remote control is programmed with codes to connect to the door. The other one is the electric overhead opener or the opener that is controlled by a switch in the wall or located at the end of the garage.

Instructions for training your HomeLink buttons

To train your buttons, first find HomeLink in your vehicle. You can easily identify the system by looking for the house icon.

Step 1: if it’s your first time, press & hold the outer 2 buttons — releasing when the indicator lights start to flash. You should give it about 20 seconds to recognize your command. Do not repeat this step while you are training the other buttons.

Step 2: Press and hold your garage remote (this is the transmitter) and the button you would like to train. The indicator light should start to flash slowly, then more rapidly when training is complete. then release both buttons.

Step 3: Press the button you just trained to make sure it works. A properly trained button should cause the indicator light to flash solid. If the light blinks, you’ll need to proceed to the next steps.

Step 4: Get a ladder and find the learn or smart button on the motor. You’ll also want to recruit a partner to help you; that way one person can be in the car while the other remains inside the garage.

Step 5: From inside the vehicle, press the button you want to train for at least 2 seconds. You might need to repeat the process up to three times before the door will open.

Conclusion: If one is judging this product based on safety concerns, any HomeLink compatible garage door opener will do. It is only a matter of how accurately the owner trains his/her particular buttons. An improperly set up garage door can yield deadly forces that might lead to an emergency.

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Cleaning Tips For A Spic-N-Span Boat




Living in Florida I’ve been around boaters all of my life. One of the most common complaints that I hear from boat owners is that they spend a lot of money on cleaning products that ultimately breakdown the original finish on gel coat or vinyl upholstery. I believe that the one most important step to properly cleaning your boat is to use the right products. Save time and money by doing it right the first time and protect the environment at the same time.

Here are tips that I live by:

Cleaning Supplies

1. Choose cleaning brushes that are sturdy and will get rid of stubborn dirt, grime and salt, without damaging the finish. For most situations, a brush with a medium-soft bristle will do just fine.

2. A long, sturdy handle on a scrub brush will allow you to reach those hard-to-clean areas and eliminates the strain on your back and arms.

3. While you don’t want to break the bank on your cleaning brush, make sure it can withstand repeated use, sun exposure, cleaning agents and salt water.

4. A bucket for your cleaning solutions that is big enough for your brush.

5. If you use a mop, sponges, cloths or towels, store them all in your bucket so you won’t have to search for them at every use.

6. Marine grade products can be conveniently found online and in larger containers than at your local super store. Save on shipping costs by ordering everything you need at once.

Cleaning Products

1. Select a soap that will be tough on dirt, grime, salt, sunscreen products and possibly fish blood, yet easy on the environment.

2. Never use the same soap you would use for cleaning your dishes at home.

3. Use a biodegradable cleaning agent with a neutral pH factor.

4. Always use a fresh water supply, never use water from the river, ocean or lake in your cleaning solution.

5. Follow the instructions on your cleaning products regarding dilution and general usage. Certain concentrated detergents may not be suitable for your boat as these cleaners can strip away and damage finishes when left on for extended periods of time.

Prep Your Cleaning Area

1. Before you start cleaning you’ll need to rinse the entire boat off completely.

2. If you plan to clean your upholstery, wipe it down with a damp cloth to remove all of the surface dirt and salt. Rinse your cloth often to keep from spreading the dirt and grime you’re picking up.

3. Wipe down your glass with a damp cloth to remove the surface dirt and salt. This will also keep your cloth used to clean your glass clean and allow for a streak free shine.

Clean from the Top Down

1. Start from the top and work your way down, one section at a time.

2. Work with small sections and rinse each section completely before moving on to the next.

3. Lather up with a sponge soaked in the soapy solution, scrub, and rinse.

4. Your medium-soft brush can be used for those hard to clean non-skid surfaces. Lather your brush with plenty of suds and it will clean between the grooves without much muscle.

