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Why Is My Macintosh OS X Crashing? Tips to Diagnosing Symptoms of Trouble



When you have responsibility for hundreds of clients’ advertising, marketing, public relations, graphic design and website files within your system, computer crashes risking possible data loss can be a major reason to panic! What to do?

I’ve been in the marketing business for more than thirty-five years. I have active clients whose work I need to address frequently. I also have inactive clients who unpredictably surface every now and then who also need immediate attention.

Regardless of whom asks, I need to be ready, willing and able to perform what is needed on a moment’s notice. This means I must maintain a comprehensive archive of work performed which I can access at all times to revise, update, reference or otherwise adapt to new applications as requested.

This library of work includes huge high-resolution Photoshop files which may have had hours, days or weeks of work devoted to them to enhance original images in some way; extensive Quark files of final text, photos and artwork composed with sophisticated and meticulous design, which also undoubtedly required many, many hours of setup, not to mention client reviews and final revisions; extremely complicated Dreamweaver website files; equally involved Flash files for impressive website animations; immaculately produced vector files of artwork created in Adobe Illustrator; a multitude of various drop-down menus for website use created in Fireworks; hundreds of PDF files created with Adobe Acrobat Distiller for high quality output; and a pot pourri of other work utilizing music, movies, videos and other miscellaneous files.

Since thirty-five years is a very long time, and has spanned several technological (and not-so-technological) eras in the process, this work is in a variety of formats, including scans of older work, as well as actual digital files from native programs, some of which are now obsolete or no longer produced. Having learned years ago that trying to both store files and work on them on the same hard disk with limited space can lead to problems, I have resorted to always having an external hard drive or two as extensions from my computer system so I always have plenty of open disk space for digital “percolation,” for lack of a better term.

My external hard drives have included both firewire and USB data transfer systems, the firewire being the faster and more expensive version. And, as would be expected, each time I have needed a new external drive, the capacities have increased dramatically, while ironically the costs have not.

Through the years, I have had many different Macintosh computers, usually the most expensive, fastest and most glorified versions available. But I presently work on a more conservatively priced iMac using OS X 10.4.11, with 2.16 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo, 1 GB of RAM (memory) and an internal hard drive with 232.89 GB of storage capacity. I bought this system several years ago, have used it practically eighteen hours or more every day and have loved every minute of it, particularly its gorgeous monitor. I fully intend to upgrade my whole system probably later this year when the new OS X operating system is released. I say this with full knowledge that such an upgrade will require that I also upgrade all of the previously mentioned software programs I use, which will add up to a nice, hefty, but necessary, investment.

Until just about two weeks ago, I had two external hard drives connected to this system: a Firewire filled to capacity which I stopped using on a daily basis because it was making a funny noise and I thought I should preserve what’s left of it; and a Western Digital “My Book,” which has about the same storage capacity as my internal hard drive (approx. 232 GB). After some two years, I have only used about half of its available space. So, when my system started to crash repeatedly one recent afternoon, I was deeply troubled because I didn’t know what was causing the problem.

I was immediately suspicious about the “My Book” because it had exhibited some unsettling symptoms over the past six months which I usually was able to dismiss or deny. These included taking a long time to mount, or failure to mount at all on the desktop, without obvious provocation. However, with computer restarts, the drive would mount and I chose not to dwell on the incident.

In discussing the crashing occurrences with my husband, who is a retired specialized IBM technician and engineering advisor, he immediately asked me what I had been doing just prior to the crash. I said I was trying to save my work in any one of a number of programs which included Quark, Photoshop and others. He too felt the MyBook was the culprit because that was the target of my saved data. I said I hadn’t even gotten to the point where I had told it where to save the data so I still had my doubts that was the problem.

I decided to do some tests in an effort to eliminate some possibilities. I conducted a Disk Utility diagnostic test on the internal and MyBook hard drives and both were reported as problem-free, something I seriously doubted. Then I copied some of my most frequently needed files onto my practically empty internal hard drive and restarted my system without turning on the MyBook. I was able to work and save files without any crashes. That seemed to confirm to me that the MyBook was at fault. But why?

I shopped online for a new external hard drive and in reading and researching the issue, I learned that external hard drives don’t like to be put to sleep and then rudely awakened to suddenly perform some immediate function. Since I tend to be an impatient person driven by not enough time in the day and too much to do in the time I have available, I realized that this scenario was a common phenomenon in my work life. In checking my system preferences under Energy Saver, I noticed that my system was set to go to sleep if idle for more than 15 minutes (the default setup) which happens quite often when the phone rings or I get up to attend to some other activity periodically during the day. Probably as the MyBook has gotten older and slower (as we all do as we age), it just can’t keep up with the paces I try to put it through. Perhaps also a function of how much data is on the drive, it just needs more time to do everything, especially wake up and perform.