5. Use the same cleaning solution you use for your hull to clean the deck. You can come back with a stronger cleaning agent if you have really tough stains to remove.

6. If you have an outboard don’t forget to lather up and rinse off the motor, lower drive unit and prop area where corrosive salt and dirt tends to accumulate.

7. Once the entire area is cleaned use a soft drying cloth to soak up the water. Chamois cloths or drying mops made of chamois material are good choices as they are highly absorbent and will soak up the water without stripping or scratching.

Glass Cleaning

1. A simple solution of water and vinegar works well as a glass cleanser, and it’s easy on the environment.

2. Use a soft, non-abrasive cloth or paper towel to guard against damage to your glass.

Vinyl Upholstery Cleaning

1. Regular cleaning of your upholstery will prevent dirt and grime from settling into the upholstery. Use your simple solution of water and vinegar to wipe off the upholstery before and after each use.

2. If you have stains and hard to remove grime on your upholstery, use your medium-soft brush and a cleaner designed for boat upholstery. I find that a liquid concentrated cleaner mixed with water allows you to soap up the area and the brush tends to reach that deep down dirt and grime.

3. If mildew stains have formed on your vinyl upholstery, use a deck brush with a medium-soft bristle and scrub with a water and ammonia mixture (4 parts water to 1 part ammonia). Rinse with fresh water, dry and repeat this process if necessary.

4. For tougher mildew cases, several effective commercial or marine stain removers are appropriate for use on vinyl upholstery.

Cleaning your Carpeting

1. Vacuum and spot clean your carpet often to remove dust and dirt that could buildup and settling deep down in the carpet.

2. If the carpet is removable, remove the carpet and place it on a flat surface for cleaning. Use a carpet or steam cleaner to clean the entire area. Leave to air dry.

3. If the carpet is stained or soiled, use a quality stain remover, then repeat the carpet or steam cleaner process.

Caring for Your Teak

1. Regular care of your teak will be required to maintain the original rich color and protect the wood.

2. If your teak has already lost its luster, you can use a teak cleaner to remove the oxidation, oil, fish stains, spills and varnishes.

3. Allow the teak to weather naturally to a silver grey or apply a teak oil or teak sealer for longer lasting protection.

Shining Chrome and Stainless Steel

1. There are many quality cleaners and sealants available for keeping the chrome and stainless steel on your boat protected, shiny and bright. After applying a light film allow it to sit for about 15 to 30 minutes. Then, wipe it off with a clean cloth.

2. After cleaning, you may also want to apply a quality wax sealer/protector to create a protective barrier against the harsh elements.

3. If your metalwork is already pitted or oxidized, apply a quality metal was and leave it on the problem area overnight. In the morning, take a piece of fine bronze wool and gently scrub off the wax. You may need to repeat this process several times.

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Five Reasons You Must Visit Hong Kong




1. Easy Access and World’s Best Airport

You must visit Hong Kong if you plan to travel China. Hong Kong is a major transportation hub in Asia and is a gateway to China. It is extremely easy to find your way here. There are daily direct flights connecting Hong Kong to major cities in Europe and N. America. Boeing long-range aircraft 747, 767, 763 are widely used.

Here are some flight durations (non-stop) for your reference. From New York is 16Hr20m, London is 11Hr45m, Sydney is 9Hr20m and Tokyo is 4Hr45m.

Once you land in Hong Kong, you must be convinced by its customer services and efficiency in immigration and customs checks. Hong Kong Airport is voted the World’s Best Airport from 2001-2005 (Skytrax online survey).

2. Great Choices of Accommodation

You must visit Hong Kong because you are able to find an accommodation that suits your need, whether luxury, budget or something in between. For luxury holiday makers, Hong Kong has almost all the world famous 5-star hotels – Grand Hyatt, Mandarin Oriental, Peninsula, Four Seasons, many more to name.

If you travel on a budget, Hong Kong Youth Hostel Association operates many hostels at very attractive rates. A friend of mine told me she was able to book a bed for HK$80 per night. However she had to share a room with some others. If you have four in your group, you can book a 4-bed room at HK$400 (US$50) per night. Quite a good deal!

3. Gourmets’ Paradise

You must visit Hong Kong if you love Chinese food. Hong Kong culinary market is dominated by Cantonese food, one of the yummiest among all Chinese food. Cantonese food is world famous for its simple cooking method and fresh ingredients used. A seafood dinner is a must. Try a steam live fish. It is a life-time experience. Nowhere else in the world people will cook fish in the same manner however so delicious. A dim sum lunch/breakfast is also a must. This has become the life style of Hong Kongers, Chinese and foreigners alike.

Hong Kong is not only famous for Cantonese food. You can find any other Chinese food here and any other kind of food from all over the world.

Hong Kong is a place you can eat whenever you want to. There are shops opening round the clock. You would never be hungry here.

4. Shoppers’ Paradise

You must visit Hong Kong if you want to buy luxury goods at the lowest price. Genuine luxury brands like LV, Prada, Corum, Burberrys and many other world famous designers’ labeled products are sold at unbeatable prices. In many cases, these shops are crowded and even with a waiting line.

Hong Kong is also a place where you can buy the trendiest everything with the lowest price in the world – mobile phone, computer, digital camera, electronics, fashion and accessories etc. You must be convinced by the wide range of choices and their low prices.

5. Most Beautiful Night View and Skyline

You must visit Hong Kong if you are not impressed by any other night views you’ve seen.

The Intercontinental Lobby Lounge is included in the book 1,000 Places To See Before You Die. Would it be over rated? No, it is not, because it is one of the best places to view the beautiful Hong Kong skyline at night.

Hong Kong at night is stunning for many reasons. Beautiful buildings are highly condensed with layers of colours spreading from the harbour up to the peak. You can take a panoramic view from distance. Or you can ride on Star Ferry to have a close look.

Hong Kong skyline contributes to the beauty of Hong Kong day and night. Numerous beautifully designed buildings line up on the Island side of the world famous Victoria Harbour. They are lit up with well designed colour schemes that make the night view of Hong Kong extremely stunning. Hong Kong at night is an incredible experience of your China travel.

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Book Summary: Safe Money Millionaire – Written by Brett Kitchen and Ethan Kap




Guaranteed retirement income is the name of the game. I think the financial industry has done their best to destroy trillions of dollars of wealth for a commission. I am fine with people getting paid for rendered services but there should be no fees in a loss market situation. We need to be thinking about preserving our capital as well as building it and NOT gambling our future away.

Why is this important to me?

I always want to ask this question as if I am sitting in your shoes. I don’t want to waste your time. How are you doing in your retirement? Have you made money in the last three years or are you still in a rebound from the 40% haircut that Wall Street provided in typical 401K plans?

The great housing burst was partially created by derivatives. Perhaps 100 people actually understand these instruments. Our economy was on the verge of collapse because traders needed to get their year end bonus. Selling financial instruments that can take down a banking institution with a simple 3% price movement is not the smartest way to go. Lehman Brothers, Bear Stearns and Merrill Lynch all proved this in 2008. Traders leveraged billions of dollars for millions in commission. I guess you need to go to Harvard or MIT to understand these trades but the math does not look to smart even to a 3rd grader.

Safe Money Millionaire is a good book that you need to read if you are interested in having a retirement. Rule #1 simply states don’t lose money and Rule #2 states – don’t forget Rule # 1. This book adheres to these rules.

Safe Money Millionaire is a quick read that covers several topics. For the sake of time, I will cover three key takeaways. The end goal is financial freedom and independence.