Also, I read that it may be asking a computer system too much to multitask with many programs open at one time all of which are drawing on the available RAM, albeit a generous amount of it. My husband chimed in with the thought that maybe I hadn’t allocated my memory properly. That rang a distant bell in my mind…a very distant bell. I remembered the days of allocating memory for each of my programs, dividing up my available RAM according to what made sense: more for Photoshop, less for Quark, for instance. I realized I hadn’t done that task in many years. But in researching the subject on Google, I quickly found that those days were long over with the advent of OS X which automatically allocates RAM as needed. No wonder!

So, I decided to restart my system with the My Book connected and try to limit my program usage to one at a time and adjust the sleep mode to “never” allowing it to go to sleep. That seemed to be the magic bullet. However, with the knowledge that the MyBook was getting old and possibly overwhelmed with data, I decided to invest in a new external hard drive with the goal of putting all of my most essential files on it as an additional backup.

At Mac Mall, I found a very reasonable Fantom GreenDrive 1TB External eSATA/USB 2.0 Hard Drive with the help of a customer service rep which was compatible with Windows and OS X 10.4 or later, for approx. $50 after rebates and free shipping, which I couldn’t resist. Complying with the instructions, I installed it into my USB hub and formatted the new hard drive for use with OS X.

Just as with the MyBook, it recommends always starting the hard drive before turning on the computer and always dismounting before turning off the computer to avoid any damage or loss of data. What no one seems to ever mention is that when the power goes off unexpectedly as it does every time the wind blows the wrong way where I live, the computer abruptly turns off and no hard drives ever get dismounted properly in the process. So far, the new Fantom drive seems to ignore such events and mounts right away without any apparent repercussions.

However, from past experience, I know the MyBook doesn’t react favorably to such incidents and I recently learned that the best way to deal with any negative results is to completely unplug the MyBook from its source of power and let it clear itself for about a five-minute respite before plugging it back in while the computer is off. I also find that if I restart my computer system once and shut it down in between starts with the external hard drives connected, as a similar “clearing out” interlude after such an electrical outage or any crash incidents of any kind, the whole system works better subsequently.

Just using common sense has helped me to sort through this problem, find a solution and work on rectifying my situation with the equipment I have to work with. I have started up my system with the MyBook and Fantom both connected, set the sleep mode to “never,” waited the long time for the MyBook to mount and then judiciously dragged many of my files from the old hard drive to copy onto the new hard drive while I sleep at night so I don’t annoy the system with multitasking demands. While the MyBook has continued to misbehave periodically when asked to dismount after a long session, again crashing the whole system, I have been able to move all of my important files over to the new drive and now don’t need to even turn on the MyBook at all anymore. I can now work successfully on the Fantom or on my internal hard drive with multiple programs open simultaneously without any worry about crashes as long as I keep my sleep mode set to “never.” When I plan to be away from the computer for an extended period, I dismount the Fantom and turn it off, restore the default sleep settings and go away knowing my system will be able to wake up when I return without worry about crashing and loss of data. What a relief!

Of course, the motivating factor which finally got me to focus on this problem – the total loss of a complete MyBook folder of some extremely important data I had been working on when my attempt to save a simple file caused a recent system crash – has been a valuable lesson in confronting what is important when you run a business: you can never have enough reliable back-up systems!


Very Cheap Web Hosting – Sure It’s Cheap, But Will it Have the 3 Things You Need?




Very cheap web hosting is getting easier to find on the market. That’s because there is so much competition that we are in the midst of a web hosting plan price war! But, just because it is cheap doesn’t mean you are getting what you need. Make sure if the web hosting is very cheap, then it has the following 3 things, or else choose another plan.

  1. Good Customer Service? What are users saying about the company on the web? Having good, 24/7 customer service and the ability to talk to a real person is a must when getting a hosting plan. This seems like a “yeah, whatever” type of thing to worry about, but when your site is malfunctioning you want someone to fix it fast!
  2. Unlimited Features? You want to get a plan that is super cheap, but allows unlimited domains to be hosted, unlimited bandwidth, and unlimited memory. This way you won’t have to worry about how many sites you will have, how many visitors will be coming, or how big the websites are. If a company doesn’t offer this, move on.
  3. User Friendly Control Panel? This is very important. The most popular control panel for hosting companies is called a cPanel. Also, within the control panel, are there step by step videos showing you exactly how to do things such as, set up FTP accounts, set up emails, set up stat tracking for websites, installing website building software, etc? This is a must for a good web hosting company. You shouldn’t have to pay a premium for these features.
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Do You Need Dedicated Web Hosting




There are many types of web hosting that you can choose from these days so why choose a dedicated web host solution. Having your own server means that you are the only one that is allowed to host websites on that server. You get all of the computers processing power and storage space. Plus you get to run your own programs or services on that machine.