1. Breakup with Wall Street – If you invest strictly for Rates of Return then you are doomed. This is a one dimensional approach that does not work for the masses. Wall Street pitches investment advice 24×7. This is designed to attract sheep. Cramer from Mad Money recommended viewers purchase CIT Group because it was primed for an uptick. Four weeks later CIT filed for bankruptcy. This type of advice is seen all over the place. You are encouraged to buy Mutual Funds that have a high past performance. If you really think about this you are being encouraged to buy at a high price. To make money you need to buy low and sell high. Gambling is a sure way to financial ruin. You need to take your financial education into your own hands. You need to guarantee your principle and your rate of return. The key word here is guaranteed.

2. Pay Taxes on the Seed or the Crop – Farmers are allowed to either pay taxes on the seed or the crop. Which would you rather do? If you said pay on the seed then you are correct but this also blows your 401K logic out of the water. When you pay seed or basically invest in after tax dollars, you are locking in your future because you know exactly how much money you will receive back. If you decide to pay on the crop then it is not guaranteed how much you will pay because most likely the tax rate will be higher. To be a Safe Money Millionaire, you need to pay on the seed not the crop.

3. Financing Yourself to Wealth – This does not mean leverage yourself to the hilt with bank debt. Financing yourself to wealth means creating your own bank and then using your money efficiently to become wealthy. Why did Willie Sutton rob banks? Because that is where the money is. This strategy is one of the strongest I have seen and using the Infinite Banking Concept with a long term approach will absolutely secure your future.

Safe Money Millionaire is another book that highlights the Infinite Banking Concept and debunks traditional investment advice. In the book the authors quote Suze Orman. When asked what she invests in, she says: “I save it and build it in municipal bonds. I buy zero-coupon bonds and all the bonds I buy are triple-A-rated, and insured so even in the city goes under, I get my money.” When asked about playing the market, she says, “I have a million in the stock market, because if I lose it, I personally don’t care.” These statements are powerful because she invests in guarantee returns. The bond market is NOT the stock market.

I hope you have found this short summary useful. The key to any new idea is to work it into your daily routine until it becomes habit. Habits form in as little as 21 days. One thing you can take away from this book is Rule #1- Don’t Lose Money. Schedule 15 minutes each day to get educated on guaranteed investments like permanent life insurance, insured bonds and annuities to jump start your way to financial freedom. These require education on your part. When you do that and couple it with the Infinite Banking concept then not only will you be financial independent, you will become wealthy.

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How To Manage Conflict At Home




A worrisome state is limiting. It prevents you from reaching your truest potential through lack of focus on what you can control. Conflict at home can be managed through focusing on the moment. Consciousness with each breath will help to remind you that you have the blessings in your life. Focusing on the moment will help you to have a sense of gratitude in your relationships and become more motivated to celebrate your life everyday, instead lurching from one conflict to another!

Challenges of tomorrow rarely affect your ability to enjoy today and be thankful. The more you focus more thankfully on the positives of the present moment, the less likely you will allow the misunderstandings and the conflict of the moment lead to stress and physical violence at home. Protect yourself by knowing when to strategically agree and move on and when to ask for help.

Research has shown that stress and conflict at home is as bad for your health as habitual smoking is to your heart. How can you take care of yourself? Participating in daily exercise will improve your mood and increase your endurance and ability to manage conflicts and stress at home. Stress can lead to increased high blood pressure, increased plaques in blood vessels and increased stress hormones.
Conflicts and stress can affect your health.

As you go through your daily activities, make it a point to walk a little further. One of my favorite tricks for doing this is to park far away from the entrance each time I go to the grocery store or the mall. This will help you take a few more steps everyday. Try it. You will be surprised how effective this can become for you without changing your lifestyle a great deal.

There are several different exercises that you can do to help manage conflict at home. The easiest one is walking. Walking is among the best, as you can easily lose yourself and your troubles by walking. Even if it is just around the block, walking can do wonders for your health. It can also help to reduce your stress level.