Not having to share a server with a dozen or maybe hundreds of other webmasters means that there is much less of a chance for things to go wrong. If you thing of a hundred people trying to do something on a computer as opposed to one person you can imagine what I mean. It only takes on person to install a script incorrectly or get a sudden traffic surge and not only their site goes down but every other site on that server.

With shared hosting you are very limited to what you can do. With your own dedicated server you get SSH or shell access which means you can control everything that goes on with that server.

A dedicated server is a specialist machine that is designed to do one job and one job only and that is to serve your website up to visitors. It has been optimized so that all of its functions are geared towards web hosting.

There are of course more than just one type of dedicated server. Most hosting companies offer several different hosting packages for servers. Your first decision is whether you want to use a Windows based dedicated server or one that is running Linux. This choice will depend on several factors some of which include the type of site you are running. If you have a PHP and MySQL database that needs hosting then your going to need a Linux server. If you have windows based back ends or have certain integration requirement for Microsoft software then you will need a Windows based server.

The next set of considerations are that of the specifications of your server. Do you need a server that is going to be as fast and as powerful as possible or can you get by with a lower cost server that is less powerful. You should consider the storage and bandwidth requirements. The larger the site and the more information you are going to need to store then the bigger the disk space you are going to need. There is no point in under planning and running out of storage space six months down the line.

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Budget Dedicated Server Is Getting More Affordable And Here Is Why




Dedicated server hosting and the word “budget” used to be polar opposites from one another. Many larger businesses had to move to the dedicated type, and when they did so, there was a bittersweet mixture of joy that one’s business had grown to that level and despair that operating expenses would get out of control. Dedicated platforms were not always cost effective, but they could be essential if one wanted to keep viruses and other impurities from polluting their site and the lives of their users. But all that is in the process of changing for the better thanks to these key areas: more options, changes in business practices, and more efficient infrastructure.

More Options

It used to be that if you needed a business online to run with any success you had to go with a dedicated server. That meant paying for additional infrastructure and in many cases hiring an employee to handle everything for you. It could be very cost prohibitive to small and mid sized businesses. Then along came virtual private servers, and the efficiency of hosting platforms got much better as did the cost. Cloud computing then came along and really turned some heads. With all these options out there, it was only a matter of time before the dedicated option had to work smarter and more cost effectively. But more on that in a moment.

Changes in business practices

With the economic crises of recent years touching virtually everyone, some sites went under while others were forced to make cuts and think about using the web more intelligently. Many banked on the freedoms of Facebook and Twitter and saw a surge in growth and a slicing of expenses. As a result, businesses found new ways to succeed or they finally fell in on themselves. The landscape of the marketplace changed once again, and with it, so too did the efficiency of the dedicated server.

More efficient infrastructure

By offering managed dedicated servers, and the use of multiple dedicated servers across many geographic locations, budget hosting became affordable even for those in need of the more expensive option. As a result businesses started coming back to dedicated, but they did it in a wiser and more cost efficient manner. With the redundancy and speed of multiple servers working at once, it became possible to have the perks of dedicated servers without actually having to rely on one infrastructure foundation.

If your business is growing, you can now rest easy knowing that the move to dedicated server hosting is within your budgeted means. And you really should consider the move as soon as possible for how it protects you and improves the user experience for all of your audience every time they log on.

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How to Make Money Online: 5 Easy Steps I Use to Make $100 Paydays




Are you looking for another easy way to make money online?

Do you want to know how to make money online?

I use this simple 5 step system to consistently make money online each and every day.

And it is easy to set up even if you are a complete newbie.

I will share with you how this simple 5 step system below so that you can review it for yourself and decide if it can work for you.

I am here to tell you that I regularly make $20 to $100 each and every day using this simple little system that takes no time to set up. All you need is a little bit of understanding of websites and you are off and running. And, if you have any challenges in understanding how to work with basic instructions you can easily get someone to help you to set it up.

Here is my simple and easy to set up money making system that earns money daily.

Step 1: Set up an awesome splash page

A splash page is simply a one page site that has a bit of teaser ad copy and an opt-in box where a visitor who is interested in your offer can leave their name and email address in order to receive what you are offering.

It is easy to set up and can be done in less than an hour.

Step 2: Offer a free quality freebie

Now you offer a free quality freebie.

Once you identify the niche you want to exploit you simply locate or source a free product such as an eBook on the subject or a subscription to some newsletter in the niche.

You can get an eBook or other such product from countless sources online on any niche you care to research. Just make sure that the product comes with PLR or master giveaway rights so that you can distribute it freely.

Step 3: Capture your visitors’ email addresses

When a visitor lands on your splash page (sometimes called a landing page or an opt-in page) they will read your offer and if they are interested in getting that freebie they will have to enter their name and email address in that opt-in box.

They will then immediately be taken to a download page where they can receive their freebie.

And let me also say this… if that freebie eBook has a link in it with one of your affiliate programs embedded in it and they click on it to see your main offer, when they buy you will then receive an affiliate commission instantly!

The more visitors that opt-in to receive their freebie the more that will download that freebie onto their hard drive. When they click on your link whether that is next day, next week, or next month, any purchases made will generate for you that affiliate commission we all seek.

The goal here is to get that freebie onto as many hard drives as you can so that it can sit there and entice your “subscriber” in the future.

Step 4: Provide them value and information over a series of emails

Step your autoresponder with about 12 – 15 quality emails on the target niche and drip feed them that material at the rate of one email every two days. Make sure it is good content and that it is informative for your readers.

For the first three or four emails do not offer any affiliate products because you are building trust with your target audience.

After the fourth email, you can start to introduce an affiliate link in your pre-scheduled emails for an affiliate product you may be promoting. When a subscriber clicks on that link and buys your product you will earn another affiliate commission.

That is all it takes to build your residual income if the product you are promoting is a membership type service that requires a monthly fee to participate.

Step 5: Drive traffic to your opt-in page

This step is simple and yet complicated if you think too much at this stage.

All you have to do is drive traffic to your site.

Sounds simple, right?

It can be.

Just do whatever you can to direct traffic to your site.

If you have a blog, post regular updates.

And remember, it is merely a numbers game. The more traffic you direct to your site, the more visitors who opt-in to your offer and more sales you generate when they click on your link. And with that comes larger affiliate commissions and an increased revenue stream. And as I stated earlier, if you are promoting a membership type service that requires a fee to join, you will begin to generate residual income from your efforts as well a an increasing affiliate commission check.

The larger you build your list, the more sales you will generate. The more sales you generate the larger your residual income and the larger your overall take home pay.

That is how I generate $20 – $100 paydays on a consistent basis.

The system is simple and easy to set up.

And it works every time.

For free additional information on how you can generate a regular and even residual income online visit my newest website and download my free report “The $200 A Day Cash Machine” and see what you think.

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Marital Bliss




Marital Bliss? “Young love followed by heavy financial divorce? Is it worth it?”

These days our marital status changes as quickly as Robbie William’s ever dying flings. It’s not always intentional but our ability in modern times to cope with difficult or inconvenient situations is non-existent. Divorce is as common as sugar on a pancake and it’s quite sad that at my tender and vulnerable age, the only honorable couples I could respectfully look up to are dead or characters in classic myths.

Every girl dreams of the day they walk down the aisle to the adoring gaze of their future husband but my dream and others is rapidly becoming faded. Although I do think ill get married one day, I am very wary of the meaning ‘love’. In my short life time I have been hurt twice by people I thought I could trust, but things have a way of working themselves out. Whether a couple decide to stay together for sheer convenience or for the fact that there are children involved in their ‘sick equation’ it still eliminates the theme behind marriage, that is love!

‘I’m divorced’ is such a harsh statement but one we seem to take lightly. 30 years ago it was rarely heard of except in memorable stories of Henry the eighth, the serial committer. Once a couple married it was usually for life.

Nowadays, on average 22000 couples a year file for divorce in Britain alone, So is this a case of becoming tired and bored of your other half or on a more serious level due to domestic violence, adultery or worse still, the inability to rekindle a burnt out flame? I suppose everyone has their own personal reasons but not half in my opinion are acceptable. Some people later in life regret the way they rushed such a life changing decision, and some don’t look back at all. I’m inexperienced in what I preach but I know enough from what’s around me. Our environment, lifestyles and shockingly job titles often cause us to break the sacred vows we made to each other. Many people would not admit to money being the problem in their home because it’s something we don’t care to think about. If the ‘breadwinner’ of the family suddenly brings home two loaves instead of one it without question changes how we behave, live and judge other people. For a short time life is great but we must remember that money is a materialistic and dangerous thing. It makes us begin to believe that we are better and deserve better but in reality the only difference is your wallet. It seems obvious now that wealth makes you that much more untouchable and limits the thing you cannot do but does it bring happiness in all cases?