You know the other great thing about walking, it is difficult to have a conflict all by yourself. The next time things start heating up at home consider stepping out and going for a walk. If you have a friend you usually walk with, call him or her. There is safety in numbers. Give yourself time to analyze and decide on next steps.

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Should You Use Marble Tile Flooring For Your Front Porch?




Marble floor tiles are generally the choice for homeowners who want an elegant, glossy add-on to their home flooring requirements. Marble floor tiles are certainly not a cheap option for homeowners, and they do have a long way to go before they become as common as wood parquet or vinyl floor tiles.

However, one good reason for utilizing marble in exterior or interior home use is that marble has the best all round value for money, design, durability and enduring style, according to interior designers, engineers and home decorators. This type of stone has been a staple for good quality construction and design, and used on opulent homes, front porches and court yards for centuries.

Marble tiles are not just being used on the floors though. Some have installed beautiful cast-iron fireplaces which have a classic style marble mantle, The contrast between the rustic design and nature of a house and the old-world allure of marble floor tiles gives a distinctively elegant feel to it, and adds up to relaxing, formal feel to any home.

Marble floor tiles are not only considered appealing to the senses, but they also have general health benefits. The dense surface of the marble tile does not have pores that allow allergy-inducing irritants to gain a foothold, in contrast with some types of wood, rugs and carpets.

Marble floor tiles are considered easy to clean, they can be quickly washed with a single sweep of a mop. Because of this, marble floors make for a perfect quality flooring both indoor or outdoor and requires basically little maintenance, and still does not fail to show off a constant, natural sheen.

Marble tile surfaces could also be easily treated with disinfectants that work best on hard surfaces. Interior design consultants find it better having sanitary marble floor tiles as opposed to wood flooring in kitchens and bathroom areas. Marble tiles are also advisable fort use in entry ways, since this areas are often filled with dirt and germs as people come and go.

It is unwise to think that marble tiles could just be used indoors. These types could be considered ideal patio coverings and for use in front-porch stoops. One can permanently match the marble tile to precast concrete walking pads to create wonderfully crafted garden stepping stones. However, should one decide to use marbles floor tiles outdoors, it is advisable for one to check if these tiles meet standard slip-resistance requirements, since exterior tiles have surface textures that allow them to be slip- resistant.

Reputable tile providers often produce special outdoor tiles that have a slightly gritty, semi-coarse surfaces, even though the tile is glazed. The invisible grit surface provides excellent traction when the tile becomes wet. In order to be used outdoors,the marble tile must be frost-proof and unglazed for floor use, and the moisture absorption rate should be around 0.5% or less.

It is advisable that slip-resistant tiles be used outside in areas exposed to the elements such as heat, moist and rain, or around swimming pools. Exterior tiles are generally rated to indicate their particular slip-resistance modes. It would be prudent to keep in mind that there would always be a trade-off between slip resistance and maintenance and cleaning, since slip-resistant tiles will accumulate more dirt and will generally need more caring and constant upkeep.

Marble Tile –

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Aggressive Marketing Strategy for Fantasy IPL 2021




Marketing is the only source to tell the targeted audience about your brand and product. For each type of industry whether its cosmetic industry, sports equipment industry, or fantasy sports platform, marketing is necessary. All the fantasy sports platforms in India have started their preparation for the 14th edition of IPL.

IPL 2021 is a golden opportunity for all whether it is investors or fantasy sports fans. Due to the popularity of fantasy sports in India, all the fantasy sports platforms take advantage and promote their platform with different marketing strategies. For marketing and advertising, fantasy platform operators are investing huge money to make it successful.

From hiring brand ambassadors to creating campaigns, they are trying all the marketing strategies for the Fantasy IPL promotions.

Few marketing methods for IPL 2021

Marketing with IPL streaming platform – What will be the best platform to reach out to the maximum sports fans? A sports streaming platform. Through branding, you just turn the sports viewers into fantasy users. Many fantasy operators are collaborating and co-sponsoring the IPL 2021 streaming. The live sports streaming platforms like Hostar+ and Star Sports have maximum loyal sports fans compared to other platforms. Advertising about the Fantasy League is the best way to target maximum cricket fans. Why a sports fan will miss a chance of experiencing the real feel of playing IPL on the fantasy platform.