Things take a turn for the worse when here are children involved and many people stay together because of this. Although it seems sometimes that children are too young to pick up the bad vibes and be affected things are not as they appear. Just because they don’t comment or stop playing and laughing does not mean they haven’t noticed that their ‘mummy and daddy’ don’t love each other anymore. Children are loyal and naive, they believe what their told and never question it because they don’t know any different. When they get older they re-assess the situation and look at it more sensibly, often they can feel bitter and cheated by their parents.

Most children from a divorced family divorce themselves. This is expected however, as every one in three married couples divorce within five years.

Are we as humans incapable of being faithful? Is society today too tempting for our weak hearts?

“To love and to cherish in sickness and in health, until deaths do we part…”

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Tips To Survive Your Favorite Endless Running Game App




Game apps on android and iOS are nothing short of exciting and entertaining. There are just so many of the games to try when you have time in your hands and you can make selections according to what game types you find interesting and fun to play. Considering that the games can be quite addictive it is important to exercise control so you do not end up neglecting things that matter all in the name of making it to the next level in your favorite game.

Endless running games are some of the most exciting, especially because of the speed involved and the unexpected obstacles and challenges you must avoid and get through to keep moving up the levels. These are games that will keep you holding your breath hoping that you do not suffer fatalities making the quite popular among users. The choices for the running games are numerous and more keep being developed every now and then with improved features and challenges. But how can you try and improve your survival rates when playing the running games on your smartphone or tablet?

Tip 1 – Position the phone strategically to maximize the game graphics. The size of your screen will determine how big and visible the graphics; it may be a good idea to flip your phone horizontally to get better visibility and bigger images for that matter to improve your gaming experience.

Tip 2 – Understand what the running game is all about. The running games are always about dodging obstacles and enemies among other challenges. The only way you will know how to run right is if you know what you are supposed to avoid and what you are supposed to run right into to gain rewards. Try and get as much information about the game as possible before you start with your run so you do not end up running blindly.

Tip 3 – Check out demos and practice to get familiar with the game. Some of the running games will come with demos that you can use to get familiar with the game. Take advantage of those to get a feel of what the game is all about so you can enjoy an easier start.

Tip 4 – Try as much as possible to play uninterruptedly. Regular pauses in the running games will only increase your chances of instant death once you un-pause. Try and enjoy a smooth run until the next stop, but don’t pause just because you feel the challenge has become too much or too hot to handle.

Tip 5 – Learn to relax and remain in control of the run no matter how intense it gets. When you freak out tackling a challenge you increase your chances of making wrong moves and turns that end tragically. In as much as you want to win, remember it is just a game and therefore not a very serious matter.

Tip 6 – Know your rewards and how to use them to your advantage. Some people find it hard to move up the levels because they do not make use of gained rewards such as coins.

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Affordable Website Hosting – 7 Tips




Don’t get ripped off by your website domain hosting. Take a moment and see if you’re really getting value for money. Below are the 7 key questions you need to ask you website host, to ensure you are getting a good hosting deal.

The good news is that there are thousands of website hosting providers out there that are screaming for your business. And it’s usually no sweat to change. So let’s check out the crucial questions:

1. Get a Plan That’s Affordable

Yes I hear you. The price of your website hosting has to be affordable. I don’t like reaching into my pocket either. I am happy to chip in the dollars where I can see a provider is simply the best of the best – but otherwise forget it.

Pricing can be a confusing issue as it does vary across different website hosting providers. Some offer a free service (with lots of disclaimers) whereas others can run into the hundreds of dollars each month. Shop around and make sure you are comparing apples with apples. You shouldn’t have to pay more than $10-20 per month for a secure mid sized website.

2. Get a Generous Bandwidth Allocation

Your website needs bandwidth. Every time someone visits your site, their computer is placing a request for information. Your website host responds to this request by sending your content directly to the user’s computer. The whole process happens very quickly. Every website hosting package comes with an allocation of bandwidth.

If you have a content rich website, which has lots of large images or available downloads, users are going to consume a large amount of bandwidth. This places a high demand on your bandwidth allocation. If you step over your bandwidth allocation, your website will cease to be transmitted. Which essentially means your site will be offline until either the next billing cycle, or until you grovel to your website hosting provider.

Naturally, you don’t want this to happen. Ensure that your website host provides you with a generous bandwidth allocation and all will be rosy.

3. Get a Large Website Space Allowance

Just like a file on your hard drive, your website does take up space. Sometimes this can be a few megabytes, other times a few gigabytes. It really depends on your site. A good domain hosting provider will give you a generous website space allowance (preferably unlimited). If your host only offers a small allowance, such as 10-100MB, be wary. In this age of increasing media capabilities, this allowance will be eaten up quite quickly.

4. Secure an Uptime Guarantee

The last thing you want is your website hosting provider to flick off their server. This turns the lights off your website and turns you into a panicking zombie. A quality website hosting provider will provide a 99.9% uptime guarantee. You’ll never get a 100% guarantee as there will always be maintenance requirements.

It’s also worth checking out what the guarantee is. The better the guarantee, the more serious the company is in keeping it.

5. Access to a 24/7 Helpdesk

In the wonderful online world, things go wrong. Either you accidentally clicked the wrong button, or you’ve lost your password. I’ve been there and it’s no fun. The anxiety faced can often be multiplied by a poor website hosting provider who is either ‘out to dinner’ or ‘answers requests within the next 24 hours.

Well this is not good enough. You need a website hosting provider that will actually be there when you need them. Every second that your website is offline is bad news. You must demand a help desk that’s manned 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Preferably by phone, email and direct online chat. Anything less is a quality compromise.

6. Easy Installation Features

I’m not a tech head. Chances are you’re not either. Some website hosts offer a great interface that allows you to install content management systems, backups and plugins at the click of a button. This saves you hours of work. Ask your hosts to define their installation and add-on features. If they sound easy to use, give them a thumbs up.

7. Money Back Guarantee

Does your website hosting provider put their money where their mouth is? Are they prepared to back their service with a rock solid guarantee? If so, this removes a lot of your initial risk. It allows you to sign up with them, and if things don’t turn out to your liking you can shake hands and head off into the distance with your money still in your pocket. Go for the money back guarantee and ensure you’re with a quality website hosting provider.


It’s best that you take the time to choose an a website hosting provider that meets the above seven criteria and fits effortlessly into your small business plan. Once you have the right hosting plan, you can ease back into your chair and forget about it, knowing that everything is under control.

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11 Common Cross Browser Compatibility Issues



Cross browser testing helps the developers to verify the compatibility of the web application across various browsers. With the help of this test, developers can ensure that the web application retains its functionality irrespective of the browser or browser version. However, it is a complex process and might cause errors at certain times.  Some of these issues can often throw the developer off track and delay the web app production process. This process can drastically harm the reputation of a company. So, in this article, we are going to discuss the most common cross browser compatibility issues that a developer might encounter. We will also try to find possible solutions that can help the developers to overcome this obstacle. However, before discussing the problems, we need to understand the basics of cross-browser compatibility testing.

The Basics of Cross Browser Compatibility Testing

During the earlier years of the internet, people mostly used Internet Explorer to access the web. However, with the advancement of technology new browsers have been introduced for the Web industry. These browsers have successfully dominated the industry with the help of attractive features. For instance, Google Chrome dominates more than 50% of the modern web browsing industry. Therefore, the developers must ensure that their web application performs smoothly on all browsers that are available in the market. This is because a company cannot afford to alienate any segment of the industry due to browser incompatibility. Moreover, they must also ensure that their web application retains its functionality on the older functions of the browser as well.

Cross-browser compatibility testing helps the developers to achieve this goal by testing it on thousands of different browsers and browser versions. This test also ensures that all the visual elements of the web application stay in the correct location irrespective of the screen size or resolution. Now let us look at some of the common issues that the developers might encounter while performing cross-browser compatibility testing.

The Most Common Cross Browser Compatibility Issues

1.Performing Validation for HTML and CSS Codes

Performing the validation of HTML and CSS codes can become tricky depending on the browser. This is because various browsers have different methods for detecting and interpreting these codes. So even a small error like a missing bracket can cause drastic outcomes in these browsers. Whereas certain browsers can automatically fix these errors and run the code smoothly. The best way to fix these errors is to increase the vigilance of all web developers and testers. They must analyze all these HTML and CSS codes properly before executing them. There are also various CSS and HTML validation tools that can help the developers in this process.

2.Missing the CSS Reset Options

Ordinarily, every browser has its design layout that is automatically applied to every website. However certain websites have their unique design. To utilize this design the developers have to override the default browser design layout. In case the developers fail to conduct this, the website will be rendered differently depending on different browsers. To solve this issue the developers have to use CSS reset style sheets to override the default web design layout. Normalise.css is one of the most commonly used CSS style sheets in the web development industry.

3.Detection of the Doctype Error

Doctype is considered one of the basic lines for the web development core framework. However, if the developers failed to include this line, it can cause some major errors during the rendering process. Commonly, a browser runs into different modes like strict mode and quirks mode. Most of the modern browsers don’t perform the test for Doctype. However certain old browsers such as internet explorer version 8 still perform this check. So, these older browsers still use strict mode and perform all the checks including the Doctype error checking. The quickest solution to this problem is to mention the doctype at the top of the source code. This will help the developers to display the webpage as intended.