Collaboration with IPL Teams – Fantasy Sports Platforms are collaborating with the real teams to promote Fantasy League on their platforms. The promotion from the IPL teams like KKR, Mumbai Indians, and others encourages their own followers to participate in fantasy cricket on the respective platform. Team fans believe their favorite teams more and trust the following brands more. The reach of these types of marketing and advertising is not only domestic, goes beyond as the IPL teams have overseas players too. Fantasy Platforms like Royal11 collaborate with domestic and international teams to build trust among fantasy sports users.

Marketing by hiring ambassadors – Hiring brand ambassadors is one of the most successful ways of marketing in all types of industries. In IPL 2021, platforms like Royal11 are hiring popular cricketers for the promotion of Fantasy IPL 2021. Fans trust their favorite players more. Also, the cricketers have a huge fan following both in India and overseas. The audience can connect more with the celebrity on an emotional level and get convenience easily to give the brand a shot.

Social Media Where do we spend most of the time? Social Media is not only an entertainment source, it is the biggest platform to promote your brand or product. It is an evergreen method to personally connect with your audience. Many fantasy platforms like Royal11, even use social media to improve the user experience by communicating with their users. A user can only tell about the loopholes and improvements in your fantasy platform. An honest review will help you to build the best and fast space for all the fantasy sports fans to enjoy multiple contests. Fantasy sports platforms can release entertaining yet informative content on their social media pages in the form of images and videos.

Organizing Campaigns You can organize different campaigns for the promotion of the Fantasy Premier League. Many fantasy operators are organizing small campaigns like “Match Khelo or Jeeto” and offering huge rewards to the winners. For Fantasy Premier League, the fantasy platforms should organize campaigns, targeting cricket fans. Keep one niche while organizing such campaigns, because the campaign you are organizing should be relevant to the audience to connect and then take a call to action.

New Updates/ Features – Adding new features and technology on the fantasy sports platform also promotes your business. Introduce personalized features like one-to-one chat introduction with your like-minded cricket enthusiast or participating in multiple contests at once. The more personalized experience you will give, the more it will attract fantasy users. The user experience also promotes mouth-to-mouth marketing. If one user is finding your fantasy platform interesting and easy to use, he/she will surely be going to tell you about your platform to his friends and family members. After all, we as humans never forget to share our best and worst experiences with any product, brand, or platform. This type of marketing acquires more audience.

Affiliate Marketing In the past few years affiliate marketing has become a popular and efficient marketing strategy. Affiliate marketing is not only beneficial for fantasy platforms but also for affiliate marketers. On each sale and download of the fantasy application, the affiliate marketers earn a commission. Fantasy Platform operators can create affiliate programs and offer good commissions to attract many marketers. Fantasy Sports platforms can increase their reach to a large audience through affiliate marketing.

Final Words

To promote Fantasy IPL 2021, fantasy platforms are trying different marketing strategies. Marketing and advertising are the way to reach out to the targeted audience.

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Before Buying a Steel Garage Kit – Know The Required Permitting Plan Requirements




The popularity of the steel garage kit is increasing. People appreciate the easy maintenance of steel. Steel buildings do not have to be painted and maintained like wood structures, and insects don’t eat steel. Also, the fire-resistant properties of steel over wood are becoming ever so important in wildland urban interface communities.

With this popularity comes a growing internet availability of garage kits. You can find companies across the internet offering various types and styles of garage kits. You can find steel building kits, carport kits, garage kits, and even home kits. But with the ease and availability of these buildings, there are some important facts that you should understand before making your purchase. One such item is what you will need in regard to required plans for permitting.

As with traditional wood structures, you will need to get building permits from your local permitting agency (most likely – depending upon the size and type of your structure). Here is where you need to have done your homework. Before ordering your building kit, speak with your local permitting agency to find out what types of plans you will need. Typically, you will need three sets of plans. You will need engineered building plans (with structural calculations), concrete / foundation plans and a site plan.

When making a building kit purchase, companies often require you to put down a deposit (but you shouldn’t, and I’ll touch on that later in this article). Your deposit will typically include engineered plans for your building (If obtaining a permit, engineered plans with all structural calculations are usually required for permitting purposes). Buyers are often surprised to find that the included engineered building plans do not include concrete / foundation plan or the site plan. Of course, this means the included structural calculations are pretty much irrelevant and unusable since the concrete / foundation plan is required in order to properly compute the structural calculations!

This also means a building kit buyer will have to find a local engineer to prepare the concrete / foundation plan for them. This can cost an additional $500-$2000 in addition to the original building cost. Let’s add this cost to the cost of obtaining correct structural calculations after the fact.

You will also probably need a site plan. Speak with your permitting agency to determine exactly what they require. The specifications will probably differ between a project classified as commercial or as residential. If you project is classified as commercial, there will probably be more requirements needed from you than there would be if the project is classified as residential.

In summary, before you purchase a steel building kit I recommend you take the following steps:

  1. Before making your purchase, speak with your local permitting agency to find out what types of plans you will need.
  2. As you shop building kits vendors, you will find some reputable companies that will include the concrete / foundation plan with the building kit price. Make sure to specifically ask them about this!
  3. When you find a supplier that will supply both the engineered building plans AND the concrete / foundation plans, be prepared to supply some basic information (gathered from your permitting agency). This information will be items like required footer depth, depth of frost line, etc.
  4. Some permitting agencies will allow hand-drawn site plans. Find out the specific local requirements. Site plans will have to be obtained locally.
  5. Some building kit suppliers will ask you to make a deposit on your building so that they can supply your plans and you get a permit. DON’T do this, unless you are very comfortable with whomever you’re dealing with. A reputable supplier will not ask for a deposit, but will only ask you to buy the plans first (about $500 to $700). The problem with putting a deposit down is that there are too many variables that can happen that can make the building project fall through. If this happens, then you can be out a sizable amount of money.
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Vegetable Gardening – A Hobby for Everyone




The Rewards of Vegetable Gardening

If you love to have fresh produces in the spring and summer, you should consider creating a home vegetable garden. Growing a vegetable garden is a fun and healthy hobby that anyone can excel at.

While gardening, you may find that your troubles and stresses of the day simply float away. Home vegetable gardening relieves stress and allows you to be out in the sun. Vegetable gardening is proven to lower blood pressure and clear the mind. Also, the act of nurturing plants and watching them grow is rather soothing. And it can look good too!

The Pros of Organic Gardening

One great aspect of home vegetable gardening is that it does not require a bunch of chemicals. Therefore, home vegetable gardening allows you to have more natural, juicy, and healthier vegetables that are also better for the environment. Using a lot of chemicals on vegetables is not only unhealthy for your body, but also takes a large toll on the environment. Growing your own vegetable garden and using less chemicals yields natural food.

Organic vegetables are always the best-tasting because they will not be picked until they are completely ripe and you are ready to pick them. One more pro of growing your own organic vegetable garden is that it will save you money. Instead of buying all your organic vegetables at the store, you will have your own selection of vegetables at your disposal whenever you want them.

Anyone can create a home vegetable garden. As long as you have dirt somewhere, you can create an outdoor vegetable garden in the solid ground. Even if you don’t have a plot of dirt, you can buy a few pots and create a container garden.

Vegetable Gardening on Solid Ground

Before starting your vegetable garden, should keep in mind these simple thoughts: size, location, and soil.