4.Various JavaScript Compatibility Issues

JavaScript compatibility issues often occur when developers try to use modern JavaScript functions with older versions of a browser. For instance, this error can occur if the developer tries to use ECMAScript in Internet Explorer 11. Proper research on JavaScript compatibility is the only way to solve this error. The developers need to find out all the features that will be compatible with the browser on which they are working. Various tools help the developers to convert JavaScript into the latest compatible versions. All these features can help the developers avoid various errors related to JavaScript compatibility. Various other third-party JavaScript functions work similarly to the default JavaScript library.

5.Issues Related to the Layout Compatibility

In the earlier part of this article, we discussed the process of performing CSS reset. However, this process can cause layout compatibility issues in certain situations. This issue is mostly caused due to non-compatibility of a website layout. In certain cases, a non-responsive web application can also cause this error. However, it is quite simple to fix this issue. Developers can use various tools like Flexbox while working with modern web layouts.

6.The Use of Untrusted CSS Libraries

The conventional web layouts can never provide a customized experience for a web application. Therefore, the developers often use third-party CSS libraries for providing customization, scalability, and security to a web app. However, the use of untrusted CSS libraries can have dramatic outcomes in the web development life-cycle. These outcomes include the improper working of CSS libraries or the crash of the entire framework. To avoid these errors the developers must use trusted and well-known libraries like angular JS. They should also check the documentation of a CSS library before integrating them into the development framework.

7.Unavailability of Separate Stylesheets for Different Types of Browsers

Most of the common cross-browser compatibility issues are related to the stylesheets. These issues mostly occur when the older browser versions do not support the modern style elements of a web application. The use of different CSS fixes for various browsers can also trigger this compatibility issue. The easiest way to solve this error is to implement different style sheets for different browsers.  To verify this process the developers can use conditional spreadsheets. This process will help them to link the stylesheets with the respective browser or Browser version.

8.Improper Choice of Testing Tools and Platforms

A web tester can’t conduct all the testing processes single-handedly. Therefore, he will require the assistance of certain tools and platforms to complete this process. Many web developers believe that the choice of tools is completely random and does not have any significant impact. In reality, a proper tool can help to increase the development potential of any web development company. To make the correct choice, the Testers should perform thorough research on the business requirements and project needs. This data will also help them to get an idea about the needs of their users. Lastly, web developers should also consider the recent market trends and developing strategies to make the perfect decision. Let us consider the example of LambdaTest to understand the potential of a Cross browser testing tool.

LambdaTest is a platform to perform automated cross browser testing on multiple browsers and devices simultaneously. This platform uses a safe and secure online Selenium Grid to perform all the testing processes. The cloud-based server helps the developers to perform all the testing applications from anywhere in the world.

Using this platform, the developers can also verify the functionality of the locally hosted web applications. The developers can reuse the LambdaTest test scripts in various other developing projects as well. LambdaTest also helps a tester to perform automated visual testing on the UI elements of a web application. LambdaTest maintains an activity log to store all the final test reports during the web application development life-cycle. Lastly, it provides various attractive plans to support the growth of small web developing companies.

9.Ignoring the Functions for Vender Specific Tasks

As we already discussed earlier, all web applications are not created with the same intentions. For instance, a company can create a web application for conducting business, storing data or displaying some vital information. Depending on the purpose of the web application, the developers have to customize the designing and development process. For instance, developers have to arrange all the visual elements properly to avoid any compatibility issues. The primary goal of a vendor-specific web application should be to maintain user satisfaction.

10.Old Systems for Browser Detection

To optimize a web application for a browser, the developers need to understand which browser the end-users are using. The conventional way of completing this process was using a simple browser detection system. However, with the advancement in technology, these systems have failed to deliver the correct results. To solve this problem, the developers have to get rid of the conventional browser detection system. Instead, they can use modern technologies such as a modernizer which conducts a series of super-fast tests. These tests will reveal all the browser features. The developers can use this data to provide a seamless experience.

11.Insufficient Testing on Real Devices

In this modern generation, most companies try to complete the testing process with the help of an emulator or virtual machine. Many web testers have the misconceptions that an emulator can completely substitute a physical device testing process. In reality, there are certain factors that a virtual machine or an emulator can never simulate. For instance, it cannot perform testing for human interaction on various web applications. It is also impossible to use emulators to perform visual element testing. To solve this issue, the developers can use various online cloud platforms to perform remote testing on physical devices. There are various platforms like LambdaTest that can help the developers to achieve this goal.

Wrapping Up!