First of all, we’ll discuss the location. You must plot your garden in an area with plenty of shade and sufficient drainage. You must nurture your plants by putting them in a place that receives about 6 hours of sunlight each day. Every plant is different and requires a different amount of light, but the average is six hours a day.

Therefore, do not plot your garden in a shady place! Also, make sure that your garden has adequate draining. If you place your garden at the bottom of a hill, water will flood your plants during the wet season; this is a common mistake that many beginning planters make. By locating your gardens away from bottoms of hills and other spots where water is likely to collect, you will prevent your vegetables from drowning!

Second of all, let’s talk about size. You should decide how big you want your garden to be initially. Remember that you should start out small and expand later; otherwise the size of the garden may overwhelm you. I recommend starting out with a garden space of 25 square feet or less. After you get the hang of it, you can expand your vegetable garden as much as you would like.

Third, let’s talk about soil. Soil is one of the most important aspects of gardening, so it is very important to have good soil to produce a good garden. The best type of soil is slightly loose and easy to till. Therefore, stay away from soil that is hard-packed. If your yard does not have a lot of good soil in it, you can fix this problem by using mulch or compost in your garden. Alternatively you can buy good soil from your local nursery.

Mulch is usually an organic covering, such as straw, leaves, compost, or peat that you can cover your garden with to enrich the soil, prevent weed growth, and prevent excessive evaporation of water. Compost consists of any organic particle, such as dead leaves, manure, or (most commonly) kitchen scraps. People put compost in their yards to improve the soil and provide nutrients for plants. Composting kills two birds with one stone; it is great for your garden and cuts down on your trash.

If you address the location, size, and soil of your garden, you will have a booming vegetable garden in no time. Also, some of these tips will also help those of you who choose to have a container vegetable garden.

Vegetable Gardening in Containers

Container gardening is the best type of gardening for many people. If you do not have a good plot of land to garden on, container gardening is your best bet. It is the most practical way to garden for those of us not lucky enough to have large plots of soiled land to garden on.

There are many pros to container gardening. You can place your plants wherever you want: in your living room, on your patio, etc., so that you can add color and radiance wherever you would like. With container gardening, you can easily place plants wherever they receive the best growing conditions. Another pro is that you will have fewer pests eating your plants if they are in containers rather than in the ground.

Although almost any plant will grow just fine in a container, there are some that grow exceptionally well in containers. These are: salad greens, spinach, tomatoes, eggplant, Swiss chard, radish, beets, peppers, and bush beans.

The con of container gardening is that they require more upkeep and maintenance. You must check up on and water many container plants everyday.

Most vegetable crops grow well in 5-gallon containers. No matter what size container you use, make sure it has adequate drainage to ensure a bountiful garden. You should add about 1 inch of coarse gravel in the bottom of the container to monitor drainage. Learn how to prepare the containers of each type of plant for a nice and low-cost indoor garden.

Gardening Problems You Can Tackle

There are two notorious enemies of gardening: weeds and pests. Here is some basic information and helpful hints on how to tackle each of these problems:

One problem a person may have in plant gardening is staying on top of all of the weeds. In order to prevent weeds from taking over your garden, you should go out daily and pick the weeds. Picking weeds may seem like a dull task, but if you have the right attitude, it can actually be quite relaxing and stress relieving.

Where there’s a garden, there are bugs. Unless you want to use a bunch of chemicals, you must go outside and kill any damaging bugs on your plants. But make sure not to kill the good bugs, such as ladybugs or praying mantis, because they kill the bad bugs that eat your plants. In fact, you can buy good bugs at your local plant store and put them in your garden to help kill pests. Because no bugs kill big pests such as grasshoppers, you must pick off these big pests by hand.

The Love of Vegetable Gardening

Vegetable gardening is very rewarding because it makes you feel better, less stressed, and produces delicious vegetables for you to eat. If you like the fresh vegetables at farmer’s market, you’ll love to have a garden vegetable of your own to tend to and eat from.

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