So, we can conclude that cross-browser compatibility testing is an important process to ensure the proper functioning of a web application. The developers must perform this test to ensure that they can provide the ultimate user experience to their end-users. In this article, we discussed various obstacles that might occur during the cross-browser compatibility testing phase. However, with the help of innovation and work experience, the testers can easily overcome these hurdles.

Lastly, we would like to recommend the testers seriously consider the tool and platform selection process. During this phase, they can consider the project requirements and their company ideals to make a perfect choice. This process will help the testers to use the full potential of the testing environment. The primary goal of a web developer should always be to quickly provide high-quality web applications to the end-users.

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3 Forgiveness Quotes Everyone Should Live By




Forgive and forget. Isn’t that just one of the most overused forgiveness quotes in history? If you’re looking for something a little more than that, then this article is for you. Read on…

Forgiveness Quote # 1: “There is no love without forgiveness, and there is no forgiveness without love.” – Bryant H. McGill

Love can be quite complicated; but if there’s one thing you can be sure of, it’s that love and forgiveness go hand in hand.

Parents, I think, understand this best of all. Mothers and fathers who truly love their children might get angry when their kids break something in the house or disobey their orders, but they’ll always forgive them in the end.

Runaways who leave home in the heat of an argument can also relate to this. The lucky ones who have loving parents will always be welcomed home with open arms.

Forgiveness Quote # 2: “Always forgive you enemies; nothing annoys them so much.” – Oscar Wilde

Talk about cheekiness. This Oscar Wilde quote is almost a spin-off of the Christian mandate “love thy enemy,” isn’t it? For most people, getting them to forgive their enemies is almost impossible; but from Wilde’s perspective, it looks quite doable and even satisfying.

So if you have someone who makes your life a living hell – say, a boss or a rival at work – try forgiving their transgressions against you. Think about this quote as you do so, and I am confident it will make your day.

Forgiveness Quote # 3: “To forgive is to set a prisoner free and discover that the prisoner was you.” – Lewis B. Smedes

In this particular Lewis B. Smedes quote, you are being made to discover how your inability to forgive other people affects you.

Most people think that withholding forgiveness gives them power over others, but they fail to realize that they themselves are also held captive.

As long as you hold that grudge, your heart will never be at ease and you will remain forever bitter. Is that really how you plan to live the rest of your life?

These forgiveness quotes might not make sense to you at the moment, especially if you’re still too angry and too wound up to listen. Give yourself time to relax and let go. In due time, you will find it in your heart to forgive even those whom you find most unforgivable.

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Practical Tricks For How To Get Your Newborn To Sleep At Night




Babies are one of the most precious gifts for parents. In simple words, it is a blessing for parents. Having experience of becoming a new parent is undoubtedly a feeling that cannot be expressed into words.

But apart from this, there are still a few things which you as a new parent do not know or mentally not prepare, and somehow this becomes the reason for creating a bit of fuss in your routine cycle.

For a new parent, one major thing that becomes a bit problem is when the baby won’t sleep at night hours, so what new parents start to do Is finding the ways and start searching.

To consider this, today in this article, I try my level best to jot down some of the effective ways for how to get your newborn to sleep at night, through which you can be aware of it a bit early especially before your delivery time and then able enough to tackle your baby after your delivery.

So without any wastage of time, let’s get the ball roll, and unveil the tips about how to get your newborn to sleep at night together.

Tricks that help to make your baby sleep well at night

Feed well:

One of the major mistakes which most new parents make is to not be sure or set the time that when and which time you need to feed your baby.

So my advice for all the new mothers wondering how to get your newborn to sleep at night is to make sure that during night hours, specifically at the time when you sleep, avoid feeding your baby. As for babies, there is no day and night time, and they sleep when they want to sleep.

So, one trick which you can adopt is to make sure that your baby is not sleeping too much in the day. Try to entertain your baby or spend day hours with your baby, so through this automatically, your baby will sleep at the time when you sleep.

The second thing is, try not to feed your baby in sleeping hours. Make sure that you feed your baby well, and your baby is not hungry before sleeping.

A white noise:

White noise is also one of the best considerations which you can pick at night time. If your baby wakes at night or in the middle of the night, then play a sound like a lullaby or a gentle/ soothing sound. You can play that near your baby, so doing this will help your baby to make him sleep at night.

Keep your surrounding calm and comfortable:

Make sure that at night times your room lights are properly off, the surrounding of your baby room is calm and comfortable. Additionally, also try to avoid switching on and off the lights during the time of your baby sleeping.

As most of the time, a little bit of distraction or disturbance in your baby sleep becomes the reason for keeping your baby awake.

Hope after reading this little piece of guide regarding how to get your newborn to sleep at night will help you and let your baby sleep well at night hours.

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